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  1. Robert very well done! I often wondered about your story, only here in this country could you have accomplished what you have done. Now my wife and I are looking for an RV 🙂 take care and keep the videos coming Paul from So Cal

  2. thanks for sharing your story. very interesting and as they say You have come a long way….to having fans, Us. hello to your wife I like her being in the videos

  3. My husband and I are seriously considering buying a travel trailer this year and doing long weekend getaways until we retire in the next 3 years, so doing some researching first, i ran across your channel and have been enjoying it very much. BTW the reason I decided i wanted to do this is because my father just passed away last month and i decided life was too short, so when you brought that up in your video, i truly got it! From a 2nd generation Cuban, a late beinvendo a Estados Unidos .Keep up the great videos.

  4. Thank you for sharing your story, Robert! You're an inspiration…and, please know that your passions of travel, storytelling, and music bring smiles and enjoyment to others! Blessings to you and your beautiful family.

  5. wow – just wonderful to come across your channel and now a new subie – thank you for posting your story on FREEDOM – as a cuban myself I appreciate hearing other's story, we arrived in this beautiful country – U.S.A. in 1961, have to say watched a couple of other vid's before coming across this one, you provide good humor, beautiful scenery through your videography and a bit of reviews of where you are, thank you! will be watching the rest of your adventures! and taking note, hubby and I will be setting out hopefully soon! to see this beautiful country! Maybe one day our paths may cross………

  6. Robert – thanks so much for this video. I'm probably not alone, but I first found out about you the other day from the Amazon Prime movie. I think it's an amazing testimony to you that I sat through the entire 3+ hours in that first watching. Coming here to YouTube to hear your backstory was a gift. Thanks for sharing part of your life with us. God bless you and your family.

  7. My uncle came from Cuba in the 1960's to Miami. I love hearing stories how people came here. So interesting. TY!

  8. You are a respected person and I am honored to follow your beautiful channel and I have a strong motivation to repeat your personal experience in my country.(Thanks Robert 😍)

  9. Oh Robert, you're too young for me, dang it! I'll keep watching because your vlogs are very interesting. You parents were a very cute couple!

  10. I stumbled upon your videos.. i thought you were French. Then you spoke spanish. I love the videos and the music.

  11. Hi and thank you. I just discovered your channel and found your videos very entertaining and informative. I searched and found this particular video because I wanted to know more about you. Thank you for sharing your story. I found it heart warming as others have commented. All the best to you and your family and may you travel well.

  12. What a wonderful story of your family, and how you came to America, met the love of your life and made your dreams come true. Truly inspirational!!

  13. Hola Robert, como dices "La aventura continua". y vaya que ha continuado, hasta ahora los videos que has subido muestras el gusto de contar historias y el gusto por viajar.
    me gusta ver tus videos por dos razones 
    1- Me gusta mucho viajar
    2- Igualmente me gusta contar historias, y en eso trabajo de siesta forma, trabajo en filmaciones de series para Netflix, Amazon Prime etc
    Te mando un fuerte abrazo y me da gusto que puedas viajar tanto. No todos pueden

  14. Robert, you're an inspiration! Our stories are quite similar. I was born in Havana, fled communism at the age of five and lived in Madrid for three years. We then came to the US. Grew up in NJ and my desire to thank this great country and love for travel saw me enlist in the USAF. Got to travel the world several times over. Now, I get in my RV every time I get an opportunity. Keep those videos coming!

  15. From a recent subscriber who has been enjoying your travel videos, and now this wonderful story! Thank you so much, Robert. You bring great information and entertainment, and your music is especially enjoyable. Keep on traveling and making these videos! And say hello to your sweet Mom. God Bless.

  16. This is the most inspiring story i have ever heard! People usually got lost in the piled work until getting out comfort zone.Thanks the video for introducing the United States, which make audience not only enjoy the awesome scenery but positive thinking of life. Keeping going 2019, just like you said in the video , we only live once 🙂

  17. We are glad you and your family came here. You are a light in this world Robert. You are full of joy, happiness, passion, ambition, determination, you appreciate life, and we all see that. Many have lost their zest for life, have sorrow, bitterness, anger, no hope, no love for others. You make my heart smile, thank you, bless you, be safe and be happy. Hope to meet you and your wife one day.

  18. I really like your traveling videos, and I love your "fight to freedom" profile … thank you very much! Wish you always succeed in life!

  19. Great story of "Dreamers". So glad to have you AND your family! Great origan story! Great to know we we're about the same age! I was born in 1972! So glad i found YOU on YouTube!

  20. Robert you have an amazing story. Keep on travelling. Great videos and come to Trinidad and Tobago one day for carnival.

  21. Great story. May you continue to prosper. BTW, was that the Sun Sphere in Knoxville Tennessee in one of the clips? That's near me. Be safe.

  22. Great video Robert. I've followed you from 2015 and your Overseas Hwy video was my first. I've enjoyed every video I watch, and have had several comments from you over these few years. I remember you turning 10,000 subs! lol.. Your talents are many and varied. What a wonderful story you have so far in your life. I hope lots of money is in your future. 🙂

  23. Thank you, Robert, for sharing your story. My husband and I thoroughly enjoy your videos and wish you all the luck and prosperity for continued success. Happy Traveling!!

  24. 'It's a wonderful life" fits you well Robert, as Paul said, "very inspirational". Keep up the good work, be safe, have fun, & happy camping. v/r, TS

  25. " That's why I talk like this" … Haahaaa! What's not to love about Robert! 🎶 : )

    The first time I caught you Robert was on a trip you took up to New England… my homebase, and what grabbed me was A).. THAT BLESSED VOICE.. B)… your very upbeat music! .. and C) How gutsy you were in North East traffic.. with an RV NO LESS.
    You just won me over. A True Gem.

  26. My wife and I started watching your videos a few months ago and now have seen most of the more recent ones. You see America in a way that sadly a lot of natural born citizens don't and THAT is a HUGE testament to them! I feel that they will have to experience what you and your family had to face in a communist controlled government before they can appreciate the freedoms already available for them here.
    One of your more impressive qualities is your patience with impatient people. God bless you and keep you safe in your travels. Welcome to the home of the brave and land of the FREE!

  27. Thank you so much for sharing your life story in this video, as well as your RV journeys on this channel. I discovered your channel a few months ago after I bought my RV and was getting frustrated trying to unhitch the trailer. Your video on hitching and unhitching was exactly what I needed to figure out what I had been doing wrong (it was such a simple thing, too!). I am hooked and hope to see you on the road some day, perhaps in my home state of Iowa. Lots to see and do here, including tasting IPAs at the local craft breweries!

  28. Great video, watched 2 so far. I had reservations for July 25th launch of SpaceX Dragon 😱. Mite see you there, when it does happen.
    Keep up the great work, Robert!

  29. Thank You Roberts for Sharing your story. It's an inspiration for many of us. I am watching this after watching couple of your travel videos. I enjoy every bit of your videos. Sometimes I watch your whole 3-4 hours video without taking break. Please, keep posting your travel videos. You are really a great story-teller. I really appreciate your work.

  30. So is that you singing the theme song that I song along with now? 😊
    Glad you had fun at the point (Sandusky Ohio) this buckeye is packing up myself and hitting the road soon. Thank you for all of your advice. It's so helpful for this newbie and your voice is very soothing. Even the 4 hour events that I watch I can't speed up cause I'm afraid I'll miss something 😁❤️

  31. …!!Mira, Roberto…! Hola!! No mama era d's Puerto Rico..!! Much ma gusta such sitio!! Y Hendricks a low Estados Unidoa!! (My Spanish isn't perfect; AND, this I-Pad & I don't seem to have a common language…!) Your parents (and you) were very strong to come to The U.S.A.!! …and, to make that transition to another culture…WOW. (I lived in Puerto Rico for awhile; learning another language AND the one & outs of a new culture—OH!! ). Your site is WONDERFUL!! Gracias!!

  32. Such a wonderful story! You are gifted in many ways, but I hope Traveling Robert continues for you. I will be watching.

  33. You are the SAME AGE as my daughter. My Latin teacher in high school was the son of the Dean of Havana University. He refused to leave his office, so Castro’s men took him outside in his chair. From there they put him and his family on a boat to Miami. I love your videos!

  34. very emotional story… love it! how rusty is your spanish? would you do or have a video trip in spanish? to show it to some Argentinian friends…big hug!!!

  35. I’m so glad that I found this video. I’ve been enjoying your videos and music for a while now, and this gave me your back story. I hope that you’re able to keep it up for a long time.

  36. My brother, my fav YouTuber, seeing your pics I didn't know you are that tall.
    I thought you were like 5 foot 5.
    In the pics you look like 6 foot 12.

    What's your height?🤣🤣🤣🤣

  37. Dropping in from Southern California.
    Hi Robert, I’ve been following your video for a while now. And I really enjoyed it. Want it to say thank you 🙏 for sharing your amazing traveling videos and life stories with us. Can’t wait for more.

  38. Just watching this video now. Really loved your story and the beginnings. Kudos! My motto is “life is choices and opportunities” it is what you do with the opportunities that create your adventure.

  39. en español: Uff me encanta me encantan las notas del teclado!! tarán-tarán-tan-taran…riding, riding in my Rv…etc etc, qué bonita canción me enganché con ella desde los primeros videos tuyos. Y he visto como 10 hasta ahora.

  40. Maravillosa historia……! desde hace unos meses estoy siguiendo tu canal…..y es sencillamente fascinante y encantador. Solo he viajado una vez en mi vida a Miami y Orlando (y tengo 49 años) pero tu canal me ha motivado a viajar mucho mas y conocer mas sobre ese maravilloso pais….y por supuesto también a conocer Cuba. Desde Bogotá, Colombia con gran admiración……! Alexander

  41. Gotta hand it to you Robert. You are a great storyteller and your videos are fantastic. You are one of the few that I watch that I am not picking out the BS . I just click and enjoy the content. It is a pleasure because you are for a lack of a better word "normal". I want to start a channel myself and you have given me many great ideas. Keep up the good work. I try and get everyone I know to subscribe.

  42. I don't know if you still read these comments but this was a very interesting video, you have a great story to tell.
    I found you in early 2015 when I was researching for a road trip we had planned to California. That holiday came and went but I have continued to watch you and am really looking forward to the rest of your summer trip, especially Yellowstone! We were lucky enough to visit for my 40th last year, that was a dream destination! We are from the UK but love the USA and plan to holiday there as much as we can afford to (planning to visit Colorado next September atm).
    It's really funny, my husband jokes about how sad I am watching you tube videos but I have actually caught him watching yours when I'm not there and also singing your theme tune, which he is currently doing in the shower 😂

  43. I started watching your excellent audio/videos a week ago and it is now my "go to" for travel videos as I enjoy driving across the country (mostly to the West). Your story is very interesting, enjoyable and inspirational for anyone following their dreams…….It can be dome with some hard work and dedication to your craft. Best of luck to you and your family and your travels from now on……………..Happy Trails………….

  44. Thank You for your overview on how and where you have come from. My name is Jorge and my family is Cuban as well. My wife and I hope to begin RV ing in the next couple of years and we certainly enjoy your videos. Thank you.

  45. Sat here watching this video with my headphones on while hubby is watching football/Rugby! 🤓
    Your story made me shed a few tears!!! My husband asked why I was crying? I told him it was all your fault!!
    Proud of all you are doing! You are my inspiration!
    I also arrived in the USA in 1988!

    Thank you! 👍🙏😘🇬🇧

  46. I am just now watching in Dec. of 2019. So glad we found you on YouTube! We love your videos! I appreciate you sharing your story. You are an inspiration. May your adventures continue in 2020!

  47. Can't believe we were so close (a block) to your home while touring in Havana. Very interesting to hear your story and thanks for the enjoyable videos and music. Would enjoy watching a video of a session in your mini Criteria : ) studio as well.

  48. OMG!!! I' m so happy that i came across your video thru YouTube. You have so much knowledge about places you travel to and itz like sitting right next to you with an excited and amazing look. I dont even have to leave my chair to travel right from home. So thank you for your adventures and Journeys to explore what the world has to offer at your expense. We love you from the 4 courners Navajos. True native languages that help win the war with The Code Talkers from the Navajo Nations. Safe travels on your journeys. You make me happy.

  49. How moving! Thank you so much for sharing your story. I love watching your videos, I'm also a free bird who loves to travel. We plan on doing much more of it once my husband retires in about a year, and we are on the "road system". I didn't realize you came to our home state, AK! That is so cool. Keep doing what you are doing!! I love it. Merry (day after) Christmas and a Happy 2020 to you! Happy travels!

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