30 thoughts on “Five ingredients for a populist backlash – Niall Ferguson – Zeitgeist 2016

  1. And he’s right, the worst scenario for the Left is a successful Trump Presidency and it’s happening.

  2. Globalism is dead on populism’s sword. But like a vampire, it will rise again unless we drive the stake of nationalism right through its heart. One size never fits all and an economic oligarchy, which precisely defines globalism, is doomed to fail. Nobody likes robber barons except robber barons even if they’re called globalists.

  3. I wonder how this douchebag is feeling about Trump now, almost three years later… And about the global 'populist' movement.

  4. Democracy sucks. Especially if females vote. It may be possible to let white males vote after a period of educational reform. Maybe let married white women vote if they have three or more white kids.

  5. Lol, the one thing he got right has come to pass. Their worst nightmare is a successful Trump Presidency. Also, he said populism is bad, but didn't back that up with how it affected the economy other than saying I'm migration was restricted. In an of itself, restricted immigration has no meaning without a negative consequence.

  6. The easiest way to stop fascism and any other form of tyranny has already been solved, it's the second amendment.

  7. While I find myself often agreeing with Mr. Ferguson, his prediction of peace in Syria, with Trump at the helm, has not and will not manifest. However, his prediction of the demagogue appearing in American politics did come to pass and we are stuck with it, for the time being. It is unlikely that Trump will win re-election. Too many forces have now lined up against him. Even members of Congress from his own party are calling for impeachment. The rest of 2019 and certainly all of 2020 are going to very interesting indeed!

  8. Item 3 contributes to item 1 and 2. Item 1 plays a contributory part to number 2. Excess wealth being redistributed from Item 2 creates a partial feedback into Item 1.

    As with everything, its complicated, but the first three are heavily linked together.

  9. Isn't funny this guy has very little negative to say about Clinton, perhaps 20 minutes wouldn't have been long enough to list all her faults.

  10. Key point is that populism is everywhere, and is most potent in the non-white world. Rather than attempting to shame modern white populations, how about recognizing that no other races or cultures in the world accept immigration and the replacement of their core cultures. Ferguson is himself an immigrant, so has a subjective interest in his theory. How about recognizing that populism is not a pejorative description, but is the will of the majority and should be respected. And how about just annihilating ISIS in a non-mysterious way?

  11. ¿You're a historian sir?
    ¿Where and when did you get your degree?

    That you're comparing an openly racists law to anti-illegal immigration tells me you're degree is a PHOTOCOPY.

  12. Ferguson is CORRECT. Illegal Mexican immigrants HAVE tremendously DAMAGED the building trade industry in California. In fact, unless he’s seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t know how bad the situation actually is. So thank you, Mr Ferguson, for pointing that out. Furthermore Mr. Ferguson, please come to California and live in a nightmare neighborhood inhabited by illegal aliens. They’d LOVE to sing “Kumbaya “ with you, hand in hand.

  13. This guy: Populist solutions are snake oil, reducing globalistion won't fix problems.
    President Trump: Implements populist solutions – Wages increase, Millions of new jobs, GDP hits 4% growth
    Best Snake Oil ever!

  14. Donald Trump does NOT represent tyranny.  He represents EVERYONE who KNOWS what Globalism REALLY is:  A SLAVE STATE. Where the Establisment will enslave everyone left alive will be controlled with Universal Basic Income, forced immigration, whether you like it or not and an full court press against tradition and culture.  How the Left became so dumb as not to see this  shows how well brainwashing has been perfected.  Anti Globalism used to be a Far Left Movement.  Remember Seattle protest in 1999, where the protestors got a taste of the Police state and its brutality?  Watch the Establishment, everything they say will happen if their opponents win, is exactly what THEY WILL DO.  Listen to what they accuse them of and you will know what the Establishment IS ALREADY DOING.  Listen to what they promise and the OPPOSITE will occur.  WAKE UP FUCKTARDS, all you dumb asses who read Mother Jones magazine and watch Amy Goodman and "democracy Now"  You are being taken for a ride and you will not like where you are being taken to.  As to this douche bag English suckwad, he is FULL OF SHIT.  A paid professional LIAR.  I am sure he is handsomely paid for his art of deception.

  15. A montage of falsehoods, outright lies and bias. Very cleverly presented as history, but in fact just another liberal rant based on nothing more than the fear of free expression.

  16. Interesting how at the very end he said that the worst nightmare of progressives is a successful Trump presidency. In the 2019 Democratic primary race, we're seeing progressives getting shoved to the side in the Democratic primary race, in favorite of establishment neo-libs and neo-cons like Hillary or Biden. It's the ruling class that needs to fear Trump's success, not progressives. Progressives are useful to be seen/heard and for votes, not to meaningfully change policy hat will be set by Democratic Party leaders. Progressives need to get control of their own party before they can even think to meaningfully oppose Trump.

  17. While we are talking about acronyms, let's remember what the American people get to do… BOHICA – Bend Over, Here It Comes Again

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