Fascism Has Arrived – Jeff Sessions To Investigate Anti-Trump Bias At DOJ

Fascism Has Arrived – Jeff Sessions To Investigate Anti-Trump Bias At DOJ

Proving that America is further descending
into full-blown fascism, Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General of the United States, has
announced that he is going to launch an investigation into anti-Trump bias within the Department
of Justice of the United States. According to Jeff Sessions, what he said at
a Q&A earlier this week, he was going to have the Inspector General start looking into the
anti-Trump bias that may or may not have been the cause of the ongoing investigations into
the Trump administration. Now, as far as we’ve seen, all of the available
evidence says that no, that’s just a byproduct of people in the FBI or the DOJ actually having
their own opinions about politics. It did not dictate their investigations. There’s absolutely no evidence to suggest
that these people started these investigations because they don’t like Trump, but nonetheless,
Jeff Sessions wants to take the DOJ into a new era of pure fascism where if you don’t
like the President, you risk losing your job. That’s what’s happening right now. This isn’t about finding out the truth about
this investigation. This is about digging into the personal lives
of people within the Department of Justice. He wants to get rid of people who do not like
Donald Trump, because Jeff Sessions believes that’s going to help curry favor for him with
the President. It’s no secret that Jeff Sessions and Donald
Trump have had a bit of a tumultuous relationship since Jeff Sessions came into office last
year, but this is pandering in the extreme, and it is putting the United States closer
and closer towards fascism. In fact, it’s not even putting us closer to
it. We’re in it at this point. Donald Trump’s grand military parade that
he wants to have, that’s fascism. The constant attacks on the press, that’s
fascism. The attacks on institutes of higher education,
that’s fascism. What Jeff Sessions is doing at the Department
of Justice is fascism. And what’s really interesting about this is
that Donald Trump tweeted out Wednesday morning that, “Why is Jeff Sessions doing this? I don’t understand it. The Inspector General’s an Obama guy. Of course he’s not going to find anything.” Well, Trump, if you’ve got a problem with
it, you could ask Jeff Sessions why he’s doing it. You could pick up the phone and call him. You could have one of your aides go get him
and bring him to your office, and you could ask him in person instead of posing an idiotic
rhetorical question on Twitter that you already know the answer to. He’s doing it because one, either you told
him to and you’re trying to make it look like you didn’t, which is what I believe, or two,
because he’s very, very sorry that he had to recuse himself from the investigation,
so now he’s trying to curry favor with you by doing this for you. This isn’t about justice. This isn’t about getting to the bottom of
things. This is about purging people from the DOJ
offices who do not like President Trump, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is what fascist
regimes do.

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  2. Shove up your ass & go to jail with your illegal cash & take off your mask before the USA put the rule of law on your future and your corrupt lawless past

  3. Isn't that just what lawyers do they always try to destroy the character of The Other Side regardless of what truth is. there seems to be the misunderstanding that somehow the judicial system is Honorable.

  4. Hypocrites under investigation have the nerve to lie under oath and investigate others,they are nothing but backwards,twisted,upside down self righteous ,lawless children of Belial who are a bunch of 666 mark of the beast racist reprobates who are a abomination to God

  5. It's surprising that they haven't instituted a 2 minutes hate thing with Obama as the focus. How long before they start going after people who wear glasses?

  6. the integration of the capitalist economy with the political state, while also suppressing and attacking the working class, screams fascism

  7. In Trump's parade ….. I wonder if Trump will ware a military
    uniform with all kinds of medals. Maybe he could ware one of those
    Russian hats with those real wide rims.  I hope he doesn't have our
    military march with the goose step.

  8. Trump should be advised Fascism is Dangerous to dabble in.
    Fascists and Dictators have always come to a sticky end usually being overthrown by the People and with a bullet in the head by their own hand or by the people who overthrow them.
    Think, Hitler, Mussolini, Ceaușescu, Gadaffi, Hussain, Etc.
    While not all were fascists they were certainly Dictators which amount to just about the same thing.
    STILL, if you want to dabble Don Don, be my Guest, you’ve been warned.

  9. Well what can one say…just when it feels like it can't get any worse,whatdaya know here we go again. Oh America oh America what's happening to you. These folks in the WH and administration are now officially facists. Please please do something in November and rid the country of these bafoons. Now if your thinking of replying to this post….don't as I feel sure it would be littered with personal slurs…which is the home of the mediocre and brings nothing to the debate but personal gratification. I'm observing this from another country feeling outraged each and every day watching what once regarded the great world power.

  10. Trump is turning America towards fascism? But he said: "MAGA". So Facism is Greatness? So WWI and WWII vets were fighting against Making America Great? I guess that's why Trump dodged the draft and him and his party won't pass legislation helping vets. #MAGA#Trump

    Sarcasm intended if you don't have a sense of humor

  11. It is normal for the lawyer of a suspect to accuse the court of partisanship as desparate means to delay or even avoid a sentence. This is perfectly legal.

    But in this case the accused is the judge itself, serving both rules at the same time. So the accused (judge) can, in his role as accuser, rule that he himself is biased and therefore dismiss the case. Great.

  12. Just have to split a hair here. The military parade is not fascism because it is not unique to fascism. It is present in all forms of authoritarian governments including communism, but it is also possible to do in a democracy too so inherently it's not fascist, just part of a tapestry. Like how all jacuzzis and hot tubs but not all hot tubs are jacuzzis.

  13. I hope you understand that you Constitution factually allows a fascistic dictatorship. It just needs a person ruthless enough enough and system corrupt – well, let's call it finance-dependent – enough.

    In this case Trump is VERY successful in showing the weakness and vulnerability of the Constitution. Should you survive the Trump reign. then it would be high time to rewrite the Constitution to close the loopholes Trump shows up and put in control mechanisms to limit his actions. But usually the successor will be happy to keep everything so that he can take advantage of them himself.

  14. YEAHHHH!…Good old Sessions!..getting to the bottom of the toxic avengers' swamp hideous!.. Starting up the FISA abuse investigation, and he is UN-recusing himself from the "Russian collusion" false media narrative… YES!..win, WIN…. B I G couple months coming up! The 13000 sealed indictments are hammering nails in the coffins. Dems and Reps alike. Love when a President lives up to their campaign promises, and so far, most have been fulfilled!….USA, USA, USA!

  15. LOL.." that's Fascism".. Farrah, you don't even know the definition!…I didn't realize this was an autocratic government here in the United States of America! PlAGH AH AHHHHHHHH HA HA.. WWIII starts in April ! Hope we have a draft!.. unfortunately, were gonna get nuked. It will be a war of rockets and missiles.

  16. Ya ! This is the equivalent of Hitler's burning of the Reichstad ! IPSO FACTO ! ! Sessions and Trump are stuck in a circle jerk covering one another's leaky guilty asses……! WAKE UP AMERICA ! !

  17. The number of likes when I watched this was 666; should I be concerned? If not, probably just something that happens not too often.

  18. How much more taxpayers money are the republican douchebags going to waste on defense of the moron and chief. If you are pissed off then get informed get others informed register in mass and vote in waves

  19. The swamp is totally gone now. Trump paved over it and built a big, beautiful monster sanctuary on top of it.

  20. This not so bad, now if they start doing the Putin thing like "killing", or "locking them up" those bias of DT, we in big trouble.

  21. Couldn't agree more,anyone with an ounce of honesty has to admit fascism is alive and well in the US,I watched a documentary about the Calabrian mafia, the Ndrangeta,(I think that's how it's spelled) and how normal business and people where affected in almost every part of life be it chemical waste buried in shallow pits in the countryside or every business having to pay some sort of protection money or live in fear or the police not really going after the mafia because they are bought at every level and all I could think of was how similar life was for many poor and middle class people in America were there wages are kept artificially low,there's no control over corporations wether it's drilling your land or regulations stopping you from camping on that land for more than a week or so incase people might get the idea to try to live of grid and not continue paying for expensive dirty fossil energy or not even having any control over wether your household water supply is safe to drink,police  killings with no culpability or the Gerrymandering and voter registration laws to distort elections and stop certain demographics from getting to the polls at all,America is in a bad way and that's not even counting there imperialist foreign policy.

  22. Nazi Germany stuff again. Keep reporting on this kind of thing, if we become complacent we will become Nazi Germany. Thanks Farron.

  23. Jeff session should refused to do this period and tell trump to do you now what he can do to him self.  and tell that clown in white house My oath is to the constituation and to American people. Not to the jack ass who is sitting in the white house.

  24. And now h e's supposedly flapping his jaws back at Trump who insulted him for directing the IG to start investigating the DOJ? hmmm.. This investigation is only to stall the present investigation and wipe out the funds for it.. Come on Mueller.. shake a leg..

  25. The 2018 elections are our last hope to save this country, otherwise, we need to pack up and leave this country

  26. trump is a genius, Nostradamus predicted a yet to be named anti-christ and we all assumed in was North Korea/Russia/china. meanwhile trump is just laughing at us because he's actually the actual the next anti-christ.

  27. it has arrived yes ? when ? Yesterday ? jeeeeeezus you yanks fucked with more then 45 countries since 1946 …… as far as I am concerned you picked up the shit what the Germans dropped after making the uge military mistakes what paved the way for you yanks to show your real colors….. so it has arrived ? When ? It was always there it was just a matter of waiting of the right group of fascists who had the balls to just go along with their agenda but the biggest assholes are us…. who ACCEPTED IT ….. it is us who is to blame…. but you yanks CANNNNNNN do something about it instead of whining so goddam much ….. you can ACTUALLY use your 2nd amendment and pick up your guns ….. because they are DESIGNED to kill shit ……. no ……. pigeons are TOOOOO small for calibers 45 and 40 and 50 the bird will fucking DISSAPEAR when you shoot it but then again you yanks LOVE thinking of the most horrific ways to kill shit so you like blowing shit up with the biggest projectiles you can find butttttt guns and rifles are there IN YOUR CONSTITUTION for one thing anddddddddddddddddddddddddddd one thing only nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww because we dutch INVENTED that constitution you got there we sort of KNOWWWWWWWWW what your OWNNNNNNNNN constitution is about…… the thing is we dutch wrote it down in 1581 exactly 2 centuries BEFORE that amazing stupid yank DOI sooooooo that whole independence crap is just old news !!!!!!!!!! Allright ? OLD SHIT !!!!! Your founding fathers looked at us dutch and just fucking copied what they have been reading in het PLAKKAAT VAN VERLATINGHE !!!!!! Butttttttttttttt just like anything else : like supersonic flight…… you stole the progress of the english and you went with the fame…… spaceflight…… you had to KIDNAP A GERMAN to actually get there … ALSO STOLEN so you yanks like to steal a lot we get that eyyyyyy we know you yanks for 4 centuries now we are not stupid quite the opposite so you got there nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that insane constitution changed 29 times by the way and you yanks KEEEEEEEP whining every fucking day instead of just PICKING up your guns and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and because we dutch are fucking smart people and who UNDERSTAND text and language …….. we so fuckingggggggggggggg seriously URGE you to pick up your guns and rifles and USE it like the founding fathers DESCRIBED IT to use !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you yanks never read SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT so you yanks probably have no fuckinggggggggggggg clue what is ACTUALLY in that stupid yank constitution of yours so here it goes this is for you yanks who are SUCHHHHH patriots who don't even know what your own constitution states : We retain the right to “keep and bear arms” so that we can shoot officers, officials, judges, bureaucrats and employees of the federal government who “abuse or misconstrue” their powers under The Constitution of the United States !!!! Thhat includes indeed shooting black people in the streets because they are black and that ALSO includes neglacting the people by NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT imposing gun laws !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So yanks……………….. follow up on your OWNNNNNNNNNNN fucking constitution and fucking ACT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you fucking stupid ?????????? you realise how many fucking people had to die and bleed for this piece of hemp ?????????????? ANY IDEA ????????????????? no you don't you fucking jack asses you stupid jack ass yanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! goddammit I really fucking wonder how we homo sapiens could survive as a subspecie of the apes for millions of years because you know what ? You yanks make me realise we are not homo sapiens ….. we are justtttttttttttttttttt a bunch of fucking apes to fucking stupid to realise what IT'S DUTIES ARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So ey yanks stop the whining already about your dead people STOP THE WHINING AND ACT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bunch of fucking traitors !!!!!!!!!!!!!! You think that whining will help ????????????? Stop that fucking whining….. you did that during the Thomas fire you did that when you fat jack asses were stuck in the mud because you yanks are TOOOOOOOO stupid to understand what happens AFTER trees are gone and when rain falls you DUMB FUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!! and you ALWAYS whine so fucking much when you get shot !!!!!!!!!!!!! Djieeeeeeeeeeeeez with 357 MILLION tools of death in circulation I WONDER WHY !!!!!!!!! READ THE CONSTITUTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you dumb apes !!!!!!!!!!!!! At least the founding fathers had SOME intelect !!!!!!!!!!!! They knew EXACTLY what was coming !!!! nooooooooooooo the english are gone already ……………… yeah sort of a long time ago now huh ????????????? SO GET YOUR GUNS AND ACT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your own constitution ORDERS YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is right there in front of you fat fucking yank faces….. it is RIGHT THERE READ IT !!!!!!!!!!!! Oh you yanks are to stupid to read………… THAT MUST BE IT then !!!!!!!

  28. I was kicked out of my fleet on Star Trek Online for making a joke about Trump . I have known how his supporters do business for a long time. If you don't like Trump goodbye. Can't even escape the bias in the Star Trek Universe.

  29. There s a certain amount of evidence that because they are investigating Trump, people have begun to despise him.

  30. Ring of Fire,I will subscribe to your channel as soon as you dump the n.r.a.ads.😎
    U.S.ARMY VETERAN 67A10 R.A. 71-74

  31. Are you kidding, bro? What are you going to do when the DOJ is abused the same way against your guys? Criticism is not fascism.

  32. Jeff Sessions is a good Southern man, that is a Veteran with a family and supported Trump from the start and is one of the main reason Conservatives gave Trump a chance, but Trump is only loyal to Trump. Trump has attacked and disrespected Mr. Sessions for over a year on Twitter and in public. Trump will stab anyone in the back, because Yankees can't be trusted and every Southerner knows that FACT!


  34. Imagine what it will be like when Pence is President. He and Sessions can take us all to the Promise Land. Whether they make it or not, I'm sure it won't be for a lack of trying.

  35. This guy is an idiot…detestable…immoral hate monger…..don't watch or listen. Nothing of value here…

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