Facebook Declares War on Nationalism

Facebook Declares War on Nationalism

Henry was a globalist leader powered and motivated by large corporate interests and trans nationalists her vision or rather the vision of her puppet masters was a common hemispheric market in her own words the reason why globalists are terrified by the current nationalist uprising is because somewhat shockingly when a nation regains its economic sovereignty its border control its trade and the ability to control its own currency things get a shit ton better for the citizenry and a hell of a lot worse for the vultures blood sucking power elites of course that's not going to stop the globalist from desperately trying to cling to power by their fingernails and derail the nationalist uprising by any means necessary one such example is Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg now he thinks because he has a shit ton of user data on you and he's seen your cat photos and your relationship status and the food you eat and the holidays you go on and the narcissistic selfies and the needy status updates that you leave on your Facebook page he thinks because he has all of that but he knows what's best for you and indeed the rest of civilization Mark Zuckerberg has revealed deep-seated concerns that the tide is turning against globalization oh no he's serious mark does this keep you awake at night I've shorty censorship on your platform has been sufficient to control the minds of the users on your platform no honestly I feel so bad for you mark I mean why are people so against globalism it's it's almost like they're global of phobic it's almost as if the average citizen doesn't appreciate having their lives fucked over by anti-democratic money-hungry counts in an interview with the BBC the Facebook founder said that fake news polarized views and filter bubbles were damaging common understanding common understanding trying to read that again you mean the dome plebs are being exposed to fake news aka the truth the alternative media and so you brought in Snopes to vet articles you brought in Snopes the vet articles that people share on Facebook seriously and what does polarized views mean people are not allowed to have differing opinions to each other now mark is that right so now we know that beyond any doubt that Facebook is going to clamp down on a knee now sentiment on their platform from my reading of this their definition of fake news is simply content they don't like that's anti-globalist even if it's factual because facts be damned he said people have been left behind by global growth sparking demands to withdraw from the connected world no mark their jobs are gone their currencies are practically worthless multiculturalism is changing the culture of their nation as well as undermining its safety globalism is the robber baron pillaging the wealth and resources and the wealth generation of a country the potential and the resources of a nation are carved up by a class of ruling elites who create monopolies on entire industries through bureaucracy and regulatory control countries are basically turned into zombified money-making colony states with no autonomy or ability to self govern that's the reason people are withdrawing from your connected world mark we don't really want to join your board hivemind thanks very much we will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own your culture will adapt to service us resistance Mr Bond in a call to action he said people must not sit around and be upset but act to build social infrastructures in other words echo chambers of thought online where everyone agrees with the globalist agenda am i right when I started Facebook the mission of connecting the world was not controversial mark dude you you have a website okay it's a social media platform where people share I think probably too much of their personal information but Facebook is not a nation it's just a website and when there's no electricity when there's a power cut Facebook disappears it's virtual stop trying to make it sound like you're the ruler of 1.86 billion people you have users mark not citizens they use you and your platform not the other way around it was as if it was the default assumption that people had every year the world got more connected and that seems like the direction things we're heading in mark I think you're confusing the ability for the internet to allow people to communicate across the world in real-time with open borders or something the sentiment suggests I think you need to spend more time off the internet now that vision is becoming more controversial no globalism is cancer people are waking up to that fact shockingly people want their votes to matter and to not have to count Oh to the demands of unelected globalist elites or to have to give them the correct answer by voting for a second time see the EU mr. Zuckerberg interview comes alongside the publication of a 5500 wor letter that he's written about the future of Facebook in the global economy edit mr. Zuckerberg quotes Abraham Lincoln who spoke of acting in concert and talks about spiritual needs are you trying to turn globalism into some kind of religion now civic engagement and says that many people have lost hope for the future no that's projection actually Trump and brexit were built on hope I think that the loss of hope here I think that's why the globalists for a couple of decades maybe longer people have really sold this idea that as the world comes together everything is going to get better yep and it was utopian and a crock of shit if people are asking a question is the direction for you managed to come together more or not I think the answer is clearly yes humanity mark sorry okay you're conflating these things okay so Humanity is when I send money to a country that's been affected by something awful so a natural disaster or tsunami earthquake whatever what does that have to do with globalism imagine your house is a country and the government outlaws locks on your front door you should never vet the people who come into your house you know because that's bigoted you don't want to discriminate between friends and family and total strangers let everybody into your house because that's equality and tolerance and it will never end badly I asked him whether he felt president Trump agreed with his view that bringing people together and the connected world would lead to greater progress mr. Zuckerberg did not famously attend the roundtable of Technology leaders hosted by the new President and I bet you're still smarting from that one aren't you I don't think I'm going to speak to that directly answered carefully you can talk to him you could look at what he has said and get a sense of that the thing that I will say is the lot of folks will look at this through the lens of one or two events and I really do think this is a broader trend what are you saying okay this is just fluff talk what are you actually saying cuz I have to read between the lines here okay speak plainly mark right these are just corporate buzzwords about empowerment and building infrastructure right this is just nonsensical horseshit what are you saying basically translation centralized power open borders TTIP type stuff I want to squeeze the Golden Goose for a few more billion a lot of today's biggest opportunities will come from bringing people together whatever that means whether that is spreading prosperity or freedom or accelerating science or promoting peace and understanding meaningless pleasantries and peor talk there's no substance here he doesn't give a shit about freedom free to think so long as you agree with mark mr. Zuckerberg said a lot of challenges we face today are also entirely global like fighting climate change it's not nearly as big a deal as they'd like us to believe it is oh don't get me wrong global warming is happening and I'm not a skeptic about that or anything but its effects are happening at a much slower rate than they want us to believe climate change is the big scary bogeyman to increase carbon taxes and introduce new energy regulations but the elites just look at them here virtue signaling they've got the answer you know they care about the future of their nations and the world even though everything they do demonstrates they are concerned only with short-term gain what do you trust these people with the future of your planet and lemarchal is at these climate summits all the time and she's destroying Germany demographically and culturally through the migrant crisis why do you think she cares about the future of planet Earth for more on climate change I've made a video on my second channel the Dave Cullen show which please go and subscribe to call the truth about An Inconvenient Truth link below in the description he goes on to say or ending terrorism or ending pandemics or when a civil war in one country leads to a refugee crisis across different continents not so not so at all the globalist agenda led to the creation of a super state called the EU and that anti-democratic abortion is frosting terrorism onto its member states millions of people are now affected by this across the continent and the working and middle class are having to pick up the tab in terms of welfare refugees need our help absolutely but pathological altruism is the path to self annihilation see Sweden political ambitions would you like to meet president Trump I asked I would like that not to be the focus of this I don't really have much comment on that so that's a no obviously it's somewhat two tracks from the focus of what we're trying to do here again that's a no so he's against Trump against nationalism and he wants to deploy Facebook in such a way as to clamp down what he calls fake news this clear demonstration of political bias need i say anymore if you're using facebook for content consumption for news media you're getting beaten over the head with this guy's agenda and you need to be aware of that but mr. Zuckerberg added in a free society it's important that people have the power to share their opinion even if others think they're wrong I don't actually need to be told that mark um I actually know what my rights are Thanks our approach will focus less on banning misinformation and more on surfacing additional perspectives that information including the fact checkers dispute and items accuracy Snopes Snopes Snopes right so so basically less on banning information once surfacing is someone others burying news stories you don't like in your feed which your former employees admitted to doing so that's inconvenient isn't it so manipulate the algorithm to increase the likelihood that people will see Pro globalist very far leftist news stories from the mainstream media not about right some may argue there is a question of legitimacy here that no one voted for Mark Zuckerberg and question his right to outline and attempt to execute a vision of the world being a corporate citizen is really important he said we operate in a lot of different countries all around the world we need to help build those communities we need more users and this is what I'm trying to do in my personal philanthropy setting an example hopefully for other entrepreneurs who will build things in the future for how you should give back to the community and to the world yes mark I think it's fair to say you are indeed setting an example for other entrepreneurs people like Bill Altman of Mines comm or Andrew torva of Gabbi I you are definitely inspiring them yeah the actions recently the behaviors of Facebook and Twitter towards its users and towards free speech is definitely inspiring entrepreneurs to build other platforms not in the way that you would hope obviously but that's what happens when you push totalitarianism censorship and you don't give a piss about user privacy Facebook is just a website and just because you're rich doesn't give you the right to dictate how entire nation states should operate I care deeply about all of this and it is a work in progress we know mark and we don't care and it's gonna fail anyway guys that about does it for this video just to final note to say that once again I'm getting comments on some of my recent videos and indeed on Twitter people saying that they're being automatically unsubscribe from my channel once again so if you'd like to go ahead and hit that subscribe button again and also hit the bell icon thing and do whatever you have to do with the Bell thing I I thought just being subscribed was enough but now you really have to be into it in order to you know keep up with your content creators on YouTube bizarre really but there you are thank you very much for watching and I'll see you next time bye

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  1. Now I'm going to probably ramble on here on this subject I have been researching the globalist since Barack Obama took his second term it all started with Jade Helm 13 now what people don't like or don't understand is this globalists agendas you see we the American people or Americans like being free freedom now say I said I'm going to be start my own type of globalism in my globalism would be based on what our forefathers in America created know if you did that is a globalist in other words what I was sorta suggesting is we take what is great about America and expanded over the whole world sort of making a whole world United States if we did that as globalist there were too many trouble but the truth in a nutshell is the globalist decided to base it on communism and dictatorship I mean check this out first the globalist want to depopulate the Earth I don't know about anybody else but I certainly he'll don't want to die to give up my rights and privilege of living on this planet all because certain Elites had to multiply like rabbits that's one thing the American citizens would be against killing innocent people next they want to control you the globalists do by being some sort of what surrogate parent by telling you what you're allowed to do where you're allowed to go what you're allowed to say where you're allowed to work what you're allowed to eat where you're allowed to live starting to make it sound like you're a borg drone don't it you have no rights you have no freedom to express yourself it's stagnation Plus the idea living conditions that the globalist want to create for their Utopia Society is appalling I saw this one YouTube video where are they broad at Chalk Outline on a concrete on the sidewalk and they measured out the size of your living dwelling that the globalist have planned out for Humanity and it it's about the size of a jail cell that's right a jail cell compared to living in a house or living in a trailer you're living in a little box that's another thing I don't think humans are going to like now then let's talk about our children for once when this dictatorship allows you to procreate after the baby is born it is now property of the state in other words they take your children from you and raise them the the globalists do you don't raise your children they do you have a baby and you never see it again that's what I've researched about the agenda 2030 another thing each and every person will be microchipped implantation in other words you will have a chip in your body that will control you now I'm not making this stuff up this is all in long length of reading of agenda 2030 this microchip that's in you will be a tracking device tracking your every move by Big Brother it will have your medical history and it will have your bank transactions and other words you use this as money to purchase food close what have you now there will no longer be money currency that ship will be at now imagine you broke the law by speaking out against the globalist very symbol they take that chip in your hand or wherever and they freeze your assets in other words you go to buy something can you can't buy anything no food no water nothing think about that for a moment no food no water nothing because they're punishing you for speaking against them you're sitting there starving to death because you spoke against the globalist and they froze your money that you work for yet you still have to go to work for free now doesn't that sound like a really great Utopia to be under the globalist rain Tumi in short it is now the way I see it they are the crackers the Masters and this whole planet will be a plantation and all us commoners are slaves that is what agenda 2030 is you're the slave there the Masters

  2. So true about Facebook being a borg hive, I mean nobody wants to talk about anything controversial on there, the only thing that people care about is what you had for dinner last week, cute puppies and kittens, and which sports team won the championships last week or whatever…

    So dumb…

  3. Facebook Declares War on Nationalism" Bright. Internationalism is your choice and that is good. But, how much does it work?
    Only, Internationalism from each nationalism is possible. Nationalism cannot distroyed. right?thanks.

  4. I hope Facebook will collaboratively procrastinate principle-centered methods of empowerment and intrinsically facilitate customized models.

  5. Look. I don't mind if we go global but don't sell your​ national sovereignty​ and identity to the super government who can't tolerate the demand of the people.

  6. fuck jews are truly the satanic. when you dig behind the globalists it all leads to jews, that why these try and shut people down with hate speech laws. Jews hate nationalism for white countrys, but look a Israel full Nationalist. Fucking bullshit artists

  7. wow you were totally right about youtube un-subscribing. I just noticed that I'd been unsubscribed from your account too. What the heck…. I'm going to have to start keeping a master .

  8. 7:20 climate change has nothing to do with the elites, they simply promote it. It is entirely science-based and factual, not political. Stop conflating the regressive left and climate change, just because some obscure politicians or politically motivated scientist have made erroneous claims about climate change does NOT in ANY WAY change the science of it. Stop, Conflating, Science, And, Politics, For, Fuck, Sake.

  9. I don't believe Zuckerberg created facebook. If you ever listen to him talk unscripted he seems to be clueless on the most basic concepts of web design.

  10. It pains me to hear you say you wish you could help refugees, m8. I wouldn't give them the steam off my piss.

  11. Very good. I agree with u on globalism and that countries are being made to be zombified colonies for the gain of wealth, power, etc.. for the already wealthy.

  12. Mark Zuckerberg should be hung, he should be fucking strung up for allowing his company to empower theocracies to punish people because of their "blasphemy laws." https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/jul/19/facebook-pakistan-blasphemy-laws-censorship

  13. https://www.patreon.com/posts/14442712 This text is descriptive of the issue of censorship and blocking

  14. I have to make you disappointed most people on Facebook They do not write politics but they write about what they did yesterday or the long movie They'll go and watch and so on

  15. When he says Global, he may mean that people from different countries and different continents should talk to each other

  16. Maybe you mean different things when you say globalization, maybe he means people across national borders are talking and communicating with each other. Then Facebook and Youtube have a problem and governments say we have some demands on you. Therefore, an entry can be censored in Australia while the post can be read in Sweden

  17. Facebook Mark Zuckerberg fuck is another STALIN. Fuck him. Facebook will go down in flames along with Zuckerfuck. Facebook is not the future, hahahahaha

  18. Well as my great-great grandfather always said "you know you're speaking the truth when the YouTube Bell don't ring for your subscribers", yeah he was nuts but a visionary.

  19. When I hit the like button it doesn't add a number. Just another way youtube messes with peoples video's they don't like.

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