Exclusive Interview of an Indian Soldier with Dhruv Rathee | Ground Reality of Indian Jawan

Exclusive Interview of an Indian Soldier with Dhruv Rathee | Ground Reality of Indian Jawan

Our budget is really low we have no accommodation with us our situation is really demoniacal The present circumstances of our soldiers is really patheatic I want to make it very clear people make fake accounts on Facebook deliberately in the name of Indian Army, or Prime Minister Narendra Modi, etc but actually in reality they haven’t got any kind of facility, also they spend each penny wisely I feel really sad thinking that I don’t even know how fast my kids have grown up I was so far away from them now don’t even remember how did they turn in their early twenties Hello! Friends All those Paramilitary Jawans who are martyrs, more than them are the ones who commit suicides.I know it is hard to belive even I myself did not believe on it It was an eye opening news for me But this is one of the bitter truth friends! In the last 6 years more than 700 Jawans have committed suicide Nowdays, a lot of leaders, wrong number holy man teach us lessons of patriotism but the real Patriotism is within our Jawans. But what all are they going through what is their current situation? what is the basic ground reality of our Jawans.you will come to know by watching this video In this special video I will be interviewing one of our Paramilitary Jawan. His name is Subhash He opted for voluntary retirement from forces under How are the Jawans actually treated in paramilitary and what all problems are they facing currently How is the government actually treating them, what are the current circumstances prevailing in Kashmir They will be answering all our questions in the following video. Let’s have a look Hello! Subhash Ji, we are very grateful to you for joining with us My first question to you is what was the duration you served the Indian force and which force was it particularly Dear Mr. Rathi, I joined force in 1985 as a constable and in 2018 I opted for voluntary retirement and what was the reason behind it? The main reason behind opting for Voluntary retirement was the parameters of our forces and future strategies strategies were not worth relying upon The half blooded attitude that is shown by our government I could actually couldn’t take up I and thought of quitting Can you please elaborate a bit what all wrong is done by the government? Look, at the time when I joined force that time our force and the army had the similar pay scale, but within these 20 years there has been significant difference since then By every pay commission, their wages got increased and our wages got decreased and in comparison to this There is no pension schemes for jawans admitted after 2004 like army has a special military pay similarly, we were talked about some paramilitary allowance but was never paid we are not even considered as Martyrs Or Jawans are continuously Martyred in Chattisgarh In Kashmir, North east but there is not even a single document that proves them to be Martyrs Friends! this is really very shocking In 2015, our Government said to the Delhi High court that all our Paramilitary Jawans who die during the conflicts They will not consider them as Martyrs So with the changed ruling party has there been some difference seen or it is similar to what was going on or it has been worst Sir! I feel it is a regular process that is going on In fifth pay commission they got a hike and in 6th pay commission , again it was raised and then again in 2004, the government came up with a new pension scheme named NPS. Army was excluded from it saying that we can’t put country’s army at stake because the format on which NPS works on is It entirely depends on the market If the share market is at boom you may earn profits or else you may end up loosing money but all the youth that gets admitted into the paramilitary they serve the nation for not less than 30 years even their old age times are at stake and it all happened with this scheme that was introduced in 2004 why have you realized it now as the pension scheme was introduced in 2004 why did not you consider it then yes I did In 2004 when the government came up with a NPS Scheme Under this new pension scheme there are a lot of new benefits in comparison to the old one Under this scheme your money keeps on reciprocating and thereby you will be receiving minimum of an amount of Rs 50 lacs to upto 1 or 2 crores so you should opt for it as there will be no financial burden over the government also Also, there will be no pressure over the reserves and you people will also get good financial returns So keeping this into consideration all of us accepted this offer But now in 2018, when we analyse the present situation as some of our colleagues have quit the job as they have been retired so now their pension amount is just Rs 1500 some got Rs 2000 So you mean to say in the past 14 years the total pension amount is just Rs 2000 – Rs 3000 per month From the last 10 to 15 years people who left the total pension amount is just Rs 2000 – Rs 3000 per month I myself come under the old pension scheme I am not included in the new pension scheme so my pension amount is Rs 21,000/- and approximately Rs 20 lac has been given as gratuity and commitment But if we talk about the latest scenario there is no guarantee as to what amount will they be paid in future ok because it depends on the market prices entirely Yes Definitely! And because of this you know Indian banks are running under severe losses of around Rs 13,000 crores In the SBI bank in which we have invested our money is running with losses of around Rs 7k to 8k crores So this also seems as one of the main cause behind retirement Yes Definitely ! This is the reason why I felt I should raise my volume against it Being a soldier, we r bound to….. so you were trying to say that being a soldier to tried your best Yes internally we tried to raise volumes for all the issues we were facing we wrote letters to our officers we requested to meet our respected DG Officer but their was no response earlier and later it was denied we wrote we wanted to discuss our issues and problems to the concerned person we wrote several letters to the department but all in vain they didn’t want our problems and issues to reach to the government because they have no answers to our queries So this is the reason you felt that after opting for retirement you will raise voice to the public Yes Sir! The safety our country is possible only because of the contributions made by paramilitary whether you talk about the sensitivity of the Pakistan borders All day and night ………. paramilitary jawans are present In Kashmir there are continuously stones throne over the militants Each paramilitary jawan wakes up early morning at 5 ‘o’ clock and fights against all terrors till 11 in night all week long He definitely deserves the best of facilities and comforts than he is already getting now So you were also posted in Kashmir sometime! Yes Sir! I was in Kashmir for 4 years approximately ok So how were your experiences there? In 2016, we struggled hard by throwing stones and in the night we put raids we struggled hard to catch 9 to 10 thousand stone pelters they were released by the government next year only Pakistan is providing them funds like Rs 500 – 1000 on daily basis so they find this as a good means of employment that if you will be throwing stones on us they will in turn be given money for doing that So are you talking about 2016? Yes! in 2016, this all went on continuously for 4 months in Kashmir after…….. died we continuously fought for 4 months and finished it off Though there were winters since then but there was peace around as all the journalists were put behind the bars But as soon 2017 started, there were Lok sabha elections in Kashmir The government started releasing them According to the present scenario, The way the Kashmiri’s are behaving with us It makes us feel that as a government we are not ready to face and deal with the present situation Or else it is seems that the government doesn’t want to understand the real picture This is what we wanted to make them understand with our letters that we should be provided with the proper training and required weapons to deal with the present situation along with the necessary facilities and amenities I would like to share with you that even going to the toilets is a big challenge. It takes at least 20 mins for him to reach to the toilets as as there is snowfall and other climatic conditions There is no proper shelter, no hot water for bathe So you mean to say that the government fails to provide the basic facilities to the militants Yes sir! there are absolutely no facilities I can;t say where exactly we are lacking but mentally Jawans are really stressed because all day he has to face the stone pelters so he at least needs some rest and deserves some facilities but actually there is nothing As you have been facing all this what will you comment about the stone pelters Are all the Kashmir residents same or are they different or are there people who behave neutral and doesn’t want to get involved though it is a very difficult question but to answer it further would like to say that when we talk to them they behave very nicely They act very friendly but as soon as there is some conflict then all of them act as a one man army and all of them start throwing stones and all of them show their deepest anger and hatred speak real bad words and abusive language they hoist Pakistan flags . I want to tell you when these people fight with us so they make small children stand in front so that they They will be served food and offered drinks like some will be eating their meals and some would continue throwing stones and they also make plans to be more violent when we are eating food they wait for the times when we are busy with something else or a little ignorant like if there is a local Police car in between they will not throw anything on them but they won’t leave militants by any chance Indian soldiers will be hit severly and the local police will not be effected There is no law and order being maintained in the city This is one of the biggest causes If you have to overcome such issues in Kashmir you in any case will have to apply the President rule otherwise under any circumstances it will not be possible to have control over Kashmir what do you mean by free hand But to kill everybody around using pallet gun is not at all a solution yes of course it is not at all a solution and even we don’t want that to happen, we also have kids and we understand we just use it to create our terror and scare them we don’t do anything for killing people Instead of using pallet guns we can make use of water canon Sir! It is very difficult to control them using water canon They have raised their capacity levels They have invented new techniques and another thing is all the stone pelters are given uniforms and they are given certain intoxicated vaccinations due to which they don’t feel pain and fight for longer durations The youth in Kashmir are immensely exploited The Kashmiri boys are severely drug addicted Marijwana Proxy 1 capsules are caught very often. These drugs are given to them so that they don’t feel pain I would like to deviate a bit, In 2016 there was demonetsation done It was then said that due to this, the stone pelting stopped completely or has very much reduced was it correct? Sir! that time it was November and from November to March there is heavy Snowfall going on during this time period so there are no or very few stone pelters but after the winters got over so immediately they started doing it again so I do’t think It was due to demonetisation ok, so it was because of the prevailing winters and not because of the demonetisation Yes! it was very clear after that they started stealing banks Now they are doing the same they don’t have any problems related to fund deficiency Demonetization has no role to play in this matter No matter if Government takes away the fake Plaudit but there is no change seen in the circumstances that prevail in Kashmir The government now days makes whole lot of promises regarding the safety of Soldiers like providing them bulletproof jackets or raising pensions, etc No it is not like that we have lack of facilities It is just for the sake of we are offered with a variety of foods that too is a lie The fact is that all the facilities that should be there are not at all satisfactory in any manner It is just for mere publicity people make fake accounts on Facebook deliberately in the name of Indian Army, or Mr. Narendra Modi..but actually in reality they haven’t got any kind of facility, also they spend each penny wisely How do you yourself feel when you hear or see advertisements by the government claiming their contributions towards the betterment of Jawans when in the name of Nationalism they keep on playing pranks on politics for their army people, how do you feel when you come across such things? I feel so pity , ashamed of myself. my heart blows out of hatred blaming myself for the reason I thought of joning Indian army A lot of times I cry out of helplessness that why did I take this decision of joining Indian army because of this present scenario of soldiers coming straight to the point their sacrifices have no value There is nobody to stand with them A number of cases are kept pending people occupy their property and show their rattle behavior but there are no actions against them They show a lot of criticism towards us people know they are soldiers and genuine people and these things play a vital role which leads a lot of Jawans to commit suicide One of the case I know where one of the Jawans was fed up with the rattle behavior of his neighbor who compelled him to sell his property to him If there is any case filed up against a soldier he will automatically come under the pressure which is created and thereby will end up committing suicide He cries for help as the head of the village also forces him to do the same otherwise I will surely file a case against you where should i cry for help? Even i have also come across such things that the soldiers who commit suicides are outnumbered than the one’s who are martyrs what is the reason behind it Yes surely! The only answer to this question by the government is domestic issues is the reason behind it Don’t other army groups have same problem If we talk about Pakistan! their suicidal rate is zero Don’t they have such homely issues why do soldiers of paramilitary facing such problems Every common man has certain domestic issues the low class people who face difficulty in managing their lives they don’t commit suicide but the soldiers who earn between Rs 35k to 40 k why are such people doing this yes what is the reason behind this Not resolving their issues at all Atrocity on the soldiers they are often compelled to work more than they are liable to people of forty years of age are regularly doing so can you give us an example of such thing happened in your knowledge not only one I have seen many one of the soldier’s committed suicide in front of me I took him to the hospital but he died on the way because hospital was far off from that place it took me 1.5 hrs to take him there and he died in my arms As some of our soldiers turn alcoholic ? No body shows their interest to come forward and resolve such issues they are very badly humiliated that they don’t raise their volumes His self respect is also at stake These are some of the reasons which leads to all this It is simple to understand that we have to mend our ways we are not in 1947 , now the times have changed people now days are educated and aware some are graduates, some post graduates and they are too much dedicated to serve the nation but when they see the present scenario they find hard to cope up with the decision they made moreover, there are no fixed hours of working he goes for the duty at 5 ‘o’ clock in the morning till 11’o’ clock in the night the duty goes on and on . you are posted in J&K then you get informed there are elections to take place in U.P you get stuck there So there is a lot of pressure on soldiers and they are also going through mental stress So the government has to take considerable steps in order to overcome such drawbacks also, there should be some complain management system if there is some sort of harrasment If you complain then you are already in a big trouble if you speak against them , then they will take strict actions against you Now you will be their next target like they did with Tej Bahadur exactly the same might happen yes definitely ! There are a lot of people who are being fired the case of Tej Bahadur got highlighted If in case you complain you definitely become their target The main thing we are taught is to keep our mouth shut so what do you think how can we make the situation better So should we go ahead and make a separate independent agency who is responsible to deal with the complains in this matter or else we have a provision of hiding our identity while complaining One thing is very clear that there has to be another way out Yes they should go ahead and make a separate court for us where our officials are not present but if have to file a complain against the person who has to make the decision How can it be justified yes that’s very correct This is our biggest problem we face ok, so this might be prevailing since very long Yes such cases are increasing day by day In one year there have been 300 suicidal cases even one of the soldier has died yesterday also one died he was punished for carrying a mobile he was 40 years old he felt ashamed and then thought of committing suicide but the government doesn’t want to take charge the government doesn’t see any problem If we discuss our problems related to something in department we will not be given retirement also so what did you write when you were seeking for the retirement? I wrote I am facing some domestic issues All of our colleagues follow the same procedure else they will be in a a big trouble and if we write the actual reasons our request will never be accepted In turn to this they will start inquiring about us since then so that we come under their pressure and take back our complain This is the reason why our Home minister feels proud in Lok sabha by saying that our soldiers always retire on time we have heard this in news also that the budget is very low for army people do you feel its right? I want to comment on paramilitary rather than on army our budget is really low we have no accommodation our situation is very demoniacal we have been serving the country since long but there are no facilities for them we are on duty all the time even in adverse situations like water leaking from the ceiling, during heavy storms but on the facebook it is very well shown that soldiers are very contended and satisfied, very strong enough and to say that “our soldiers are fighting on the siachen borders” is one of our favorite dialogues Yes very correct! They know he won’t contradict he has to reach on time One of our genuine demand from the government to have two compartments reserved for us in the trains even that they fail to fulfil were you present there at the time of Ram Rahim case that time Yes our people were there There was a lot of terror there were stones thrown on all of us At last there was fire Paramilitary has always been there all the time to make sure that elections happen safely and fairly one more example I want to share so they were taken out of the room and they were given a threat of shifting them to the post of home guard what did they say? to post them as home guard when we paramilitary people shared our problem they said why not make you home guards? Oh they were giving you threat! yes they have such powers they can shift your jobs because when Pension was discussed supreme court agreed on the fact so our Chief Minister Mr, Jaitley said supreme court should not be telling us what to do It is our duty to pay pension we paramilitary Jawans saved them when militants attacked ?? we were there to face every situation our soldiers died for them and did not let the other militants enter our domain ? ? they have ruined his old age he will either commit suicide else he might have to beg because his children will not look after him he remains far from them when young I feel sad thinking how and when my kids grew up I was far away from them I din’t even realize and they grew up so big that they are 20 years of age now we have not seen our babies play my all colleagues go through the same phase we are always away from our family when we will not be able to give him anything when he grows up why would he want to stay with us we have not been able to shower dad’s love to them Hopefully I think after seeing this video when a lot of people come across this video the message will reach to the government Yes definitely Sir! “The world lives on hope” we are the first ones who face the terror and die when needed so atlest ??? both son and father are doing it nearby there is a village both died one by one. Isn’t our duty to think about them Thank you so much for being with us and sharing your experiences Thank You! Sir Thanks once again

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