38 thoughts on “Fireside Chat Ep. 57 – What's Good About Nationalism?

  1. White nationalism is the belief that all nations should be completely white, its basically sophisticated racism

  2. "Small government is big citizen, big government is small citizen"……people don't realize this, because they are not being taught this.

  3. Words words and more words all woven to what end? When our planet is overheating, your hero Trump chooses to ignore facts. Is this your nationalism Prager ? Refusing to join with the rest of the world to address global warming is stupidity. Deny it all you want but the atmosphere is a giant engine of this planet. Great dying's have occurred in the past when the Engine broke down. Once through a giant meteor and another time through volcanic activity in Siberia. Your spoiled brat Trump, is not a nationalist, he's a Trump, apart and above any political party or ideology. Trump is a billionaire and will only represent things that support his empire. He could care less about the US, Russia, China or any other nation.

    It's makes perfect sense that your name Prager goes perfectly with the word ''Priggish'' Do you know what priggish means Prager? It means self-righteous, moralistic, holier-than-thou, sanctimonious, prudish, puritanical, stuffy, and narrow-minded. It's a perfect fit for Priggish Prager.

  4. I hate when they describe Hitler as a “nationalist” or people become “nazis” cause Hitler was one. Hitler was an imperialist. Fascism/nazism were imperialist ideologies. Hitler wanted to exceed power. And nationalism apposes that. Nationalism wants less governmental power and in nationalism it’s a respect for other cultures.

  5. Funny how Prager is pushing this right about the same time Trump is pushing it. Nationalism is very antithetical to Christianity. Christ asks us to leave friends and family behind and put Him first. Not our nations or our cultures… but His nation and His people. Prager is playing with sematics and playing politics by endorsing the ideas of nationalism.

  6. If you think about it, we won't be able to survive as nationalists for that long. Maybe not in 10 years, maybe not in 50. But eventually it becomes a better idea to unite the world instead of keep us divided and rely on truces and such. The fact is, it is something uniquely human to have nations. It might be something only we do. If you grabbed yourself an alien race and asked them if they had nations (ignoring language and such) they might not have any idea what you mean. How is being an American a deep connection? I might bond more strongly with someone over anything, than the fact that I'm an American. It doesn't mean being an American isn't important to me, it means it's a small portion of my personality. Cultural enthusiasm is one thing, but we will keep our culture even if we unite. If the world were to unite, then we would function as a global republic. If someday, in many many years, we all exist very spread out. People in space, people in the moon, people on mars, Venus and titan, our identity then would be human. And someday, human might be the only identity we need. Culturally, we will always be different. That's good! People in this potential future that descended from Taiwanese people would likely adhere to Taiwanese culture. It doesn't mean that wherever they end up is now Taiwan. They're still Taiwanese, but that's a cultural identity, not a national one.

  7. ALL of my friends have no clue what Nationalism means!! They equate it to racism!! The mainstream media perpetuates the lies.

  8. If nationhood isn’t based on race than and anyone can be anything then why are you against a new world order? Either you are a true nationalist or a globalist shill.

  9. “hE’s NoT nATiOnaLiSt he’S rAcISt”
    I didn’t know racist was an ideology, cause that makes sense.

  10. The English Bulldog is actually better known as the British Bulldog in animal terms……

    'British Bulldog' is also a children's game in the UK where two lines of people run at each other and try to get past without being wrestled to the ground and captured.The PC brigade have tried to ban it over the last few decades of course

    just thought I would share that with you all……….

  11. You can be Italian, but born in America. Therefore, your nationality is American. If born in Italy, then nationality is Italian. My race, ethic orgin or religious background does not define my nationality.

  12. American nationalism – and to a lesser extent the British nationalism it derives from – is a value-based nationalism ("We hold these truths to be self-evident…"). Most other nationalisms are either territorial (the French model which degenerated into Napoleon's Empire, and, worse, in the Communist Internationalist totalitarisms) or blood-based (the German model, which degenerated into the National-Socialist totalitarianism). The challenge in Europe and in its nation-states (as is the case in most of the world) is to define a value-based nationalism to unite its peoples instead of a common origin (almost impossible to identify the in day-to-day life) or a (grudgingly) shared territory.

    This is why French President Macron could be technically right in emphasising the difference between nationalism and patriotism while being utterly wrong and dishonest in making this case to the U.S. President Trump and – through Trump – to the American Nation. Sovereignty lies with the individuals, not with the governments. This is why it is vital that communities be based on the people's basic rights and on their freely shared values, i.e. on a value-based nationalism.

  13. Why should everyone be proud of their country? What if it’s North Korea? What if it’s ISIS controlled territory? Do you understand what you’re taking about? The ideology of cultural and national superiority leads to xenophobia, anti-immigration, and unhealthy militarism.

  14. Your last point is literally idiotic. First, many big governments were put there by America so why aren’t we fixing the problems. Answer: Republicans only care about America, nothing else. Second, Democrats aren’t the big government party and Republicans aren’t the small government party. Do you have any evidence that Republicans are libertarians while Democrats are authoritarians? I have evidence on the contrary. Third, the reason America became a powerful and prosperous country isn’t because of laissez-faire capitalism because small government for you is laissez-faire capitalism, use proper words please. It was because of science, education, technology, and inventors. That is where prosperity comes from, not the ability for big businesses to do whatever they want and horde all their money.

  15. Reagan said that he can only imagine “How quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world” but I don’t believe you support the idea of extraterrestrials, you don’t even believe in climate change.

  16. What I really like about your videos is the way you explain various important topics. Simplicity of complicated issues that is what I appreciate so much when I listen to your videos. I really hope that more people will find you and share your videos with others. I hope everything will change for better in our amazing country.

  17. Nations also we're a large part of dragging Europe out of "the dark ages"..
    Almost everything that Brussels is doing in the name of Berlin right now has already happened twice in the last century and it is also quite pertinent to the subject of the nation-state.

  18. I feel smarter after listening to you. Thank you! Long live nationalism. Also thanks for your thoughts on tolerance. It cleared up a few things for me. 😀

  19. President Trump says over and over again how he loves this country. That is why he finally ran for president. He got tired of our country and it's people being used and abused.

  20. Marriage: OMG I agree with you %100. I am the only one when I have this exact discussion that same sex "marriage" needs to be called something else. YOu can't force Priest or Rabbi or Iman to do something that will cause them eternal damnation in hell bc of recent trend in the last decade which has never ever been accepted in USA. You just can't do this yet you can give humans the same benefits of marriage if you just change the name.

  21. Mr. Prager, Or anyone that knows the answer to this question:
    Where do we submit questions for the Fireside Chat Episodes?

    My question: Are trade unions/workers unions beneficial or counterproductive to both employer/employee?

  22. Get rid of nationalism, ignore cultural or ethnic difference because they all divine people. We are all earthlings, that is our identity.

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