First Nations Artist Reg Davidson, Haida Gwaii, BC

First Nations Artist Reg Davidson, Haida Gwaii, BC

My Haida name is skil kaat’lass but in the world today, they know me as Reg Davidson. I’m from Haida Gwaii. More years than not I’ve been an artist and a carver. I’m a morning person so I get up early and enjoy the quietness. I start between four and five every day. My objective is to be happy and enjoy what I’m doing, and I never wish for anything, because then that makes you feel sad because you’re not happy with what you’re doing. And I never grew up with our culture but our grandkids grow up with it now and it’s in the school system. So it’s gone full circle. I always feel everybody has a culture but the only difference with us is we’re hanging on to what we have.

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