Federalist Era: Part II Washington & Adams – Foreign Policy and Partisan Politics

Federalist Era: Part II Washington & Adams – Foreign Policy and Partisan Politics

22 thoughts on “Federalist Era: Part II Washington & Adams – Foreign Policy and Partisan Politics

  1. one thing i learned was that the native americans started attacking the U.S.A because they were under spain and britain influence

  2. Milagros Barreiro P6 I learned that federalists sided more with the british and republicans sided more with the french

  3. Mariana Giglio, p. 6I learned that in the war between French and British, federalists sided the British and republicans sided the French.

  4. Hi its Benjamin i learned that the settlers moved between the appalachian mountains and the mississipi river

  5. Dana Amir p.6

    During the war between Britain and France, Federalists mostly supported Britain and Republicans supported France

  6. Felipe Cleto per.1- I learned that the both French and the British captured american ships and forced the crew members to be part of their navys

  7. Anthony Yero p.6

    The federalists nominated vice president john adams and the democratic republicans rallied around Thomas Jefferson.

  8. humberto ramirez p.6
    the pinckney,s treaty let the americans use the mississippi river for trade

  9. Lucas Saiz P.6
    I learned that the British captured American boats in order to force them to join the navy

  10. i learned that because of the jay treaty the french started american ships and that was the Quasi-war.

  11. The French Revolution began in 1789, at the beginning of the war most Americans encouraged the Revolution. But once they began noticing all the fighting and deaths, the Americans began questioning their support for France. They became divided and England and France eventually fell back into their old habits, war with each other.
    Lauren Silva P.1

  12. When the war between Britain and France broke out, most of the Federalists sided with the British, and most of the Democratic Republicans with the French.
    Alfredo Fernandez
    Good vid mr raymond

  13. The Spanish signed "Pinkney's Treaty" this allowed the U.S to use the Mississippi river and ship from New Orleans
    Victoria Grimaux P.1

  14. During the battle of fallen timbers general wayne destroyed todays toledo, ohio – ilaria pozzali p.1

  15. I learned that the name of the miami tribe chief who defeated general St.Clair was Little Turtle
    Veronica Eulate P.1

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