Fireagra, for foreign policy impotence

Fireagra, for foreign policy impotence

as the years pass by time takes its toll rising to the occasion may become more difficult your lack of confidence and passion doesn't have to affect your relationships if your foreign policy is impotent in the face of chemical attacks on civilians you need fire agua put the power back in your superpower fire Agra is America's number one response to foreign policy impotence with a proven formula of cruise missiles and air strike you'll be able to lay down that red line for real so fire away get back on top with fire Agra because you don't have to live with foreign policy entities fire Agra is not for everyone if you're firing last for longer than eight days pull out immediately in clinical trials fire Agra has led to civilian deaths followed by unchecked rage and aggression fire agri is not guaranteed to prevent morale obscenities and in some extremists case fire agri may lead to outbreaks of ascendant jihadists used as directed fire agri does not actually prevent foreign policy impetus merely increases blood flow and feelings of accomplishment and victorious arousal some users of fire agrement become dependent and even a dick devious addiction to fire I from lead to increased foreign policy impotence leading to further reliance on fire Agra aesculus president if fire Agri is right for you

23 thoughts on “Fireagra, for foreign policy impotence

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  3. Can't be real my spam box isn't full of buy cheap fireagra form Canada weapons merchants… Although the Chinese swear they can make it for 1/10th the cost and 2x as good as America so there might be something to this.

  4. +1.. antipersonnel ClusterBombs, which we use and sell literal tons of overseas.

    best way to recognize CBs: they're designed so that ~1/3 don't blow up immediately. see, for months after curious kids are supposed to pick them up.. BOOOOM. and there's one less kid with hands to worry about.

  5. White phosphorus .
    Agent orange.
    Depleted uranium .
    To name a few of America's favorites.
    Depleted uranium has wreaked genetic havoc in Iraq.
    Specifically in the area around Fallujah, where it was used extensively.
    Look into the birth defect rate in Fallujah Mark.
    Kerry bitching about Assad's supposed gassing of civilian's is like the Japanese emporer complaining about the in-hospitality of the residents of Nan King China during ww2.

    Yeah. It really IS that preposterous .

  6. white house indignation would be alot more convincing if it wasn't for the established *fact* that america illegally used Willy P (white phosphorus) chemical attacks 'subduing' fallujah, and (third rail) israel hadn't done the same to highly populated areas of gaza too. #big sigh goes here.

  7. The real moral of the story is that violence doesn't solve every problem on the planet. Maybe we should send weapons to both sides.

  8. As a long time watcher, this has been my favourite of your videos yet. Brilliant stuff, Mark! You are in top form. 🙂

  9. and never forget ***U.S. 'backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on Assad's regime' *** MSM 29 January 2013

  10. That's the problem. No matter what America does, it's going to be counterproductive. So it's a case of impotence.

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