[Applause] as an independent platform where people like us who actually are concerned about the environment would get together and work together as a community so we want to encourage that because us as a new individuals we wanted to do this since very long and then we didn't okay there were people who actually connect with us and who think alike like us and then it so happened that he thought like that few others felt like that and I thought like that and that's how we created this team the green media too so yeah it is an individual platform where everyone like us who are concerned about the environment can get together and together we can perform our duties and responsible okay it's not just us who are observant about things right there are many who feel that we as individuals do comes in as lore about things like this case nothing about it we feel like that but I think we need to encourage more people that something can be done and that is why this initiative has been taken that can contribute towards the car and quiet needs to be done because obviously there's so many little lying around and we are this is our moon and we need to create a more hygienic environment where people can actually you know stay healthy so we wanted to encourage this the IMC the real question is this like why only IMC because see this is our place right like we grew up here since class then within our class name class 8 hits under 10 at that time like this place our home was like not this like this this is totally a different area right now like this is not it another we won't call it done because right now if we see the pictures ok if you go by vehicles you won't see the lip around and the garbage around left are lying here but if you walk and you go through around every itchin or now eternal you will see the real dirt all i mean you will think to yourself that's how this kind of glitter is coming around here so that's why we it's not about that only that I am see or the government should do it like it's about individual level that we should own a girl yeah it's being being initiated from here that's because we have to start from somewhere and it's all again is the case with Church and this will go on for very for quite long forever Iver and the positive the response has been so positive so we we were already intending on but now we father very diligently intend on doing it continue continuing even further and also we have been getting requests [Applause] as students to organize events like that and this is the first ever clogging event in a nutshell so yeah we hope that it goes on forever so this is the plugin activity and firstly what is clogging clogging is it was first conducted in Sweden so Kaka means heating up and from the word jogging it's been dissected and now together if we put it it fits harness pocket so we were picking up litter litter as we saw and right now we are walking but in later in the later phase will be jogging towards another checkpoint like to tell our velocities instead if you have any ideas in your mind about this environment and you are thinking to yourself that oh I'm a Killa here and there are circles aki-nee iconically or girl number then it's [Applause] so people can tag us in any course first suppose they see garbage lying around in piles or anything any area that needs to get cleaned up so they can just click a photo taken tag our community the green media community and then we can create with trade from there as well so we'd like to encourage people to do that and even if we most of us study outside so even if we find here there the poor response has been so positive there and short as other people will be able to take up the responsibility so yeah


  1. Why paid municipal employees are allowing such garbages to be in city which forces other people to work without pay…if you keep giving alms to the beggars there will be more beggars in coming days..aware about it…if u working instead of someone he will keep asking help…so let each one do their own duty…otherwise it will also be a corruption..

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