FilterCopy | Tuition Classes For Indian Society | Ft Rani Mukerji

FilterCopy | Tuition Classes For Indian Society | Ft Rani Mukerji

40 thoughts on “FilterCopy | Tuition Classes For Indian Society | Ft Rani Mukerji

  1. "judgement"

    By your own logic, who the fuck you sluts ARE to judge the society and TUTOR them about your "CHARACTER" or "slutiness" to forcefully accept it to the society.

    Goes both ways. Not a one-way street, eg. the whore and symbol of "elderly disrespect" — shivani gupta.
    Who you bitches are to judge the society then ? Everyone is fine in their position.

  2. i think a number of peoples here need this….loved it.. 1000 admission forms plz.. a number of people need it out here…

  3. These norms have settled in our minds since we were kids.. it's a part of us, even the younger generation. No matter what, once in a while we become victims of these stereotypes. I just hope the next generation doesn't even need such kind of videos.
    Great work, FilterCopy!

  4. Hey,,,,
    Filtercopy you are not just getting popular, earning money , but also winning hearts of people..
    Many girls like me suffer bcoz of these foolish and stupid judgements of society ..
    Ty so much filtercopy!
    I love u guys ❤️

  5. Forgetting ones culture and tradition and adopting the fallen western culture…is progressiveness,and modern india. ….hmmhmmhmm god… Now people would comment that o why be so critical….im school student and this much sense i have tooo…..ohhhhhh..

  6. Rani Mukherjee u r very much pretty, ur thoughts are ldeal as like you,u r the queen of Bollywood,luv u soo much

  7. Hamari Street ke mahilao ka Yahi hal he… Kisine ache kapde pehenliya to Haye ye ladki ka character thik nhi he…. Kisine Imandari se pesa kamaya toh wo Rice people hogaya Isliye Diwali holi pe Jyada pesa mango….. Summer season me Sun ke temp 45 kyu na ho Mgr ye auratey bahar beth Kat batey karenge ki kiski ladki Bhag gae.. Kis ladki ka chakar Chal raha he… Bla Bla Bla
    Mujhe toh rahna hi nhi he Es Street me… Please God help me

  8. Bhai bhai plzzzz PLZZZZ Mere neighbrs ko v leke jaao iss class me saaaare saaare paise mai dungi bhai tu usko leke jaa bs….
    ye phna h areee back lesss aree reee mo. pr baat kr rhi h ufffffffff….

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