Fascist Tries, and FAILS, to Kick Me Out of Students for Bernie Rally

Fascist Tries, and FAILS, to Kick Me Out of Students for Bernie Rally

this is not a free speech zone
there are them on campus what do you mean by free speech zone ?
all public universities have what’s called free speech zone right
which are areas that are considered public, right? property which anyone come on here
okay, and you’re saying this is not? this is not. let me just get right back
that you okay? they should be here soon but you know, no problem we just want to make sure students are safe so.. why would they not be safe? I just wanna make sure you know? This is not a weapon it’s a tripod .100% you know it’s
just our job to make sure. yeah are you asking her with the tripod and this
other guy that came up with the tripod yeah we’re gonna be gonna. you’re gonna
approach them like you did me though? wit hthe same concern? yes. with the phone calls and the concern right? because I’m not the one who’s in charge that’s all were doing. well I just
hope you give them the same attention as you did me. I will. you spent a lot of time on me for some reason. yes. I don’t think I look that threatening I haven’t
said anything threatening I haven’t done anything. yes thank you so thank you yeah if you need anything else the folks who are gonna be coming through. I’d rather
not talk to anyone unless you know unsolicited. so they can respect my
privacy and i’ll respect theirs these people you’re talking about. sir, you’re making me a feel a little bit, just thank you, i need to feel safe here as well. you’re very safe! LOL

17 thoughts on “Fascist Tries, and FAILS, to Kick Me Out of Students for Bernie Rally

  1. “Sir you’re making me feel a little”
    Yeah that’s what they do when you are confident and you stand your ground.
    “Well I felt uncomfortable so he should go away”
    Well handled sir 👍

  2. Should have just told that woman that she's making you feel unsafe and uncomfortable. Throw that garbage back in her face.

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