Fears of A FINANCIAL CRISIS & RECESSION Continue to Grow As Federal Reserve Indicators

Fears of A FINANCIAL CRISIS & RECESSION Continue to Grow As Federal Reserve Indicators

the world has never had as much debt as it has right now nearly 250 trillion dollars Aaron korloff of the Wall Street Journal wrote earlier this year the world's combined debts held by governments consumers and businesses has risen to more than 300 percent of global gross domestic product the paper explained there's nothing magical about that number but it was notably higher than the level in 2007 before the financial crisis began when it was about 260 percent since then many consumers have cut down on their debt but governments and companies outside of the financial sector have taken on more some of the riskiest loans korloff wrote seemed to include corporate debt in China foreign currency borrowing in emerging markets and riskier corporate loans in the United States with 23 major candidates in the race the Democratic the 2020 presidential field is set to be one of the largest most competitive and most unpredictable in modern history today's top 5 Democratic candidates have plenty of ideas on how they'll keep the ongoing historically strong period of economic expansion alive many fear an economic collapse and only some candidates have laid out specific plans on how they'll avoid economic downturn here's a rundown of the economic stances adopted by each of the five top candidates fears of an economic collapse continued to grow as Federal Reserve indicators and experts find new reasons for future economic downturn the current economic cycle is the longest in history and is sure to be popular topic ahead of next year's presidential election here's where some of the top candidates in the Democratic primary stand when it comes to the economy a possible recession or stock market crash and how they've approached economic policy in the past Biden who announced his long-awaited presidential bid on April 25th has unparalleled name recognition among Democrats from his eight years as President Barack Obama's vice president and 36 years in the US Senate Biden is also the only candidate who more than half of Democrats believe can win against Trump according to insider polling economic outlook over the course of two policy speeches in 2018 former Vice President Biden highlighted a handful of ideas focused on workers rights and helping the middle class he mentioned a free college plan during a speech at the Brookings Institution as well as a $15 an hour minimum wage and eliminating non-compete agreements Biden has also said the current tax code coddles investors while workers are in greater need of a helping hand however when compared to other candidates like senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Biden hasn't proposed attacks against America's super wealthy citizens he has instead called for a more widespread tax on the rich and on investment gains to fuel proposed tax credits for the middle class economic collapse commentary Biden is the only candidate who can take credit for helping the White House in its efforts to recover from the Great Recession which included the Obama administration's 831 billion dollar stimulus package however Biden hasn't directly addressed fears of an economic collapse or released any policy proposals specific to avoiding a similar downturn past action the former vice president is linked to many policies promoting free global trade Biden was among the Democrats to vote for the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1993 President Donald Trump said he would renegotiate NAFTA terms shortly after taking office but the pact between the US Canada and Mexico was preserved in 2018 Biden was also a strong supporter of the trans-pacific partnership during the Obama administration among the candidates who have not previously run for president Warren is the most well known and considered to be a strong contender against Trump in a general election Warren overlaps considerably with Sanders and Biden's bases with 40% of Biden and 40% of Sanders supporters also being satisfied with her as the nominee and insider polling economic outlook as the latest candidate to detail her stance on the economy and the forecast isn't bright she detailed in a Monday post that rising household and corporate debt threatened the senator Elizabeth Warren current economic cycle her campaign has argued for a $15 an hour minimum wage attacks on families with income greater than fifty million dollars and the inclusion of employees in corporate boardrooms economic collapse commentary Warren predicted Monday that household debt corporate debt and the manufacturing recession are the three biggest threats that could weaken the economy in 2020 T's household debt the senator proposed cancelling as much as fifty thousand dollars in student loan debt lowering rent costs and making public college free Warren also sees leveraged lending as a source of systemic risk in the economy she seeks to appoint the financial stability Oversight Council created in 2008 to respond to the last financial crisis to monitor risk can apply guidelines for such products in an effort to reinvigorate the nation's struggling manufacturing sector Warren hopes to invest two trillion dollars in green manufacturing research and exporting she predicts the plan would create a million jobs in growing industries and fight climate change past action Warren worked under President Obama as a special assistant for establishing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in 2010 the agency is tasked with enforcing rules for financial institutions collecting consumer complaints and monitoring markets she's also worked on legislation to give employees forty percent representation on boards of corporations making over 1 billion dollars per year Warren argues such a law would bolster corporate responsibility and fairness for those outside the c-suite Sanders enjoys widespread name recognition among Democrats from his decades serving in Congress and his 2016 run against Hillary Clinton he's also established a grassroots army of small donors that helped him lead the pack in fundraising with an eighteen point two million dollar hole in 2019 s first quarter he is considered the top rival of Biden and 37 percent think Sanders would beat Trump in a general election compared to 10 percent who think he'd lose according to insider polling economic outlook Vermont senator Bernie Sanders is perhaps best known for his decades-long effort to bolster social programs and eliminate economic inequality he hopes to pass a progressive estate tax on the nation's super-rich and tax breaks on capital gains and dividends for the 1% and increase the top marginal tax rate for income over 10 million dollars Sanders said to ABC in May that the economy is doing well but that the cause can't be attributed to Trump's tax policy the truth is that half of the people in this country today despite the good economy are living paycheck to paycheck he added economic collapse commentary several economists see the record level of student loan debt as a serious threat to the economy Sanders has proposed cancellation of all student debt and free college for all toddling about 2.2 trillion dollars and paying for the policy by taxing Wall Street on a per trade basis the Vermont senator also looks to increase regulation of banks Wall Street and large corporations to prevent an economic collapse similar to the 2008 crisis he wrote in his 2016 book that the recession was bound happen after Washington turned its eye away from banks in their risky bond products past action Sanders voted in support of a 2009 bill to spend 192 billion dollars on anti recession stimulus after voting for the Obama administration's stimulus package he also introduced legislation in 2015 designed to break up banks deemed too big to fail targeting the financial institutions bailed out during the financial crisis Sanders introduced a bill to incrementally raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour in 2015 but it wasn't passed the senator has worked to raise the minimum wage for more than two decades Kamala Harris is fairly well known for a first term senator and is perceived as being most able to defeat Trump in a general election out of all the senators running for president for the first time Harris also enjoys the greatest support among other candidates supporters insider polling found economic outlook during the first democratic debate senator Kamala Harris explained that while President Donald Trump flouts a strong economy people in America are working they're working two and three jobs Harris hopes to reinvigorate the economy by supporting the middle class calling for a $15 an hour minimum wage and a tax credit of up to $6,000 a year the senator says her plan would be paid for by repealing certain provisions of the gops 2017 tax cut while other candidates believe a wealth tax is a more effective fundraising tool economic collapse commentary while Harris hasn't commented directly on the prospect of an economic collapse she's repeatedly noted that recent low unemployment figures hide the fact that many Americans are working several jobs to make a living wage she's also supported subsidized job training for those displaced by industry automation past action after the financial crisis of 2008 Harris secured a settlement worth more than twenty billion dollars from national banks while she served as California's Attorney General the funds went to homeowners affected by foreclosures during the recession since becoming a senator Harris has supported single-payer health care lowered tax burden for lower and middle class citizens she is also well known for her to the point questioning during congressional hearings mayor Pete is having a moment despite low overall name recognition he's recently enjoyed a strong past few months in the polls and in fundraising the Democratic primary voters who do know him are fairly confident in his ability to beat Trump compared to his more experienced and nationally known rivals insider polling found economic outlook South Bend Indiana mayor Pete Betty ji told CNBC in April that the collection of economic power in a shrinking group of corporations has decreased competition and weakened economic strength he proposed that investment in education infrastructure and health must come from corporations that are not contributing the way that they should beti gig has also joined the growing group of Democrats calling for a simpler tax filing process economic collapse commentary though booty gig hasn't directly addressed the prospect of an economic collapse he has commented on some issues economists see as a threat to the US economy the mayor supports expanding the public service loan forgiveness program to help alleviate some of the nation's student debt he also supports a green new deal that would include a carbon dividend for Americans and make jobs in environmentally friendly industries past action as mayor of South Bend Beatty geog spent millions to reinvigorate the city's infrastructure in homes bringing business back after the Great Recession left South Bend reeling since he became mayor the city has seen its unemployment rate dropped from more than 12% in 2010 to 3.7 percent in May according to data from the st. Louis Federal Reserve you

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