Finding High Yield Stocks using Yahoo Finance

Finding High Yield Stocks using Yahoo Finance

everyone welcome back to Jarbidge finance today I want to talk about using Yahoo Finance to screen for high dividend yielding stocks so today we're looking at high dividend yield stocks and how to find them this is one of the questions I get more often than any on my channel people always want to know where am i finding it how do I find them and you know what there there's not really a lot of high dividend yield stocks that I am purchasing either on the Canadian market or in the American market and I highly recommend that you guys go to a financial advisor that deals with dividend paying stocks and pay them their fee so that they can give their personal recommendations on what you should be buying at a given time but if you do want to do it on your own and you want to kind of scroll through and look and do your own research it's going to take a little bit of time but I'll show you how to start to narrow it down so that you can find the dividend yields that are highest or within the range that you're looking for so that you can kind of chop off all the dead weight and not look at stocks that you don't want to use I'm gonna look at Yahoo Finance if you've never used Yahoo Finance before it has some of the basic market information right here in the center and then it's bunch of advertising and articles that you might want to look at what we're looking for today is right at the top it's called my screeners if you're logged in to Yahoo you can actually go to your saved screeners if you want but today I'm gonna show you how to set up a brand new one if you've never used this so you go to equity screener which is what we're looking for so equities or stocks and it comes up with this screen now really we're looking at this Center area what we're gonna do is it's gonna show you how many matching stocks you have so right now with the default settings it's showing zero matching stocks I have to say that this is a pretty glitchy thing be patient with it what you're gonna want to do is add these couple of filters that I'm going to show you and then that way you'll be able to find the stocks that you want the first thing I want to do is just look at how many stocks are available in total so in the American market market if we just click on all of these on the American Stock Exchange is in Yahoo Finance it's finding about sixty two hundred stocks now that's a lot of stocks to individually go through if we add Canada to this because I'm Canadian and I trade a lot of Canadian stuff can see we have total of 8800 stocks I usually look at these in either American or Canadian stocks so you would turn on whichever at any time so what you want to do is add a filter so down here this add another filter and there's quite a lot of options here that you can choose from but rate at the top in share statistics you're going to look for this checkbox right here it's called last clothes indicated dividend / stock price now in calculating a percentage that's the dividend yield in dollars divided by the stock price in dollars is going to give you a percentage return of what that dividend is relative to the stock price the other filter that I want to add it's gonna be an income I like shares that make money over time if I look at this net EPS which is earnings per share diluted and we're finding out that this was a profitable share value so the share either made money or the dividend and the share inclusive made money so now those are the only two options that I need last closed indicated dividend / stock price and the net EPS the net EPS I just wanted to be profitable so I want it to be above zero and we're gonna change this to between now now you can enter your percentage range so in this you don't have to put the percentage sign in just type in the number value so I'd like to trade dividends that are in that six to ten percent range so that's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna put in actually 6 to 12 and now we're gonna click find stocks we have 479 stocks to choose from that is a lot less than that 6200 that was up there before one of the things I like to look at is like what is the 52-week range in the case of royal dutch/shell it traded as low as 53 dollars and as high as 70 dollars and you can see this little blue indicator shows that it's trading right at the top of the range what I'm typically looking for is I'm looking for stocks that have a really small range I don't want ones that are super volatile so let's just scroll down and find something that might be appropriate let's look at this one here it's between $15 and $20 and right now it's currently trading right in the middle of that range let's click on on the symbol and see what this looks like so you can see the dividend is six point eight three percent so above our six percent range that we're looking for and then I'm gonna click on statistics one of the things I always look at very first is the the dividend payout ratio this is how much the dividend is comparatively to how much money the company is actually bringing in so the payout ratio currently on this company is one hundred and thirty seven percent which means it's paying up thirty seven percent more money than it makes I wouldn't touch this stock let's look at centurylink thirteen dollars twenty seven dollars I know I've looked at this stock before and really for this like quick simple screening that's all I'm doing I'm just looking for things that the jump out at me again twelve point seven percent dividend massive dividend it's good at the statistics and the payout ratio three hundred percent that is so high I am still not going to touch that stock I'm gonna flip over to the Canadian side because I'm a lot more familiar with the stocks because I don't trade a lot of American ones for dividend trading because I get taxed quite highly on the dividends so it's better for me to be in my native currency for dividend collecting so I'm gonna click on Canada down here and I've found from using this before that it's better to add the region first and then take off the other one that you don't want I've only got ninety six stocks that I can even look at even looking at this list of ninety six there's at least ten at the bottom that aren't even available like the information is not available so I'm obviously not going to spend time researching something that isn't big enough to even have the information available on Yahoo Finance so let's look through the inter pipeline this is one that I have had on the books for a long time trades between twenty two dollars and twenty nine dollars and right now it's trading at twenty five ninety seven you can see the last price let's click on it and just see what the details are paisa six point eight two percent yield and under statistics the dividend payout ratio I know this is probably gonna be a little high it's 119 percent I typically like to go for things that have less than a hundred percent payout ratio but we know that they're paying out a little bit more right now because if the price of oil is still reduced on the global scale Khem trade well I've had this for like 15 years pays a 6.42 percent dividend and if we go to the statistics it's payout ratio it's not actually even listed here sad the one thing about that that's nice is this stock doesn't trade in a bit very big range like seventeen to twenty dollars we if we take a look at this let's look at the max chart and go fullscreen on this so you can see some of my indicators if we go back five years you'll see this purple line which is the 200-day moving average and it's just kind of increased over time and these d's down here are the dividends that are paid so every time you see a D and this is going back five years so every time you see a D that's a dividend payout so on a two in the last two years it's paid out dividends twenty four times once every month if you've watched some of my other videos that this is in the trading range of buy so at 1887 I would actually buy this because it's below both my 200-day moving average and my 50-day moving average so that's an indicator that was a buy if it was up here above the 200-day moving average I probably wouldn't be buying it I was looking for new positions in this particular stock then now would be a good time to buy in my opinion let's take a look at medical facilities corporation now it's trading it trains between $11 and $19 it's on the low end of that scale right now trading at $14 and 13 cents and I have had quite a lot of success with this particular company the yield seven point five five percent it's a nice chunky yield I know that it pays it monthly click on statistics scroll down here to the payout ratio it's 85 percent that is where I expect to see a good quality company 85 percent payout ratio means that they've got some income coming in they're giving a good chunk of it back to the shareholders but they're not spending all of the money that they make by giving back the dividends I'm looking for a high dividend yield but also a sustainable dividend yield now if you want to save this screener you can actually just go save filters and you can just name it whatever you want I could call this Canadian high-yield dividend stocks click save it says it's saved at the bottom of the screen and now if I go to my screeners if I go to my safe just Greeners you can see that it appears right here Canadian high-yield dividend stock you can also go through some of the preset up ones that Yahoo has hopefully that gives you guys a bit of information about how I like screen for brand new stocks that I might be adding to my portfolio in the future now it's just the very very first step of how I go through choosing a stock but it's a start thanks so much let's get rich together you

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  1. How can i make a stoc screener with the Euro as a currency? I am able to make a high dividend yield stock screener for European stocks but the currency is always marked in $.

  2. hi i have another question if walmart has 2.08(2.47%) dividend does it mean it pays 2.08 dollar per shares?

  3. Hi i'm learning a lot from your videos thank you so much. can you tell me whats the best payout ratio percentage i kinda dont get it ..

  4. Levi,
    damn it, 4am. I have been watching your videos since 10pm… very interesting on how you position yourself on the stock market. Loved all your videos, keep it up! Kudos+++

  5. I love how you show how to use the tools on yahoo finance. Yahoo is easy to access almost anyplace. Rather than signing onto a specific brokerage company. I like screening stocks with my buddies at different locations. Please keep doing these.

  6. Hey Levi,
    Been looking at Enbridge – 6.45% Dividend Yield – Paid out Quarterly – Annual Dividend is now 0.671 per share- Seems it has grown at an average of 11.7 % per year for the last 20 years(as per statements). 3 dollars below the moving 200 days average (1 Year). They have a DRIP program that allows you to buy shares a 2% discount with fractional shares allowed. Thought its payout ratio is 182% – How is that possible and still be in business? There balance sheets looks good. Did I miss something? It seems like a good long term investment. What do you think and why is the payout ratio so high? For bigger, more well known companies are higher payout rations acceptable in the short term?
    Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc. has a higher dividend yield 7.74% monthly payout 0.1883 Dividend annual dividend

  7. Funny to see that ETE was listed and discarded. ETP might have been a bit better, but there is the possibility ETE buys ETP. ETP was the cashflow and the pipelines that are not in service yet but might soon been. Bit of a background on ETE

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  9. Awesome. Thank you. Keep up the good Work! Can you please touch on how you set up your 200 day and 50 day markers when evaluating stocks.

  10. Thanks for another great video! Was wondering what your opinion is regarding FTN (TSE). This stock pays a really high dividend in the neighbourhood of 15%. I realize this is a class A share and the dividend payout is not guaranteed but historically it seems to payout consistently. Thanks again!

  11. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, great video.  I too love your videos and appreciate all your help.  Excited to create a Saved Screener.  I can't believe I've learned so much from you in the past year!!!

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  13. Great information and video. Thank you for sharing this method, it is very logical when it is explained in this manner.

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