Failed Trump 4th of July Speech Biggest Embarrassment Yet

Failed Trump 4th of July Speech Biggest Embarrassment Yet

So it literally rained on Trump’s parade over
the weekend. I totally checked out of news and politics
starting up like right after we finished the July 3rd
show. Um, didn’t pay attention to anything until
last night when I started preparing for today’s show. But I did hear from friends that it rained
and it poured, uh, during Donald Trump’s, uh, very absurd, kind of this dictator asked
military parade involving tanks and so many other things. But the real hilarity was actually in Donald
Trump’s speech where he said lots of things that just made no sense whatsoever. A, this is just the funniest, dumbest thing,
which tells us that Donald Trump is ignorant, not just on the big stuff, relationships between
countries and issues of foreign policy and trade and economics and social issues and
on and on and on and on. He’s also ignorant just about basic human
timelines in a sense. Donald Trump and his speech meant to, I guess
be inspiring, called the salute to America on the 4th of July, mentioned the heroic continental
army taking over yes airports during the revolutionary war, a for independence from England. And of course there were no planes or airports
in the 17 hundreds but that I guess doesn’t really matter. Check this out and the explanation which I’ll
play for you later is even funnier. The continental army suffered a bitter winter
of valley forge, found glory across the waters of the Delaware and seized victory from Cornwallis
of Yorktown. Our army, Mandy at it read the ramparts. It took over the airports. It did everything it had to do and at Fort
McHenry. Yeah. What on earth is this guy talking about airports
in the 17 hundreds I received a really funny email about this from Gordon. Gordon said, Dear David, I’m a 325 year old
air traffic controller and I wish to protest that nobody told me that there was a job for
me at any of the multitudes of airports in the USA in the 18th century. In order to make ends meet, I was forced to
drive a tank at the battle of Yorktown whilst my brethren fruit flew supersonic jet fighters
from the nearby nuclear powered aircraft carrier. If I had known about these airports, I would
have jumped into my Tesla to get to the ATPCO recruitment office in Trump tower. Best wishes, Gordon Bane. So the, the explanation from the Trump administration
is that the teleprompter was faulty for a moment. Now that’s funny because that could mean two
different things. Are they saying that a faulty teleprompter
incorrectly added align about revolutionary war era airports? That would be a weird thing. Like normally when things glitch, they don’t
put up coherent language that points to inaccurate historical assertions. That would be a weird sort of glitch for a
teleprompter. The other explanation is the teleprompter
glitched in the sense that Trump had to ad lib briefly, and what Trump adlibbed was that
there were airports in the revolutionary war. Another really strange moment was where Trump
was praising American inventors, and he mentioned the Scottish born Canadian citizen inventor
Alexander Graham Bell. Check this out. Our quest for greatness unleashed a culture
of discovery that led Thomas Edison to imagine his lifebelt Alexander Graham Bell, to create
the telephone, the Wright brothers, to look to the sky and see the next great frontier. We’re Americans. Nothing is impossible. So really strange to talk about how great
Americans are at inventing stuff on the 4th of July and mention Alexander Graham Bell,
who of course was Scottish and moved to Canada where he was a citizen when he invented the
telephone. Again, this did not seem to be a teleprompter
glitch. It actually seemed to be part of the script
or Donald Trump adlibbing himself, both of which raised a number of questions, another
embarrassment, and as a reminder, because so much of this is related to teleprompters
failing or Trump reading strange things from the teleprompter. Remember what Donald Trump thought about Barack
Obama’s use of a teleprompter. One Example from 2012 when Donald Trump tweeted,
why does Barack Obama always have to rely on teleprompter, uh, on teleprompters? Many other such examples. Of course, Donald Trump, the guy in the glass
house throwing stones, has teleprompt prompter reportedly glitching. And suddenly Trump thinks there were airplanes
and airports in the 17th hundreds. Here’s Donald Trump blaming the teleprompter. You have a little appreciation. The media, generally speaking, loved it. They loved the evening. We had a lot of rain. I stood in the rain, the teleprompter went
out, so I had the teleprompter went out and kept going on and then at the end it just
went out. It went [inaudible]. So I could have said, ah, and actually right
in the middle of that sentence that went out. And that’s not a good feeling. This guy is just the funniest. There’s any, despite himself, Trump a, if
it weren’t so embarrassing internationally, day after day after day, he has no fun for,
for a guy with no sense of humor whatsoever. He is inadvertently funny in ways that he
can’t even understand. A president should not get so confused by
a teleprompter going out that he starts saying there were airports in the 17 hundreds right? Is it too much to just expect some basic knowledge
if quote, the prompter went out and Trump mentioned that the civil war was ultimately
decided by who had the better internet technology, would we accept that? Say the teleprompter went out. Of course, he said the internet technology
at the time determine the winner of the civil war. No, we wouldn’t accept it. And this is just a stupid,

100 thoughts on “Failed Trump 4th of July Speech Biggest Embarrassment Yet

  1. It wasn't just this trainwreck of a speech. The WHOLE event was a huge failure. Trumpy wanted a big military parade. He didn't get that: the few tanks and AFVs the Army loaned out were too heavy to run on Washington streets so they had to be parked at the Mall as static displays, and because of security restrictions on the airspace over the capital, the big airshow was limited to just three planes from each air-capable branch of the service plus the Blue Angels, which is no more that you get at any air show in the South or Midwest. Generals and Admirals skipped town. He didn't get whole divisions of troops marching past, just a few military bands and colour guard units. The whole thing was tossed together almost literally at the last minute after people had already made their July 4th holiday plans weeks in advance, which means he didn't get the massive crowds or big ticket attendees he was hoping for. They had to start giving away tickets days before the "big" event. The major networks dumped him, and it rained. The speech going off on its bizarre tangent about seizing airports during the Revolutionary War was just the capper to Trumpy's biggest public embarrassment — domestically and internationally — of his misbegotten term. If anything, he now looks even smaller and more pathetic than before, which was the exact opposite of the intended object of his hijack of the July 4th celebration in the nation's capital.

  2. The rain is an omen that life is pissing on Trump’s parade. Our Blue waters will also quench the Red flames that are literally burning our beautiful planet and us into extinction.

  3. His celebration didn’t do anything to make this country better. He said nothing we didn’t know…except about the airports of course. Why did he spend those Millions of Tax dollars for this stupid parade????? He should NEVER EVER EVER speak of anyone else spending tax dollars. Period.

  4. The drama in his voice really added to the hilarity of the whole thing. I really hope someone makes a montage of Trump's most memorable moments for the 2020 campaign.

  5. His supporters don't care as long as they all think some arbitrary snowflake somewhere is shedding liberal tears they will wallow in old rapeys crapulense.

  6. Alexander Graham Bell became a naturalized US citizen in 1882 because as an alien he was not permitted to acquire patents on his inventions in the US.

  7. Expression or lack thereof on support faces indication there not even listening and doesn’t matter what he says

  8. My hat is off to the person who loaded the script into the prompter. I'd take a job loss to make Trump look like such an exceptional fool and bufoon.

  9. Your commentary is degrading lately Dave.

    This is JV material at best, nitpicking a mispoken statement during a 40 minute speech?

  10. Trump is so STUPID!!…i get fucking headache every time i hear that irritating voice …its like somebody slaughter a pig..

  11. Poor old Dumbo don he should have gone on a history excursion in a telephone booth with Bill & Ted on an Excellent Adventure be excellent to each other 👍

  12. Of note is that when Trump made the idiotic claim about airports – not ONE face in the background looked confused…

  13. Did not mention Tesla.
    I believe it was the cultural heritage of Tesla that caused his being shunned originally and make no mistake Tesla being shunned was sanctioned in official circles causing or allowing for him to die alone and broke while Thomas Edison benefitted enormously . Trump did acknowledge Edison praising him as the genius that was actually Tesla . One of my childhood heroes was Thomas Edison and I had to discover this was another of many lies . I wonder does Trump still believe Washington chopped down a cherry tree ? Or Lincoln taught himself arithmetic on the blade of a dirty shovel by the light of the fireplace in the little log cabin ? I didn't know the one about airports at the battle of whatever .

  14. He said he knew the speech cold, but yet still made that major faux pas because of issues with the teleprompter! He's peeing on our legs again!

  15. I'm not a Trumpy, but if the President can't talk on independence day, then who can? His speech wasn't great, but he has never been great going of script.

  16. Referring to Fort McHenry in this context seems to be a conflation of the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812, during which the slaveholder Francis Scott Key penned the words which would become the national anthem.

  17. I feel kinda sad for Trump… I pity him for his lack of humility and self awareness. A person can never grow wise if they never admit their mistakes…

  18. This is when the teleprompter was supposed to broken and yet he kept staring at it. He only stepped away from the teleprompter when he wanted an applause, even then the audience were going to clap, but sort of did.

  19. Can just picture Putin in absolute joy with what he managed to help do to the United States of America. You were at the top, and now you're laughed at

  20. Nobody uses the word “ramparts” nowadays. Trump read that word from the teleprompter right before he said “airports”. So, the teleprompter glitch was a lie.

  21. This is the worst…???? You're the worst David. You're the ignorant conspiracy pushing leftist, descendant of Nazi Argentinians. GTFOH

  22. Little known fact – George Washington was a fighter pilot who kicked British ass according to the new Trump-approved history textbooks. After the Battle of Endor in the War of 1812, fellow pilot John "DaDeuce" Adams reportedly said to Washington; "Woodtooth, you're dangerous! But you can be my wingman anytime!"

  23. I guess the Brits were sending their Red-Coats to America via the Concorde — you know, in just a few hours. And those passengers [soldiers?] were keeping tabs on the war via the Internet on that Concorde. Britain would have announced their arrival, but their teleprompter went out.

  24. Drumpf's favorite naval hero is the great American sea Captain, John Paul Jones.
    Oops … Not a Captain. OOPS … Not American. OOPS … his name wasn't Jones.
    Bet he even thinks the Battle of Bunker Hill was fought at Bunker Hill … it wasn't: it was fought at Breed's Hill. But I'll give him that one: most decent, patriotic non-criminally-insane Americans don't know that one, either.

  25. Could Trump's speechwriter just be goofing off at Trump's expense, filled with the joy of July 4th celebration, and maybe some alcoholic beverages?

  26. Has Trump ever laughed? Does he know how? Does he ever feel the emotion that would result in laughter?

    He seems to be as capable of laughing as a Witchfinder General. Meanwhile we have seen all previous presidents laugh, even at themselves.

  27. Trump speaks like a deranged liar. Can’t even stand his delivery, he lacks all integrity, just a superficial clown. Then blames the TelePrompTer. “Stable genius”.

  28. Not to defend Trump, but you should learn some local history, David.
    Alexander Graham Bell may have been Scottish, and he may have been a Canadian citizen, but he invented the telephone in Boston, MA. He was a professor at B.U.
    Seriously, I hate to defend Trump, but this is a fact. The patent was filed in America because it was invented in America while he lived and worked in one of the original colonies and everything.

  29. The Peter Principle in live action. Tinyhands is ceo, but in all america there isn't a office really suitable to his talents- so Donnie just kept falling upward until — 'POTUS'! Really lord, he's POTUS?

  30. Stupid president on earth.. he dont know anything about history at all.. hahaha.. you american who support this motherfucker also stupid like him.. 😂🤣😂🤣 “make america great again” 🤔 so shame..!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  31. Yeah I'm a Trump supporter and I must say that was pretty embarrassing.
    So yeah this is probably the stupidest thing a president has ever said.
    Probably number 1 thing said
    On the scale of stupidly

  32. I just thought How stupid! … and then realise that the corporates place him there to entertain us in a passive way.

  33. George along with his band of good ole boys captured 25 stealth fighter know the stealth jets Trump says no one can see.

  34. In regards to trump and his followers believing that there were airports in 1776 I will tell you something I was taught and then told two trumpests, when I was in third grade and was being taught about the revolutionary war we were told about the “shot heard ‘round the world” and one of my classmates asked our teacher if it really was heard all around the world and she said yes, it really was, the Earth was so quiet that day that the shot really was heard all around the world, and for the next few days I wondered about how scary that must have been for people in Africa and Asia and Europe to hear a gunshot and not know where it came from, and when I told two trump supporters they didn’t think anything wrong about what I was taught.
    Now about trump saying Alexander Graham Bell was an American inventor I can’t fault him on that since I was taught that too, that he was born and raised in America and you saying that he was born in Scotland and was a citizen of Canada is the first time I’ve ever heard that.

  35. Why is it when I try to listen to Dave Pakman all I here is blah blah blah. Just can't stand that our 45 is so much better than your worst president of all time 44

  36. We need independence from ISRAEL. USA now a tribute-paying colony.Our Founding Fathers apparently wasted their time.

  37. Trump could rape a 13 year old on 5th avenue, in front of the whole world, Trumpanzees would still make excuses for him!

  38. Ah, sir, I disagree. I think being called a Child Rapist at every turn would be most embarrassing…even to a sociopath.

  39. "They manned the air…." "they seized the airport…." " Under the rockets red glare…." "1776…." I am speechless…… Ladies and Gentlemen.. Your leader. WOW…

  40. One plane costs the state 10 thousand and hour plus not even mention the one plane that costs 100 thousand with fuel and time costs for a speech is it really needed no it’s really not.

  41. Hey I'll be the first in line if trump wants to deport immigrants I'll gladly sacrifice my citizenship. Just like one of my best friend said who is an army veteran if he wants to deport immigrants start with Melania she wasn't born here either.

  42. Nothing is impossible for Americans is a lie Mr trump corporations and government because you are killing the American dream lol. Best video so far I have seen of yours today.

  43. I wonder if 1776 came up on the teleprompter, Trump paused for a while and then said '' Sixteen minutes past six in the evening.''

  44. Donald Only the hires best people. Why would you think his speech writer's or technicians would be of a higher grade than his Sexual Predator Freeing, Foreign agent acting, wife beating Cabinet members?

  45. Even Trump can't believe he's president. And to be perfectly honest, he's more of a cheeseburger-swilling, bimbo whoremongering liar….so cut him some slack.

  46. Possible assassination attempt was reported on President Trump before speech! How well would anyone else do at presenting speech with your fucking life on the line! You Trump haters make me sick!

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