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  1. Proofs of Muhammad's Prophethood (Peace and blessings be upon him): An UNDENIABLE fact is that Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) is the ONLY Prophet for whom there is physical evidence, even DNA, that he ever existed. Others would be arguably folklore were it not for the evidence in the Qur'an whose medium was a 'verifiable' Prophet. Needless to say, we Muslims believe in all of the Biblical Prophets and do not curse or disparage any of them (Peace be upon the all). Forward is a partial description of the irreproachable, verifiable Prophet of Allah, Muhammad:


    So who should we believe, a you, a freaking nobody or these famous people?


    Who is Allah?


    Who is Muhammad? (Peace and Blessings be upon him)








    How did he conquer Makkah?


    What is the Qur'an:







    Proof of Muhammad's (Peace and blessings be upon him) Prophethood from the Bible, the Old and New Testaments: Proof that the covenant had to remain with Ismail:
    To refute the baseless claim that Ismail was not an heir to Abraham because Hajjar was only a concubine (Peace be upon them all), the Hebrew text as well as many Biblical translations say, "Take Hajjar as thine wife"! The purpose in the first place for Abraham (Peace be upon him) Sarah's suggestion that he marry Hajjar (Peace be upon them) was to bear continued his seed by bearing him legitimate heirs to to fulfil Allah's Covenant as Sarah (Peace be upon her) realized she was barren and well beyond Child-bearing age, but Allah intervened and blessed her with Abraham's second son Issac (Peace be upon them all).

    Jesus and every other Hebrew prophet [Peace be upon them] came 'only' to the children of Israel. The verse below disproves any notion of an acrimonious relationship between the two 'blessed brother's Ismail and Iss'haq 'in Arabic' (peace be upon them both), as is propounded by many rabbinical and Evangelical schools. Look at the blatant cover up where it erroneously calls Isaac (Peace be upon him) The only son, and then adds the line 'whom you love'. That's a clearly added nonessential relative clause which does not negate the fact that Isaac was never the only son. The circumcision and the covenant were first done with the first son. Now look at this: King James Bible Genesis 22:12 And he said, Lay not thine hand upon the lad, neither do thou any thing unto him: for now I know that thou fearest God, seeing thou hast not withheld thy son, thine ONLY son from me. Genesis 25:9 And his sons Isaac. and ISHMAEL buried him in the cave of Machpelah, in the field of Ephron the son of Zohar the Hittite, which is before Mamre; [10] The field which Abraham purchased of the sons of Heth: there was Abraham buried, and Sarah his wife. How did Ismail (Peace be upon him) magically become a son again if Priests and Rabbis claim he's not a real son? I guess they forgot to change this part. This is clear tampering of the book by rabbis in the past. I had to go through quite a few conundrums to get straight to the verse about the first born of the second hated wife. I even ran into translations with ridiculous spelling errors. The King James and all of the other Occidental Bible versions totally confuse the wording in a clear attempt to mislead. Finally I got this. The Torah says: ["When a man has two wives… and the loved one and the hated one both bear him children, and the first-born son belongs to the wife that is hated. Then it shall be, on the day that he bequeaths to his sons that what he will have, he will not be allowed to declare the son of the loved wife his first-born, in face of the first-born son of the hated one. But the first-born , the son of the wife who is disliked shall he acknowledge, to give him double of all that he has in his possession; because he is the first of his power, and to him belongs the birthright. " (Devorim 21:15-17)] So then, how on earth would it be  permitted to switch the birthright from one son to the other? "If a man has two wives". Why is the Bible trying to hide this. Even some of the commentary by rabbis try to blur the two wife reference and say that one wife had been divorced. Furthermore, the notion that jealousy and acrimony existed between the wives and children of Sarah and Hajar (Peace be upon) them all is clearly another attempt to discredit the line of Ismail (Peace be upon him) via a story concocted in the minds of jealous rabbis who seeth with rage at having lost their 'chosen' status and having been replaced by Muslims who are chosen as individuals to become Muslim from all walks of life. No more special status for Jews. By Christian ministers, Ismail has been called everything from illegitimate, to a wild donkey of a man, to the paraiah of mankind, yet the Bible states he was blessed and sold become a great nation and was mentioned at the burial of their father Abraham??? (Peace be upon them all). The attempt to discredit Ismail was so bad that it took comical proportions where he would gave had to have been a full-blown teenager when his mother was running around the hillocks of Safa and Marwa in Makkah, looking for water so that she could "breastfeed" her 'teenage' child. I even saw a ridiculous TV Bible story to this effect which couldn't reconcile the ridiculous chronological discrepancy, and here was this woman running around bandi-legged with this big ole boy head bouncing and e respect to his virtues and awesome deeds, no Prophet like Moses, whom the Lord knows face to face, no longer appeared among Israel.


  2. Bani Israeli were supposed to be the first to follow him as they were the Muslims before us until they rejected their Messiah, Jesus Christ, (Peace and blessings be upon him). Jews are directly addressed repeatedly while the Arabs are not; they're addressed indirectly. And the couple of times the Arabs are mentioned it is not in a favorable light as in the example where Allah describes most desert Arabs as "most vehement in disbelief and hypocrisy and most worthy of being ignorant of Allah's injunctions as revealed". Allah exposed their contrivances, plots and collisions with external belligerent forces against the Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him). Had been a false Prophet with a personal agenda, he would have employed Arabs to produce an Arabic scripture appealing to their fancies rather than a book which sets them in the background.
    As far Jews' version of history is concerned I've learned long ago to take it with a grain of salt. Jews make their own version of history and then impose it upon the goonish institutions of the West and as one Jew once told me, "History is what we make it". They alter history or simply invent it and then via means of their manipulation and financial influence impose it upon the willing goyim academic community as "facts", in the self same matter fake history was concocted by fake Jews in doomed Israel; all in order to perpetuate their typical and traditional deep-seated rancor, jealousy  and hate for Islam for the following reasons: The very continued existence in most Muslim nations, at least up until the recent barbaric, greed for oil driven US invasions, belies all of  your fake accounts of history vilifying Muslims' as murderers of Jews and Christians who by conspicuously still exist in most Arab and Muslim countries. Where there were cases of Muslim heavy handedness in dealing with the Jews under Islamic rule it was due to their incessant treachery whenever Muslims found themselves threatened by external threats as was the case at the advent of Islam when Jews were entrusted with securing the rear gates of the city of Madina from incursions by the pagan Arabs and their paid Roman and Persian mercenaries based upon a mutual treaty of  the monotheistic Abrahamic faiths. Instead, not only did the treacherous Jews allow the pagans to breach the gates, they actually allied themselves against the nascent Muslim community who was by all odds  facing certain annihilation. Miraculously the Muslims overcame these odds and defeated these armies which attached from all sides as well as internally. The seven hundred or so Jew ringleaders of the treachery were judged according to the Law of their revealed book, the Torah and put to death. Lying Judeo-Christian historians draw a picture of Muslims annihilating Jews while they were several tribes numbering thousands in Northern Arabian Peninsula. As proof that the execution of Jews was limited to the orchestrators of the treason, the Qur'an also clearly mentions the Jews exile rather than their being slaughtered:
    Qur'an, Surah al-Hashr (The Gathering); iyah 3
    {In The Name of Allah the Compassionate the Merciful}
    3) And if not that Allah had decreed for them [Jews] evacuation, He would have punished them in [this] world, and for them in the Hereafter is the punishment of the Fire.§

    These people of Issac will destroy israel—they are not Bani Israel as the video suggests but descendents of Issac who are not of Jacob (Peace be upon them both). Their ancestors were upon the religion of Abraham Ismail and Issac. (Peace be upon them all).


  3. A great portion of the Qur'an addresses Bani Israeli and answers questions posed to the Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him) in their quest to establish whether or not he was a genuine Prophet. Allah gave the Jews every opportunity to believe in and to follow the Prophet of the new Covenant whom they recognized.
    Qur'an, Surah Al-Baqara, verses 47-59
    {In. The Name of Allah The Compassionate The Merciful}
    47) O Children of Israel, remember My favor that I have bestowed upon you and that I preferred you over the worlds. 48) And fear a Day when no soul will suffice for another soul at all, nor will intercession be accepted from it, nor will compensation be taken from it, nor will they be aided.
    49) And [recall] when We saved your forefathers from the people of Pharaoh, who afflicted you with the worst torment, slaughtering your [newborn] sons and keeping your females alive. And in that was a great trial from your Lord.
    50) And [recall] when We parted the sea for you and saved you and drowned the people of Pharaoh while you were looking on.
    51) And [recall] when We made an appointment with Moses for forty nights. Then you took [for worship] the calf after him, while you were wrongdoers.
    52) Then We forgave you after that so perhaps you would be grateful.
    53) And [recall] when We gave Moses the Scripture and criterion that perhaps you would be guided.
    54) And [recall] when Moses said to his people, "O my people, indeed you have wronged yourselves by your taking of the calf [for worship]. So repent to your Creator and kill yourselves. That is best for [all of] you in the sight of your Creator." Then He accepted your repentance; indeed, He is the Accepting of repentance, the Merciful.
    55) And [recall] when you said, "O Moses, we will never believe you until we see Allah outright"; so the thunderbolt took you while you were looking on.
    56) Then We revived you after your death that perhaps you would be grateful.
    57) And We shaded you with clouds and sent down to you manna and quails, [saying], "Eat from the good things with which We have provided you." And they wronged Us not – but they were [only] wronging themselves.
    58) And [recall] when We said, "Enter this city and eat from it wherever you will in [ease and] abundance, and enter the gate bowing humbly and say, 'Relieve us of our burdens.' We will [then] forgive your sins for you, and We will increase the doers of good [in goodness and reward]."
    59) But those who wronged changed [those words] to a statement other than that which had been said to them, so We sent down upon those who wronged a punishment from the sky because they were defiantly disobeying.
    60) And [recall] when Moses prayed for water for his people, so We said, "Strike with your staff the stone." And there gushed forth from it twelve springs, and every people knew its watering place. "Eat and drink from the provision of Allah, and do not commit abuse on the earth, spreading corruption."……………§

  4. Part of the real Hebrews are in Iran and they didn't want to migrate these people are a mix of Germans with Britt

  5. So unfair for the Palestinian population … This is NOT right … No matter who says or thinks whatsoever …

  6. The great ground war tsunami advances against illegal terrorists in palestine ….hezbollah and iran involved

  7. israeli arrogance …..This is Israel’s land and it will always be Israel’s, deal with it.
    palestinians are dealing with it, trust me. You took territory by force and ethnic-cleansing. they are trying reclaim our rights as civil and bloodless as possible in regular non-violent civil disobedience and boycotts.

  8. Zionism is racism. Zionism needs to be denounced, boycotted, condemned, and dissolved. Zionist Israel must be dissolved the same way apartheid South Africa was dissolved. Jews today should not be afraid to claim that they can be Jews without being Zionist and without sympathizing with this ideology of hatred and colonization of another age. Israelis have to do away with Zionism the same way Germans did away with Nazism. Palestinians of the occupied territories must be left in peace in their own country. Palestinian refugees must be allowed back in their own homeland and they must receive compensation for their houses, villages, towns, and lands they left in 1948. Israeli Jews must live with the indigenous Palestinian population in a single modern state. Only a one-state solution would be a fair, comprehensive, and sustainable solution to the Palestinian problem.

  9. fucking Palestinians how dare they claim our land as theirs someday all the Muslims will be butchered.

  10. Me and my family live in Ontario America. We've settled down there and claimed it as Americas land. And those dirty Canadians have the nerve to show hostility twords us?!?

  11. How ironic that they act like the fascists that persecuted them.

    Literally wall up that shithole so the Israelis and Palastinians can kill each other and shoot anyone that comes out.

  12. The Pallywood-guys are provoking the israelis!! Typically terorist behaviour!And the playing the victim=card!!! By the way, do you want "us"to fight your wars, haraps?

  13. The iron dome and other projected collaboration in weapons acquisitions and protection to Israel is financed from the USA.

  14. Aleftein 1 : Don't think in a retarded way, when Israel was at war and surrounding by the enemy, the USA send military equipment to Israel. The Christian and pagans from the USA, so keep your big mouth close, Israel with out USA is NOTHING.

  15. YH-WE call Abraham, then call Isack, then call Moses and all the Prophets, then the Prophets said that the Yehuding or Jews shall be called back to the promes land. "How men can stop the Will of YH-WE.?

  16. Carter warned in the statement of mounting tensions in Israeli occupied Palestinian territories since Trump took office.

    The occupied territory "is teetering on the brink of a humanitarian disaster", Murphy read from Cater's statement to the UN Security Council.

    The former president warned that another war in the Hamas-controlled territory of the Gaza Strip is "a real possibility — and the consequences would be catastrophic."

    The Israeli regime's military frequently bombs Gaza, with civilians being the main target of such attacks.

    Israel has launched several wars on the Palestinian coastal sliver, the last of which began in early July 2014. The military aggression, which ended on August 26, 2014, killed nearly 2,200 Palestinians. Over 11,100 others were also wounded in the war.

    The Gaza Strip has been under an Israeli siege since June 2007. The blockade has caused a decline in the standards of living as well as unprecedented levels of unemployment and unrelenting poverty.

  17. The Jewish people's God is Satan or the Holy Serpent. The Devil, that's who they worship.

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