FBI Confirms White Nationalists Greatest Domestic Terrorist Threat

FBI Confirms White Nationalists Greatest Domestic Terrorist Threat

in that segment but I want to start first by talking about FBI director Christopher rain and his testimony before Congress yesterday in which he said that in the last year there's been over 100 domestic terrorist incidents and in out of all of those occurrences the majority of those domestic terrorist incidents came from right-wing leaning organizations that basically are affiliated or directly tied to white supremacy here's a clip of him discussing that yesterday well in terms of a number of rests we have through the third quarter of this fiscal year had about give or take a hundred arrests in the international terrorism side which includes the homegrown violent extremism this year this year but we've also had just about the same number again don't quote me to the exact digit on the domestic terrorism side and I will say that a majority of the domestic terrorism cases that we've investigated are motivated by some version of what you might call white supremacist violence but it includes other things as well I think this is now this is something we've discussed quite some time on the show right we know just by sheer the sheer volume of news that comes out based on right-wing white nationalist violence we know that it is more logical to be afraid of someone named Jim Bob in this country than Achmed right we've discussed this for many years yet that doesn't stop the media or conservatives from vilifying people who are of Arabic descent or people who worship Allah they you know are Islam and and so it shows you the way they identify in America who is a terrorist and who is not it is not based on actual violence or actual acts of terrorism it is based on politics and race even last week they were discussing identifying and Tifa as a terrorist organization now in the in our lifetime I have not seen a single incident of left-wing violence that led to the death of someone except for the death of the shooter the the guy who shot up the Congressional baseball practice game right no one was killed except the shooter himself yet and still Republicans conservatives in this country are trying to identify it and Tifa as a terrorist organization when at best you're going to find an Tifa out there rumbling in the street with some fisticuffs right but we see over and over again when there's a mass shooting there's ties generally ties to right-wing militia organizations or right-wing white supremacist organizations we see with the mass shootings even outside of this country the Quebec mass shooting that took place at the at the mosque was inspired the shooter was inspired by right-wing propaganda he was a supporter of Donald Trump and so we see these ties that the white supremacists have to terrorism or the direct connection rather between white supremacy and domestic terrorism is not taken seriously in this country even with the way FBI director Christopher ray tried to soften the blow he tried to prevaricate from the simple fact that the majority of terrorist violence that occurs in this country occurs at the hands of right-wing white nationalist organizations that a majority of the domestic terrorism cases that we've investigated are motivated by some version of what you might call white supremacist violence but it includes other things as well if they ever took it seriously that would mean that the entire government the entire American infrastructure would have to shift away from targeting people of the Islamic faith or people of Middle Eastern descent targeting them and targeting white men in this country and because of that obvious leave this power structure American power structure is is based on protecting the white male Christian power structure so what do you do when the very power structure the white male Christian power structure in this country is literally what is the greatest domestic terrorist threat in this country as I say it like that it also brings something else to mind and bring something else up in mind there is a white male Christian power structure in this country yet the leading cause of domestic terrorism comes from white generally Christian men what would these people do if they were actually not empowered right we talk all the time they talk all the time about left-wing violence which really rarely exists it barely exists almost at the point where I shouldn't even mention it but they always bring up left-wing violence when the left-wing we are fighting on behalf of marginalized communities right I think recently there was a member of Antipa who tried to burn down an ice facility just recently and he ended up being killed fighting on behalf of marginalized people right and but but here we have the leading cause of terrorism in this country don't mess of terrorism in this country being committed by people who are in power what kind of sense does that make like you are you are literally the representation of all of America's power structure and yet you have a complex a victim complex you have this white grievance complex that says that you need to commit an act of violence it shows you that the mindset of what we are up against we're not just fighting we're not fighting against rational people here we're fighting up against entrenched power who simultaneously manages to pretend as though they are oppressed simultaneously being the oppressor it's almost like it is up like a spoiled child on a playground who has the entire playground the entire playground belongs to white Christian men the entire playground of America belongs to white Christian men and yet if one child of another race of another gender of another orient of another religion steps foot on this entire playground then that child that white supremacist child loses his mind and believes that he is now oppressed and white genocide has taken place and then they lash out with violence that shows you what America that shows you what we're actually up against in America and it's uh it's something that we've been cognizant of for quite some time and yet now we have the FBI director confirming what we already knew the leading domestic terrorists in this country come from white nationalist organizations which generally are there to protect the white male Christian power structure in this country you

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  1. True. The devil's playground…and I had to endure it, almost daily, during the 80's and 90's and I'm caucasian. (Italian olive skinned)

  2. I understand your point, and I agree. But I think it's better to say that we shouldn't be afraid of any ethno-religious group. The way you've framed it gives the other side justification to claim that you're being racist towards them, and that's the only (still wrong) way they can try and refute your position.

  3. So sad that all trumps white supremacist friends are coming out of the woodwork. Vote blue in 2020 no matter who. This is how we get rid of the scum bags

  4. 3:13 There's a joke about this that starts being popular here in Quebec:
    – What's more dangerous than a taliban on an airplane?
    – A white Québécois in a mosque.

  5. Thank you, Ben!

    Trigger warning: this comment contains mistaken racist language. Some (often whites) don't believe in racism (are not racists), but also neglect its detection (deferring to government whatever they can get away with, while complaining that the gubment gets away with shit).

    It takes us (whites) a long time to realize, because it's not apparently our problem (which is what "blacks" have been saying for an equally long time now). I note that a year after Nixon declared his "war on drugs" in 1971 that blockbuster movie supervillains were often cast as black males involved in drug trafficking (oddly beginning after Superfly of 1972, a grand movie that violated the ratings system for allowing an audience to sympathize with the villain, something done almost regularly in old anti-hero Westerns).

    So, for the ultimate ideologue of history, or wannabe founding progeny of racism, let's pinpoint a date in history for the origin of the problem with every day that a racist has ever occupied public office in the United States of America. That's the entire history of United States, peculiar to the present because ever since Obama held the highest office, Trump has questioned his citizenship.

  6. This is under the faulty assumption that white people identify with other white people. Other than white supremacists, there is no white community. White people don't stick together except in white nationalist organizations. Which is the minority of white people. The rest go about their business in isolation.

  7. I think it's important to note that "Antifa" is not an organization with a clear power structure. It's a political movement that may or may not spawn loose local groups that go to protests, out fascists, etc.

  8. I’d like to see the actual numbers on this. He says that the international numbers are close to the domestic numbers and the majority of domestic incidents are white nationalists.
    What’s the jurisdiction on international arrests and how did the motives(?) change?
    I’m not saying he’s twisting the truth but his words could be misunderstood.

  9. White Nationalist have always been a threat they are a violent normally suppressed but now has been activated from the Right and Trump doing and will be stomped back down at their END. Power to the people the none racist will prevail…

  10. Yet racists will always go on about black crime rates; they conveniently ignore or disbelieve anything that shows their own race as being worse.

  11. Another words the FBI is compromised with socialist Marxist fascist criminal trash.No one trusts the dirty alpha brat clowns.

  12. That thumbnail is completely real though. 😂😂I would definitely be a terrorist, and that would just be for peaceful protesting.😞😞😡

  13. Looking f’ing smooth these days, Benjamin.
    White nationalism is just ‘boys being boys’
    Anti fascism is a ‘domestic threat’
    Tells you everything you need to know.

  14. If you look at European history, they literally been at war for centuries as early as recorded history, only in modern era after they really fucked each other up in ww2 is that they chill the fuck out for now. So is it surprising that there descents in United States are any different? It's funny how they say Christianity is the less violent religion, when in fact more wars ramped up when christianity became dominant in Europe. Do people remember when Evangelicals would hunt down mormons and try to genocide them.

  15. Irami from the Funky Academic does a good job explaining why racism had made White people mentally ill and there institutions need reforming badly to end racism for everyones sanity.

  16. Think for a moment, Christianity's premise is, do as I say or suffer eternal damnation. Ie might = right. Religon should be outlawed.

  17. These extremists were just a fringe gang of crazies a decade back. But they are brazen now and desperate to gather more to their mob. You only have to consider some of the comments made on social media. They work every day to spread their doctrine and fan the flames of hatred. It's all just a strategy. The same one used by the Nazis. And the outcome will be just as evil if they win. “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

  18. I Don't See It As Productive To Measure Who Is The Biggest Terrorist…The White Radicals Engage In The Same Blaming Of The Other Side….Antifa Engages In A Lot Of Wild Activity…So To Cover For Them Reminds Me Of When Trump Said There Were Some Good People Out There During Those Riots…But I Do Understand That The Way To Play The Game Is To Sling Mud On The Other Side While We Clean Our Own Side..

  19. Hogwash. Terrorism is not limited to the right, to nationalists, or to white nationalists. Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization too. Denial is not going to work. The devil is in the details of the director of the FBI's quote, "… but it includes other things as well", and "… that we have investigated." If the FBI is not investigating Antifa, then they are utterly incompetent. But, that was demonstrated in Kansas City, and again on 911. His quote is about prosecutions. Prosecution takes many years. Antifa is a relatively new phenomenon, a twisted stepchild of the occupy movement.

    Re: the attack on the ice detention center in Tacoma, WA recently… Throwing Molotov cocktails into ice vehicles (igniting them), and threatening to ignite a propane tank and likely engulf a detention center in flames is an act of terrorism. The perp was armed with a fully automatic assault rifle. He was a member of an antifa "gun club". He wounded a federal officer during his attack. A short while earlier, in Portland, a gay asian male journalist was brutally beaten by a gang of antifa, resulting in hospitalization and brain trauma. This was an act of terrorism, intended to intimidate the press. These people are arming and training for guerilla warfare against civilian targets as well as government officials. They seek to take the law into their own hands, and to cheer as the world burns. Rebranded Maoists are terrorists who seek to enslave you by force, and through deception. This is the very definition of terrorism.

    Christianity has nothing to do with nationalism, white nationalism, the right, or domestic terrorism necessarily. You are a purveyor of disinformation and hate, race hate, gender hate, religious hate, and class based hate. This video is nothing but hate, and you appear to be so blinded by your ideological narcissism that you can't see it. Haters gonna hate.

    White nationalists are not christians, by definition. They are best ridiculed, mocked, and derided. By obsessing on them, you grant them undeserved attention. This is what they seek. Shame on you.

    The irony is that antifa are almost exclusively caucasian. Part of the reason they disguise their appearance is to conceal this fact. This irony eludes you. Antifa is not BLM. There is no overlap between their ethnic profiles.

  20. Don’t tell Sam Harris this. It’ll trigger him. Seriously, though, to those of whom pay attention to politics, this is an absolute “duh.” Just goes to show how deeply brainwashed people can be when their consent is manufactured by corporate liberal and conservative media. We have to spread the Left’s message far and wide. Lives literally depend on it. #Sanders2020

  21. One last thing Benjamin you forgot to mention they tried to label Black USA born citizens “Black identity extremists”, not just Muslims.

  22. Ben, you forgot to mention that the playground once belonged to Native Americans before the Europeans came over.

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