Far-right protesters on the rise amid #Brexit anger says new report

Far-right protesters on the rise amid #Brexit anger says new report

a Reports found the number of protesters attending far-right demonstrations is at its highest level in 90 years as brexit sparks anger towards the country's elite according to the Commission for countering extremism tens of thousands of far-right protesters have flocked to London over the last two years many have coalesced around the trials of activist Tommy Robinson the senior researcher from campaign group hoped not hate police far-right extremists are taking advantage of the current political climate for meanwhile Home Secretary Sajid Javid has warned public figures to moderate their language to prevent the spread of extremist views this is not just a job for government alone but we will lead from the front because it takes the whole of society to challenge these values everyone has a part to play broadcasters who must not give platforms to extremists police who must swoop in on the worst offenders and public figures who must moderate their language and anyone can challenge the myths that are peddled by extremists that deepen divisions so tell your friends and shout it loud and proud that people from minority backgrounds do not steal their jobs they are not terrorists and there is no global Zionist conspiracy or to discuss the rise of the far-right I'm now joined by former you kept General Secretary poor locally well thank you very much for coming in what do you make of all this research I'm deeply disappointed that the Commission is actually classifying people who have serious concerns about the brexit betrayal as extremists or far-right it's in itself sowing divisions but it's perhaps not surprising when you look at the people that are advising the Commission it has a left-wing bent we have the former general secretary of the Socialist Fabian's we have a Labour councillor who has attended a far left stand up to racism event we have somebody from tell mama which lost government funding in 2013 amidst allegations that they were falsifying so called hate crime statistics and most disturbing of all we have the involvement of the far-left pressure group hope not hate now hope not hate are very strange because they will focus their intensity in great detail on the most peripheral figures on the fringes the loonies and the odd balls of the right but they're completely silent whenever it comes to extremism on the far left they will tell us nothing about that give you a prime example something which did interfere with democracy the Lewis chamise by election last year the far left was there they shut down a public hustings that all the candidates had been invited to attend and hope not hate work completely quiet about that it's a disgrace well let's let's move away from this and stay with the right just for this particular point I mean we can't deny that recent demonstrations for instance outside the Old Bailey in favor of Tommy Robinson are carrying more far-right sentiments more visibly than perhaps we've seen for a while well I haven't been to any of those demonstrations myself but one of the demonstrations about which concerns have been raised by I hope not hate was the brexit betrayal march and rally which took place in Whitehall in December of last year now I was at that rally it was about the brexit betrayal it wasn't about extremism and there were actually quite a few arrests there but none at all on our side all the arrests were of counter demonstrators of the hard left who were some few hundred yards away from the main rally so again it's the far left that is the problem in this country not the so-called far right you think I mean you mentioned breaks it I mean do you think the fact that brexit hasn't been resolved is leading to this polarization people are getting angry and of course they're getting angry on both sides I accept that you only have to look at the intensity of people's feeling who are demonstrating in central London against brexit there are caricatures of politicians Nigel Farage to reason may don't Trump all the rest of it this is the problem with our current political mentality people are being polarized on both sides and what I'd like to see is rather than pointing the finger at one side or other of the debate it's time for us to pull this country back together again well that's what resume said didn't she all about compromise you mentioned Donald Trump I mean Donald Trump obviously he's been in the news for his comments to those for Congress women to go back home I mean clearly racist what do you think clearly racist it's quite disgraceful I have a lot of time for Donald Trump I think he's unfairly maligned often times but that was really beyond the pale I wouldn't justify that okay that's also because the wider picture of Europe itself we do seem to be seeing a rise of the right if you're looking at the the election results do you think that perhaps these these parties for instance Yuki are responsible for leading society into a more polarized position no not at all we're reacting to the body politic nobody's been listening to us for years and years they've told us that we can't talk about certain issues such as leaving the EU I mean I remember when I first started becoming an anti-eu campaigner more than 20 years ago it was seen as loony it was seen as fringe but now of course it is mainstream and I think that people across the board are just concerned that those in charge of our politics aren't listening to the man and woman on the ground and finally you mentioned also Nigel Ferrari he called you Kipp supporters thugs what do you think of that well he was concerned about this rally this brexit the trail rallied that that's certainly true and I respect Nigel a lot and I didn't see any thugs at that particular rally there were certainly people that it was uncomfortable to look at there were people that had lost limbs that was scarred that had lost eyes that were in wheelchairs these were veterans who had been injured in the service of our country and I think it's very unfair of anybody to call those people thugs

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  1. I'm white, female and educated, but I've been on the receiving end of racism, prejudice, descrimination. and sexism from minority people but I'm not allowed to free speech.

  2. Hope not hate are the ones that are going to take this country back to the middle ages because there all a bunch of muslim loving pigs and trump says go home if you don't like it in this country

  3. There is no such thing as far right it’s people who have had enough of the 2 tier traitorous police and the corrupt government and the lying mainstream media . Far right is a made up name by the mainstream media to fool the left wing liberals into thinking we are bad people when actually trying to protect their children’s children’s futures

  4. What do they expect? The government have had warnings of this for a few years now but chose to ignore it.

  5. we are not far right we are just right we want brexit no sharia no muslims no mosques english parliament and a free tommy

  6. Far right implies a belief in ones genetic superiority over other races. How has wanting to leave a union of 27 white anglo European countries got anything to do with that??? This is a FAKE NEWS article.

  7. So that sagid is saying shut up be quite while we do the hell in we like government paid for from the very people who you want to silence .
    Sajid I Am shouting out there Is Zionism and you are one of them.

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  9. I’ve heard Economic experts say it’s not Brexit they’re worried about but labour getting in as there will be a run on the pound.

  10. I’m a gay middle aged man. Years ago I wanted equal rights, fought to get them and got them in the end – I was branded a leftie. Now because I object to the religion of peace trying to reverse that – I’m now a member of the far right – apparently.

  11. Brits really believe Brexit will solve their homemade problems. Well it won't. All those problems piled up because the Brits didn't do nothing about if for decades. Can't blame the EU for that. The EU ain't responsible for those problems.

  12. Hope not Hate should NOT be credited with the ability to pass objective assessment on any political matter in the UK.

    Hate not Hope as it should be called is a assemblage of seedy, sinister, shadowy, evil characters which is hopelessly discredited by its own actions and vile prejudiced agenda . .

    It should not be allowed the status of a charity and it's financial supporters which include the government are in fact supporting hate, prejudice and anglo-phobic propaganda – a very sad state of affairs indeed . . .

  13. Even UKIP and RT joining in the leftist lies. Donald Trump told those women, if they didn't like the country that had fed and clothed them and given them opportunity then they should leave, he never said go back home or anything like it.

  14. I know longer leave in Britain however I lived in ingland for over twenty years I believe that there is to many people involved around this issue… Also I don't think it's wright the involvement and comments that US gives… It gives the the idea that US supports brexit because the interest in the market and clearly Britain DHSS

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