23 thoughts on “Financial Expert Jeanne Kelly Solves Credit Issues For Breakfast Club Listeners

  1. This interview inspires me to become a financial advisor. I have credit issues and its driving me crazy so i want to go to business school and learn finance so i can help myself and more importantly help millions of people who are going through the same financial hardship that i'm going through.

  2. Y’all are suckers using credit cards credit card means “ I don’t know how to manage my money so I need a company to give me a emergency fund”

  3. So once I get "Good" credit, should I cancel my secured credit card and just have a regular credit card?

  4. No offense to Jeanne Kelly, but you should actually see a licensed financial advisor or accountant. She is neither of those things. She has the same credentials as your barber in the subject matter of finance. Professional help is fairly cheap and readily available. You don't have to be rich or wealthy to seek their help. The Kelly Group Credit Consulting Inc, Jeanne Kelly's claimed business, is not registered or licensed.

  5. This is the worst advice ever…..who needs credit when you are debt free and use cash only?! Dave Ramsey will help you….this lady is a fraud

  6. Glad these people are getting help with their credit– despite Linnard trying to block the blessings!! Jerk!

  7. CTG is an African American 😂😂😂 he said, " Breakfast club aint paying for nothing, or 2/3 paying" LMAO

  8. We should learn more of this in highschool, however there is a lot of false blame being placed o the consumer rather than the predatory lenders and unfair rules.
    Poor people do not have the luxury of worrying about credit scores

  9. the reason most black people have bad credit score is because they are bad spenders. most would rather spend on cars, cloths, jewelry, etc rather then investing. Dr Umar Johnson spoke about this in his video about why banks dont give black people loans.

  10. No hate to this lady…but youtube can teach you everything you need to do to fix your credit, or boost your credit to get that 750+. And for minimal money. All you need to do is learn the steps, apply the steps, and be consistent…remember credit is a long game, so don't expect a perfect score over night.

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