Fake views about fake news – Just Right 595

Fake views about fake news – Just Right 595

The views expressed in this program are
those of the participants. Fauna I think there’s something we better tell you you
said that you missed reading most of all well the love of books is something that
we share with you unfortunately it’s gotten us into some trouble with the
ministry of knowledge what kind of trouble well there are some books which
we didn’t know had been banned and the police found him in our house they were
going to kind of super read it no actually it was the ideas in a book that
some people felt challenged their whole way of life but surely it had me against
the law to think welcome everyone it is Thursday February
the 14th 2019 I’m Bob Metz and this is just right broadcasting around the world
and online join us for an hour of discussion it’s not right-wing it’s just
right if you’re among those who are simply getting sick and tired of hearing
about fake news well I’ve got some bad news for you
governments and corporate media interests are banding together to
educate us on the dangers of fake news and of tampering with elections that
don’t give them the left-wing results that they want today on our show I have
some remarkable material to share that strikes at the very heart of the whole
fake news discussion when it started how it started why it started and what all
that has to do with Canada establishing its own Pravda network of fake news
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show today I sifted through a lot of very disturbing material and research
for today’s show about a theme that the left pretends to treat lightly and
superficially when everything for the left depends on this being taken very
seriously the fake news phenomenon and the whole issue of related censorship
attempts both by the state and by private interests if you haven’t heard
here in Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government has been taking
giant leaps and bounds towards controlling this country’s news and
very narrative whether it’s government funding of private media outlets the
continued operation of the state broadcaster CBC or the now planned
establishment of a fake news ministry these are all actions aspiring to
tyranny not to a free and democratic nation define fake news before censoring
it reads the Postmedia News editorial headline of February 1st quote the
Liberal government has announced an ambitious plan to curb fake news
political misinformation and foreign influence in the upcoming election some
of this is worthwhile such as the need for our cyber security experts to watch
out for foreign actors meddling in our affairs that said there is much in what
the Liberals announced on Wednesday that is not so commendable in fact some of it
is downright worrisome take for instance how the government plans to spend 7
million dollars for quote digital news and civic literacy programming end quote
they say this is to help commit Canadians understand online deceptive
practices but then they go on to explain it will teach people to critically
assess online news reporting and editorials they do not clarify what
reporting and editorials they’re talking about is this just an attempt by Prime
Minister Justin Trudeau to slyly steer Canadians away from media outlets not
singing his praises that’s the whole problem with the government’s plan
they’ve so far failed to define any of their terms reads the editorial well no
that is the plan do not define their terms leave everything in a muddled
approximation it’s the sure way to avoid being held
accountable for anything you say and to let people draw their own conclusions
and fill in their own blanks so that they’ll give you their agreement without
really knowing what they’re agreeing to to continue fake news and misinformation
mean different things to different people what do they mean to the
government so far we don’t know and that’s a problem we’ll have to stop
again no it’s not a problem because it doesn’t matter it would be a bigger
problem if the government did define fake news because we already know what
that means from observation fake news to the government is anything that’s on the
right this is a left-wing government to whom facts don’t matter we already know
that and as Daniel so astutely observed on a recent Danielle Mets show to the
left fake and truth are merely two different narratives each with
equivalent legitimacy I mean they don’t care it’s just you know all narrative
which narrowed is gonna win is it fake is it true it doesn’t really matter
the editorial continues the government needs to define their terms before
censoring for them otherwise what is there to stop this from becoming an
attempt by the government to arbitrarily denounce whatever they don’t like well
Wow defining what they want to censor in no way ever justify censoring anything
they already arbitrarily denounce what they don’t like since when has this not
been so the editorial continues the government is also creating a panel of
senior bureaucrats who will try to figure out which things circulating in
the online world are serious threats to a free election coming from a foreign
source they’ll then give a news conference informing the public about
these attempts Wow I mean I got a comment here again this
is so adding insult to injury that I’m going to loss for words is it not
obvious that free nations do not need official prob does when it’s so easy and
accessible to get accurate information simply by going online and all the talk
about fake information on the Internet the glaring part of the equation missing
is that there is a lot of accurate and trustworthy sources of information on
the Internet far more then I could cite anywhere in
the so-called mainstream media and that’s a fact
the editorial continues it sounds okay in principle but how will it work in
practice these announcements could cause further public confusion this is so
conservative no it does not sound okay in principle
to what possible principle is this National Post editorial referring quote
we believe Canadians already are informed and intelligent people capable
of sorting through the various news stories that come their way it reads
well if that’s true then how did the idea of government news conferences
informing the public about serious threats sound okay in principle to the
same editorial writer am I missing something here but the kind of
discussions that mainstream media has about fake news are completely
superficial and meaningless I’m still waiting by the way to hear about how the
Russians were in any way responsible for Trump getting elected or even if they
were how that would make any difference to the United States having a great
president right now if the Russians were responsible for that then we should
invite the Russians in a little more often don’t you think after all where is
it written that foreign influence quote end quote where is it written that it
can’t possibly be beneficial to the country in which that influence is being
exerted if the Russians brought to our attention a factor circumstance that was
proven and demonstrated to be true shouldn’t we have welcomed such foreign
influence it’s a given that every nation acts in its own self-interest now
beneath all of the pretense about fake news and Russian collusion is an even
greater pretense and that’s this whole notion of political election
interference which I have yet to see demonstrated in a way that has
materially affected anyone’s particular electoral vote or any electoral outcome
so why all the fear fake after all most of orders don’t have a clue about
politics or government never have they wouldn’t know fake from fantasy from
reality moreover there are only two partisan electoral options in the United
States you know realistically speaking Tweedledum and Tweedledee and here in
Canada we have tweedle three okay so what in the end is really the concern
that somehow the wrong political party of the two possible is in power and
that’s unfair because of influence that may have come from beyond the
electoral boundaries of an election contest I don’t get it there are only
two choices Republican and Democrat and whether a party wins an election because
of reality or because of perception is hardly an issue 99% of the time it’s all
about perception so why does fake news even matter what all this tells me is
that there’s a huge divide between what the people think and want their
governments to do and what the government thinks and wants to force the
people to do now on this side of our upcoming bumper from a January 11th cjb
kam 1290 roundtable discussion about seniors spreading fake news this is an
example of the superficiality and dismissive attitude towards fake news
that is routinely expressed by those on the left becoming back on the other side
of the bumper contrast but we’re about to hear with what we’ll hear from of all
people faith Goldie who has had her own share
of trials and tribulations with the establishment censors and censorship her
concerns are serious and considered yet she is among those were supposed to fear
in the wake of fake news all right this is a great story fake news we all know
what it is now and it turns out seniors are guilty of spreading fake news of the
most people over the age of 65 were most likely to share false news stories in
the run-up to the 2016 presidential election the study tracked 1,300 willing
participants this is important to point out when it comes to Facebook these days
yeah and they they tracked them and it turned out that the people over age 65
were most likely to spread that kind of news is that surprising I’m shocked no
older people not vetting their sources and then also on Facebook they still
think that as soon as it comes out that it’s got to be true right I’ve heard
that from people or you hear people talk about something like you overhear them
talking about it and you’re like that it’s not even close to the truth and
then you realize that they just overheard somebody else talking
I also there was an older lady I used to work with who
overheard a doctor talking about a cancer diagnosis wasn’t about her but
she went home and told her whole family and told everyone that she had cancer
and it ended up she didn’t but it was just one of those things she overheard
she got confused and then so it’s one of those things I guess I’m not shocked no
I’m with Ken I think that kids like I think about my kids in their age they
screen stuff like they if they see something the first thing they do is
Google they start to research and try and figure out the answer but I think
most other people are just like forward and I think the default setting for
young people is doubt and I think the default setting for older people is
belief I think why would someone go out of the way to make something up and put
it on the Internet whereas young people are like that’s
what the internet is like naive way of looking at thing I think that older
people are more skeptical and they and they’re really rooted in their beliefs
like this to me it’s Facebook but it’s a different version of the porch you know
well maybe it’s people getting out together on the porch just spreading
lies about the williamson’s maybe that’s because that’s how those that generation
got the news right you would get a newspaper you see it on the news and so
you took that as fact so when you see something come across maybe you just
don’t doubt it as much I don’t know I think so my parents are our older and
they they are skeptical and they do look at things so they wouldn’t fall into
that category yeah we’re making real generalizations here because your
parents are like that my parents are just gullible as all heck they will if
they’re if they see it if it’s on the internet if it’s a printed word then
it’s probably true that’s they and they would believe it I think there’s an age
where it’s like because I think of my kids even when they were at 10 or 11 and
everything they read or if a teacher told them something it had to be true
and that we would have these conversations from like that’s not
necessarily fact so I think there’s like this age where you believe you believe
you believe and then you become skeptical
and then somewhere in there at some point you go okay maybe it’s like it’s
there there must be some truth behind it so it’s like where does that start to
shift and and falter like where people start to become cynical again and how do
you talk them out of it right like Ken’s parents how many times have you had that
conversation I’ve stopped you know I used to my mother would share something
directly from Facebook and it was like not even from Facebook she would just
you know post something that’s completely wrong and then I would send
her a message like hey mom where did you where did you read that oh I saw it on
on a on the side of Facebook like oh no in the ads SEC yeah yeah exactly Melissa
McCarthy was arrested yesterday I can’t believe it like no mom that’s not dude
just a tiny bit of research so I’ve just stopped I just I’ve given up like just
it’s gonna happen so I let it happen my phone make news alert from the government what
am I supposed to do all right Canada take off the tinfoil
and lose the VPN because the feds have just announced their big plan to combat
fake news and foreign interference during Canada’s 2019 federal election
the government has created a task force to combat tampering it also selected
five senior bureaucrats to inform the public and political leaders if there’s
metal indeed Canucks we all knew we were a target never mind Mueller’s run away
Russia investigation that shored up exactly
no russia-related indictments we all know that the Kremlin is heavily
invested in the spread of mederi nationalism and he is gonna stop at
nothing until this site-geist finds its way to Canadian shores here are the
things they’ll be focusing on number one combat foreign interference the feds are
gonna be working with various federal bodies like CSIS and the RCMP in order
to do this now you might be thinking what is foreign interference look like
well it might look like something like say a government giving money to media
to push their agenda number two they’re going to strengthen organizational
readiness now I know what you’re thinking organizational readiness what
does that look like at first you might think of a bunch of people getting
together and mass disliking I don’t know say a Facebook post or a mean but
seriously the government says that it will include something called the quote
critical election incident public protocol if the government becomes aware
of a quote interference attempt during the election a panel of senior
bureaucrats will be convened to figure out whether it’s serious or not a
substantial threat to a free and fair election and if so a press conference is
to be held to inform We the People number three the government will have an
expectation of social media platforms to act and hey I’m sure that social media
platforms are going to love Justin for this I mean YouTube just this week
announced new censorious algorithms to make sure that no conspiracy theories
and fake news get out there and it’s not like they’re giving us real guidelines
no they say that the changes will also affect borderline content or videos that
come close to violating the company’s rules for content without technically
crossing the line citizen preparedness for fake news this is not a joke
nope their plan includes seven million dollars to fund workshops workshops that
aim to teach Canadians how to sort through political dis information as
well as critically assess online news reporting and editorials I don’t know if
these workshops are mandatory for all Canadians I don’t know if you get like a
license that you’re an expert in foreign interference election meddling and fake
news I don’t know if they’re just gonna be broadcast through our TVs if we’re
gonna see the Holograms when we get to the bus stops you know people teaching
us how to read Twitter comm I don’t know what I do know is what the government
has told me and that’s that seven million dollars of your money is gonna
go into creating said workshops now in case there are any slow kids over there
in the back let me explain to you why this is a really really dangerous path
we’re now on Justin Trudeau the guy who’s in charge of the country right now
and his party is currently getting into the business of policing information
about a campaign in which he seeks re-election this is a massive conflict
of interest secondly it literally what is fake news I think CBC is fake news
they think I am fake news there’s no legal definition how expensive should
our definition be just articles what about means or tweets or just a
mean chirp things said on Facebook for instance and why should we trust a panel
handpicked by the prime minister to decide for us thirdly what qualifies as
foreign interference I’m not trying to be facetious over here but if we do not
have something say like a strict definition like a head of state or a
state body actually directly influencing an election or a coup for that matter
then what are our markers what if just enough American IP addresses retweet the
same thing that’s critical of the prime minister does that count
as foreign interference lastly what are the implications of our government
working with an untold amount of social media organizations to try to shut down
fake news at a time when what qualifies as news and journalism has frankly
become more democratized than ever there is no doubt a tremendous amount of
people who identify if you will as journalists who are also just members of
the public at large now in stark contrast where the CJ BK panelists you
know all knew what fake news is faith Goldie had a much more realistic
perspective and one that’s much more honest quote CBC is fake news they think
I’m fake news there is no legal definition end quote and with that she
hit the nail on the head that roundtable discussion we heard about seniors
spreading fake news had nothing whatsoever to do with fake news other
than for one super great irony the panelists referenced the origin of their
discussion to a Facebook source a Facebook poll and to noting that the
fake news stories being spread by seniors related to the run-up to the
2016 US presidential election this is so significant
can’t be understated in there very superficial and dismissive discussion
about fake news the roundtable panelists were active participants pawns if you
will in the whole fake news strategy an older lady mistaking a private
conversation about a cancer diagnosis and telling her family has nothing
whatsoever to do with even just news let alone the fake variety that’s not news
at all it’s a nothing it’s life it’s a daily conversation it’s not news so why
not why don’t we just drop this fake news discussion and have a discussion
about true news and we can get real news from sources that have earned their
trusted reputations it’s as simple as that however two comments relating not
to fake news but to news consumers in that panel discussion caught my
attention one of them was this statement that the default setting among the young
is doubt the default saying among the older people is belief well that hasn’t
been my experience that’s a generality that depends entirely on what the
subject news matter is and the source of that news when one of the panelists
commented that quote my parents are gullible if it’s a printed word my
parents will likely believe it end quote well there’s an understandable reason
for that first in the days when things were printed when the news was mainly
printed the source of that news could be held accountable it couldn’t just be
edited online or retracted without consequence
second the print media of the past for all its faults and biases in the news
department was held to a much higher standard of objectivity to the point
where in most instances the media on the left and right would still fundamentally
agree on a given set of facts and circumstances today that is no longer
the case we live in the age where facts don’t matter and that’s a reality that
seniors in particular are still having a tough time accepting but here’s an
opinion piece that really got me going this is from The Globe and Mail of
February eight headline Canada’s plan to counter
foreign interference is a good start but the works not done written by Marcus
Cole go just for the record I’m gonna read the whole thing through I disagree
with every word in here and I’ll tell you why when I’m done
quote for Western nations the threat of foreign interference doesn’t just mean
bad actors working to affect the outcome of an election but also the systematic
undermining of our democracy by sowing discord and breaking down trust in our
institutions media and society and with a federal election looming Canada needs
to know it as a target for the kind of attacks
we’ve already seen in Europe and the United States in recent years while the
Kremlin may not have an obvious champion in the coming federal election attempts
to amplify narratives that threatened to divide Canadian such as those which
promote those in this anti-immigration and the anti global ISM on both the
right and left will intensify measures announced last week by the Liberal
government to address threats of foreign interference and disinformation
targeting Canadian democracy and elections set a very good foundation for
defending Canadian democracy against malign foreign interference regulations
and specific details about how to curb the spread of disinformation on social
media for instance are missing from the plan these platforms have demonstrated a
lack of commitment to counter attempts by foreign actors to spread propaganda
adjusting platform and search algorithms to minimize the promotion of
disinformation from known sources is also required one of the most important
features of the government strategy is funding for digital media literacy
awareness and efforts to promote critical thinking when consuming news
from various social media platforms encouraging Canadians to diversify their
media consumption and to do so through a critical lens will help build a healthy
media environment that is resistant to the threat of foreign disinformation
it’s an uphill battle that we need to start somewhere
the government’s proposed national task force made up of Canada’s major law in
four and intelligent agencies should also
provide the effect of monitoring an analysis that is required for an
effective counter disinformation campaign I can’t believe what I’m
reading the task force will alert other senior officials as well as a quote
critical election incident protocol Group end quote
which is tasked with deciding when to inform the public of attempts to
directly interfere with our elections but a much-needed early warning system
that speaks to the broader public is needed to Canada should consider
following the European model where alerts and weekly digests of
disinformation campaigns are published on an official website called EU versus
disinfo to forecast address and respond to pro-kremlin disinformation by working
with our allies in NATO and the group of seven as well as civil society groups
and activists in Canada such pre-emptive systems can be developed to alert
Canadians to current disinformation and other forms of cyberattacks raising
awareness of NGOs that represent foreign interests as well as their domestic
supporters must also be a core government priority so Canadian media
policymakers and the public can make informed choices on important issues
finally the government response includes advising federal political parties about
security protocols and disinformation but this will require significant
involvement in order to build trusts and eliminate any doubt about partisan
intent and if they fail to do so the stakes are high foreign and domestic
disinformation actors can seize on these uncertainties in their efforts to break
down trust in our system the granting of high-level security clearance for
representatives from each federal party is a good first step to but it is
vitally important that federal party representatives also meet with each
other on a scheduled basis like the German system in order to maintain
ongoing understanding and to reinforce overall trust both during and beyond the
writ period the government strategies re welcome start but their success and our
democracy depend on effective coordination and transparently
nonpartisan implementation strategy as well
additional measures to keep Canadians alert to all attempts to interfere with
our democratic processes and quote my lord have you ever heard such BS this is
blithering crap this article is fake opinion to the core
fake fake fake it strikes me as it’s pure propaganda it’s the kind of thing
you might expect from a media source that’s getting paid by government
subsidies maybe notice what’s cited is fake news talk about anti-immigration
and anti globalism which he lying Lea tributes to both the right and left but
it’s the left alone that would use the terms anti-immigration
when we all know the concern is illegal uncontrolled immigration or anti
globalism when we all know the real concern is national sovereignty identity
and self-determination this Hedda toriel is evil and it appeared in the pages of
the golden male the writer is described as a documentary filmmaker human rights
activists and Russian disinformation expert he’s a senior fellow at this
McDonald aurier Institute Center for advancing Canadian interest abroad he’s
a foreign influencer by profession can anyone spell hypocrisy here you know a
quicker and more honest way to achieve the results advocated by this writer
would simply be to shut down all social media news outlets and simply let the
government take over with its own brand of lying Pravda that’s what he’s calling
for this fake commentary and printed in the pages of a newspaper The Globe and
Mail you know is hilarious a paper that will assumedly be among the recipients
of the Trudeau government’s propaganda spending on fake ideologies fake news
and fake democracy you know you know the irony currently is that Trudeau is
accusing The Globe and Mail of printing false allegations about his SNC libel
and scandal that’s capturing the attention of Canadian media these days
so I wonder does that now mean that those appointed five senior bureaucrats
must now call a press conference and warn us about the fake news coming from
The Globe and Mail about this scandal that I’d like
see the writer is calling to put shows like just right out of existence
entirely you know he complains that quote how to curb the spread of
disinformation on social media for instance are missing from the plan
adjusting platform and search algorithms to minimize the promotion of
disinformation from known sources is also required and quote well just right
has already been adjusted to fight this very tactic and we gave you the
disgusting details on some past broadcasts Facebook arbitrarily
considered our show just right to be a foreign political influence in the
United States because we record the show in Canada apparently our website being
in the United States and our show being broadcast on WBC q in Monticello Maine
does not qualify as being in America of course it’s none of those things
it’s just Facebook being dishonest and arbitrary about its motives I noticed
this article from Bloomberg News and London Free Press Zuckerberg on
sidelines as Facebook shares slide this is from January 4th 2019 quote Mark
Zuckerberg multi-billion dollar stock sale ground to a halt in the final
months of 2018 the Facebook Inc co-founder didn’t sell a single share in
the fourth quarter when the social media company stocks tumbled twenty percent
amid a broader market rout Facebook shares have dropped about 38 percent
from a record u.s. of two hundred and eighteen sixty two on July 25th as the
firm faced mounting criticism over its handling of user data and policing of
content those issues will take years to fix Zuckerberg has said and quote well
that’s very interesting to say the least before Facebook began to refuse our paid
attempts to promote this show on Facebook we had no problem boosting our
promotions to an American audience and suddenly and without any justification
except for the generalized crap we’re hearing about fake news and the kind of
advice we just read in this editorial we were no longer permitted to boost our
show to American audiences for an influence don’t you know but cite me one
fake thing that we’ve ever broadcast on our hundreds and hundreds of broadcasts
to help understand why Americans have to be
protected from this show so you can well imagine how loudly I laughed when
reading about Facebook’s share slide since refusing to accept our money to
promote just right on Facebook and since we stopped advertising on Facebook
entirely hello no wonder you’re losing money other people are doing the same
thing Facebook has increased its solicitations to us encouraging us to
boost our shows but when we do that we get a rejection notice why are they
bothering us with their ads don’t they have algorithms to tell them that we’re
to be avoided haven’t they put that in their system something is seriously
wrong with Facebook and it sounds like Zuckerberg is going to take years to fix
it probably because it’ll take years before
the next election occurs but all of this is just a tip of a huge iceberg and it’s
time to get to the root of the problem whatever you’re doing right now this is
a time to sit still sit down and take notice of what you are about to hear
over the next 10 minutes or so you will learn the truth the facts verifiable
from a most credible source about what fake news is who invented the term as we
hear it today and it only takes one person who actually knows what they’re
talking about to destroy the fake news and lies of millions that person is
sharyl Attkisson who spoke at Hillsdale College on April 11th of last year and I
strongly urge all of you to check out her entire presentation which is
something that needs to be heard by every citizen in North America
our first speaker this morning is sharyl Attkisson she’s an Emmy award-winning
investigative journalist and the host of Sinclair Broadcast group’s Sunday
morning news program full measure previously she has been a correspondent
for CBS News and an anchor and correspondent for CNN for five years
while at CBS she hosted health week a half hour weekly medical news magazine
on PBS she’s a graduate of the University of Florida College of
Journalism and communications and she spent the early part of her career
working in local news as a reporter and anchor and producer in Florida and Ohio
she’s received multiple awards for her work in addition to her Emmys these
include the Barbara Olson award for excellence and independence in
journalism and the Edward R Murrow award for excellence and investigative
reporting in the midst of her excellent reporting work she also finds time to
write she is the co-author of a college textbook and author of two bestsellers
the most recent of these is the smear how shady political operatives and fake
news control what you see what you think and how you vote fake news is the
subject of her talk this morning please welcome to the podium sharyl Attkisson so the subject of the talk was requested
that I speak about his fake news a myth and I thought I’d begin with an informal
fake news survey so question number what is going to be when do you think the
term fake news in its modern context started being used and argued about
number two who invented the phrase fake news in its modern context I have some
information for you all today that will surprise you I too was surprised the
answer the question is fake news first arose in its modern context as far as I
can tell about two months before the election
seemed like we’ve been talking about it for years we had not been I did a pretty
thorough search on this as I research for my book looking for the ords of this
of this I was surprised too I remember though looking back that I first heard a
hint of it when President Obama gave a speech and it was on October 13 2016 at
Carnegie Mellon in this speech he insisted that somebody needed to step in
and curate information in the wild wild west media environment I thought it was
strange because literally absolutely nobody was asking for any such thing
people in the public were not saying please government or please third party
step in and curate my information for me but I knew it was no accident or
off-the-cuff remark because when the president makes a speech like that and
comes up with an idea it’s an initiative it’s an agenda so what was it I wondered
and whose interest did this know did this notion serve my question was who
wanted to control the information we were receiving on the internet and on
the news and why if you think about it the Internet is really kind of the last
bastion where you can get every kind of idea imaginable for better for worse
uncensored so if the government for example were to try to shape or censor a
topic well the Internet is the great equalizer if the government of the
corporations or the news media we’re to try to controversial eyes certain topics
or sense of them well you can still go and exchange these ideas on the Internet
who is it who doesn’t want that to be the case is the question
but why didn’t we call any of this fake news when did that begin and why well
the first widespread use of the phrase in its modern context that I could find
was exactly one month before that President Obama’s speech at Carnegie
Mellon on September 13th 2016 a nonprofit called first draft announced a
partnership to tackle malicious hoaxes and fake news reports seem to be a
legitimate thing they said the goal was to separate wheat from chaff and prevent
unproven conspiracy talk from figuring prominently in internet searches to
relegate today’s version of the alien baby story to a special Internet
oblivion then came President Obama’s speech the
topic of fake news suddenly dominated headlines from this point on every day I
mean it seemed to me as if the media had been given its marching orders fake news
they insisted was an imminent threat to American democracy in November a month
later President Obama continued his hard sell against fake news this is 2016 he
said in a speech if we are not serious about facts and what’s true and what’s
not we can’t discriminate between serious
arguments and propaganda then we have problems if everything seems to be the
same no distinctions are made then we won’t know what to protect we won’t know
what to fight for I didn’t know what he was talking about mind you this was all
the beginning of the campaign that we soon saw to aggressively fact-check not
only some in the news media that every word that Trump utters or tweets not as
predecessors or his opponents mind you but Trump and it was also the beginning
of the push that we saw for Facebook and Twitter and other third parties to judge
and call out supposedly fake news but as a reporter who studied the industry that
seeks to manipulate us on behalf of paid interests I know that few themes that
arise on the news or a few things distributed through politicians arise
organically a note of propaganda site interviewed for my book the smear told
me you know every image that crosses your path and
daily life or on the news was put there for a reason
often by someone who paid a lot of money to place it there my question was was
the whole anti fake news campaign an attempt to shape our views and limit our
access to certain information by labeling selected websites and stories
as fake and controversial izing them but who would be doing that in the job that
I have I find that if you follow the money you often get a lot of answers to
questions so I want to know who is behind the funding for that nonprofit
first draft and it’s anti fake news campaign I did a little digging what
really wasn’t very hard it turns out the funding came from Google Google’s parent
company alphabet was headed at the time by a man named Eric Schmidt who happens
to have devoted himself to Hillary Clinton’s election campaign offered
himself up as a strategist to her campaign and is listed right now on open
secrets as her number one campaign donor through his company alphabet with more
than 1.6 million dollars so his company funded this nonprofit first draft around
the start of the election cycle so it’s no surprise that Hillary Clinton
supporter and surrogate David Brock next turned up prominently in the anti fake
news movement on December 5th 2016 Huffington Post published an opinion
piece from Barak that seemed to blame conservative fake news for Hillary
Clinton’s defeat Brock wrote this fake news is an existential threat to our
democracy for the first time in our history we have a Minister of
disinformation Trump advisor Steve Bannon who commanded a vast
proto-fascist media empire operating from a plum perch in the West Wing
the next day Brock held a conference call detailing his plans to remake his
flagship smear group Media Matters into something new an effort that pivoted
from being a Fox antagonist he said into an arbiter of what he called alt-right
fake news outlets all conservative of course Brock announced that he would be
working personally to pressure Facebook and Google to better filter out fake
news the first order of business he said is for some of these companies to adopt
standards and clean their own house just days after Brock and Clinton
announced that they were going to go after fake news Facebook cracked it
announced new steps to curb the spread of fake news
CBS reported at the time that that step was the result of months of public
pressure as far as I could tell the months of public pressure came not from
the public at large but from special interests executing an orchestrated
campaign in fact Brock would later tell his donors his and Media Matters that he
was largely responsible for forcing Facebook’s hand but suddenly everybody
was talking about fake news it was on the headlines day in and day out then
Along Came Donald Trump the wild card probably the only politician that could
have her would have been able to change this dynamic and kind of turn the
campaign on its head each time advocates cried fake news Donald Trump called them
fake news he made it his rallying cry at rallies and he called out CNN Trump
redefined it basically fake news he said was mainstream news organizations
reporting false information or making mistakes due to sloppiness or bias so
now the right had its definition the Left had its definition meantime Trump
kept up the drumbeat and worked his supporters into a frenzy with his own
campaign against his definition of fake news he managed to co-opt the term so
completely that this kind of cracked me up in January of 2017 even some of the
entities that were originally promoting the phrase started running from it and
crying uncle for example a Washington Post wrote it’s
time to retire the tainted term fake news in fact it’s now commonly Mis
reported that it was Trump who thought up the phrase actually it was just a
hostile takeover Trump is pure genius and I’ll say it
again until I have reason to say different best president ever in my
lifetime and on the fake news front Trump pulled off a hostile
epistemological takeover I love it define or be defined Trump did exactly
that by defining fake news as quote mainstream organizations reporting false
information or making mistakes due to sloppiness or bias now the first of two
key concepts here is mainstream organizations not blog posters not
elderly people who gossip on their porches and not random Facebook posts
the second key concept is false information not disinformation not
foreign interference not influencing not opinion or any of the other BS and never
clarified terms that we hear from the left this brings us back to the opening
of the show today the National Post editorial that lamented the lack of
definition regarding what the government intended to censor or educate us about
but for the left that is the plan to not define its terms leave everything in a
muddled approximation but still Trump towers above the rest and yes we’ve used
that play on words before but it still holds true worst president ever of
course Obama and I nailed everything that there was to say about Obama within
a week or two of his initial election victory on this show so when you hear
from someone with credentials like sharyl Attkisson the weight of her
testimony Dwarfs that of all the major fake news networks combined once it is
realized that the whole fake news phenomenon was started by the left in
the Obama camp and that it was all about trying to defeat Trump and about nothing
else then the super great irony I mentioned regarding
roundtable discussion about seniors spreading fake news suddenly makes sense
the panelists were all reacting to a piece of outright false propaganda
generated by a Facebook poll regarding seniors during the last presidential
election and now we know who put that idea in their heads so it’s not the
Russians we should be worried about as sharyl Attkisson discovered and
experienced the threat to the Fourth Estate and to democracy comes from
within the nation and always from the left and she’s not alone in her
experience this is from the January 3rd Epoch Times written by Zachary ste bur
former New York Times editor slams papers Trump coverage of biased quote a
former New York Times executive editor says a newspaper she used to work for is
quote unmistakably anti-trump Jill Abramson served as the outlets executive
editor from 2011 to 2014 in a soon-to-be published book merchants of truth
Abramson writes that the New York Times has become President Donald Trump’s
opposition party some headlines contained raw opinion as did some of the
stories that were labeled as news analysis she said the open bias has led
to more distrust of the media Abramson noted and the younger staffers
at the Times have pushed for open opposition against Trump the more anti
Trump The Times was perceived to be the more it was mistrusted for being biased
the more quote-unquote woke staff thought that urgent times called for
urgent measures the dangers of Trump’s presidency obviated the old standards
the poll of nearly 4,000 adults in July 2018 revealed that 72 percent of
respondents believed quote traditional major news sources report news they know
to be fake false or purposely misleading end quote so there’s another perspective
giving the same kind of testimony that we heard in our previous clip and just
to put icing on the cake here’s Ben Shapiro responding to a question asked
on one of the many college campuses he speaks at on November 8 2018 how do we
stop yeah with what they’re doing dividing us
they’re dividing us greatly how could we exchange something to make it different
what can we do well I mean I think the first thing you can do is stop watching
CNN and MSNBC I don’t I figured I figured from your question I was
assuming that but I mean the good news is that I think that the the age of a
dominant left media is basically over the fragmentation of the media is one of
the reasons I’m hopeful the fragmentation of the media has taken
place like our website which shouldn’t exist three years ago now gets 140
million page views a month so this is so and we’re not unique in that area like
there are there a lot of places that are getting more viewership also I think
more long-form engagement is happening too and one of the problems that I have
with cable TV as in general is that you have to make an argument in two minutes
flat or three minutes flat which encourages you to make the broadest
possible version of the argument and also to strawman the arguments we’re all
better off watching you know hour-long exchanges then then we are watching the
sort of the cable news cycle and right now it seems like the the polarization
that’s happening on cable news is largely driving a lot of the hatred
because the easiest way and but the easiest shortcut in politics to victory
is to attack the character of the people you’re talking about
and then something I’ve been trying to work on myself because it’s so hard not
to just call people stupid but it’s right but with that said yeah there’s a
there’s a Jewish principle called dawn the cuffs loose which is to suggest that
you have to assume the best of intentions on the part of people as a
general rule that doesn’t happen too much in cable news but I think the
threat of the mainstream media is waning I think president Trump has demonstrated
that’s one things president from his demonstrated full scale you know this is
what I’ve always said about President Trump is the president Trump is a hammer
in search of a nail sometimes gets a nail and sometimes gets a nail sometimes gets
a baby but when he hits it Ogoni when he hits a nail it’s deeply satisfying and
when he and when he’s hitting the media for being dishonest it’s obvious that
they are not only being dishonest in in how they cover some stories but that
they are dishonest about their central reason for being they say that they’re
there to objectively cover the truth and they are not which is why there’s a poll
just last week showing that well 58% of Americans didn’t trust President Trump
to tell the truth 64% of Americans thought that the Preem the media were
more polarizing than Toronto which is an amazing statistic so I think the media
are on their way out I think they got a problem let’s be very clear to be sure the right
to free press is enshrined in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and for
good reason it’s how we the people are able to shine a microscope on to our
government proceedings it’s how we keep them accountable and are able to
criticize them freely so to keep a good sort of democratic hygiene to this place
and let’s say that truly fake news does come out a real lie provable lie about
an individual or a political party or about the Proceedings of some historical
event Canada already has libel and defamation laws on our books so what
gives why spend millions of taxpayer dollars for this new sense aureus wrong
think let’s be honest panel well of course we already know the answer it’s
because the Prime Minister is now trying to target you know members of the known
mainstream media who he can’t just buy off and that’s something that we should
be very concerned about because without freedom of the press and freedom of
thought and expression yes including online our entire democracy is at risk
consider the contrast between faith Goldie’s conclusion that our entire
democracy is at risk because of the Trudeau government’s initiatives and
global mail editorial as Marcus Koga who concluded that our entire democracy is
at risk if we don’t enact the Trudeau government initiatives and he even says
those initiatives don’t go far enough Shapiro’s optimism about the left-wing
media breaking down would be something I would share were it not for the fact
that the leftist governments both in Canada and the US are now taking state
action against media freedom it’s precisely because the left is beginning
to lose that it will cheat and lie this is the side of the political polarity
remember to whom facts don’t matter and they’ve
pretty much said so already now Marcus Koga referred to an official
European website called EU versus disinfo as a source for ferreting out
fake news but you don’t need governments to set up such sites and when they do
they’re even more suspect than a lot of the fake news itself triple w dot hoax
dot news and there’s an example of a private website and here’s an article
from there by ethan huff published January 24th with a head heading fake
BuzzFeed and it reads quote were not even through the month of January and
the mainstream media has already been caught in at least four fake news
reporting scandals thus far this year most recently and notably the Covington
High School Fiasco at the Lincoln Memorial even as they whine and moan
about being called fake news fake news outlets like CNN The Washington Post
BuzzFeed news NBC News and the New York Times have all been repeatedly caught
completely making up stories that never actually happened and peddling them to
readers and viewers as fact the following are the four most notable fake
news stories hit airwaves in print over the past several weeks one not a single
conservative was outraged over some stupid video of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez
dancing at the start of 2019 a wave of fake news outlets suddenly began
reporting the conservatives were outraged over a video clip that nobody
actually watched the premise of this fake news was that conservatives were
trying to embarrass the Socialists by sharing the video and that backfired to
quote Reuters CNN and others but there’s just one problem
no conservatives even watched the video let alone tried to share it in an
attempt to embarrassed in New York representative in other words it was a
completely made-up attempt by fake news to claim some kind of lame gotcha moment
against conservatives number two there’s no evidence that Lindsey Graham only
supports President Trump because of secret proof he’s a closeted homosexual
roughly nine days after spreading the ACO hoax the mainstream media decided to
manufacture another fake news headline this time taking aim at
Lindsey Graham the premise of this fake news hoax is that Graham only supports
President Trump because of commander-in-chief has secret evidence
that Graham is a closeted homosexual not surprisingly there’s no proof of
this whatsoever but neither CNN or MSNBC the two fake
news outlets that led the pack and spreading this fake news have ever
corrected retracted or apologized for the Hulk
number three just prior to the Covington hoax BuzzFeed News published a
ridiculous hit piece about President Trump that claimed he instructed former
personal attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about a real estate deal
this fake news was so blatantly fake that none other than Special Counsel
Robert Mueller came out to declare it as such completely embarrassing BuzzFeed
and exposing it once again as a purveyor of fake news lies and then of course
there’s the Covington boys were victims of racist hate speech by black
supremists and allowing Indian elder and of course rather than retract the
ridiculous fake news story BuzzFeed simply rode the mainstream media train
into the station of its next fake news lie about the Covington Catholic High
School boys who nearly every fake news outlet on the planet falsely accused of
harassing and taunting an Indian elder on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial
well we know all about that one because we covered it in quite a bit of detail
on this show but to get to the point in the bottom line of all of this I guess
the media is dishonest about its dishonesty fake news accusations have
become the screen behind which the worst media fenders hide in the broadest
democratic terms fake news is a non-issue to the electoral process most
voters are already operating not on fake news but on fake understandings of
everything from who their candidates are to how the electoral process works and
why I mean they’re still wacko screaming one-man one-vote in opposition to
America’s electoral college I mean that’s I call that a democracy
derangement syndrome and then of course is a rewriting of political and national
history to create fake history that coincides with the fake current
narrative of the left most voters don’t know where understand the difference
between left and right or why it’s even necessary to know that there is a
difference fact they did they dismiss it you know to their own detriment worst
most of what they do know is knowledge as we’ve said before that just ain’t so
ain’t so much what people don’t know that gets them into trouble it’s what
they do know that just ain’t so doesn’t that speak to fake news right to the
heart and the great irony of that saying in today’s context is that it’s most
applicable to those who believe in the mainstream media it’s far less
applicable to those who go shopping for alternative coverage and views online
it’s not elections that the left is concerned about its ideas like our
planet of the apes opener today the individual’s ability to think
independently and for himself is the greatest threat to anyone who’s a
collectivist and sees other individuals as mere pieces of some collective so
fake off already and get real the real news that is and the real ideas remember
some things are black and white some things are wrong and right some things
are left and right and some things are just right like this show which returns
again next week when we will as always continue on our journey in the right
direction and you’re invited until then be right stay right do right act right
think right and be right back here we’ll see you then
to color and color it’s a black and white candy and this formula for
invisibility is really quite simple all objects reflect or refract light waves
the formula merely changes the absorption ratio so the optic nerve is
unable to transmit light impulses of the cerebellum thus rendering anything it
touches imperceptible well that’s easy for you to say max in other words it has
the ability to cloud men’s minds hey chief then it come in very handy during
an election

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  1. Would the "George Soros donations into the Trudeau's Fund" count as a "foreign-interference"???
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