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  1. I like your relaxed presenting style. Whether it's in the car or in front of the whiteboard.
    Don't keep you laptop in the car in Cleveland.

  2. Financial literacy was mandatory for graduation in my high school.
    Taught by the golf coach / PE teacher / driver ed instructor.

  3. I'm glad I took engineering economics while working on my degree. Although it doesn't help with personal finance decisions, it helps me organize the numbers correctly. lmao. Great video by the way.

  4. I do love these smaller topic videos you make while driving, and it's also an efficient use of your driving time; however, I would recommend doing them when driving to longer destinations, like 15+ minutes. That's just my opinion though. Keep doing what you do!

  5. Do a video explaining why everyone under the age of 62 should take their social security as early as possible. People who wait until they're 70 to collect must live to 81 just to break even.

  6. I feel that people would be in a much better financial situation if they stopped putting their wants in front of their needs. I work with a bunch of people that have bills up to theirs throats but go on very expensive trips every year and are just not smart with their money.

  7. Not catholic, but i went to Catholic schools that taught finances in grade school and high school. Private schools have tremendous education.

  8. Retirement should be like sitting in an easy chair. That easy chair has 4 legs. 1. Property 2. 401k 3. IRA 4 Social Security
    Number 4 & number 1 should come close to cancelling each other out meaning your SS should pay your property & income taxes so rule 1 don’t rely on SS. Your 401k should pay your bills & your IRA is your fun fund to go to casino Hawaii Puerto Rico wherever you want to go to enjoy your life instead of rationing food in a nursing home. & btw if companies wanted employees they’d be smart to invest in schools to dictate what’s being taught. They’re not teaching you because they want a socialist cradle to the grave citizenry & those who can do for ourselves ruin it for them so they tax us & take as much as they can-I live in NJ & I might retire here. I don’t like the way they run the state but I love the state, the diversity of the people but the liberalism is sinking it

  9. I’m reading Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell at 45 years old. This should have been taught in HS. He is a brilliant thinker! Not going to get political about why they don’t educate us but you know who you push the button for so try pushing a different button to give your kids a better life than you had-that’s what America is all about

  10. Also, on the social security debate, I am lucky in that I'm a dual citizen, and the Canadian pension plan is on more solid footing than SS is. Ironically, the income and payroll taxes in Ontario are lower than any US state I ever lived in (consumption taxes are higher in Canada, with a national sales tax). But the US is going to have to make more solid financial choices as a country, not in terms of balancing every budget (a national budget is not the same thing as a personal budget, it likely won't be in balance if fractional reserve banking is going to continue to be the financial system, which I am assuming it will be), but citizens are going to have to accept that taxes might have to go up to pay for services, without totally losing their shit. Social Security isn't on bad footing, its mostly a myth. What may happen is that the FICA tax in the US for SS might need to rise by a half cent or more on the dollar, and the exemption on incomes above a certain amount may have to be loosened (or gotten rid of), or they may have to start taxing investment income as FICA taxable. They can also put the SS fund in a lockbox so that the fund isn't raided for non-SS payouts. All of these reforms would make SS as sound as a granite countertop. The point is, Social Security won't ever be bankrupt unless leaders and voters allow it to happen. A program doesn't magically work from the 1930's until today and magically go bankrupt, it comes from mismanagement and ignorant people not knowing who to support to make the balance sheets work. But even still, social security should be a basic supplement, not your total income. It has to be a part of the puzzle. Luckily here in Canada, CPP is on solid footing and benefits look solid even into my retirement. There's no reason why the US can't do the same. It comes from making choices, and if it means a half cent increase in tax, so be it. That's the price of a modern society. If the US wants to look more like Brazil where income disparity is larger and the rich have to use helicopters to get to work to avoid the gunshots in the street, it can continue to make that choice as well. There are choices… People have to learn from mistakes and move forward. And I'm not trying to say this with bias: whether its the conservative politician that cuts taxes and there isn't enough money coming into the treasury and the deficit increases, or its a left leaning politician that just can't find enough programs to spend on and can't balance either, it doesn't matter. Sound financial footing is a choice. Spending more wisely is a choice. People have to make those choices no matter the background or belief.

  11. I wouldn't "blame" the education system so much, that same system creates doctors and lawyers and… finance experts like yourself. There are all kinds of educational paths for people to take, but I think it would be beneficial for personal finance to be taught in schools and be of equal importance to other subjects.

  12. Albeit, learning about finances is such an advantageous thing to do, but at the same time it is overwhelming not knowing where to start. In a society where monetary value has been bashed into our heads since the beginning when we were kids to growing up, and the fact that public education is lacking in teaching finance classes, it is such a cruel game for someone like me who needs more knowledge about this especially coming from an immigrant family. Not knowing the first steps or where to begin is hard. It is basic instinct human survival for us because our society (corporate America) operates like a clockwork where money generates everything. Money is our foundation for our livelihoods. I am glad I came across your video. I will definitely keep up with the research!

  13. One of the reasons they don't teach finance in school even though it's in the curriculum is that we live in a consumer economy. If people really understood finance then banks would not make money with charging interest. Also I read somewhere that the government doesn't want people to go to college or University, they want people working and opening business, I guess they collect more taxes that way.

  14. Someone must do something about school principals, they don't let teachers teach and if you look at them crooked you'll be fired

  15. As a teacher we are supposed to teach finincial education since first grade, but nobody does because we only teach to the state test. If a principal sees a teacher teaching the curriculum that teacher will be fired.

  16. Marko, if you had to name the top three most informative books you personally have read, what would they be?

  17. The secret to being rich is live beneath your means. If u get a raise, don't splurge. Cut out none essentials like eating out and amusement parks and before u know it u will be rich

  18. Avoid wasting money on depreciating assets.

    Flat screen TVs
    Brand new cars
    High priced electronics
    Cash. Yes cash is a depreciating asset.

    Convert depreciating assets for appreciating assets. Gold, real estate, maybe even bitcoin.

  19. It's by design. Purpose of public education is to create workers. And consumers.

    So you can work for shareholders, and buy their goods.

  20. This is off topic but I’m curious what you think of AT&T stock for generating wealth through their dividends?l long term.

  21. I’m sorry but I will not watch these while driving videos. I give my full time, attention and commitment to your content and your content should be created in the same manner. I didn’t subscribe for your channel to watch casual videos.

  22. Schools should DEFINITELY implement finance information into the system. Honestly, there should be a class where the homework is to watch YouTube videos related to finance. I think students would actually like that instead of dreading it! Just my opinion…

  23. Cruising to Costco !! Love that place!! Especially the free food samples…ha!!! Anyway, it's sad we were never taught about investing for our future during our years in public school. I just got done watching some of your other video's…..very informative !!

  24. Good topic Marko… I think the lack of financial basics education in our public school system is a huge miss. With that said, I think people need to take it upon themselves to learn as well. Much like there's Social Security for retirement, that's likely not sufficient and more is needed. Same with education!

    I primarily had examples of what not to do financially growing up. I didn't know it at the time however, I just thought what I saw and heard was normal. Unfortunately, it probably was 'normal' but it wasn't 'RIGHT'. Luckily, I realized this in my 20's and decided to learn on my own and go in a different direction. Can't imagine where'd I'd be today if I hadn't done that.  

    I think it's terrific you and some of the others you mentioned have taken it upon yourselves to teach your methods to the masses through YouTube. I applaud you for it and hope to finally join the channel owner community one day. Cheers man…

  25. I feel like every YouTuber is making a video in their car. Haha. It's like a YouTube fad. 🙂 It's fine it you have general thoughts on something but I like viewing screens or boards when talking details.

  26. That was my question !! 🙂 I'm so happy we got a whole video that's so cool and yeah when I'm having kids I'm making sure they know about financials and stocks at a young age

  27. Well said! I’m curious, what is it you do 9 to 5? I always try to work at jobs that enrich my financial knowledge. Still deciding tho whether to work the most hours or a day less to spend on personal development or a hustle. What would you do?

  28. LOL! Nor did my parents teach me – typical of most baby boomers! To begin PLEASE listen to him peeps – what he say s is true, correct and spot-on! I only wish I knew what I know now when I was 25. I got a late start, and things like YouTube, Google, etc., did not exist when I got cranking but also did not exist when I was 18-25 years old, or Marko's age. All of that 'stuff" is recent. Marko has heard me say more than twice, I can NEVER make up for what I lost in compounded interest over time, despite large volumes. The other channels he mentioned are great and I have talked with Ryan Scribner about 'stuff." I love Jeremy (most of the time) but disagree with him on one thing: As Jeremy doesn't necessarily believe that you need a college education (and I agree with YouTube, this Channel, and others, that you can educate yourself to amazing financial ways). BUT, because I went to College, and Post-Graduate education, I have an amazing discretionary income to invest. Without it I would not have the volumes. If I was smart and had I starred early, I would have that much more! I have also used the Channels to further things I thought I knew , but was weak in. Keep up the good work Marko! btw – doesn't matter if you are in the car or at home.

  29. I graduated out of college, but most of the things that I use in my profession is the knowledge that I gain from videos like this one, online courses, books, and so on.

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