6 thoughts on “Film show: The Lion King, 'the most ideologically coherent Hollywood defence of monarchy'

  1. Next week "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" – With it's exploitation of people of short stature and non-consensual sexual relations, why is this film still shown today?

  2. I think Lion King released this year has the aura of magnificence primarily because of the superiority of the animation. By the way, Anna looks lethal!

  3. It shouldn't be a surprise that this is in disagreement to her interpretation of the original Lion King.

    The Lion King is about lions being the king of the jungle, and a story of Simba's self discovery and becoming a man (lion). There's a reason people are devoted to original Lion King – It was the last true Disney lovey until Frozen.

    In 2019, why does everything have to have some underlying political subtext instead of just being something to enjoy watching to get away from the BS of everyday life?

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