Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao exchange shots on social media | Get Up

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao exchange shots on social media | Get Up

42 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao exchange shots on social media | Get Up

  1. I hate how people still consider Floyd the winner of the fight against Pacquiao. We all know he kicked his ass and the stats support it. It was a rigged game in favor of Floyd.

  2. Let Floyd run again in the ring and walk away with a win and money. But we all know that Manny won the first fight with Floyd.

  3. Ask a black man, and he would tell you that Mayweather was never touched. Americans are such a joke.

  4. Fat guy has an amnesia Floyd hanged for dear life against Corley, Castillo, Mosley, Cotto, Maidana.. wahahaha

  5. I don't know why they won't let Floyd retired in peace, The man proved to the world over 50 fights never got a L, and make it look easy, but Manny pac man lost 7 times and your make him a hero, what a black man have to do to get some respect.

  6. Manny's known for exciting fights, so when people say the May-Pac fight was a dud, you know who made the fight a dud.

  7. "Sometimes I run, sometimes I hide, sometimes Im scared of you, but all I wanna do is to hold you tight"
    That song perfectly describe Mayweather.
    Run run run, hug hug hug.

  8. Aaaaah, is poor Floydy Woydy feeling left out because Manny's being loved by everyone right now? And Floydy Woydy isn't relevant anymore and hated by REAL fans of boxing.
    Manny is the champion, he should call all the shots and should not be in the MGM in Vegas and it should not be refereed by Kenny Bayless, and overseas judges need to be brought in. And it's MAYWEATHER not Pacquiao who should be subjected to random PED testing. He doesn't choose the gloves and he doesn't choose the ring size. No say on anything. ILLITERATE PIECE OF SHIT.
    TBE? WaaaaaaHAHAHAHA! You don't even come into the top 10 you delusional cunt!

  9. Floyd is Floyd any situation or conversation, he always turns it about who is Richer, who makes the most money. Money is all he's got. I think we are witnessing another sad story in boxing right now. FLoyd will eventually be broke. Its almost inevitable sooner or later. Once the ship sinks, no one will be there for him to throw a life jacket. He is surrounded with people who pretends to like him, where as Pacman, he is surrounded with people who truly cares for him.

  10. Honestly I don't even wanna see anymore Mayweather fights, Floyd is boring unless you study boxing to a T. Floyd got the money, hand picked his fights, & beat Manny. Trust me I'm a Manny fan but if they fought again what would it accomplish???

  11. Floyd will fight manny for a billion…The lowest he’ll make this sacrifice is for 700 million….. ugh maybe 900 million

  12. In my opinion if i may, Manny Pacquiao is no longer fighting like a hunger to win for, cause as we all know he already done it all, now what is important for him is business and of course he must still always be careful while fighting to avoid unwanted tragedies that might put his life in danger. What he does now is just to simply enjoy while he thinks he still have enough strength to compete and earned money in return. To win or to lose is not so big deal for him anymore. If he can do this fights with his friends during a practice just simply to maintain his good body shape at home then why not do it in the ring with the international audiences are watching and paying money???

  13. Ouhh wee they know how to get Floyd..lol. Saying all the things that would probably make him tick and say "make the fight happen"! Its the money 💰 gotta get it if your number right! He asked who would buy the fight! That number could get his attention.

  14. bring it on maypac two, it might be the most awaited fight in the history of boxing. the unfinished business in the world of boxing

  15. I wonder if Manny can say pured english in actual-I wonfer if Mayweather train to Read and write this past year on his retirement

  16. A better voting pole " would you pay for the fight and who are you paying to watch, Pacquiao or Mayweather?"
    That will determine the the $plit

  17. When pacman starting to glow on boxing you where pretty boy floyd how ironic changing it to money maywehter manny. Money ? see the logic dumb ass you always on the run

  18. Floyd just turned off his comment section on his new post in ig. Comments gettin in his skin, especially when somebody writin and readin for him coz nigga cant read and write dawg

  19. The rematch would be a better fight for sure and Floyd knows that.
    I still think Floyd wins but I believe Manny gives him a hell of a show. Maybe the fight ends up a draw split decision.

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