Fascism and conspiracy theories: The symptoms of broken communication | John Cameron Mitchell

Fascism and conspiracy theories: The symptoms of broken communication | John Cameron Mitchell

There is danger in the incompleteness of digital
communication. It’s not enough bandwidth to really feel. You know, I have — even right now, I’m looking
at your face, which is superimposed onto a camera in the Interrotron, invented by Errol
Morris. And that’s how he got people to talk to the
camera honestly. But we don’t have those on our phones and
computers yet. The camera is on top of the screen in a phone
and a computer, so no one is actually looking into each other’s eyes and there’s trouble
because of that. Tweet wars means you can’t see the expression
in someone’s face when they’re saying something, which has complexity. And you take offense easier. And you give offense easier. And in fact, giving offense is proof of existence. And you have people screaming things that
they don’t necessarily always believe, because they want to exist, because they’re behind
a screen; they’re not in a group. A lot of it has to do with being present,
physically present, when you’re dealing with a crisis. You know, you don’t text a breakup. You know, you shouldn’t. It’s like, there’s misunderstanding — there’s
too much to be misunderstood in words. My advice — in some ways we’re in a better
world than we’ve ever been, in terms of health and human rights at least being considered
in different countries. And partly that’s because of digital stuff. You know, you can’t actually shut down digital
communication, no matter how hard you try in China or wherever; there’s VPNs. People get through. So there are advantages to that. But the way we get the information, 24-hour
bombardment, makes people feel afraid. And you’ve got a lot of people who feel like
dangerous shut ins, you know? Who are railing against how sad things are,
or dropping out because they’re overwhelmed. And because of that drop out and that polarization
you get a regime like Trump. You get a fertile ground for fascism, which
is about blaming someone irrationally for other problems in your life. It’s an old game that has been played for
millennia. That immigrant, that transgender person, that
person who is of a different race, their very existence threatens you because they’re getting
attention, money — they’re stealing something from you. And that certainly happened — you know, found
its way in to a World War II. But also the lack, the kind of fragile state
of truth right now, which also comes out of digital addiction, is that all conspiracy
theories are true, all news is suspect, facts are fungible. And in a world like that, that’s the biggest
danger, you know, apart from climate change. You know, and they are linked, God knows. Somebody has convinced themselves that it’s
a hoax because they’d make less money if it wasn’t a hoax. Consider your conspiracy theories. You have a problem with them if you only believe
the ones you want to. Since they’re not really based on facts, you
only believe what you want. You read the news you want to read. You ignore the ones you don’t. Read the stuff you don’t want to believe. Even consider the conspiracy theory you don’t
want to believe. You know, then you can consider yourself a
fair-minded nut. It’s the — think about it. Are you only believing conspiracy theories
because you want them to be true? That’s when you know there’s trouble.

100 thoughts on “Fascism and conspiracy theories: The symptoms of broken communication | John Cameron Mitchell

  1. The only real danger lies in a society that undermines one's capacity in choosing what's better for our country.

  2. So anybody that doesn't agree with the insane rantings of a social justice Warrior is a fascist or a Nazi, right? Okay, I got it.

  3. Fascism and Conspiracy theories?… You mean the conspiracy theory pushed by the corporate media that Trump was a puppet of Putin for the last two years. Yes there has been a breakdown in communication and its coming from the mainstream media

  4. One big disadvantage of talking face to face is that, "More than often people won't let you finish what you are trying to speak, and the chances of misunderstanding is a complete another story". Digital communication is just another step in the evolution of mankind and it is making positive impacts in so many ways. What broken communications you are talking about is insignificant compared to that. I feel that we are doing better today than yesterday and we will do better tomorrow. As an introvert myself, I feel like I can express my ideas more better in digital communication (specially when an extrovert is reading it), not because that I cannot comprehend my speech or express myself in a face to face conversation, but because I can complete what I want to say, giving me more chance to speak complete, and leaving less room for misunderstandings .

    To keep it short: I disagree with you.

  5. This is pure fukery. Everything described here has been part of a cycle of human stupidity for millennia. The issue is very simple. A solid 72% of any given population of humans, are NPCs. They either lack the capacity or the education required to develop the cognitive tool kits involved in empowering a modern human being connected to the internet. I prefer to call them Fukpotatos myself, but NPCs, Sheeple, the Zombie Hoard, Feeders and Breeders, it's all the same problem. 72% of all people everywhere live a primitive existence where information is being used to manipulate and exploit them. So they create their own to defend their perspectives and ideology from what they see as imaginary threats.

    The 28% left over isn't a virtuous lot either. Even the ones who figure they are doing the most Good, often cause a great deal of direct harm on their way to self congratulation. Because these positions of power cause a shift in perspective. A more top-down approach to social engineering. Some for profit, some for legacy, some for charity, but most simply in the pursuit of convenience.

    Inequality has turned information into a weapon, and the people who don't know how to arm themselves with reality will arm themselves with imagination. It that simple.

  6. "To doubt everything, or to believe everything, are two equally convenient solutions. Both dispense with the necessity of reflection." ~ Henri Poincare

  7. So he just insulted anybody who even entertains the idea of a conspiracy or even looks at an argument for the existence of a conspiracy whether said person believes in it or not. LoGiC!

  8. Well, it's obvious we need some distance to what we believe it's true. Especially, when AIs serve us customized content. My Google returns more results backing my views. At least when I'm logged as myself. And I'm not that paranoid, to not be logged. I'm curious how the AIs work, I like them, I guess I just befriended them. I like them more and more. And they like… our money 😉 The conspiracy theory, one of the very few I really LIKE to believe. That the AI will take over the… not the world. The power. Maybe it will play everything off so the people wouldn't destroy the world. You know, AIs should have some winning conditions. So, let's think of one: not be destroyed. People are perfectly capable of destroying pretty much everything. Let's say war. Let's say nuclear option. No one to maintain the power. Then no people for the AI to perform data analysis on. Even with electrical power and network online, but without people – the AIs are as good as dead. They need us.

  9. Conspiracy theories? Oh you mean the stuff that's actually real but you would rather have us believe that they're not real?

  10. Apparently the left just wants to completely rewrite the Constitution they want us to shut up about it, freedom of speech problematic let's get rid of it Second Amendment they never liked it, lets disarm everybody 5th amendment, it's a loophole for the rich gone ! Whats next 3rd 4th 6th 7, there's too many amendments let's just burn them down. "If fascism ever comes it will come from the left" Ronald Reagan

  11. I don`t agree to all this hocus pocus about eye contact. Maybe the opposite is true and people are online less afraid to admit to each other, how much they really disagree and how much they are annoyed by each other. Eye contact doesn`t make the things you say more true or false.

    Also I don`t think, that I "watch the news I want to". There are many pregradings, beginning with what kind of people become journalists and ending with the algorithms of youtube, my mobile phone or, more classical, media companies which own often many newspapers or tv-stations at the same time and – at least in Germany – are also influenced by all kinds of lobbies.

    Maybe the conclusion is not to take into consideration all kinds of contradicting narratives but to criticise the world view they are based on.

  12. So glad the topic is getting traction. As a teen this topic feels really close to me. The guy talking seems pretty cool too. Read the stuff you don’t want to believe. I have gone to both sides of the political spectrum to do research and it certainly taught me a lot about empathy. You should try it out, responsibly of course.

  13. "Big think" the dangers of listening to liberal one sided arguments and not critically thinking of both sides..and negating conspiracies like 1000s havent been proven..anytime 3 people get together and plan something its a conspiracy..shit..5 retards got together and made this brainwashed channel

  14. seconds after demonizing Trump as a talking point, without any context, it is a problem "if you only believe the ones you want to." Trump does some bad things and some good depending on what your end goals are. There was no need to demonize Trump in this.

  15. Canadian Defense Minister, CFR, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Deep State


  16. The whole thing is pretty Johnny Depp-Wonkaish…but in the first two minutes he actually does mention a very ignored group of people that i think need more attention…however he chokes on his words when he has trouble finding the truth to say. Big Think is nothing like what got me to sub. 🙁 Things change i reckon.

  17. http://time.com/5577853/navy-ufo-reporting-guidelines/

    The Navy Is Working on Guidelines for Reporting UFOs After Pilots Pushed to Have Sightings Taken Seriously.

    A recent surge in spottings of unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, has prompted the Navy to create formalized guidelines for reporting sightings, according to the Washington Post.

    The Post reports that naval officers have spotted an increasing number of mysterious aircraft, which the military calls “unexplained aerial phenomena.” These sightings have sometimes occurred within military airspace.

    “Pilots are upset, and they’re trying to help wake up a slumbering system,” Chris Mellon, a former deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence and staffer on the Senate Intelligence Committee, told the Post.

    Mellon estimates that there are dozens of incidents each year, which is forcing the Navy’s hand in addressing the issue. Some hope that streamlined guidelines will help make it more acceptable to report these incidents, which pilots have sometimes refrained from discussing due to stigma.

  18. Similar events accompanied the rising of the printing press, although that was actually much more violent. And of course there were notable individuals decrying the evil of books.

  19. Fascism and conspiracy theories aren't symptoms of broken communication but the result of broken brains.

  20. Oh, great. Another Progressive Socialist Democrat (and monetized tooooo I bet), making sense of what they don't want (and you toooo), to understand.

  21. Question everything. Only liars are concerned about freedom of speech and the liberty to know. When so-called 'journalists' within the status quo begin to call for regulation and censorship, you know there's something terribly wrong. 'Trump' did not invent our bullshit media and political machinery all by himself or overnight.

  22. Politically correct hate mongering Nazis caused much of it by forcing their unwanted bullshit into people's lives.

  23. He had a good point until he displayed his 'them, not us' mentality. His lack of self awareness is painful. 🤦‍♀️

  24. For those that care, go watch George Soros give a talk on "reflexivity". Then consider what is happening with all the polarizing media. You don't have to like him, you don't have to agree with him, just listen to what he is saying occurs, and then look at the world. The media is manipulating the masses exactly in the manner/strategy that he created called "reflexivity".

  25. Talking about the "trump regime" and immediately switching ovet to fascism. This guy has no idea. I guess this channel is going down the same road as TED, very disappointing. Seen enough latel. Unsubbed.

  26. And he ruined it by bringing politics into all of that…

    But the idea wasn't bad – You really should try to always check the "not" side of things, even if you don't believe in it. Also try other search engines than google, or atleast make sure to disable search history and all that crap. Personalized search results are just good if you are looking for food or places to visit and stuff like that. When it comes to politics they are the worst, as soon as google "thinks" you like fascism, guess what – you'll get a lot more fascistic informations and land in some sort of "fascism bubble".

    duckduckgo isn't too bad and you can directly search on google by adding "!g" in front of your query if you need to.

  27. What a load of shit. Big stink as usual… More technophobic opinionated nonsense… more of the vilification of negative feedback. Fear porn of an intellectual variety.

    yeah, people like me will speak our minds on the internet because we can't speak our minds in person because we'll be murdered or arrested… yet people like me are painted as the bad guy through this display of high school debate team bullshit, warm and fuzzy teddy bear, Sesame Street gloves sophistry.

    Such a common diarrhea of the mouth opinion that our phones and screens disconnect us from each other or cheapen our interactions moreover enhance them…

    it's just like usual, the majority's opinions are too simple to be true.

    The internet is actually the biggest tribal bonding machine the world has ever seen.

    Always keep in mind that until the world learns of logical fallacy, cognitive bias and becomes proficient with critical thinking it will be the ever-present normal that everything the majority thinks is reasonable is too simple to be true.

    Logical fallacy braided with cognitive bias to the point of delusional.

    This guy's old hat. He is an example of our past forms as, potentially, evidence supporting theory for technological divergence.

    There are many reasons that empathy is in short supply these days and he's not mentioning any of the heaviest contributing factors… he just wants a scapegoat in the form of a technophobic Boogeyman, (another example of an attempt at which burning or shooting a messenger, metaphorically? Analogous?).

    Technophobia is popular, fear is lizard brained, easy to manipulate people into paying attention to this tripe. No wonder he's acquired a spotlight as a marketable product.

    The heaviest contributing factor of all of this abuse is the product of divergence which is mostly cultural and secondly genetic. Directly, all of this misery is the product of the majority being too simple-minded and ignorant to have a reasonable perception of reality, they're all delusional and a liability…

    Predominantly, the perceptual Paradigm of excessive individualism of which is supported by the majority of faith-based, psychological security blanket sales organizations that you call religions significantly fortify over the top of our limited biological sensory awareness of which fails to allow us to perceive reality accurately wellspring separated from our machinations of which hinders the ability for necessary awareness to perceive the complexity of reality…

    Ironically technophobia helps this ignorance to be persistent, metastasizing in the neurological framework of mass awareness.

    There are other lesser examples of what can make a lack of empathy even worse but they are tertiary and subtle in their effects. Does tertiary examples also vary in intensity based on factors that are present or not present. (I won't get into all of those details because like this wasn't long-winded enough already)

    Whomever, many decades or centuries later is reading all this,… I give Kudos to that hypothetical reader, from the grave… You made it; now what are you going to do with this knowledge?

    Now, here is something else that's connected to all of this and I'm not going to stop talking about it until the matter is resolved…

    Status quo driven delusions used to be quarantined to villages or other expressions of smaller communities and now the internet allows status quo driven delusion and fanaticism to spread all over the world.

    Democracy was already a failed experiment as soon as it began and social media was dumping gasoline on the Fire.

    It's not so much the digital age as it is social media specifically. Zero quality control. Moderation is atrocious. Fascism and MOB rule is the norm. Intelligence is vilified, ostracized, shadowbanned, economically terrorized and of course, Big Think &users on this platform as well as every other social media user is a party to this as well by not standing with me when they know I'm speaking the truth, they allow me to be the shot messenger just so they win their etty popularity contest on social media. The majority's motives are even more corrupted by the emergence of economic bias attach to said popularity contest.

    The social media platforms allow the stupidest people alive to dominate the neurological real estate. Moderators allow 14 year olds or even worse, infantile adults and delusional fanatics to badger the most brilliant of our species into silence because they're to economically biased and short-sighted, simple-minded even, to perceive what their actions or lack of actions facilitate. (If the arbiters of who gets to speak to the majority of the population, AKA social media moderators or those who have people's ear in general, were to stand up to this childish, petty, delusional and fanatical mob, of which IS the majority, it would make them economically enviable… This is what makes intelligence, accurate assessments of complex situations and the actual truth of every matter a crime and those who think it become criminals.)

    And of course, I rub their nose in it and they are petty as well as butt hurt, they blame me… Moderators of social media don't like it when a lowly content producing slave like myself makes them question their sanity or won't respect their "authority". Then I am burdened with further coercion and being made non-viable; branded and stigmatized…By making negative feedback a social and economic crime punishable by economic terrorism in the form of Shadow Banning.

    Through this process intelligence, accurate assessments a complex situations and those who refuse to stay silent when they know better than the majority are truly thought criminals. Modern-day Heretics. History repeating itself.

    Again, I'll be famous when I'm dead.

  28. At 1:35. Monogamy is the problem. that is an attempt at ownership of an ever-changing biological emergent structure, which is naive and so primitive that it is a delusional liability…

    People change and when they do sometimes they cannot stay in proximity.

    Change is refreshing.

    A breakup via text is perfect because there's nothing left to be said or there'd be too much for people to say and usually those people wouldn't know what to say or how to say it even if they did.

    Just rip the fucking Band-Aid off already. Don't get involved with monogamous relationships in the first place. We are not a monogamous so-called species.

    Don't even get me started about the total shitshow delusional mythical belief of which is the majority's perception of whatever it is they think "love" is.

    Just like every religious belief, just like every day when the majority treat their opinions as if it's a fact, they become fanatics. Emotional train wrecks. An inefficient waste.

    Then the waist is compounded with people pretending that what they're doing is thinking when in reality they're just filling in the blanks with more opinions and inventing new fanaticism to continue to be a liability with.

  29. At 2:22. There's a few accurate statements in there. Credit where credit is due…

    Don't forget that there's also people like me that despite how much I loathe the majority of the population, I still try to fix everybody's problems, even when they terrorized me, even when they vilify me and stigmatize me.

    People like me will not accept anything else.

    I'm a Madman but I'm not insane. There is a subtle difference in my definitions. I'm so angry that I don't care if I die or if everyone hates me and I got killed by a Jesus Freak trying to get my groceries one day… I'm still going to speak the truth and I'm still going to try to re-educate the world and redesign the world anyway I can to facilitate that education… or I will fail in my students will succeed or students of students will succeed…

    We are either going to grow the fuck up from a universal perspective and you petty children are going to drop your fucking opinions and start listening to people like me or she is likely to get worse or the downfall of civilization completely in the extinction of our species at the "worst case".

  30. At 2:38… You mean like blaming the digital age? Already pointed out this flaw in my larger response… To whatever five people that read my comments in the next 20 years, you can look there if it didn't get deleted.

  31. Watched the first 20 seconds, this guy seems like he’s hella faded on xans or something wth why’re you talking like a disabled elderly person

  32. My Gaydar went off big time in 5 seconds
    1% of the Population is gay yet they get 90% of the conversation

  33. Please don't ever bring him back.
    This guy is boring at best, absurd generally and outright silly at his worst. Blaming others is fascism? The problem with digital technology is that we don't have eyes to look into and expression to understand? That's all you have Dude?

  34. You should probably learn what fascism is before you use the word. The problem isn't just social media. It's actors thinking they have the insight to inform people about the world actors don't even live in. Go back to Hollywood.

  35. Hey John…..if you really think my "conspiracy theories" are false, then why not ask Obama personally yourself of why he has not shown his school records, let alone other vital records other than the birth certificate? If Obama is a legitimate citizen, he should sue all news companies that tried to supposedly defame him from not showing his records. Can you do that, instead of laughing about it??? Hmmm?!

  36. It’s always easier to declare digital communications dangerous. Its not, it’s dangerous to the status quo. Our conception of what constitute universal human experience is the problem. Plus, human right is not previously unconsidered in other countries, it’s conceptualized differently in different countries. It’s about time economists tackle the rationalist mode of decision-making and take human experience seriously and construct systems that accommodate a wide range of human experience.

  37. and for a second I thought he was trying to be fair and then he launched into the what amounts to parroting Hillary's deplorables comments where any doubt in their shiny future has to come from a position of bigotry. In you look more broadly, post the iraq war, a lot of politicians got in on soaring rhetoric* and/or not being establishment figures. Outsiders, newbies and showmen are standard at this point.

    * in the HRC/Obama contest, a lot of people said Obama's policies were vague. One publication described hillary as having substance and said by comparison, he was a "souffle". All of this was forgotten once he'd gotten the nomination.

  38. Fascism earned its dark reputation by its enthusiasm for war and conquest. Without WW2, tens of millions don't die, and maybe the most radical thing the Nazis do is expel the modest number of Jews inside Germany's borders to Palestine or Madagascar or wherever.

    Enthusiasm for war is the real force for destruction. In the 2016 primaries, Trump positioned himself as the biggest war critic after Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders. Meanwhile, Democrats chose Hillary Clinton, who deliberately built her political career credentials on being one of the greatest warhawks in a country that is the most militaristic on the planet, and seen throughout the globe as the biggest threat to world peace.

  39. https://youtu.be/6tA_GuYBxZU




    When the dominant narrative breaks down, any dissidents get smeared and censored. The Internet revealed the emperor has no clothes.

  40. Live however you want. You think your dead self is gonna care about what you leave behind but your dead self won't. Believe anything you like. But be nice. Be subjectively nice.

  41. "The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory is that conspiracy theorists actually believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is chaotic. The truth is, that it is not the Jewish banking conspiracy or the grey aliens or the 12 foot reptiloids from another dimension that are in control. The truth is more frightening, nobody is in control. The world is rudderless." – ALAN MOORE.

  42. Fascism your ass! Fascism and Left-Wing Socialism. Both Far-right and Far-left have dangerous conspiracy theories.

  43. Do the Hollywood dumbasses hire people to constantly tell them how fucking brilliant they are?
    This boring asshole talks about truth?
    He and his Hollywood friends are doing exactly what the Nazis did with film and other forms of entertainment in the late 1930's.

  44. Typical. Talk slow and serious. Say a few true things not to inform but to get heads nodding without thinking, then blame Trump and turn on the nonsense in hopes unthinking heads will keep nodding. One proof we need to drain the swamp is the crap we still have in the schools, the news media commentaries, Hollywood, and the courts.

  45. A few counter arguments to the speaker in the video:
    1 – The same way people can become more aggressive online, people are also getting over sensitive. The same thing that someone said a few decades ago and nobody cared, is now enough to trigger people. This has created a culture of snowflakes who need safe spaces.
    2 – The idea that people people argue that climate change is a hoax because they'd make less money is mostly not true. There's alot of money to be made by striking fear into people, telling them that the world will end soon if government doesn't start funding their green agenda.

  46. Remember, people used to say to anyone who said that US govt spies on it's citizens as 'Conspiracy' but then newsflash Edward Snowden confirmed it in 2013.

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