37 thoughts on “FAFSA and Financial Aid Myths and Mistakes

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  4. Hi. I wanna go into didgital animation. Will FASFA help me with getting the drawing tablets and computers I may need?

  5. Can you get a grant if you decide to go back to school and you already have a Bachelor's degree?

  6. Fin Aid is based on your grade you will get approved for a certain amount regardless of grades. HOWEVER. You need to be in good standing with the university. You need at least 2.0 gpa and you need a certain percentage of progression to keep it.

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  9. So what if you fail all of your classes in one semester, will your FASFA automatically be taken away, or just decreased?

  10. The family making too much money is not a myth, you get nothing but loans if you make too much money

  11. Bullshit. It's all based on income and financial status. Unless you're poverty stricken you will not qualify for more than a couple thousand bucks.

  12. Hi Kantis! I was halfway through the video until I remembered I just saw you at the STEM conference in September! Thank you for this informative video.

  13. How is applying for financial aid different for a graduate or professional student? Is there still aid available?

  14. I have a question. when I used all my FASFA money and I put my savings into the bank to make my FASFA money equal, does the government will do something on my account or other things like I won't get the FASFA money anymore?

  15. its really sad when you have to resort to youtube to learn this shit. getting anything done at my community college is like pulling teeth. everyone has an attitude and doesnt really want to help. they just want you to leave

  16. Thought that my wife and I made too much and that it would weed us(daughter) out of Scholies. Thanks for info stating otherwise !

  17. GPA does count for fafsa , many kids get cut off of FAFSA due to their gpa being to low or even withdrawling from classes. i hope all of you do your reasearch and dont only go off of what this video says. been cut off from fafsa for low GPA before lol been there done that.

  18. Hey guys I don't have time to watch video but could anyone let me know something I'm concerned with. So this is my first semester at college and I received a refund before the semester started. I'm about to be headed into my next semester but my grades were low my first semester. WIll I still receive the refund next time around since this was my first semester or no? I'm a little concerned I wont be able to afford living on my own without it. Thank you for your time.

  19. I tried to fill the application ,my problem is the application ask for the Tax for the year 2016 and I don't have Tax for that year because I'm on the SSI , I got for 2012,2013,2014, no 15, no 16, and the application stop here ,what shall I do?

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