Fire Proof Gel | Innovation Nation

Fire Proof Gel | Innovation Nation

when fires are raging the battle to stop
them is a battle against time firefighters need time enough to save
lives and to save property but they also need tools and while teams of people
brave the elements to keep us safe others are working quietly behind the
scenes to increase fire safety in a very innovative way I traveled to Jupiter
Florida to the offices of GelTech Solutions to find out about a
revolutionary new fire retardant gel that could influence everyone from
firefighters to racecar drivers to you and me it’s called FireIce Peter Cordani is the co-founder of GelTech Solutions and he started the company
along with his late brother Michael Cordani what is FireIce it’s a baby
powder and when it’s introduced to water it turns into this gel it’s like millions and millions of little sponges if you fill up one fire truck with FireIce you need eight of them filled with water to even think of competing with us
one quick example shows how it puts out a fire and also prevents it from
reigniting why is it more effective than just throwing water on fire it’s almost
like putting water on steroids it absorbs water and it’s like a little
sponge and when you put it on anything it’ll slowly release the water and the
gel is able to smother a fire from a molecular level correct it takes the
heat and oxygen out of a fire instantly FireIce is so effective at stopping
flames that Peter puts it to the ultimate test and of course you should
not try this at home I don’t want you to be unsafe this is a quick light coat about 2,000 degrees and I feel nothing at all that is astounding imagine firefighters being able to use this gel as they go into even the
hottest flames this is a potential game-changer not only for firefighters but also for search and rescue of the victims of
fires you can put it direct on a fire you can do a tire fire electric fire you can
protect people with it exposure fire magnesium fires it’s just endless
they’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that FireIce is non-toxic green and
safe for the environment wildlife and people so safe Peter says you can even eat it you’re gonna let me eat this on
television okay here we go oh it tastes like tastes like water flavored
applesauce we’ve seen how FireIce can prevent a fire but just how fast can it
put one out this is firefighter Rob Rosovich and he is going to show us how
FireIce works its magic which is actually science starting with a very
hot fire in this box 700 degrees right now with just a light spray the flames
were out within seconds from a basic example of fire extinguished in a box to
a pipe filled with highly combustible magnesium simulating what runs under
city streets and manholes we have here is a sleeve filled with FireIce and
what happens when this thing goes off and starts on fire it’ll melt the bag
and release FireIce automatically on the situation and it’ll extinguish the
fire immediately so it gets right to the source of the fire it melts on there the
bag opens up the FireIce extinguishes it and you don’t have a crazy electrical
fire happening under this correct correct one of the newest applications for FireIce is in racecars we wanted to see how it works to protect drivers from the possible flames of a
high-speed crash but for our filming without the fire this is my colleague
Cruz he’s gonna help us demonstrate the system we developed here
a driver protection system all right you ready Cruz I’m gonna hand you your helmet have fun Cruz placed his hands on the imaginary
wheel then FireIce deployed from 11 different directions a means to protect
drivers and by valuable seconds to get drivers to safety no matter how big or
hot the flames are FireIce can give the extra seconds or minutes to save lives
and property this innovation may just be a fireman’s
best friend since the invention of water

12 thoughts on “Fire Proof Gel | Innovation Nation

  1. This guy is not the inventor of the original fire blocking gel. That would be West Palm Beach firefighter (now retired) John Bill Bartlett. He is the inventor of Barricade Fire Blocking gel, the first and only proven environmentally safe and effective product on the market still to this day. This guy is nothing but a copycat.

  2. did I miss something? for cryin' out loud, why didn't you show side by side comparisons of putting out a fire, and preventing fire spread, with water compared with fire ice

  3. The material is sodium polyacrylate. Also known as a super absorbent. It absorbs 300 times it's weight of water.  It is the absorbent in disposable diapers and the package under the meat. Nothing special about sodium polyacrylate. What about recycling it?? Anyone ever step on a used disposable diaper a lazy person threw on the pavement of a parking lot??? Disgusting and it pollutes our earth too! Raw sewage!!!

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