32 thoughts on “Far right in Czech Republic: the politicians turning on Roma

  1. Deport Macron, Merkel, Soros, Trudeau and all the leftists to Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan, which they love so much! Let them enjoy their diversity there!

  2. Theres nothing wrong with populism or nationalism. If you don't assimilate, you're not welcome. It's really quite simple and it makes complete sense

  3. But something like 98% of the people labelled "far right" have nothing in common with the cretins usually featured in the "news". FAR RIGHT! is anyone who dares to paddle against the mainstream media river of lies

  4. Why is it the media never investigates the Far Left? Given how prone to violence that group is, wouldn't it be appropriate to do so?

  5. Typical MSM – superficial investigation, only see the (faking it) "underdog". Fact is, as my police-statistician friends report, the Roma do steal and are criminal – it's not prejudice or defamation – it's true.
    "Simple solution to this complex problem". Do I understand you correctly, you want the local people to empathise with and therapise the Roma and thus eliminate all their undisputed antisocial traits.
    I suspect they've long ago tried all that – probably when the Roma first appeared in the area, maybe 500 years or more ago. That's what often happens – people who have tried to be nice to these creatures and are now at theirs wits' end are labelled "far-right" and "racist" (etc., etc., etc.) by people who beam in from media-land and only see (and only want to see) the apparant situation.

  6. Just another C4 journalist seeing only what he wants to see… I've visited Plague many times these people aren't liked for a reason always a justified reason…

  7. Cigy nikdy makat nebudou, bordel, smrad, řev, hnůj, neplatit nic státu, vyžírat z našich daní, čorky, fety, dorážení na "obyčejné" lidi a ještě se z nich budou dělat chudáčci a přiživovat se na nich media a neziskovky pojebané. Mám s nima letité zkušenosti, netahám to jen tak z paty. Za celý život jsem potkal jediné dva cigány, kteří fungovali normálně, byli to chlapi, kteří se STYDĚLI za tu ostatní verbež a nechtěli s nimi nic mít. Nenechme si diktovat a nebojme se mluvit otevřeně o těchto problémech bratři a sestry !

  8. Czechia must be laughing now , all the Roma they had are now living in UK , living off british taxpayers and stealing off anyone they can

  9. The issue with Roma is that they don't build or create anything so they go to nations that do build good societies because they can't be effed to have law and order in their nations, or even sanitation.

  10. problem solved: send them back to north India were they originally came from done your problem has been fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. gypsies are useless vermin scum. drop them into the ocean for shark food. this stupid symmpathetic documentary fails to mention the harm that gypsies cause, similar to the illegal immigrant problems like crime and pollution

  12. Its NOT at all Racism. Its Natural Territoriality in all of our most ancient DNA.We get it from animals.
    Are animals "racist" ? Both sides of that enclave process are naturally territorial.

  13. Nazis are more center authoritarian. Just like how libertarians are far left socially and far right economically witch makes them center fundamentaly. Nazi's are far left economically and far right socially witch makes them center also except more athoritative.

  14. The maker of this "reportage" and his boss back in the channel that plays it and all responsible around it, deserve all of them to have gipsies camping outside their house. Perhaps then they will learn all what they want to know about what means to have to endure gipsies nearby your town.

  15. So cause they show one gypsy crying, the whole country should feel bad? Hahahahahahaahahahaa gypsies have robbed me and people in my city. They are scum.

  16. Oh look, it is the people that most in the west seem to call "Romanians" and "Bulgarians" etc.

  17. My mom was robbed by a group of teenage gypsy girls while visiting Pisa . They are all scammers, I see it everyday in the metro or streets of Paris.

  18. Yes we in Czech Republic are the biggest racists in the EU according to recent statistics, only the Communists had the Romas (Gypsies) under control and yes they were separated at that time. But generally this would happen to Muslims in Czech Republic as well, because Islam is similar like these Gypsies. Therefore no Muslim wants to stay in Czech Republic.

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