Financial Prosperity Conference 2018 | Gary Keesee

Financial Prosperity Conference 2018 | Gary Keesee

well your pastor Steve and Lisa are kindred spirits just had a chance to meet them did didn't know they were down here didn't know you folks are taking territory down here God take some territory right but kindred spirits just meeting them sure it's not gonna be the first time we get to talk but good friends with Bill Winston I guess good friends with you guys right everyone here so you guys are in a good place but I am honored to be here and I do travel quite a bit I am a pastor of course but I have a bigger assignment than just pastoring and that's why I'm here want to help you die they partners here any partners yes thank you awesome partners we we have partners all over the country and we like to meet them when we travel and so that's awesome but well I'll tell you what you got your Bible I'm just gonna jump into this I have one night with you so I've got to get a lot out can you listen fast well my wife dreamed it was gonna be here and she at the last minute couldn't be here she kind of twisted her back she leaves for Paris Monday and then he got some travel then to Australia and some traveling so I said you got a lot of flights coming up let's just rest a little bit tonight so she would sends her greetings okay does she have any partner she does of course she doesn't television program on the ABC Family every week I don't know if MA it you all have seen her program anyone seen her program called Renda and right after Joyce Meyers on Tuesday mornings and so she said to say hi to all of you so of course we do fixing the money thing that's a daily broadcast of course it's all over the world and obviously the name tells you what it's about was going to help people win in life but let's thank the Lords of father I thank you tonight that you sent me here and we expect to get some business done and the change happened you're gonna take territory here in Louisville Louie how do you all say that city Louisville Louisville Island higher Louisville Louisville okay you can crack anyway Louisville I can't say it like y'all said anyway so we're glad to be your father thank you in the name of Jesus well of course how many have heard my story I may have seen the broadcast heard but my books and things well you know it wasn't going so well for Garry Cassie you know my I was broke I was raised in a denominational Church never heard the Holy Spirit you know we never saw God do anything really I mean just you know we went to church and got ahold of the Holy Spirit back in the charismatic renewal days if any you may be some older folks remember those days back in the 70s I was kicked out of my church and then God called me to preach when I was 19 he didn't say what I was gonna preach I mean you know what office I was gonna hold but he sent me to Ole Roberts University and there I met Brenda of course and we started our life together and we went into business God directed us for a short time into business and that wasn't going well we we wish we got ourselves in a mess about five or six years being married we we were in a mess I call it the five-year paths of slavery most young people do the same thing no I'm here they get married they got to have a house and two cars and they get to get the credit cards going in about five years they're out of options you know you know you have to have money to have options they don't have options so you know I call it the five-year paths of slavery anyway so began to cry out to God for help and for nine years we lived in a pretty tight spot we were pretty pretty broke for nine years as a Christian spirit-filled but we were so broke that everything we had is broken they know everything was no I'm serious I mean the carpet on the floor in our house we found in a trash pile driving down the road one day and the mattresses in my kids rooms we found the nursing home trash pile one day all of our appliances are like 30 years old they're avvocato green you know you bought them in a garage sale someplace everything is broken the cars barely run they had two hundred seven thousand little farmhouse we paid $300 a month for we were late most of times we paid it at all and tax liens judgments lived out of pawn shops the stress of living like that put me on panic attacks I was on antidepressants and I'm a believer right but what am i believing I'm telling you if something was wrong that I tell you financial stress is hell on earth it's not heaven heaven it's not it's not what God wants for you but I didn't know that I mean four nine seven four nine years I wish I could say it was for a week that was for nine years nine years living like that and finally it just came to the I mean I borrowed money from parents relatives it got so bad that I called my dad you know the first thing he'd say is how much do you need this time and that's the first thing out of his mouth and so finally they cut me off his attorneys were lining up lawsuits against us and I knew I was done I had three little babies at the time and living that little farmhouse and you know it was rough I knew that I had to have a change I mean I knew something I mean I went to a church that taught prosperity I mean I taught I went to church at all typing I'm spirit-filled I have a degree in Old Testament went to Bible School I mean I know the Bible but yet I'm going banker I've been up I just I was bankrupt I just didn't declare bankruptcy I'd say one thing life wasn't fun at all and I have a great wife I mean dream that stuck with me she prayed for me but if finally came to a conclusion I mean everything was everything was done there was no no there was nothing left it frigerators empty there's no money and attorney calls and said we're finally a lawsuit against you you know one of many and so I realized was finished I went upstairs and prayed and God said you know I heard his voice right away I was kind of surprised he said you're in this mess I had nothing to do with it he said you ever heard someone say well I'm you know and well I don't know why God's not doing this or I'm waiting for God to do that he said I had nothing to do with this he said you did it yourself and he said you did it because you've never been taught how my kingdom operates you're living just like everyone else lives and you have the same fruit everyone else has that's not how I operate he said you got to learn how the I didn't I didn't know what kingdom meant I mean when I heard ping dimensions The Lord's Prayer you know I mean I heard kingdom you know on to Bible School but I never thought of it I mean the only time I really thought your kingdom come I didn't really understand what that you know I didn't really understand Kingdom what I didn't know what he meant what do you mean Kingdom I mean I'm in church I love I love the anointing I love I love you know I love the church I love you I'm going to heaven I mean what do you mean I don't know how your kingdom operates and it's Audrina and I had began to pray about that and to make a long story short he began to teach us and we began to apply those things and within a very short period of time two and a half years we were out of debt we were completely out of debt we were creating businesses we were paying cash for our cars we were build our dream home cash I mean we were we began to prosper began to give you know I had be able to give hundreds of thousands of dollars aways to God's projects I mean our life changed like you turn a light switch on it was so dramatic that you know I just I would just like pinch myself like did you see that I mean dream did you see that happen I mean we had stores so many stories that happened that we solved the kingdom operate that it was just amazing I mean you got a nine years you can understand digging through cushions for pennies to buy a Happy Meal 2/3 three kids and now you're watching this 7,000 square-foot house be built the basement was bigger than I heard a little little farmhouse I mean we literally sat there and cried why we couldn't believe as our house being built my wife got to design the house you know we had steel appliances stainless steel appliances you know not the avocado green things that broke out you know we had red crown molding and hardwood floors I mean stuff we thought that was I mean you've got to think about what I'm saying nine years living like that and thinking how could that ever I used to dream what would it be like to have a hundred bucks I didn't owe someone what would it feel like to be out of debt and no you know no any nobody no one you know and so we were excited about it we've been who we're still excited about it but you have to ask the question how that happened I mean because we're the same people you know but I mean something happened I mean something happened when you agree something happened and I don't have time to go into great detail because I I have a message God's given to me I wanted a little foundation because I want you know where I come from so wherever you're at I've been there got the t-shirt and I'm telling you there's a better place if you there's a better way to live it's the kingdom way now the kingdom way doesn't work the way the earth realm works now you've been trained for 20 30 40 50 years in the earth realm and we'll talk about that but you've got to retrain yourself to the kingdom now give you a picture and I'm talking about you think back to Luke chapter 5 Peter James and John fished all night and caught nothing right and the few hours later Jesus gets involved with that and they have two boats that are sinking with so many fish now that's the difference now that's what the kingdom looks like that's what it's supposed to look like I'm telling you that's what it's supposed that's what it looks like and that's what it's supposed to look like that's what you're supposed to expect that's what it looks like they couldn't hold any more all right so hang with me now so I've been teaching kingdom for years drained and I learned all this course in our family life and over those years I saw that Christians weren't doing they weren't they weren't seeing what we saw I mean the majority of Christians I saw the large majority of Christians as I saw were not enjoying what during the nyah tapped into I mean very few and so I had this burden I said god I got to teach I could help people I said because I had helped people individually and I thought you know how can i one-hour like tonight it's not enough to change I mean dhadkan tonight is like an infomercial I hope I hope I get because you don't know me you're kind of your guards up you know you can't who's this guy pastor brought in you know and all that that's fine that's just people but my hope you know I hope it I'm here to present the Word of God to you but you know one hours not there's more to the king in the one hour right I mean I you know if I'm going to if I have to teach the kingdom I gotta lay it out because the kingdom has pieces to it but tonight I'll get you on a great start but I began to press and Lorelai I really want to help people because they're not getting it they're not they're just not living like the kingdom like dren deny and they weren't excited about life I mean we're we have vision and just our finances were changed drastically I mean business ideas dreams I think just awesome and I said I don't know why I said this I thought I think I had five sessions if I had five to six hours with someone I can think I could probably get him to plug in and so I began to pray that way now he had just launched our church and I found out that a lot of people like the answers people started coming to our church because there are results they saw they saw evidence and I I wasn't teaching out of a book I who I this is the example and this is a lot you can expect it or not you can receive it or not but for me it worked so people came and so I my church they they were taught that so I wanted to do it someplace that no one knew any of these principles as an experiment so lord I want to go do five session someplace that I have not been someone's doesn't you know they don't know this and I want to teach five sessions to test this we don't to see if operate you know see how they receive it so a friend of mine was a missionary in Albania and he asked me to come and teach because he heard me what I was he didn't hear me teach but he's a friend of mine so you know I what happened to my life he says Albania needs this Albania is the only country in the world that in their constitution after World War Two said there was no God the Constitution said there's no God so there was no no God no religion of any kind in Albania so that the country had opened up now to the gospel he went over there and they're very broke very poor so he asked me to come and he said I'll give you three sessions now I remember I was believing God for five so I I said okay so now the one problem well not a problem one one one thing you'll have to understand is you got to pay your way there I said fine and all these pastors they're broke you got to pay all their way there I said well all right I'll pay their way there and I'll pay my way there and I got there and he said one one thing happens I got Albania got to Albania got there and he said something's changed one of the speakers couldn't make it you're doing five sessions so alright praise God new this is I knew this is a God appointment so I would pray the spirit write my notes out and these people of course they didn't know me and they're very putting povery and the first session you know they're kind of staring at me you know kind of hearing my little stories and how God changed the second day they started loosening up the third day they're smiling and they're getting happy because that's what the gospel does right there brings hope and the third day they're really happy I mean they're really happy and in the words that take an offering you know they don't have any money you know so I told the missionary he said yeah go ahead so I took an offering up the fifth session and they put four people up front the anointing was so strong in that place they couldn't stand up and I'd never sing like it these people were jumping shouting clapping they're going that the anointing was just amazing because these people had nothing now they see something and they're happy and the anointing was strong so afterwards the the missionary walks back to his apartment he has two bags full of money he said this is strange it said usually if I take an offering I could get a quarter of a bag I have two full bags I said yeah they're holding out on you that's what's going on I went back to his apartment though he dumped that on the table dumped it out and when he dumped the money out on the table an amazing event happened blue haze filled that place the glory of God wasn't like the anointing that flows through you when you pray for people the glory of God filled that place a blue haze filled that place knocked us back in the couches and we didn't know what to do he said I've never seen something like this I said I never saw anything like it either but the in the pile of money there was a man's wedding band in the pile of money there and the Lord I saw the Lord spoke to me says that that's all that man had he didn't have any money with me but he put that ring in there and he says I had him put that ring in there because I want you to see it I'm gonna send you to the nation's and you're on an assignment I want you to teach my covenant a financial blessing to the nation's and wherever I sends you I'll pay for it now the offering stayed there in Albania but a few days later that missionary called me and said the Lord told me to send that ring to you which I wanted that ring you know he spoke to me about that it's on my wall I have that ring so I didn't know what that meant would that mean I travel travel a lot which I do but that's not what a minute we came home and launched television and of course our life changed I it's it's a life transforming moment I mean I wept for days I couldn't I couldn't sleep or for about almost four days I think my whole life change and so I've been on assignment ever since to teach the kingdom now I passed her but I had an assignment also as I said to teach the kingdom now this year actually well I've had several experiences with the Holy Spirit like that but the Lord sent me on a mission this year to teach what I'm going to tell you tonight and I have a new book out about it it's blue so you remember what it is blue it's blue it's out there on the table but you want to take that home with you so many stories but I want you to get this one and I call this the Sabbath rest and the words that everywhere you go this year I want to teach this because people need to get this now you have there's more you have to have a kingdom operates in fact let's take a look at Genesis chapter 3 verse 17 now you would agree that Adam and Eve had at all wouldn't you they didn't worry about anything they had at all they they were Adam was placed on the earth to rule over the earth on behalf of the government of God and in fact Hebrews the second chapter says it this way let me pull that up for you Hebrews the second chapter you can go back to Genesis 3 and I'll be there in a second but Hebrews the second chapter verse number 7 says it this way you made man a little lower than the Angels now the the Old Testament isn't the word angels it's God Elohim so you made man lower than God we are we are higher than angels if you didn't know that we are a higher creation than angels people think angels are higher we are higher than angels it said it says right here you made him a little lower than the Angels which is Elohim is the actual Hebrew word they're not angels you crowned him with glory and honor and put everything under his feet in putting everything under him God left nothing that is not subject to him so Adam and Eve ruled over the entire Earth with delegated authority that's what crown do you know you think of a king he has a crown on the words he speaks is it's backed up by a government the crown represents a government correct all right so he's crowned with glory and honor honors the position he has as a thority the glory is the anointing the power the the kingdom he represents in this earth realm now Satan is on the earth notice he's in the ease in the garden he'd already been cast to the earth before man was created Luke chapter 10 remember Jesus that I saw Satan fall from heaven like lightning and so he's already here and so God is creating man in his in his domain right where he's at now this answers a lot of questions and I could take a rabbit trail but people may say why in the middle the Bible says in the middle of the Garden of Eden in the middle is the tree of life and right beside it is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil right beside each other in the middle and so you have to know why it's all legal stuff why it had to be there it would be illegal if God put man inside where Satan is has dominion without giving man a choice it would be illegal saintly clean foul and this is why man was given a free will that you couldn't be here unless you had a free will the only reason that you're here is because God gave man a free will and he had to have a choice Satan had to have the ability to tempt man or it been illegal for men to be ruling over him that makes sense all right this is also why of course Adam failed that test this is why in Luke chapter 4 you'll see the very first thing that the Holy Spirit did was lead Jesus into the wilderness to be tempted people say well I don't the Holy Spirit let him Jesus had to pass that same tree if you will he had to hit Satan had to have the opportunity to tempt him or he would not have legally had the ability to rule over him that makes sense all right so you live in a kingdom you got to understand this this is AG legal thing this isn't a feeling thing and your salvation is based on laws that kingdom of God is a government a government has laws in fact in Isaiah chapter nine you at Christmas time to undress a child is born remember and says he'll be the head of this government on his shoulders you know it said he's that he's the head of the government and it goes on and says they increased this government there'll be no incorrect all right so he uh sure's in a government the kingdom of God Kingdom the Kings Dominion is a government which carries the authority the king down through the entire government layers of authority to every citizen in that Kingdom now you are a citizen Ephesians chapter 2 nineteen says that you are a citizen of the kingdom of God and a member of his household because you are a citizen of the kingdom of God you have legal rights alright so you gotta this is all legal it's all legal no feelings when you begin to get this you'll stop begging God you understand who you are and what you have now and Isaiah chapter nine in fact I'm gonna get to the Sabbath rest I just I just I could dig this out first Isaiah chapter 9 we just read mentioned the first part of it but when it says unto us a child is born and the government will be on his shoulders he's the head of the government he'll be called wonderful counselor mighty God everlasting father Prince of Peace of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end he will reign on David's throne over his kingdom establishing and upholding it with justice and righteousness from that time on so the entire kingdom of God is upheld by what justice and rights what is righteousness now remember the king the King decrees the walls right this is a kingdom the Kings laws are what we call right so if you want to live righteously in the Kings Dominion you live according to his laws all right so what is right he says what is right that's his kingdom so this kingdom is upheld by the Kings laws his decrees which are right in his kingdom and justice justice is means the administration of law so let me illustrate it in your life so you are a citizen the United States right and you have legal rights correct do you feel like you're a citizen of the United States you have to feel like it no it's a fact so it is in the kingdom of God you don't have to feel save you don't to feel not praise God we enjoy the anointing but you don't base your position in Christ on your feelings this is a legal issue you are a citizen of that Kingdom now so it says justice so let's say that someone breaks into your house and they start stealing your stuff okay what would you do call who you'd call the enforcer forcement agency to it they're going to enforce what the law the law all right there's something wrong my mic so you put oh I thought you're pointing there's like so you point in here it's like and they're used when it's kind of Mike's eyes you wonder anyway so they're they're going to take you before a court that has a judge and the judge will rule the case based on law so this entire kingdom is upheld and established by justice meaning there's a process of law the judge rules in favor of the laws that correct supposed to right so this scripture first John chapter 5 verse 14 of 15 says this is my confidence if I ask anything according to the will of God I know that he hears me and if I know that he hears me I have those things I've asked of him this is not a hope this is a fact now this is that doesn't talk it's not talking about audibly hearing it's talking about a legal situation I know if I ask anything according to what his law says he hears me a judge hears the case so he's going to take the case he's going to rule on that case and if I know that he hears the case and he's going to rule on his own law I know I will have what he is all right now this is confidence this is my confidence if I ask anything according to his will his law but he's right what he has declared righteous in his kingdom and I ask anything according his will I know he hears me he'll take the case and he will rule on behalf of that law every time and I am confident that I'll have those things that I've asked of him this is not how I was raised I was raised the louder you cry the louder you yell you know whatever if I fast for 2,000 days or whatever you know then God's going to hear me you need to stop all that stuff not fasting and not praying I'm not saying that but why you need to understand why you know you need to understand some things this is a kingdom it operates by laws and you don't beg Jesus said stop babbling like unbelievers said stop that you don't you don't babble you're you have legal rights and you receive by faith based on what the Word of God says and so it's not a matter of feeling it's a matter of law ok you got it alright so we stop babbling we stop crying and begging God begging is no begging you don't beg you already have it all you already have everything the Bible says you were exalted and seated with Christ in heavenly place you already have the entire you already have the entire kingdom you have it all the problem is people don't understand what I'm talking about they don't understand the legal system they don't understand the kingdom and all they think is they gotta beg God God chooses or you know whatever he does when he does it and so they don't they don't understand but we need to understand all right so when I began to realize and God began to teach me it's a law that's a kingdom now I figured out I can learn that wait a minute if it's a law then I can learn I could learn the laws and I could have those things and so he began to teach me the laws of the kingdom how it operates and so we begin to apply those things it's how we got out of debt and I mean amazing stories amazing stories amazing stories because the Bible works like it says a rule you might run your life by if something doesn't match the Bible in your life don't change your theology because his law doesn't change there's something that's short-circuiting the system and you need to ask the Holy Spirit that's what I did I became a spiritual scientist I said okay God why did those fish show up I mean they fished all night caught nothing what how why did those fish show up how did that happen now there are laws illustrated in all the stories in the Bible you need start asking how did that bread multiply why was that woman healed why is this person not healed why is that per evening there's there's there's read mark chapter 6 says Jesus could not heal the people Jesus couldn't if you asked most people in the street said you know in the Bible it said Jesus couldn't heal somebody they said it doesn't say that it does mark 6 it says Jesus couldn't heal them because of their unbelief what's unbelief why is faith necessary what is faith people can't even define anything they can't explain it if you can't explain it you can't live it I would say you can't enjoy it less you can teach it you know what is faith why do you have to feel I can't God heal everyone in the hospital you know why can't God stop wars you've heard those questions right well there's a legal reason why he can't and there's reasons why he can and you need to know those things and that's what I'm talking about when I say teach the kingdom how it operates because there's laws why couldn't jesus healed mark 6 there's reasons why he says why was the woman heal tissue blood there's reasons why she was healed there's reason why things happen you know and so we need to find out anyway that's a foundation but I want to go on to touch on what God told me to teach throughout this year and that's hebrews chapter 4 verse 9 this scripture will change your life it is a key one of many but a major key to your finances your finances and major key now you understand that finances are not just spiritual because you're in the earth realm it takes you and God you know right God doesn't have any money you look at a piece of money there's an earthly Kingdom stamped on it you don't have any money so if you ask him for money he where's he gonna get it counterfeited no he's got to give you a strategy to capture it or create it alright so you have to know how this thing works Hebrews chapter 4 this is going to help you there remains then a Sabbath rest for the people of God for anyone who enters God's rest also rest from his own work just as God did his what does this mean I noticed the first thing you may think this is Old Testament there's a Sabbath rest this is New Testament there's there's a Sabbath rest for New Testament folks alright just make sure you know there's a Sabbath rest for you well what is that well we talked about Hebrews chapter we do we do ever went to Genesis chapter 3 so let's go there Adam and Eve had it all they believe Satan so in other words Satan despised them so here's this man created in you know created it now he's ruling over him right I talked about the two trees in the garden Adam is ruling over there Satan despises that authority remember he wanted to exalt himself and be like God he despises this these weak things they're created there that have authority over him but he can't take that crown off he can't take that authority he has to somehow get them to take the authority down themselves somehow he's got to get that they got to somehow let go with that themselves because he can't take it so he deceives them he lies to them about God did God really say you are kidding me are you kidding he he said that well he is the reason he said that's because he's holding out on you there's things he doesn't want you to know no he still talks that way it's still alive see about that he's still deception okay so they believed him and they rebelled against God's kingdom they chose to believe Satan instead of God and so they rebelled against God's kingdom they lost their place in the kingdom just like Satan did and they came under his jurisdiction Paul says in Colossians that it's called the kingdom of darkness now when you're born again the Bible says you were moved out from under his jurisdiction under the kingdom of God's jurisdiction right now here's something had happened but he failed to define print so they thought they're missing out that'd be better to follow Satan of course and they rebelled against God lost their position and what Satan failed to tell them was that he had already been judged and his his judgment was set to go to a place called hell he didn't tell him that small detail and so what happened was when Adam and Eve sinned they brought all their lineage all of mankind under the jurisdiction of Satan's government and because of that all of mankind fell into that same judgment now Matthew chapter 25 says hell was not made for men but for Satan and his angels so here's the thing about salvation most people don't even realize salvation works they think they think it's based to what they good they are and bad they are that's zero to do with that now you'll be judged for rewards but as far as salvation goes as you know there's only one thing that matters that's the name of Jesus and if your name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life because all of mankind is already already set for that judgment there's a lot of nice people in Hell because what Adam did and so for God so loved the world that he sent Jesus that whomever would leave upon him would not perish but have everlasting life meaning that Jesus was God's rescue plan to go capture his creation out from under that jurisdiction of that Kingdom that's why Colossians says when you were born again you come out from under that kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of his son and you're adopted as sons and you're citizens of his kingdom but every man woman and child will have to call him a name of Jesus to make it legal okay every person has to make it has to call the name of Jesus to make it legal so God then legally in the realm of Satan's Dominion the earth realm come and put his spirit in you you got it all right now I get all these rabbit trails I just I just so cool hebrews chapter 4 verse 9 there remains a Sabbath rest so Adam and Eve lost the kingdom they lost their provision they lost their glory lost everything and so God gave them a picture of what he would someday restore back to mankind called the Sabbath now the Bible says when God confronted Adam and Eve in Genesis chapter 3 when he confronted them he said cursed is the ground I'm for 17th verse because you listened your wife needs fruit two said said sir you must be cursed is the ground because of you through painful toil you'll eat your fruit food from it all the days of your life it'll produce thorns and thistles for you and you'll eat the plants of the field by the sweat of your brow you eat your food so I call this the earth curse system and everything comes through painful toil and sweat you got it so God's hands are tied Adam you cursed the earth God didn't curse the earth whenever everything is under his jurisdiction that's why you had to name the animals everything's under his jurisdiction and so he kicks God out he basically kicks God out of the earth realm because he chose to follow Satan God's hands are tied it said okay brother now it's up to you your own painful toil and sweat you got to make it happen you got it and that's how it's been to this day painful toil and sweat system that's why at that moment of time Adam lost his identity he lost his purpose his purpose was he had an assignment from God he lost that now his purpose is survival just like yours in the earth realm it's all about finding provision if you have some provision it's about hoarding it because the only escape out of the rat race is to have some money and during that I've always said if you don't fix the money thing you will never find your identity because you're gonna do whatever it takes well this company's paying this I'll do that well you know people are in all kind of spot 70 percent of the people in America don't like their jobs because they're out there seeking after the money not to they have no zeal and passion for it it's just a job it's survival fear entered the earth and so you're a professional warrior from birth that's where you're you're raised in this in this system you know decisions made around money they'll all move to California get a bet where you know decisions made about provision is how people live in the earth realm survival you know and of course God was going to bring man out from under that slavery system where he lost his identity and restore him to sonship and provision and all what the kingdom had and he gave man a picture that called the Sabbath day so the Sabbath day was the seventh day because man was created at the end of the sixth day he was to live in the seventh day correct and everything's complete there so he lost that so man's been running ever since in fact Jesus mentioned that well if I told told people I said okay you've got to get out of debt you have to get out of debt by the end of the year what people would do is they would begin to think more painful toil and sweat okay I see I can walk I work five jobs you know I can write they interpret everything by labor you need to make you know I can't afford that because I can't lay I can't see that fitting into my labor so that system dollars for hours that labor that slavery system is completely different from well here's the key if you ask people who they are they tell you what they do hey John how are you what are you I'm a truck driver oh you do this that's not who you are that's what you do if I was a prince and introduced myself you say oh he's a prince of so-and-so right position and so if you saw Adam now you know Adam he had a pretty rough he's you would say he's a loser I mean it's everything went downhill his sons killed one of each other you know I'm Adam Cain and Abel and you say he's a loser but if you'd have seen him before he fell he had royalty anointing respect honor and the same with you you were designed for that not for survival okay all right so we can get down on that thing but so there's a Sabbath rest what does that mean it says there's a Sabbath their remains then a Sabbath rest for the people of God for anyone who enters God's rest also rest from his own work just as God did his what is that talking about some of my creations Genesis chapter 2 verse 1 thus the heavens and the earth were completed in their vast array by the seventh day God had finished the work he's been doing so on the seventh day he rested from all his work so he wasn't tired he was finished because everything is complete so a man was created at the end of the sixth day everything's there to live in the seventh day right Adam lost the seventh day but God gave him a picture of the seventh day what could they not do on the seventh day painfully toil and sweat they couldn't work couldn't work God is giving them a picture of some day what he was going to restore back to mankind now because man also entered into a survival mentality of running running running Jesus said the unbeliever runs after the things of life running that's how you do things in this in this realm God put also that seventh day to make man stop because he would lean to be a workaholic make him stop and recognize God see the Sabbath caused him to stop and to put his attention other than just running and it was a picture of what God would restore some day to to mankind you got it so far there then remains a Sabbath rest for you the Bible says new testament now there's a lot of controversy if you want to call with that around the Sabbath day some denominations of build entire denominations around was it Friday Saturday sunset at Friday to sunset sir I mean what the Sabbath day right let's look at Colossians the 2nd chapter and we're going to answer that question vegans chat Colossians chapter 2 verse 16 therefore do not let anyone judge you by what you eat or drink or with regard to a religious festival a new moon celebration or a Sabbath day these are a shadow of the things that were to come the reality however is found in Christ what's it saying the Sabbath was a picture that's all it was a picture of what God was going to someday restore the reality of the Sabbath is in Christ you follow that so if I showed you a picture of Oreos and milk and it looks pretty good to me but if I gave you Oreos and milk and you ate some enoki that's a lot better the Sabbath had no power to set people free the Sabbath was just a picture of what God was going to restore through Jesus Christ they couldn't work now they also had a Sabbath year you remember that so they had the Sabbath day and then every seven years they had a Sabbath year what could they not do in the Sabbath year they couldn't work now we're getting a little more intense aren't we you might last a day without working but you know you get down to a year you can write these notes down just Leviticus chapter 25 one through four speaks of the Sabbath year you can research that later they couldn't sweat so what is God showing them now they're well taken care of we'll find out here in a minute that they didn't do without for an entire year they had old provision God was showing them there's a way of living above the earth curse system of provision all right now one more thing happened on Sabbath here anyone besides pastor know what that is now this is the picture the shadow all debts were canceled every seven years so the Sabbath year never this is a picture of what Jesus brought the reality of these pictures the Sabbath day the Sabbath year Colossians says that he said don't let don't let anyone judge you about those pictures the reality is in Christ the reality is here you're in Christ aren't you all right so the picture of the Sabbath day is here is available to you they were early then remains a Sabbath rest just like God rested why did he rest not because he's tired because everything is complete and finished that rest is available to you that's what it's saying so he gave them a picture of the Sabbath day the Sabbath year they couldn't work and all debt was forgiven now listen to this scripture in Deuteronomy 15 1 at the end of every 7 years you must cancel debts and you may say well how is that possible here's how it's possible verse 4 however there need be no poor people among you for in the land the Lord your God is giving you to possess as your inheritance he'll richly bless you if only you fully obey the Lord your God and are careful to follow all of his commands now in the Old Testament you access the Covenant by what you did alright so New Testament we access it by faith or Jesus Christ but to them he said as long as you fully obey the Lord your God and are careful to follow all these commands I'm giving today for the Lord your God will bless us he has promised and will you will lend to many nations but will borrow from none now this is the this is the you'll really were many nations but none will rule over you so this is talking about the Sabbath years they're saying how am I gonna afford it forgive forgive debts he's saying because you're gonna be so wealthy you're gonna be so wealthy debt is not even a part of your life you're lending to Nations you're lending you follow that now this is the picture you need to have now remember the Sabbath day the Sabbath year we read in Colossians was a picture of what you now have in Christ debt is a debt is a system of insufficiency God's kingdom would never operate in the insufficiency debt is not part of the kingdom of God now we'll talk about how to get out of debt but the point is I'm laying the foundation to help you understand what you have as a citizen right okay so all this forgiven now who can tell me the granddaddy picture them all there's one more big one the urge you believe every 50 years this is found in Leviticus 25 8 through 13 you can research it every 50 years now one thing about the Year Jubilee the 50th year if followed a Sabbath year the 49th year was one of those Sabbath years they couldn't sew their crops all debt was forgiven and the urge you believe that fiftieth year guess what they couldn't do again it couldn't couldn't work and then it had a couple other things that it showed them that the picture I won't read the scripture you did at home again I give it to you but so they couldn't so their crops but in this picture all slaves were set free now that's the picture the realities in Christ what is it saying you're no longer a servant you're not serving your son and daughter you have the inheritance see you're a citizen you have legal rights to the kingdom but you're also a member of God's household you have the inheritance citizens don't have the inheritance they have the kingdom but you have the inheritance both you have the blessing of Abraham and the blessing the new birth the heavenly birth you have both I know Bill teaches on that so all slaves are set free number three all properties return to its original owner so when they came across the River Jordan they are all given a plot of land and that was their prosperity they could grow what they wanted to they could keep it and they have lost it through those 50 years sold it whatever but it had to be returned so that's saying your prosperity is returned your ability to prosper is now been returned to you you're no longer a slave you're a son and daughter of the house and God is showing them okay how this looks your Jubilee now here's the big question how are they going to survive for the ninth year oh they can't so crops 50 theer they can't so crops 50 first year to take at least the whole year to grow their crops got three years there with no work no no crops how they survive now when those has told him about that is what they said the fact Moses said you may ask what will we eat in the eighth year we don't plant our crops and God says I will send you such a blessing in the sixth year of that be the 48th year now 48th year but the land will yield enough crop for three years while you plant during the eighth year you'll eat from the old crop continue eat with the harvest comes to basically was saying is the eighth year the 48th year he's going to send such a blessing and that sixth year of that seven-year cycle the 48th year you follow me and I'm losing it the 49th years of Sabbath year they can't plant 50 or they can't plant they're gonna have such a blessing of harvest that they can rest see the Sabbath rest was is dependent upon that harvest there is no Sabbath rest unless you have more than enough that's this is how it works so Exodus 16 how's the Sabbath rest possible how do we tap into that okay how is it possible Exodus 16 talking about the manna remember the manna came down and it wouldn't stay very long maybe to noon and evaporated or rotted whatever and they couldn't keep it overnight except one day they could keep it overnight which day was that the sixth day Exodus 16 says six days verse 26 six days you are to gather it but on the seventh day the Sabbath there not be any nevertheless some of the people went out on the seventh day to gather it but they found none then the Lord said to Moses how long will you refuse to keep my commands and my instructions bear in mind that the Lord has given you the Sabbath that is why on the sixth day he gives you bread for two days God gave them the Sabbath but someone did not get the memo they're out there in their own strength earth curse system laboring trying to find survival when all along God had already given them the double portion and that's my view that's the church age right here I mean the church is out there their own strength that's what I was doing all these years I was living like the world lives expecting God to bless it but I wasn't I didn't have his instructions and I didn't understand what he what happened didn't know so how's the Sabbath rest possible how is it possible with the manna they had a double portion correct how is it possible here Jubilee a triple portion all right so what got what is God showing mankind that he's showing them another way of living besides the painful toil and sweat system that's limiting his kingdom system his kingdom you understand his kingdom operates differently he's showing you a picture that there's a way of living different than the Earth curse system of just survival labor now the Bible says I mean we read it the Bible says there remains for you a Sabbath rest and we just read in Colossians that all these three things are a picture of what you have because it says the reality is incorrect you have that but I believe that most of the church people I talked to they're like there's people out there walking around the seventh day but they don't they don't no they don't they don't have the memo they're not enjoying the Sabbath rest notice it's almost like God was angry at them we'll find out he really is upset if we don't get it that would really preach well headlines pastor teaches God's mad because they're not prospering enough you'd imagine that but that's what's happening he rebuked Moses how long are you gonna refuse to obey my instructions don't you know I have given you the Sabbath rest I've given you the double portion all right he would say the same thing does now there cannot be a Sabbath rest without more than enough the double portion and I say double portion just interpret it not to of something it just needs more than enough the double portion now Isaiah 61 gives us great insight into that well actually let's look at Luke chapter 4 are you are you getting this alright Luke chapter 4 Jesus has just come out of the wilderness then baptized at the River Jordan and he's been in the wilderness now he's coming in to his hometown Nazareth he goes in the synagogue and he picks up a scroll of Isaiah and he reads it and we will see what he says he quotes Isaiah 61 verse number 1 now this is Luke 4:18 he's missing to God he picks the scroll up and he reads Isaiah 61 which says the Spirit of the Lord is on me because he has anointed me to preach the good news to the poor he has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind to release the oppressed to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor what is the year Lord's favor here Jubilee that's the year of Lord's favor and he stops that sentence after it says the Lord's favor there's a and after that if you go back to Isaiah we will later it says and he stops in the middle of a sentence because he's making one point I am that you believe he stops right there on the year Jubilee because the Jubilee the reality of the Jubilee has now just been released that's why they went to stone him and cast him off that hill because they knew what he was saying alright now we've got is day 61 let's take a look at it this is where he's quoting his stuff this is like this is amazing stuff it's amazing stuff so Isaiah 61 now I'm gonna come back to this but we if you look here to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor verse number 2 that's where he never he just quoted that to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor and anyone else hit and I don't you got your Bibles out it says and the day of vengeance of our God did you know that your prosperity is vengeance it is see Satan thinks he has you all bound up under his thumb of the earth curse system your prosperity is vengeance God's vengeance to comfort all who mourn and provide in fact you can take a lot of under two angles out of I'd say 61 if you read it really in context it's all about finances to comfort all who mourn and provide for those who grieve in Zion why are they grieving because he's going to provide for them they we're they're in poverty that's why to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes the oil of gladness instead of mourning a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair of course this applies to healing or anything that God restored but if you read the whole chapter they will be called now he said he said and Luke 4 he rolled the scroll up gave it back to the attendant and sat down the eyes of everyone in the synagogue were fastened on him and he began by saying to them today today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing scripture would be that one phrase the year Lord's favor but in reality this entire scripture is fulfilled so he says they who's they that's the church it's fulfilled when he's bringing that government of God in here they will be called oats of righteousness a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor in a world of darkness of poverty and sickness the church is supposed to look completely different splendor God's wanting to show himself to this world they'll rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated the Hebrew word there means desolation they're going to restore the desolation they're going to overcome the desolation they'll renew the ruined cities which if you look at the Hebrews meets establish it as it was at first that had been devastated for generations aliens will Shepherd your flocks foreigners will work your fields and vineyards see they were slaves right they were slaves now they're gonna be the head not the tail and you'll be called priests of the Lord the named ministers of our God you'll feed on the wealth of nations and in their riches you'll boast instead of their shame verse 7 my people receive a double portion now that he said today this was fulfilled this is speaking of the church this is speaking of you they'll rejoice in their inheritance and so they will inherit a double portion in their land and everlasting joy will be their swear I the Lord love justice I hate Robert II and iniquity in my faithfulness I'll reward them and make an everlasting covenant with them this is a new covenant it's talking about Jesus's covenant their descendants that be you will be known among the nations and their offspring among the peoples and all who see them which is you will acknowledge that they are a people the Lord has blessed and this is the vengeance that God has Psalms I think 23 says he'll set a table for us in the presence of our enemies he does God delights in that it's a vengeance for the kingdom of darkness that stole that from Adam well then still it took it willingly he took it Adam gave it to him so the double portion is yours you see that the Sabbath rest is yours there then remains you see their Sabbath rest the Sabbath was a picture the Sabbath year is a picture the ERR Jubilees a picture and Jesus says today this scripture the year of the Lord's favor jubilee is now fulfilled and everything else the realities in Christ you have been changed in the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of God you're now a citizen and a son of the house daughter of the house you've got it all well then why aren't people enjoying it only gonna find out whose help you'll get there God began to deal with me about the double portion I had ring that I had tapped into it without knowing it now we began to study the kingdom and learn how faith operates now the kingdom operated and so we began to tap into these things that were just like really I mean more than enough I mean it's just I was just amazing but we couldn't teach it yet you know we didn't have enough of the pieces and we didn't really think I had mentioned double portions through all these years in Kingdom teaching but I didn't really have a full revelation of it but one day probably eight years ago God began to deal with me about this double portion because quite frankly I've never heard that taught I never heard it explained that way and so he began to deal with me about this double portion to rest one day I was going out and if you don't know much about me I like to deer hunt back at the beginning very beginning God taught me how his kingdom operated through deer hunting because when he said I'm a teacher of the kingdom operates I wasn't getting I was go out hunt and that I wouldn't get anything okay and well you're broke I was gonna feed my babies venison nobody didn't get anything and he said wow why don't you trust me for your deer this year what does that mean again I had no understanding of Kingdom what he's talking about he said I want to take a check out in the memo section write down for your your deer right there so from a 1987 that was the Year 87 buck I wrote that in the memo section say let you and your wife lay your hands on that check and according to mark 11:24 therefore and you pray you believe that you're receiving this you'll have it I want you to release that into the assignment that I tell you to and you'll receive it when you when you pray you're receiving it now not when it shows up you receive it now you have it now see so I did that during than I did that I took a piece of paper out wrote down the date the time I received my buck on this date this time and I stuck it in my hunting pocket my coat now I lived in Oklahoma at the time it didn't have much time to hunt none really didn't own any land but one of the guys in my office and said well I've my grandma on some land down in Tahlequah and it was Thanksgiving week once you come down Thanksgiving Day and have Thanksgiving with us and there's some deer down there maybe I'll you can come down check it out he said my brother killed one down there so I get down there Thanksgiving morning it's dark outside you know you got hunting you out in the dark and so he I said where do I go where do I hunt he said well I don't know my brother I said he said there's a big old tree out in this field he said it's dark now it's pitch black you something I could spare Lee see this outline this big old tree out past the house there he said why don't just go sit next that big tree now he'd never killed a deer there I mean he his brother did he never did so I get out there and gets light I realized I'm sitting in the middle of a hay field that's been harvested I mean acres and acres of just empty land with one big tree in the middle of it you know when the farm had to go around is a big ol tree I'm thinking this is stupid any deer in his right mind will see me sitting out here I mean I'm just I'm sitting out here in the I'm just sitting out here right so I'm sitting there the mornings going down and so without me knowing it this buck he's crossing that field but he's coming from behind me I'm on this side of the tree and he's coming this way I'm on that so he doesn't see me but he's running right to that tree directly but he comes next to that tree and he gets a whip on me and I'm sitting there I'm sitting on my you know I'm sitting my knees up have a thirty out six scoped out rifle sitting there kind of waiting because about 150 yards and fund me was a woods you know pretty far away but I mean there is there and I hear this snort yeah you ever heard deer snort I mean right next to me I look over here this deer is looking around the tree he's five yards from me he's looking at me and I'm looking at him and he takes off in a hurry and if you ever seen a white-tailed deer run they bound they just and I'm trying out you know hit you're at a scoped out rifle and you're trying to hit you know things moving but I got close I let the rifle fire and that deer dropped and I was so excited I thought man that is amazing Don the friend comes out you got it I said yeah a baton I said I'm not that good I'm not this good I pulled that piece of paper in my pocket said dying the Lord spoke to me about this deer he said if I would trust him for it he'd help me I'm not I'm not that good a shot I mean obviously I'm in the middle of a field God did this well every year after that I'd repeat that and I'd get my dear within 30 40 minutes every year it got to the point that I could even name the deer this is true story I mean know the kingdom gets is it's scary what God taught me about how specific the kingdom is it got to the place that I could name a doe or a buck I could name the number of points and I did experiments each year okay this year I'm gonna believe God for a 7-point or um you know and he he taught me how the kingdom operated and so I don't hunt deer I receive deer no I'm not I'm not kidding faster this week of the I bow hunt so this year we went out I mean I was out there 15 minutes it had my buck I all my kids have been taught the same thing and so it's like going to the grocery store yes you know I go out get the deer but I learned how it operates and God taught me back then so this particular Sunday evening after church I was going out to get my annual deer in Ohio you can get three or four deer I only sewed that year I sowed my seed same thing laid my hand on check you know released it and called it finished for two deer a buck and a button buck we call button bug just has a little horn because you'd only get one you can only get one buck in Ohio the rest have to be dough's or small bucks and I want to keep the herd so I don't I don't get the dough's I go with the Bucks so I was going out there and my wife had my camo on my bow and I was getting a walking out we hunt her own property that's getting ready to walk out back and she was in the car she was getting ready to leave she rolls the window down it's just come here so the Lord just spoke to me and he said the word double portion I said well I'm gonna agree with that so I went out and in 5 15 minutes I had a really nice big eight-point buck 15 minutes and so I got down you know and went over to the buck and then then I remember what she said so I climbed back up in the same tree and I've been walking around thrashing around scent everywhere you know it was about five ten minutes before some legal hunting time and here comes this button buck under my tree and stood still and I took it home to that caught my attention now I can say caught my attention for years I don't have time to tell you all the stories how the kingdom operates that caught my attention I've never before got two deer like that in the same tree in the same same place they like that well that happened for the next five years every time I went out now I knew there was another one coming once I got the one deer I expected the second one and it would show up and God was teaching me to think and notice a double portion now a few years back I was I remember we had we have marshes on our property ducks don't like Morris you know water marshals and I hadn't been hunting ducks but this one year hundreds of ducks were flying into our Marsh and I thought well you know I hunt deer I said maybe I'll have a duck dinner you know I went down there and I got some ducks and I thought I thought was great we enjoyed the the duck to eat it and I certainly enjoyed the the activity all these tux liner you know shooteth this is a great fun I said I'm gonna do this next year but the old shotgun that I had because some of the geese some of the ducks were flying pretty high and the old shotgun you know the regular shotgun I use for everything rabbits and all you know had it for years and years I had heard that they have waterfowl guns guns made specifically for duck hunting that had these really large shells so you can shoot farther and they're camouflaged because Ducks aren't colorblind deer are ducks aren't I thought you know I'm gonna get me one of those duck guns maybe next year so I went into Cabela's now this is January seasons closed I wasn't planning on buying a gun I was been there for something else and I looked and there sure enough was a rack of these guns they said waterfowl guns I thought what they really do have guns made just for ducks and so I walked up to him and looked at them I thought oh of course I I wanted one I thought about that and I remember I pointed at one I said lord I'd like to have that one now I said it even subconsciously it was a couple thousand dollars but I wasn't I wasn't really in the mood you know I mean I have seasons not until like October you know I was just passing through so I'll come back and get it later but I said that two weeks later I was speaking at a corporate event not a church event a corporate event and the man the CEO comes out after I spoke and said you know we wanted to thank you and we bought you a gift for speaking here and they brought out that exact shotgun now if your spiritual scientist that catches your attention okay that wasn't by accident spiritual law and then of course I've given 30-some guns away but I never said I won't want that one and that's called it's a whole principle called putting a sickle in on a mark chapter 4 but anyway I never said I wanted that was showed up I thought to myself wait a minute that thing showed up that's by spiritual law when I said I'll take that one Lord I put in motion because of my giving I put in motion that that would happen there well I want to experiment there was another shotgun I didn't own that I've always liked but they're real expensive you ever seen there's real expensive over and unders they have engraved you know they're the two barrels on top of each other they're really beautiful engraved wood and grave them anyone hunt here anyone see this guy shotguns you see people hunting pheasants with it they're kind of a gentlemen's gun skeet shooters use those kind double barrel over an under double barrel you have a side by side double barrel but this is over and under they're on top of each other beautiful beautiful guns expensive guns I said well you know Lord I said I've always wanted to have one of those over and unders this is true story couple weeks later this guy calls me on the phone and says I want to buy you a gun I want to buy you an over-and-under shotgun I said really he said yep he said I'm gonna bomb I send it to you I said well go ahead go ahead you want to get hot stuff go ahead now in two weeks so I about a week after he talked I get a box and there's two beautiful over and under I mean gorgeous probably $3,000 guns each – OH so I called the guy and I said you said you were sending a shotgun you sent – he says I know I sent – just wanted – so about a week later I get a second box from the same guy in it two more shotguns I call em up I said what he says well never have people don't thank me very often you took the time to call and thank me I'm sent you two more now now remember I'm catching and I'm a spiritual sciences okay why is this why is there two in there God has it caught my attention wiser – in there so a few like a month later I went to teach somewhere in the morning the guy comes up and gives me a gun now I'm looking for the second one not because I want more guns because I'm just gods up to something that same Sunday night I went to a different church and a guy walks up and hands me another gun I went home with two guys I said wait a minute now this is all right Lord I'm seeing this it's something happening here when I was writing my book I have a chapter in this book on the Sabbath rest where I'm telling the story the shotguns I am writing the chapter on the shot I'm writing I am typing the chapter on the shotguns and my secretary knocks on my door and says pastor there's a box here for you I open it up and there are two shotguns in there all these expensive shotguns $5,000 $4,000 shotguns beautiful shotguns you know that probably wouldn't buy myself you know and I don't need I mean I don't need all of these guns so this January we did our financial revolution conference in Atlanta we do it once a year usually I'm teaching the Sabbath rest and I'm teaching this session where I'm talking about the shotguns this session and as I'm preparing to go down for the session my secretary calls from Ohio pastor two boxes showed up today at the office I said I'll look at him when I get there I get there I have to are the most beautiful shotguns this time Brenda had a box and she had a matching shotgun in of one of the the most beautiful one she had a duplicate as if it's 20 gauge for her and instead of two shotguns she gets 15 $100 bills so she I get two shotguns she gets one shotgun and $1,500 she gets the double portion I have a double portion now I'm not I mean I'm not no something's going on I mean okay now I remember the double portion does not mean to of something it means but God's getting my attention by two of something so I mean the stories continue several years ago when I was we had a women's conference now during the night are not into cars we drive ten-year-old cars we don't care we're not into cars if it's clean and it drives I'm not some people are into cars I'm not into cars so we're driving a ten-year-old pilot Honda Pilot good call we're fine with that you know we'd rather spend our money doing something else we're fine the Honda Pilot but we rented the church rented an Escalade for this Women's Conference first time I ever drove in an Escalade I'll have to admit it was nicer than the pilot I told Ramos she says she's that kind of like this I said you know what I kind of like it too I said we we need to get one of these she said yeah what color do you want I said I like this pearl white one she's what size do you want the long one or you want this short one like the Tahoe you know the the short they've long and short I said I like this she's this short when it's really nimble I really like it and I said we'll get well get one of those that was probably a month later I'm going to pick my paper up outside my cell phone rings a guy said I pick it up I say hello he goes pastor I want to buy you a Cadillac Escalade so we didn't tell anyone that now I've given eight cars away so I'm either seed in the ground he said what color do you want no I said pearl white he says okay I'll get one a month goes by I didn't hear from him now he's looking for one like a year old or something you know didn't hear from him and yeah you can't call someone giving you a free gift hey where'd they get that you know where's the gift where's it at finally he calls and said I got it come get it so I go down there and there's this beautiful I mean beautiful pearl white Escalade mint condition short version he says man I'm really sorry I said what he goes I tried as hard as I could to find you a long version I just couldn't find one I said we didn't want the long one we want the short one so we put that that's right there yeah that's our and so that was amazing we drove that thing for about a year I guess half of your somewhere around a year and the the engine light came on so I told he said how's that how's that car running I said it's it's running good the engine light came on we hadn't checked out and I guess one of the sensors you know he said oh yeah then GMC gmc's do that sometimes if you have an old GMC the engine light comes on a sensor you know and you know I'm talking about some the older cars and so I told him you know it only has like 80,000 miles on it and so I told him about the sensor he goes you know why he says you just keep that when I'll buy you a second one he bought me a second pearl white identical Escalade I have two identical I don't know about you but I bet that this time I'm going wait a minute God you are trying to teach me something about the dust double portion stuff it's like we didn't buy people go you can get mad at me but I didn't buy any stuff and I'll tell you why he did this in a minute well you won't you won't hear more of it alright oh my hope I'm comfy inspire you here I got a few minutes left I guess Dorinda my wife has always loved the ocean and we rent condos at the ocean sheep I mean she I have been on corporate trips because we have businesses as well as pastoring we've been on corporate trips and she'll be walking along the ocean and she'll just jump in fully clothed I mean she loves the ocean I mean loves the ocean and she always wanted to own a house near the ocean so you know over the years we've looked but you know we rented condos and lots of times our money was tight at the ministry things was you know we just didn't take the time to do it but anyway this year two years ago or so whenever this took place I'm jogging downstairs in my basement on the treadmill and the Holy Spirit says send Renda to Florida tomorrow and tell her to buy her house this week okay tailed Rendon calls her friend on the floor today I'm supposed to come down there find my house this week though she already knew the town she liked she went down there and of course you look you'll find one right she found the house she loved so I I went down to see it and we ended up putting it contract it's a beautiful house and we're sitting in Ohio now and she screams out loud wait a minute that's my house I said of course it's your house the Lord told me where to buy your house no you don't understand she's that's my house I said I know it's your house sweetie I know we're it's in contract it's your house no you don't understand she said two years ago when I was looking on real estate magazines in that city I saw this house and at the time our money was tied up and I knew he couldn't really pay for it right then but I put my finger on it and said Lord I want that house now I knew that in Florida things were selling fast it wouldn't sit there for two years I thought sure I went back and researched when we got the house and when she said that's my house and pointed the picture it was on the market but the guy took it off the market right after that took it off the market and had just put it back on thus the Holy Spirit saying now send her down there this week to get her house now we've sony seen for that of course I'd like to see the Holy Spirit do stuff as a spiritual scientists you need to be asking questions how'd that happen at the same time during this parents alone the house in Nova Scotia for a number of years and they're getting older and they didn't want it it sits on the ocean they said well you know we're gonna sell it we'll give it to the discount will you buy it from us we said sure we'll buy it we've been there before so we closed on both of them the same month and I saw it there one day I waited wait a minute renew we have two ocean houses Brenda that's that's what that's that's the double portion I said dream do you have a summer ocean house Nova Scotia is cool in the summer and you have a winter ocean house I said Renda you have the double portion it's like you go WOW after we got back we did that I'm just telling us stuff I have people leave my church because I tell them this stuff they get upset about it they do people yeah I'm selling it John's how it is anyway so then Genda has never you women guns probably don't do anything for you but Louis Vuitton purses you probably know it they are probably drain has never bought one but her birthday came this past February and she got she didn't say she got two of them the same day why she got two I wonder why the Louboutin okay let me tell what God taught me cuz I asked him I said God now you know I don't need all these dozens of gorgeous shotguns I don't need I don't what me I don't need I don't need to oceanfront I don't need she doesn't need to lose baton persons I don't need to Cadillac Escalades that are identical I don't need them we took one not Florida there I don't think the same vehicle same cool you know God told me he said I had these guys send those shotguns to you not cheap Walmart brand shotguns but the most expensive beautiful shotguns because I'm trying to teach you my kingdom is not broke I'm trying to help you understand that you're thinking way too small I've got more though I've got more I've got more see I've got my kingdom is so full of of prosperity that you've got it you've got to see it different that's why I sent those shotguns that's why I sent the Louis Vuitton because we'd recognize it wait a minute that's we recognize that's that's you know have some value to it we didn't pay for any and stuff not one penny he said I sent that stuff to you to help you understand the double portion the double portion is more than enough the double portion is more than enough stop saying you don't need I don't do anything by need he said you got the whole kingdom giving it out been given unto you good measure pressed down shaken together and running over that's the double portion silently it's not a hit not on that time I have to wrap this up it's in my book though he said I never operate in need ever never I never operate the need level I always operate at the double portion level he said that people don't recognize don't look for it you know those deer he said you got you got back up in that tree because you expected the double portion and it came he said my people don't understand the double portion they're not expecting it they don't even know to look for it because it's hidden and we wrap it up in the story in the book of Mark remember they fed the multitude and they had twelve baskets leftover that's the double portion that was more than they started with double portion God and what happened in John chapter 6 in John's version Jesus had to tell them to pick the fragments up they ate till they were satisfied and Jesus said hey let nothing be wasted he said why do you say that let nothing be wasted let nothing be wasted pick up the fragments twelve baskets left over it's vengeance let nothing be wasted how long never exit how long were you refused today you know I've given you the double port you gods upset about that Jesus said make sure you pick the fragments up all right they didn't see the fragments they didn't see cuz they're satisfied the earth cursed systems trained you to wait for fry your whole people want a million dollars to stop not go in the earth cursed system slavery and survival thinking has talked to you if I can just get enough money to stop she satisfied people stop it take naps they were satisfied satisfied people can miss things Christiane's Amos satisfied and that's their goal you're tired of being a slave they want to just have enough to stop Friday night retirement education let's stop all right but you get your life or your you hate Friday nights and you love Monday mornings you're going to go someplace and so God was teaching us the double portion so in this particular case they didn't see it God Jesus had to tell them that's called revelation he had to tell Peter James and John the fish are over there in the deep water see revelation means revealed the church has the word of knowledge the Holy Spirit in you but it's hidden see the double portion is hidden from the enemy it's hidden from you for you I say because the enemy would intercept it but God wants that double portion he needs that he needs he's counting on that double portion to propel his assignment in the earth realm thus it's hidden from the enemy and it comes by revelation but if you don't know to look for it or ask for it you miss it and God was he was teaching me he says this thing different me he got all these I mean I'm showing you there's there's there's endless well there's endless prosperity my kingdom why are you living like I need or I don't need that double portion is more than enough the Sabbath rest we read as I close the Sabbath rest there now remains a Sabbath rest for you nothing above the earth curse system all three the picture showed that no debt death not part than that be part of your life you're supposed to be prosperous extremely prosperous here to be a light of difference to this dark world of suffering and poverty you're to look different you said how do I do that I had a dream when I was broke God gave me a dream to start my company in a dream that company still in existence today making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and has done so for 30 under a long time I didn't know how to do that God gave him to me in a dream did the Holy Spirit in you has all the answers you need he's called your counselor but if you live as the mentality of being satisfied and you don't understand the double portion that God really wants you to have you'll just stop taking them you just you won't you'll miss it you're just missed you ain't see it it was missing and God was like cos he better get this as he wants it it's part of the vengeance against the kingdom of darkness that you prosper amen stand our feet tonight it's good stuff man I think it's good stuff God wants you to get this I had an angel the only angel I've ever had in my life that actually in my bedroom spoke to me this past year is going learning this and said you have a mission so I said you have a mission and I felt compelled the entire year to make sure that people his God's people need to understand this stanzas that there's a Sabbath rest what is the Sabbath rest how do I tap into the sender what does it look like you know how the kingdom operates the there's work to be done friend there's work past paying your bills there's your pastor has a vision you're your pastors excuse may have a vision for this city and probably past the city you know it takes money you have a vision you got the house vision but you all have a vision and assignment outside the house it takes money God wants you to have it he's like hey don't want that be wasted get all of it revelation by our heads me today if by chance I know you guys got a great Church here but if you're visiting this church and you don't know the Lord Jesus Christ let me say that's the first step finding out life's about finding out who you are why you're here and what you're to accomplish and the Bible says it's so simple to become part of its kingdom and part of this household acts of second chapter says whoever calls on the name of Jesus has the legal right now if I told you you have to call the name of Jesus to make it legal so God can bring his spirit into your life if you're here by chance we're gonna all pray out loud together all the same time but if you're here and you say I've never done that I've never called on the name of Jesus it's not hard it just you have to know if you need God if you're here today and you'd say you know what I need God I need I need to find out I mean Gary the stories you're telling me that's it I thought that stuff passed away it didn't pass away if you need to know the Lord tonight and you'd say yes just put your hand up right now quickly and put it right back down anyone here would say I don't know the Lord I just need to make that decision tonight anyone here at all put your hand out well on a Friday night I don't expect many people would expect your church people my prayer for you tonight is that we have brought you a picture of something that you need to meditate on you didn't change how you think so I'll pray for you right now father in the name of Jesus your kingdom your people our different people though they walk in the earth or home is in heaven their inheritance in their life flows from Heather and father they're here to take territory they're here to demonstrate your dominion your power your glory your goodness so thought there I pray over everyone here we choose to cast off based thinking that we've been Lord renew our minds we renew our minds with your word the pictures of your word father we choose to realize we've got to change how we think because we have an assignment and it takes wealth takes finances to accomplish that and you've already provided all of them already provided all of it that we would receive those instructions by revelation so father I thank you today this church accomplishes what it is designed to accomplish it touches this city to a degree where people have to acknowledge it that they're astonished by what happens here that the Spirit of God is known to be here but besides just the this church service father in the community these people they shine like a light they're the number one in their field they're the first one to work they're the most diligent the most happy they're accomplishing things they're sought-after they're prosperous they bring joy and benefits any place they work their businesses flourish where people say how in the world are you doing that I believe that in the name of Jesus father I pray for them and thank you tonight for that every one that says that's me say amen

18 thoughts on “Financial Prosperity Conference 2018 | Gary Keesee

  1. It's so shocking how many people are cautious and even judgmental about this teaching. That's why many are not blessed. This guy continues to be blessed no matter how many people say he's false. Our task should be to tap into our own blessings instead of being critical of others who are blessed. I believe the Word of God is so dynamic and God reveals it to individuals differently as He pleases. In short I love this teaching and will surely put it into practice.

  2. Jesus made a whip and drove out of the Temple all of those who were making merchandise of God’s Holy Word. That’s how you know that this man is NOT of God. If he truly had the spirit of Christ dwelling in him , he could not continue to say these things. The Holy Spirit would testify against it and he would have ceased.

  3. lol ..I never knew the bible had a book called Finacial Prosperity and had a conference on it…let me guess…Pay your tithes, give a bit extra,, DONT live in sin and Santa claus Jesus will bless you…..I think that’s about it… only in America Guns n hunting co r into the conversation lol.. pay your tithes, Santa 🎅 is watching.

  4. This man loves the Lord and has sought Him for years. He has reached a place of financial security by applying the laws of the Bible to his everyday living: walking in holiness, praying God's will, believing, walking in faith. He has given away 8 cars and 100s of 1,000s of dollars. He uses the money for God's purposes–paid for the pastors' trips to Albania and his own flights as well–then left the offering with the Albanians because they needed it.
    If you listen carefully and take notes, you will understand how to walk in "more than enough." If not, listen to more of his teachings on You-Tube and purchase his books.

  5. WOAH… absolutely amazing information from the Holy Spirit, now it FEELS SOOO GOOD to work for The Kingdom of Heaven, woah… jaw dropping revelations from Pastor Gary, regards from Argentina via Canada.

  6. This is a sick and twisted money making scheme by a man who misquotes and misinterprets nearly every scripture he uses out of context. He just wants you to buy his book so he can get wealthy off of people who are gullible. That’s why he never actually tells you anything useful in his talks. Because it’s all lies. He’s hoping you don’t know or understand Scriptures. And he is assuming that you’re greedy for more than you need. Just like he is. Don’t fall for his get -rich-quick scheme. It’s not Biblical or Christ-like. Jesus preached a completely different Gospel. It’s not a sin to be wealthy, but it has its own very scary warnings if you read what Jesus and all the Apostles said about wealth. There are true Biblical principles regarding money. Read the Bible. But, if all you are seeking is prosperity in material gain, then you are not a Christ follower. Jesus never did that. May God, by His Holy Spirit, reveal the truth to your hearts and minds.

  7. It sound like you bragging instead of testifying cuz I don't care about you being a deer hunter that's fine but you just keep bragging and bragging about catching a deer

  8. Non believers make money and everyone asks how they did it.. Christians make money and everyone calls them crooks. Go figure. Satan loves Christian's to stay broke cause then we can't help spread the gospel, feed hungry, help widows. Etc.,

  9. What does 4th commandments keep sabbath day holy means , during time of moses ,
    is that all sr ? unless u have more than enough , there's no sabbath day ?

  10. watch at this point 0:20, and several times after… this man he is a Freemason, he reps his master when he strategically throws up his hand signal..this …it not Jesus, Matthew 6:24 we cannot serve to masters 2corithians 7:14…..children of God be careful.

  11. Please would you tell us how you started those businesses while you were in debts? Can you say it step by step please? .
    You r only saying you were chocked with debts and even went bankrupt and then due to starting businesses, u r suddenly out of debts and living in abundance. Take us through how you begun the businesses.How??

  12. I heard Marion G 'Pat' Robertson tells those lies four decades ago. Kenneth Copeland is a false teacher just as you are. Mike Murdock and Todd Coontz tell the same lies

  13. Please pray for our finances. My husband and I makes very good money but we can’t agree on how to budget and save. It’s tearing us apart. We have been blessed with so much but we have no control of our money.

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