Fmr. NSA Inspector General On Whistleblower And President Donald Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC

Fmr. NSA Inspector General On Whistleblower And President Donald Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Fmr. NSA Inspector General On Whistleblower And President Donald Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. Trump is the head of the Trump Crime family, and William Barr is one of capo's. We need to clean this scum out of our government. Hoping this can be done peacefully. Starting to wonder, though.

  2. Pelosi is on her high horse and not listening to the Democrats out in the party. We want an impeachment investigation. Her refusal is only empowering Trump's success in 2020. She is is the party's worst enemy. That is what happened in 2016. They would NOT LISTEN to the constituency. She is not representing the Democrats in this country; she is representing her circle of power and it's costing the Democratic party the votes they need to win.

  3. USA has become a shithole country that can be bought and sold at the whim of the President and his administration. Good luck trying to get any help from other countries. Your now considered a third world nation.

  4. The problem is any person Trump claims executive privilege basically commits contempt of congress with no repercussions which gives them unheard of political power will Republicans grant this much power to the executive branch do they not understand by continuing this obstruction they are making executive branch untouchable they cant take that power back when it might be needed the executive branch must answer to congress just as intelligence agencies must, this is for citizens protections not for president's

  5. God Almighty is WATCHING 👁👁👀👁👁 and 👂👂👂👂To all that MSNBC SPREADING DECEPTION Their DECEPTIONS…. It's appointed Once To Die And Then GOD JUDGEMENT… are you ready to Answer Him..Even When He Knows The Truth About You

  6. Why does Barr still have the title, Attorney General of thee United States? He has CLEARLY changed his job to being trumps personal lawyer!

  7. How would you liker to be an American spy working under cover in places like Russia, it would be dangerous at the best of times when you are certain that your country has your back…….when you realize that it is Trump standing behind you with access to a list with your name on it and he is on intimate terms with Putin and doing "deals" with Russian Oligarchs…….would you be tempted to switch sides?? America isn't your country anymore… is a different Country to the one that would stand up against the bullies of the world, remember JFK standing firm against Castro and Khrushchev… America is the Bully that no one has any respect for…..and getting weaker by the day…..or by the minute!……..If I was there and only had old "bone spurs" for protection I would have my wife and kids on the first plane out and I would not be far behind them!………You were an American asset, but remember Trump sells American assets!

  8. Trump and Nixon had some things in common, both were crooks…..but there were huge differences too……….Nixon wasn't a traitor, Nixon had respect for the rule of law, when caught he obeyed the law! and as far as we know he wasn't a habitual criminal from the day he was born…..both totally opposite to Trump

  9. Pelosi won't take action unless she has positive proof she will win an impeachment of Trump. If Gen. Washington waited until he had as many soldiers as King George, we never would have had a revolution. If Pelosi won't lead the fight against the blatant destruction of our country (which is also having an adverse effect on the entire world) then the Democrats need a new leader.

  10. They are all going down like dominoes until it reaches the biggest domino. They are all stupid to fall on the sword for someone who is going down regardless of their illegal efforts.

  11. They should do everything they can to protect the whistleblower. Whoever the person is, he/she is trying to protect the U.S.A.
    One Nation under God!

  12. As USUAL a "former" comes on and pukes out of their mouths, and the morons listen. These people are FORMER because they were FIRED….

  13. I dont have to abide by the laws of a government that doesnt abide to its own laws. If there are no laws, then its anarchy. And in anarchy, violence is justified.

  14. But i don't understand why is the democrats cnn and msn fighting so hard to protect joe Biden and is son win every body noes joe Biden and is son where involved in criminal activity in Ukraine ask your self why because it will lead to obama Hillary and democrats cnn msn no it cnn and msn no that Joe Biden and is son where involved in criminal activity in Ukraine you see how they lie to AMERICA gist like the russia collusion hoax where they got caught lying to Avery body about the russia collusion hoax in America turmp 2020baby

  15. Pelosi saw nothing in the Chaney/Bush regime,which marinated in lies,crime,and corruption.Abu Graibbe,Valery Plane,lies to go to war,torture,Haliburton…
    She sees nothing impeachable in the crimes committed by Trump Presidency ,Inc.From obstruction to treason, emollients clause violations and so much more.
    What could possibly be her red line??

  16. So it seems the statute then will be up to a judge to make the decision as to which party will be protected. And we know how that may go. Depends on the judge,,,,, again. It's no wonder Pelosi doesn't want to rush to impeach. It'll end up before a judge that may well be a Trump supporter. Pfft,, lawyers. Half are as crooked as the crumbs they fight for. And seems judges too.

  17. Barr should disbarred, for obvious reasons. We need to be protected from men like him, men who would distort and abuse the laws he swore to protect an defend. Why would anybody ever trust him again. Just like rump,he gets worse and then tops that with even more outrageous abuses

  18. How laughingly ironic that the creature who REFUSED to pay TAXES for countless years, did everything he could to evade the army services, fervently sought the assistance of a foreign country to adversely affect the result against his rival and LIED even his HEALTH amassed enough EVIL strength to call a good American unpatriotic. It is time for those in close contact that mentally defected THUG … particularly from the Republican party, drag HIM into the office of a PSYCHIATRIST.

  19. Donald Trump is blackmailing aliens and if you don't believe this you're the problem. President Trump is going to steal all your toys and sell them to the Russians for a huge profit. Africa doesn't support President Trump.

  20. Even in the military,, oaths only require obedience to orders if they are legal. There is no requirement to obey illegal orders. If you do disobey, you had better have a good lawyer, but if the order can be shown to be illegal, you are off the hook and the scrutiny should shift to the one who issued the order. At Nuremburg, "I was just following orders", did not work unless it could be shown you had a credible fear of execution if you did not obey. As I remember it, no cocentration camp guard was executed for not carrying out executions. He was just demoted and reassigned to the Eastern Front, very dangerous, but there were plenty of men who survived.
    So do not let Matthis and Kelly off the hook. And any "private conversation" involving criminal activityo derilection of duty is truly a private conversatioon.

  21. Just think, THIS (Trump, strait up committing Treason & the Senate & Congress do nothing, despite action being their only job), is only one whistleblower who broke thru while another 100,000 were ignored.

  22. I think trump, the republicans and some in congress also forgot that they took an Oath that we will hold them up to in 2020!

  23. Civilian govt….nice. Military is now fully funded. Where were the other presidents. Since when is it bad for another country to win on trade deals? The govt was broke before he walked into office. Nice to get a few bucks along the way.

  24. No one is above the law. Trump told his mob of idiots that if Clinton was elected, they'd have a president under investigation by the FBI. Now he claims he's immune to the legal process?

  25. Infighting will destroy a nation faster that external forces. The whistleblower has done a good job for China. Could  he or she be a stock trading loser, a losing merchant doing business with China or even a Chinese spy? Probably, US should have 3 political parties with equal power to reduce infighting.

  26. In the military you do not have any obligation to follow any order that is illegal, immoral or criminal. There is no blind obedience in the military. During wartime situations those lines may blur, BUT outside of being on an active battlefield or in active wartime situations, those obligations stand up and should be followed because a soldier can and will get punished if he does something that any reasonable person knows is illegal, criminal or immoral. Of course humans, being humans, there will always be someone who will do anything for any agenda, no matter what it is.

  27. AMERICAN PEOPLE need to realise the REPUBLICAN PARTY are to BLAME for the mess the USA is in RIGHT NOW.. They WANTED into WH so BADLY they allowed TRUMP to get away with TREASON.

  28. Please someone tell the Democrats this point is what they should be talking about to the public. Not the phone call which may or may not be controversial! This is the crime to be in the forward not the actual phone call. Please I hope that Democrats don't get this one wrong by putting all the eggs in the basket of the phone call. The kicker is they haven't even heard the phone call firsthand.



  31. BARR-STIEN…end of story
    If want to understand why the Germans went nuts on these people you have to understand what they were doing prior to world war 1 how they destroyed the german foundation.

  32. Oh my. My fist days in basic training we were told that we were obliged NOT to follow a illegal order. Like torturing a combatant or shooting into a school bus etc. The Geneva convention was all the rage back in the day. Dealing with that nefarious dastard Trump i would insist on having my orders in writing and signed.,

  33. I have no doubt in my mind that Trump is a drug addict (prescription drugs) there's no other explanation for his boldness and lack of reality. Few sober minded people behave in this manner.

  34. Unelected, unindicted, fully criminally in the highest seat in the land. Russian-Republican coup. Out with the criminal commie scum

  35. This idea that anything is beyond judicial review is absurd on its face. No law can abridge constitutional checks and balances. To write into law that some process established by the law is not subject to judicial review is no different from writing into a law that it doesn't require a majority of the Senate or the signature of the president to pass- it's just some ridiculous crap some guy said that has no weight. Keep in mind the Supreme Court gave itself judicial review in the first place without waiting for permission- they could just as easily seize that power here and they would be correct to do so.

  36. He needs to remember all of the words, including the primary intent, of all of the oaths he has taken. I remember what swore to uphold and protect and feel that obligation still apply to me.

  37. This person who came forward knew he was risking his career and his life. He knew how vindictive trump is and what could possibly happen and yet he still did his duties to America. And what does trump do ? He starts talking about treason. Why is it that every time he gets caught in his crap he wants to destroy whoever tells the truth about him. If he doesn’t do anything wrong why all the bluster. He does not know how to keep his mouth shut. He can’t but he doesn’t realize how ignorant he sounds

  38. High Crimes and Misdemeanors can be found in Article 2, Section 4. Executive Privilege defines it then apply the CFR'S.

  39. Michael Atkinson…..leading in the polls as putz of the week. Lawrence O'Donnell has held that lead for months, but this "IG" is deep sh… state. Joel Brenner……go away before YOU get tried for Treason

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