3 thoughts on “Father Spitzer’s Universe – 2019-10-16 – Structure of Dioceses and Parishes Pt. 1

  1. If you want to help grow the Church then drive the money changers out of power. The money changers today are the banking oligarchs who serve Satan and have created the corrupt system we live under

  2. I would like to see a simple to read series of pamphlets directed for Non Catholics or poorly Catechized Catholics with all of those misconceptions such as why it's OK to call a priests father, why we are not conjuring the dead when we pray to saints, that we do not worship Mary, Why Jesus is not crucified by the mass and the crucifix – we are not voodoo witch doctors, the actual text that reads 'this IS my body' and not this is like my body sometimes, saved by faith alone was penciled in by Luther (the guy was a nut), there are a million of them, I haven't seen a catechism in years since we had to memorize the entire thing for Confirmation ( i want to get one) and all of this is probably (but i don't recall anymore) in there but if it was in a SERIES of small Pamphlets people may read them. Do a sampling set and see if it catches on. (avoid controversial items like co habitation without marriage and save them for the end of the series after people will be opened up to reading them.).

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