41 thoughts on “Face meets Voice – Freedom (ZDF-Fernsehgarten – 2016 may22)

  1. great song, this and "someday" are better songs than the majority of what we hear from other talent today , Love face meets voice! Rob would be proud of the comeback you made Fab

  2. FAB &JOHN, you looking great together, Fab you have a beautiful voice keep going sinning you are doing fine, finally Fab you still looking a handsome black men 😘❤🌷God bless you forever ♡♡♡♡!

  3. Amazing how Fab still looks almost EXACTLY the same now, as he did during the Milli Vanilli days. That, and is a pretty good singer and very talented overall musician too, for the most part as well.

  4. Tengo 54 años y mi niña solo 6 años, le encanta esta canción, todos los días la escuchamos, varias veces

  5. shame that ended as much as I like to listen to you but I still like to listen I would like to see you in the Czech Republic

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