26 thoughts on “Financial Independence (Early Retirement) – Paul Stephan

  1. u lost me at iphone… any body who buys apple products is all about the status that that half-bitten apple supposedly gives

  2. Great video, covers all the basics incredibly concisely. Other than freedom, Money is also a tool for internal development in both creativity and competency. Doubly so if you're building intergenerational wealth.

  3. I wish I had come across this back in 2015. Better late than never though. I just found Dave Ramsey early 2018. Great stuff!

  4. It's tough to make a moral stand for freedom when you're worried about making your next mortgage payment. THANK YOU for putting this presentation together!

  5. Banks/Credit Unions need you to be stupid about your money with 'compound interest'.
    Wealthy people know 'compound growth' builds wealth.

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  7. Hi Paul , you were right about Tesla and Home Depot! Thanks for your video. Any share tips for me 🙂

  8. I wouldn't just write off gold as a useless asset. It needs to be seen in context, especially against stocks. E.g., do a heatmap comparison in portfoliocharts.com and you'll see how it almost perfectly mirrors the huge drawdowns you'll experience holding equities. Not everyone can tolerate losing 50% of their wealth overnight, irrespective of any later recovery, and that's assuming you're brave enough not to sell. The 4% SWR is also optimistic at current valuations.

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