Far Left Ideology and Radical Sloganeering Will Guarantee Defeat in 2020

Far Left Ideology and Radical Sloganeering Will Guarantee Defeat in 2020

let me thank you first of all for watching for subscribing to the channel and also for hitting that little bells so you're always notified of new live streams and new videos now a couple of things here do you want to talk about activism or do you want to talk about elections activism is one thing what I believe personally what I want what I wish if I could write policy I would never advocate or mention if ever intended to run and win for politics never I believe drugs should be legalized I believe prostitution should believe or elite legalized I believe all that gambling and these these vice crimes I believe that in an absolute almost a rehabilitation of the Second Amendment I don't want I want to abolish abolish the death penalty but I'm pro-choice and against abortion okay great don't figure that one okay what I just said would not get me elected anywhere I cannot say that I cannot say that I cannot say it and expect to win last night I happen to just by looking to some channels came across the Tonys and I looked at the Tony Award and looked at some of the particular platforms that they were advocating and I look at Bernie Sanders and bootie giggity-giggity in and beto who by the way is zero well not as bad as our own Mayor Bill DeBlasio and within the confines of democratic circles and enclaves this stuff makes a lot of sense but when it comes to the rest of the country it is simply unelectable gibberish and platforming Bernie Sanders may be a hit among certain circles of the population and the Democrats they may love him he may be this last vestiges romantic socialist democratic source whatever it is he will never ever be elected president of these United States Biden has a better chance and by the way lest you think that is impossible for Biden to win if Biden were to conform his message to the following we have to heal we have to come together we have to put this political dissidence and argument aside maybe maybe he has a better chance so far absolutely not so remember one thing what you like politically what you care for what you and your friends advocate might never be electable the sooner you understand that the sooner you'll understand American politics and why some people win and some people don't thanks for watching right arm lock and loaded power to the people and comment as you see fit

28 thoughts on “Far Left Ideology and Radical Sloganeering Will Guarantee Defeat in 2020

  1. I'm conservative and hate prostitution, but I too believe that prostitution should be legalized. As long as they are of legal age, legalization should prevent them from being exploited, they can form unions, get decent healthcare, and they can also more easily leave that profession. When it's illegal, they live in the shadows legally and cannot escape that lifestyle.

  2. Decriminalize possession of a small amount of marijuana purchased from pushers. Get the pushers off the streets. In the states where marijuana is legal, go after those who have violated a traffic law and found under the influence. Treat this like you would a DUI or DWI. My two cents.

  3. Can Biden point to any legislation he was successful with from the 70's till the present day
    Trump done more with The Gambling commission legislation as a non-politician in the 90's than Bidens done his entire career. I highly recommend watching Trump lambasting the 90's gambling commission as being dirty in congress, its HI -Larious.

  4. Except of course that Bernie's ideas are supported by the majority of Americans – and even the majority of Republicans. Except of course that Bernie would have beaten Trump last time around – the polls in 2016 showed him winning by double digits. Except, of course, that in a fair fight, Bernie demolished Shillary in the primaries. Other than that, I guess you can believe what you want…

  5. IF Biden started the “come together- kiss and make up message, “ he’d be sounding too much like his former bestie ‘Hope and change”Obama.
    ( under whose watch over 3,000,000 people were deported, and drone strikes went through the roof by the way).
    At this point, the only message WE THE PEOPLE want to hear is that a bunch of the power players have been locked up for their high crimes.

  6. If it's Biden, he'll choose (actually already a done deal) Stacy Abrams as his running mate. I guarantee it. In fact, it will be Stacy Abrams regardless of who gets the dem nomination.

  7. Please interview Elana Freeland, author of 'Under an Ionized Sky.' Please watch all of her videos, and those of Deborah Tavares about the California fire tornadoes; Leuren Moret,etc.

  8. With a Clinton still alive, No body should vote for a Dem, Way to many folks compromised! Same in Rino Party! Mr.Trump is the anomaly ! Eh!

  9. Lionel, you don't get my vote. Doesn't it seem a little overwhelming, that 1 person or group of people would have all the right answers? I'm sticking with the eyeball plucking method of reform.👻


  11. So you think murderers should live and unborn babies should live or die depending on the choice of the woman. You're a little hypocritical on this one Lionel.

  12. Thank you for your videos that are under 5 minuets and to the point, no big words, none of that, just to the point!!!!

  13. where is Bidens backbone. Didn't he just flip his stand on govt.. funding paying for abortions.. Cannot anyone see this jellyfish has no will wave in any direction the wind blows

  14. When you have kids, your line of thinking would change with, legalized drugs , prostitute, all that stuff , the whole idea was and is that's someone else's kid, let alone your own. The dream of American/Amsterdam, is a parents nightmare .

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