exact Same Time Deep State’s ‘Secret Society’ Met in England with Strzok, Page

exact Same Time Deep State’s ‘Secret Society’ Met in England with Strzok, Page

good morning guys this the Gateway Punnett before doing all around up here first I would like to say thank you for all the help and the support you've given me whether it's by way of paypal patreon and both of those are right at the top in the description box real easy to find also for those of you who wish to send money or checks or cash in the mail to me my physical address is in there in the also in the description box it's Martin bro del three six two four eight Highway 133 Hotchkiss Colorado eight one form of nine also for those of you oh by the way the t-shirts thank you and so you know I I have all the t-shirts sent to me I don't order any of them some of you are wondering where I get them from I get them from you the viewers and I thank you also for those of you wanting to support me as well as and and Brendan as well and also to help yourself bears products the feel conditioner this is what I think gonna make him famous you put about a third to half this into your gas tank you 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on top of their head you have the shampoo and it has great results his products so you understand they don't just perform they really perform anyway it's just how he is now let's move on to some of the updates here from the gate we punted Obama CIA director Brennan it says here we reported this would get recommended by the way we reported yesterday that Obama's former CIA director John Brennan was in Portugal in late November 2016 Brennan is widely believed to be the architect of the Trump Russia clusion hoax we wondered what else was Brennan doing in Europe we've now pieced together that the Deep States secret society had a meeting in England at the exact same time is this why Brennan was in Europe probably so it says as we report yesterday former US Attorney Joe digenova discussed his thoughts after the Moller testimony in front of Congress last week he confirmed much of what has already been posted and at the end of his excellent interview he said by the way just remember John Brennan was a tip of the spear this was his conspiracy from day one John Brennan don't forget that name he's at the end of us he's at the end of this entire he's at the beginning of the entire conspiracy the genovese interview with interview leads nicely into breaking information that we have gathered regarding Brennan's actions under the Obama administration former CIA agent Sabrina D'Souza knows Brennan's actions well as we reported a couple of weeks ago a former President Obama in his CIA director John Brennan ignored her pleas for help and left her to rot in an Italian prison lucky for her a president Trump was elected president after the election her situation was alleviated by the Trump administration for which she is grateful de Souza shared with us that John Brennan made a trip to Europe in late November 2016 shortly after the presidential election we know this because de Souza found out that at the end of November 2016 Brennan was present in Portugal during the transition period after the 2016 election if this resulted in a Portugal Italy agreement to proceed with her immediate extradition from Portugal to prison in Italy after President Trump was in power he supported her and prevented her from going to jail in Italy the strange aspect from our discussion with D'Souza is that CI directors overseas travel is always kept secret however the Portuguese lawyer was notified that Brennan had been in Lisbon in regards to her case the Souza states later Portugal official speaking on condition of anonymity said my status was never discussed a far worse signal to send that he Brennan was okay with whatever the Portuguese chose to do with his former employee what stuck me most at the time was my lawyer asking me with some trepidation if I thought Brennan would ever come back in power the this this smoke bombs about how for an Intel services view being leveraged by the CIA to act as surrogates even reluctantly in targeting Americans the questions that we raised yesterday were what was Brennen doing in Portugal and who else did Brennan visit on his trip to Europe immediately after the 2016 election what we pieced together overnight is that Brennan wasn't the only deep state operative to be in Europe at the exact same time we reported in June that the deep state gang members were all in London at this same exact time it looks like Obama's corrupt leaders were connected with May the deep state players in British linked spies in London we also know that these players met around the world Christopher Steele met with fusion GPS is Glen Simpson in the DOJ is Bruce or in Washington DC shortly after the election November 2016 Steele also met with State Department employees in Washington before the election former Arizona Senator John McCain and his assistant David Kramer were told of the dossier by an associate steals and former British diplomat Sir Andrew wood on November 18th of 2016 Kramer turned around and ten days later met Steele in Surrey England on November 28th amazing amazing it now looks like Brennan was a card-carrying member of the secret society and he was at their inaugural meeting in England along with deep state crooks struck Paige and John McCain's assistant David Kramer pieces are beginning to fall together I guarantee you William Bar Trump they all know exactly what going on and then this here I thought that the shooter at Gilroy had been caught and killed but apparently not it says here on Sunday night a mass shooter killed three people including a six-year-old child and a bounce house at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in California twelve others were wounded in the shooting it says the the band tinman was playing on the stage when the shooting started lead singer van Breed said the shooter screamed I'm really angry the shooter was identified on Monday santino William legen let's see here Gilroy Garlic Festival shooter said Tina William Ligon posted to Instagram account now removed shortly before attack by themselves post don't point toward extremism in any organized sense but one post does rail against hordes of mestizos in Silicon Valley white twats to the same post by the attacker also prompted might is right his century-old book that makes the case for social Darwinist ethics and extreme sexism and racism the book is seen by many as a philosophical pathway to fascism and so Santina Ligon railed against white twats and mestizos on instagram so apparently they're looking Foreman says so maybe they haven't it may be that I I thought they'd Kelvin maybe not maybe not moving on to let's see here one American news sends cease and desist notices to MSNBC Rachel Maddow and Daily Beast warns of lawsuits if they fail to comply you know something there's a group over in Germany that are threatening lawsuits against Google because of censorship and it's not just some little small thing they've joined with some union over there that has a lot of members so we're talking about a pretty powerful group over there that's going to go after him I guess it was only a matter of time that was going to happen and then conservative activist Scott Pressler organizes pro-trump trash clean-up day in Baltimore yeah good keep away from the rats two-legged ones especially transcripts obtained a former FBI chief of staff James rank rebecky testifying Russian conspiracy came from Obama's White House President Trump shreds al Sharpton over Baltimore trip a con man who hates whites and cops it's true he does and the Gilroy shooter screamed I'm really angry as he fired on festival crowd killing III including a six-year-old child in gun-free zone moving on senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain joined deep state DNI dan coats at forum in Italy in 27 Dean is Lindsay deep state – he's sure laws he got flipped one else here Senate bill could find up to fifteen thousand for sharing a meme if a meme you didn't make that make any sense it you know they I swear these people need to go back to just being in there for three months Pam each fifty thousand a year three months and then go back to your district and work do whatever but you're not it's not going to be a full-time job anymore and then the on Omar's racist hate speech we should be more fearful of white men for causing most deaths once again all these people these new Democrats they are openly creating hate and anger and division and racism call me praises dan coates following his resignation as Director of National Intelligence shooter opened fire near stage mass shooting at Gilroy Garlic Festival video victims families fleeing park active shooter seen about fifty shots is what they say Pappa tapas to return to Greece to retrieve ten thousand dollar payment from deep state operative believes bills are marked we'll turn them over to AG bar that'll be interesting if they're marked don't know where they came from and then Rahm Emanuel runs Democrats there open borders free health care for illegals agenda is crazy stupid he's corrupt as can be but he still has enough sense to know those are bad ideas let's see here Kankakee County Democrats share then delete post comparing Megahouse to KKK heads that's stupid but then they are stupid a little flashback baltimore mayor does city walkthrough complains whoaa you can smell the rats and dead animals yeah I bet shift says Dems may pursue impeachment against Trump for asserting executive privilege over White House Counsel Don again hey they're going to pursue impeachment over anything and everything abortion lobbyists construct billboards outside Texas town that declared itself sanctuary city for the unborn moving on to never Trump or Chris walls is Trump saying people who live in Baltimore are not human beings hey Chris we don't know if you're a human being we know you're done on a post but ron wyden escort's eight and a half months pregnant mexican woman and her family across the board you know what I would do if I was Trump I would dig immediately into his bank account and and take out the money to pay for her to pay for her pregnancy I mean I would take out $50,000 in fact to make sure she has the money to pay for that child I would take out 300,000 just to make sure she has the money for it I tell you what let him let him feel the pinch and then Arizona lawmaker forced to apologise for stating the obvious Arizona is starting to look like South America hey at least they have the guts to say it I wouldn't have why apologize for speaking the truth anyway that is all for now guys once again I want to thank you for all your support it is hugely appreciate you know this channel has been demonetized as have hundreds of others been demonetized you know it's just and they think my monetizing is taking away our way to make a living that they're going to get rid of us not happening you guys have stepped up to the plate you're helping and it is hugely appreciated thank you thank you so much god bless y'all have a great day and I will see you early this afternoon bye bye guys

22 thoughts on “exact Same Time Deep State’s ‘Secret Society’ Met in England with Strzok, Page

  1. Shooter is in military fatigues and carrying an AR-15 showing no emotion. Should be very easy to identify within a crowd of 100,000. Mind controlled Deep State activist stooge.

  2. If Obama is tried and convicted of treason does that mean his awful looking portrait will be taken down in the White House?

  3. Lindsey still does have that nervous look to him even when he's on the right side of an issue , he has to remember his lines .

  4. I get msgs from american military news n they just said that TSA found missle launcher in someones bag in baltimore.

  5. Martin? We love u n Brenda. But just wonderin about the ones that cannot send u money? We know u need us to support you. And thats not a problem at all. U r worth it… So. People that share ur videos. But cannot afford to support u. Wonder y theyre not mentioned? Just askin for some friends… Thats all sir. With love and respect…

  6. Linsey Graham [The pole smoker] is deep state swamp rat,said was going to dig in to fisa crap and hasn't done shit he needs to go.Don't let that loser fool you.

  7. Yes, I am familiar with the group over in Germany who are suing Google. They look to be a powerful group and I think they will be successful. I believe you can join them at www.fairtube.org

  8. Yes, I know about the group over in Germany who are suing Google. They are a powerful group and I think they will be successful. They are at www. fairtube.org I believe.

  9. Mifsud lives in Italy , brother. Wonder if he will be in the same area around the same time as the motley crew, you know what my favorite is watching rats run for exits, and when they open the door, it’s a brick wall,lol 1733++U2

  10. yeah the (((shooter-ops))) just so happens to be IRANIAN & ITALIAN mix – What are the chances of that one while ISRAHELLI JEWS want to destroy Iran & are pizzed at Italy immigration policies messing w their JEW WORLD ORDER plans & shekel-shaker?

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