Financial advisors: Hidden camera investigation (CBC Marketplace)

Financial advisors: Hidden camera investigation (CBC Marketplace)

22 thoughts on “Financial advisors: Hidden camera investigation (CBC Marketplace)

  1. The fee's are based on…Ummm uhhh…., well see, ahemm…'s hot in here! Learn to manage your own money!

  2. Well. I have about five million Bedbugs and twenty million cockroaches. How much that would brings me. I am a big spender. So I deserve to living in an opulent environment.

  3. If she actually invested 50000 in Feb 28th 2014, she should have around 90000 by now.. So they are not lying, dare to dream.

  4. Combined like 200 years of journalistic experience, but no one thinks to put a piece of black tape on lights for your sting op lol

  5. You should NOT be in debt the rest of your life. Save money for big purchases. Live within a budget and if you buy a home pay extra on the principle every chance you get.

  6. Im sorry for Corey and I know he’s in a tough spot. An advisor would have to be crazy to advise a client to take a 2nd mortgage in order to invest in high risk investments. Theres a part of me though that has to wonder if Corey isnt at some degree responsible for his decisions. Even if the advisor didnt properly disclose the consequences, Corey was still the guarantor on the loan and he must have realized that.

  7. Stay away from Mass Mutual. I invested my 401 K plus my retirement to them. If you want to buy a life insurance that you can cash in when you turn 100 then they are for you. 100+ thousands pretty much down the tube. I will survive but not at all what I was told when I truste Mass Mutual and invested with them.

  8. Most financial advisers are simply salesmen. They make money selling financial products, paid by companies that make and administer them. If you ask someone how they make their money, and they start with "uhm, ahm, well, ahh", you know whatever comes out next is total nonsense. They know exactly how they get paid for selling you what they're selling you, they just don't want to tell you in plain English.

  9. Unfuckingbelieveable. Getting rid of debt is ALWAYS my number 1 priority for clients. It was my number 1 priority and I was mortgage free by age 26, so why would I not do the same for my clients? Debt is a hole in your pocket. Freedom from debt is freedom from worry. When you're debt-free the boss doesn't have you over a barrel. Pay down debt and get a good adviser. If you're in the UK we're at

  10. Any institution or corporation involved in investment is affiliated or invented by the inbred rothchild virus and its elite parasitical friends , that , through their invention of the perpetual collection of the welfare central banking system will and is using the only true wealth that can only be generated through labor. Only the generation of labor can be used to give precious metals the exchange needed to represent or acknowledge any transaction in reference of exchange.and allow for each human GOD created ,to evolved outside the inbred rothchild virus welfare central bank system .As far as I am concerned, anyone that pays any taxes collected by the revenue collection of a central banking system ,has chosen to live a life without GOD and is selling their children for a life in hell. .

  11. That guy saying he lost his house cause of a financial advisor. Dude have common sense ,take out loans and use it to invest?!?! Like investing doesnt bring money quick and loans tax will get higher💰 quickl

  12. Financial advisors work on commissions, they are sales people!

    They don't care about making money for you.

  13. Neither a borrower or a lender be.
    Get out of debt as quickly as possible.
    Never hand your money over to anyone without knowing exactly what all the details are.
    Always triple check any proposals for investment. Read the fine print.
    Take your time.
    Sleep on all Big decisions before investing.
    Keep an eye on your investments everyday.
    You worked hard for your money.
    Keep eyes on your money or it will vanish.

  14. At 11:47 minutes: Why doesn't the news station dress her properly; at least, give her some shoes. Her footwear looks too sloppy. If she wants to be comfortable, give her some nice one-tone high-top sneakers and thick white ankle socks.

  15. is the best financial advisor so far. Most other "financial advisors" will simply scam you out of your money. If you have too much debt, seek some simple counseling and see if your car costs you more than 6 months of your income after tax. If your car is that expensive, switch to a "hoopty" very cheap car so you can avoid paying too much on vehicles and pay down your other loans.

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