45 thoughts on “Facebook banning all white nationalism on its platform

  1. Good. White Nationalism needs to be treated with the same weight as Islamic Fundamentalism. I find it humorous that we spent a certain amount of time bastardizing jihadists, ISIS, and the Islamic State, yet the same trends that lead up to the rise of those same people is what is causing white nationalists to grow.

  2. but does not ban jewish nationalism some one please explain how zuckerburg gets away with this. and yes there have been jewish attacks on mosque and Israel puts up plaques for the heroic terrorist.

  3. Are you REALLY serious about action? Worldwide Facebook Walkout July 4th through 7th! 3 days profit loss could finally prove to Zuckerberg that America has HAD ENOUGH!! @t No sponsors, no ads…just Conservatives with a soul AND a backbone!

  4. STUPID! We are slowly taking away everyone's rights. Telling people what they can do and think all because a certain few decide what is offense, and that they are trying to create a homogenized society . That's not going to ever happen in a multcultral world with different races AND different RELIGIONS. Only in a Longan"s Run society. Which would be nice. Don't forget the Soma.

  5. Lol, these white boys are mad af in the comments! Don’t worry, Trumps gonna fight for y’all rights 😂

  6. False flag created by socialist pigs. Soon all patriots will leave as facebook becomes the platform for liars, sociamist and far left. Well say good bye to paying custoners, say hello to same fate as MySpace.

  7. I challenge Facebook if you have guts ban Hindu nationalism against Islamic ideology and we indians will show you the right place under our feet.😡😡😡

  8. If you'e White, you're not allowed to be a nationalist. In the meantime, our successful training partners in Asia prove that diversity of race is worth nothing to them.

  9. So how is it that Facebook ban's White nationalism, but leaves Black nationalism untouched? There's probably other racial nationalism groups I have never heard of. But I am curious, especially in this culture of hate towards anything white. I saw news last week about how "White people are responsible for pollution" too. Hate is Hate folks.

  10. How much do you wanna bet against that they're not going to be banning leftist separatists? 1 million, 10? I'd win, so it doesn't matter

  11. "I'm proud to be Black" said the Black man. "I'm proud to be Asian said the Asian man. "I'm proud to be White said the Racist.?

  12. Multiculturalism leads to low-trust and observably low-functioning societies.

    The study, the largest ever on civic engagement in America, found that virtually all measures of civic health are lower in more diverse settings.
    In the most diverse communities, neighbors trust one another about half as much as they do in the most homogeneous settings.

    From a biological standpoint, multiculturalism is unsustainable. Eventually the disparities between groups will cause shifts in demographics. Lower birthrate groups, which are lower because they are K-selective compared to others, will eventually be demographically replaced in an egalitarian society, or even worse, a society that puts the economic and social interests of the r-selected above the K groups, which is what we have now. This is only amplified with infinite immigration-based economic expansion policies that the west has.

  13. It's a good start. But incomplete and racist. Instead of targeting white supremacists/separatists/nationalists, they need to target all supremacists/separatists/nationalists. The many racist pro-black groups in the US continue to have free rein to spread their hatred of white people. As do the racist Chinese in their hate speech against their Uighur and Tibetans neighbours. And the Russians in their on-going savagery against the Chechens and Ukrainians. Either block it or or block none. To only block one small part based on race is racist in itself.

  14. Lol, look at all the SALT-Righters mad about being deplatformed because of "MUH FREE SPEECH!!!".

    – First off, you don't really believe in free speech, you're authoritarians whose worldview would prohibit any free speech or diversity of thought. You've already proved it as to how you'll false flag and dox people that DARE to speak up against you, and you don't say a DAMN thing for them.

    – Second, You are not entitled to use someone ELSE's platform to say whatever you want. IF you violate a platforms TOS, it is NOT a violation of free speech to to lose your platform. Being on social media is a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT.

  15. Before you can ban something. You first need to know what it is. But democrats make crap up as they go along. Sort of like reverse obamacare. Don't read the bill and don't know what's in it, just pass it as long as they don't have to be accountable to it. Which is illegal.
    So based on how liberals think. I'm guessing I'm now considered a white nationalist nevermind the FACT that it was the conservative republicans that fought for liberties of the blacks and others. We have The Bill of Rights and The Constitution to prove it.

  16. Yeap, i want to preserve my countries heritage and not let the muslims pillage my country. Is this wrong Mark, why dont you come live with me for a week, ill pay for everything dont worry about that. I just want you to see what a normal person is subjected to. You cannot see this from your glass tower as you dont live among us. This is just incredible, it feels like im living in the twillight zone. Getting busted for prefering your own country over other countries.

  17. Will they ban Jewish Nationalism Zionism. Will, they ban Chinese Nationalism, will they ban Black Nationalism, NO they won't only White Nationalism, these people have no right to self-determination don't they?

  18. that is the price you pay for your servant/prostitutes behavior towards the Zionists. they have no respect for you at all

  19. White people aren't even allowed to talk about their interests anymore, every other race or ethnic groups interests is promoted by the media as a good thing but not white people?
    Why are Europeans not allowed to talk about how they are being ethnically and culturally replaced in their own homelands. Why are we not allowed to talk about how becoming a minority in, London, Birmingham, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm is affecting us? Why are black separatists, Jewish nationalists etc not banned? Why aren't white people allowed to advocate for their interests? Does self determination not apply to white people? Its almost as if their is a conspiracy to disenfranchise, dispossess, and displace white people and if anyone points out that we don't want that or we don't think it will be good for us, we have to be silenced.

  20. White people in south africa are being slaughtered because of black nationalism. More white people died because of black nationalism over the past 3 years than non-white people because of white nationalism. Why isn't black nationalism banned?

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