32 thoughts on “Financial Management (Topic: Capital Budgeting) by CA Raj K Agrawal

  1. Hi sir I have a doubt at 40min in the video as we r giving capital of 80k for three years so we need to take interest on 80 k in 2nd and 3rd years also y r u taking int on 48000 in 2nd yr and 17800 in 3rd year we should take pv of 8800 + 48000 on 2nd etc will u explain it you can mail me sir

  2. tumhara lecture bohot acha laga ….. mera hindi itns aja nahi hai to please eng subtile kariye next time thank u.

  3. Thanks a lot sir… Please upload other chapter's videos of fm cs professional… Thanks for giving it free

  4. brilliant and excellent videos can u provide management videos olso as u provide only ca cs cma videos only

  5. sir please ch. fincial manegment ka numerical part shamaj nhi aa rha please use per vedio baneya please sirโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บ

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