Fedor Emelianenko talks Ukraine, fascism, Crimea (+ENG subs)

Fedor Emelianenko talks Ukraine, fascism, Crimea (+ENG subs)

– I have to ask you the following political
question. Can you share your thoughts on this whole
issue in Ukraine and the Crimea voting to unite with Russia? Because you know Russian population was deeply touched by the course of these events. So I would greatly appreciate the comments on the subject from a real patriot like you are. – You know what happens in Ukraine nowadays it’s frightening, it reminds me of the mass
insanity. Not solely in Ukraine but in the whole world… Probably people lost their memory…when not so long ago on a history scale we had WWII. After that Roosevelt and Churchill on behalf of the entire world expressed deep gratitude at the Soviet people, they
were astounded with the feat of the Soviet people. They said “We owe a lot to the people of USSR forever because they stopped fascism”. But nowadays fascism is supported. Looks like it’s being endorsed by the US as well as Europe. It looks like a mass madness, I don’t know… – How could you assess the fact of the Crimea unification and its future? – I’m so happy that the people made the right
choice. It gives a great deal of joy that we are one and the same people. And we must stay the same. And what happens there…to kill ethnic Russians only because they are Russians? Well, it’s….excuse me, I call it fascism. – Don’t you plan to visit the Crimea in the
future to support its inhabitants? – I do. We intend to hold a series of open
seminars there aimed at skills improvement of judges, referees, coaches and the best
fighters. We plan to be there in summer to collaborate with the MMA community of the

38 thoughts on “Fedor Emelianenko talks Ukraine, fascism, Crimea (+ENG subs)

  1. Может, хотя бы любители единоборств за бугром, прислушаются к Фединым словам, и раскроют глаза на события в Украине.
    Спасибо за английские титры

  2. I would vote for Fedor if he ran for the US presidency. We already have a President who wasn't born in this country. Fedor 2016!

  3. Was a big fan of Fedor for many years he was my favourite mma fighter… very disappointed with his opinion.. so sad to see your idols share opinions which are clearly dictated to them

  4. fedor must save Ukraine, but he is under nonimaginable pressure of putin,so…….i think the world needs 3rd world war to make a piece globaly……economic war plus total war….

  5. I dont care about these russians killing each other, I just go there to screw some skinny white bitches on vodka.

  6. I've always loved and admired fedor!! I still think he's the greatest heavyweight ever!! But how the fuck can he support what's going on in Ukraine???

  7. It is absolutely unbelievable how people make statements of ignorance about people thet claim to know. They also have zero conception of history. Fedor was BORN in UKRAINE and has family all over Ukraine. If u listen to him speak about ukraine in many old interviews you would know of his LOVE for Ukraine which he sees no differently than russia. When Fedor was born ukraine and russia were one.

  8. People do not know fedor was BORN in ukraine and has family around ukraine including cousins in kiev. If people REALLY know fedor they would know he considers ukraine and russia as one. People also today have no REAL KNOWLEDGE of history failing to realize fedor is speaking truth and most people are IGNORANT of truth.

  9. I respect Fedor as a fighter, but his social and political views are quite retrogressive. For one, he doesn't believe women have a place in MMA saying that their place is "taking care of the house". Plus he's essentially buying the propaganda from the Russian media about the "fascist Ukrainian government". and how that the Ukrainian civil war is in no way Putin's (the Russian Government's) fault, etc. In those ways, Fedor is really emitting the socially conservative/ uber-nationalism that is rampant in Russia today. There's no question he's a great fighter, but I'd caution Fedor fans about agreeing with his stance just because of their admiration for him.

  10. Smart man , fascism is still alive in the western Ukraine , ever since world war ll ,america is always up to no good causing destruction in other countries ,for example supporting nazis in western ukraine,cant wait to see america fall to the ground,and whoever supports this fascism is a real piece of scum.

  11. Feodor has got family in the Ukraine thereforehe is concerned and  he sure  knows whats going on BUT  you guys  DO u have family in the Ukraine ? or do you have to listen to the western propaganda  Bias medias?

  12. Fedor, you´re right. There is poison from west which tries to kill ourselves, but we are Slavs, not slaves as many idiots thinks! We will stay forever! And for people who think, that what is happening in UA is so called "democratic" – don´t be funny. Do you really believe the news from west(or jewish) medias?! It is only propaganda and if you can´t see it, your are blind. That´s sad. Stay proud Slavs! Stay strong! Our times will come, but we have to stick together! Look what they did to Yugoslavia, Czecho-Slovakia…Separate and be possessive. This is their password.

  13. I'd agree with Russia and i'd agree with Fedor and i'd support Russia in their fight against ''fascism'' if only Russia themselves proved they're not racists. Send in a black man in Russia. Send in a kurdish, turkish, iranian etc.. man in Russia. You will hear vile racism and nationalistic, anti-foreign hate from alot of Russians. That's why i can't support Russia untill most of them change their views.

  14. Funny how Russians accuse Ukrainians of fascism, when Russia took land because of "ethnic and historic" reasons. Like Hitler.

  15. Федор – мужик! Но никакого фашизма в Украине нет. Кроме ваших российских СМИ об этом не говорит.

  16. Fedor is Ukrainian, yet there is idiots from USA who think they can speak for Ukrainians about Crimea.
    Mind your own business.

  17. Fedor just said historically speaking Russians beat Fascism not too long ago during WWII and this new manifestation of fascism is supported by USA and EU. He said he'll go to Crimea of course to train and impart some skills during training.

  18. He talks about fascism and western world but forgets that his president is a fascist himself. Strong man, but not the brightest.

  19. My man Fedor is absolutely right, the fucking Americans staged this whole thing overthrowing the democratically elected President Yanukovitch and replacing with the Nazi puppet Poroschenko

  20. Here is pictures of Fedor and Aleksander with nationalsocialist group in Russia. For anyone who think Emelianenko is communist. Idiots!

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