Financial Management Introduction Part-1 (In Hindi)

Financial Management Introduction Part-1 (In Hindi)

Hey hello everyone and welcome back to my channel earning to learn or hunkering your financial management a first part this is full-fledged financial management in short yeh videos pretty tell me whom gay or I said my practical HSN a some recipe so many people is some jar and then I'm trying to explain practical subjects which is of it been difficult for me so that philosophers Mary could be over please moshe but i Giga so that I can improve myself fine you be notes a SK PDF / RK miss can Kirk a protocol to me so you get that aku bus you can I have qu Nietzsche description box my channel or pulling the leg of Google Drive Kiwanis app could have load corner thank so let's start with today's topic many index nearly Catholic because both side of external back here so I was thinking index last may Allah cool so let's start with introduction to financial management and exam aku a financial management occur partner so you need three basic things you need your time you need your calculator because it's my own practical subjects cutting it and I request you guys came Oh Balthazar loot and I use Kareem sapore but I calculate I use correct Yuki is sick and speed both chiotti you can do calculations in very easy steps and what is you Java or do Shabbat exactly of mobile phone a leakage a something – please mobile phone yeah that's not Ali it's Eric I calculate earlier this week AC ok but I got up local brand McCarthy so I guess it is 100 or 150 modular and that cover letter will help you lot in accounts as well as practical subjects so I would request you a historical a cockapoo Rajas Perugia or it will actually increase your calculation speed on calculator as well as it will reduce your speed while calculating things on the books in short a more hot time watch a girl got a calculator use corrugator or it's full fledge h a calculator use corrugate o.o scale lava you need your time so that you can view the videos and we are going to do practical questions as well too scary behalf of igniting copy Banali book monolith / FK this is is yours to keep impractical cutting it so up and just give you the questions my answer donkey named answer so hungry so answer I foolishly neighboring it so it's better job my video curve are you sad sad when the video can end me a pop or a calculation purpose could say Kirk a deco so was at the better alga now let's start with introduction to financial management subsequently financial management an introduction key and financial modules what I care he is come meaning every pitch my Menelik I'm fine so let's start with the first one here it was right financial management is a part of business management the financial management is responsible for the finance function of the organization okay financial management general management in business management tripod or financial management responsible to finance function finance function MATLAB boosts are a function to say finance car CI a– come in wearing a kippah now scoo utilized stirring it kitna yama share caring etc in short jitan IV financial activities a mister distribute kururugi who's come I get the finance function finance management is made up of two words you do words you're gonna extra finance or a do shy management finance imatinib money which is required to carry out business activities is called business finance joby money our business we used car to Otaki business smoothly chirper Mushka McConkey finance or management is an art of getting things done throughout those years I'm the both Barbara Management se College say up up Tanaka organization come to Susi Aram say nickel was something unless he financed what Allah Gallic meaning because of the management JB but a general meanings Nicolas to finance management don't know what though verse a milky manner in the word silky banner finance management okay finance is needed to establish business to run business to expand business and to diversify it finance surface if business start chemical is a rule in Utah but was a rodeo that business to expand connect early business call diversify car Nicollet or business coach Allen aka EAB to finance ignore you can see broad concept and Joe actual train the next definition of financial management financial management key definition so it's may I included four definitions which are very easy because exam I grab definition look ok it would create a good impact so financial management is concerned with the managerial decision that result in the acquisition and financing of short term and long term credits of the phone financial management is application of planning and control of finance function financial management is concerned with the efficient use of an important economic resource namely capital fund financial management comprises of forecasting planning organizing directing coordinating and controlling all activities related to acquisition and application of financial resources of an undertaking in keeping with the financial objectives HR o allah gallagher definitions they in chara definicils sagar mclubbe 7 gyeongmin subsequently financial management year definition macaque i.e financial management 8 managerial decision among the management for decision lethea for acquiring the finance of short-term and captain long-term credit of the phone in charge Mooji short term or long term midget Knapp Shi yi loca alone yeh financial management ya pal a definition about timing second definition financial management is application and control of finance function in short finance function apply corners Co control kendama club kidnap SAR i kidnap passage RI katana lonelier everything related to finance function Musco plan cannot control car nahi financial management third is Gemara economic resource a capital which goes up the best use Kasich are no financial management EMA third definition number that or last substitute detail definitional one definition yeh CATIA financial management for include car tire planning coordinating directing yes sorry activities conclude curtain tacky financial resources both a cheesy use open or financial objective achieve open financial objective am original objectives say allahu wa financial objective Muslim organization K finance related objective K mu J finance keep Solana Easter I use cannot order profits maripaz animals it is the red distributor me fine so this was financial management when the company perlier financial management a definition as well as whose car meaning of next cutting it is key characteristics which are very easy so let's go with the characteristics yeah the key characteristic of nature we've all their features revolt talking examine put your features of financial management yeah nature of financial management yeah characteristics of financial management t no cheesy aching other feature put you Toby appear some links up there fine so let's start with that and indispensable organ of the business means opposed to separate Nate or sub they escape in a business shall he make such bias concise a business's jumeirah capital kitchen by vena finance catalpa you need money to get your raw material you need money to get finished goods you sorry or to get your assets so that the assets can convert the raw material into finished goods butts up aku Rama Delana clip as such a raw material go finish goods may convert karna college' acid to UT was Italy we have capacity so in short EA in separate able function and just cops up written in cursive a second get continuous processes yes SME a captive arrangements when ad Scalia topologically a sonic x alkaloid dushashana he guru to manically the Chipman in the Inca rogue it's not like that what continuous cut up everyday cartel every our car the organization may every year car – fine let's descriptive more analytical yes it's my details are than any okay but mathematics here you can say calculations analyzes at the hotel just my practical portion of course other means that yeah number while a portions are them with that next different from accounting function yes accounting or finance abajo difference I got my up with basic difference but above accounting or finance may accounts historic record school record crept in short accounts may have cover be any switch okay care ugly saldo lucky sell to Jackie entry a bigger they do up Nagar sub paid accounts upon his tricky bases paper there but financial future k basis pursuits then I got my lonely due to my a so cheeky legend I can make me a profit to cuddle me right or me accounts will uncle sip or self recorder to account you know coach plan Nagar t but financial plan cartoon accounts room an Adobe ID stuck here but it may be financed bypass aya they do talk Eric I do so many assets cuddly who Scott Halle it record Bernard Kerik – who's calm cat accounting just made such a felon but I kept a journal journals affilaite just majority alleges posting for trial balance McCauley trial P&L or balance sheet Minami but cata mucho hurts admin economy but finance may asana you finance me a lot alike Chism we also talk about the profit Oh jack too much I decide cannot predict it man if I didn't do what a colossal jet to mooch Nepal AQA North Hennepin eager companies ironically in short financial my friends at the risky financial management future-oriented whereas accounts with skinny smoke or skinny and at the same time accounts posture related you do basic differences him Frank it's khalaby what's our differences but when a short myopic about that fifth one centralized nature of finance function finance function X centralized nature guy in short agar finance function top part i your finance management car Abuja have analytical to pure organization car Abuja in short agar suppose Mary pass opportunity volatile market Mesa blog demand Careca veikko product Jeff Karachi but my purse finance in a raw material clinically where was financed in a labor capacity neatly the memo product nahi produced curseth thee or askew is just a mirror which are a human resource will be her up Jaya production on Abu Bakr of jaga sales Allah who bigger object in short eyx centralized function disco mucho mejor a chisel manage can write scoop it has a very wide scope is no bahasa reach exactly it's my investment decision at the financial decisions are their future related all activities job Carnival related to finance was sub Arthur next helps in decision-making of top layer management yes you Joe be a financial management came basic decisions okay your top leg management see related out there but CEO CFO chief financial officer chief executive officer managing director Joel manager is a blog milker or decisions later Board of Directors key finance katachi aka a so yes a decision stop vanish or financial help Kurt Angle proper decision enemy it measurement of performance yes same as you construct a camera performance yes I know suppose methods are lonely or sulk and memory no does that loan to chick ID or profit become an insured mera performance both a child so this I can measure with the help of financial management next coordination with other departments a financial management will boards already kevo a leather-like departments the South coordinate care but let's make it go kiss make it now finance generally say human just make it the finance and I take it yeah you can say production make it the finance Janet a sales make it a finance energy marketing me to own kiss at pure coordination Kirk a decision Lynn important financial management cool next financial planning control and follow up maybe financial management karna Cherokee custom carrying a financial planning can make it enough and she who control currently or follow a playing what's up feedback Ling it applicable to all types of population here heart type the organization applicable all that even ignore profit organization be benefi and skin HLT but Lego prospect nahi Kumari no yeah profit car market Barton a co-op Naposki Dhokla the office Joby but this could be financially then and last it is a part of journal management yeah in journey management Parker inside you key management k2 functions up they can use key functional areas job taking over charge basic functional areas that is finance human resource production and marketing you just messy aka finance so a journal management correct party and in the next video her referring a profit maximization and K a lava difference between profit maximization and wealth maximization of Scott details so I hope up way video so much I owe and second thing I am requesting you guys making notes can Kirk a buscar link nature description box and I'll do the please approach the comments my barber math to shake him up notes candles can grab surface of description box cooling equipment Sega because say one should reply Connie more time like that and it's it actually wastes my time and your time G TiVo come up could be curse after a bad description kupah Kalima leggy girl in my own ability to contact each image a request you guys k a grab me rhetoric I'm easy carding I would be really happy I'm really happy with that so that's it for today I guess it's not coffee here because there I went to chicken and ham they put about to Karelia meaning curly high-definition Kalia characteristics Karina here Stella if you have any doubt you can always always contact me and you can follow me on Facebook Twitter Instagram and Academy as well and telegram group we have joined percept there whose sorry Joe links a man in each a description box with the idea and a Joe a financial management video song in my heart Tuesday upload car me so this is the first video is the next video up a next Tuesday the exact thing so I'll upload till 10 a.m. in the morning made us vegeta of local to me so that app super super Papa who basic idea Mel's and then you can read everything so take good care of yourselves and study very very hard take care bye bye

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  1. Can you recommend me a good book for understanding the basics of finance. Which will help me to understand finance from the beginning. Thank you!

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