26 thoughts on “Family Guy Destroys Political Correctness & Millennial Internet Culture

  1. A part of free speech is no slander or libel along with 3 other forms of regulation and they break them all. "Hate speech" is not on there however yet that upsets them.

  2. Love Seth MacFarlane. The episode of the orville where they go down to the planet where everyone upvotes or downvotes shit and has to go on an "apoloogy tour" hahaha

  3. A pretty good rule of thumb measurement of the depth of a person's character is how they react to an offered apology. Anyone who finds it impossible to accept an apology is probably the same person who would never offer an apology. Keep the fuck away from these "people" – because morally, ethically, culturally and intellectually, each and every one of them is an empty vessel.

  4. What is this tribal feudalism what are we in the Medieval ages is nobody here allowed to voice their opinion it is our First amendment right for freedom of speech I feel very strongly for this

  5. luckily I'm gen Z anyway millennials should not all be grouped up in this tribal Warfare we call politics and sjw they're most likely and more likely to be SJW's then everybody else anyway in short story these may just all be a cognitive bias which they are
    (THE END).

  6. Looks like the " Time Out " and "Participation Trophy " Generation are having a hard time figuring out life. 😂🤣🤣😂

  7. This video got it right, not all millennials are SJW snowflakes and hipsters. I hate that we are putt on the same boat. Also i prefer the term Gen Y over millennial, but that's just me.

    The other thing in the video that's true is, NEVER apologies, now a days that's seen as an admission if guilt and there is never an atonement. The mob will want its pound of flesh and then more

  8. I can't quite make out your accent. I'm from Ireland, you're clearly Irish, but your accent seems a little contrived. You have a slight Americans twinge in your pretentious narrator voice. I have no respect for you. 🙂

  9. Why is your avatar so tan? We all know you’re pale, Irishman. Don’t be a pussy. Great vid tho, bruh.

  10. He had lost me at this bad social media nonsense. Its just another way to point at technically as the sword in humanitys back

  11. It's true you should never apologise as the right people dont want it and wrong people will take advantage of it!!

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