9 thoughts on “Farmer and social media influencer on struggles and opportunities in farming industry

  1. Hard to feel sorry for a group that votes against their own interests over and over. Tariff wars are easy! Need more welfare?

  2. More agenda from the media. Most Farmers like what Trump is Doing, Farmers would like less federal government interfering so they can take care of their land,and farmers have always dealt with Mother Nature. A climate reckoning? I just subscribed to Millennial Farmer’s channel- he is right, there is a huge disconnect, people(including newscasters and politicians) don’t know how their food is grown.

  3. Modern farming involves planting other people's land . If you have the equipment and someone else owns the land . No one takes the responsibility seriously.

  4. This information is about as generic and meaningless as it could be. Somewhere there has to be an advertiser reconsidering his options. 😕

  5. What is this farmers problem. Longer warmer growing seasons. More rain for crops to grow. More CO2 for plants to feed on.

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