100 thoughts on “Ex-Green Beret and former NFL player reacts to National Anthem guidelines

  1. they should not disrespect the anthem in they are good people they didnt have mommy daddy in their life as a kid sad but true

  2. It’s not far fetched you piece of shit. “Freedom of speech” doesn’t mean you could literally say whatever you want. Let’s respect the nazi’s, right? As long as it’s peaceful. How does that sound? Ridiculous, just like not saluting the flag for 2 min.
    Why didn’t this piece of shit on the left tell us why he fills it’s ridiculous to compare freedom of speech nazi salute vs kneeling . Both disrespect millions you fucking Hippocrate loser.
    Then you get blood sucker ambulance chasing piece of shit lawyer who takes pride in telling us Scott Peterson is absolutely innocent 100%. Lol then we look at the network and it’s CNN. PATHETIC!!
    Oh and this douche bag says Colin is a peaceful guy not disrespectful but did you see the pig socks he wore and listen to what he said about cops? Couple cops are bad and now all cops are bad? IGNORANT!!
    I’m ex military and I want to catch this motherfucker on the left in a room alone for 5 min!! I pray I can have just 5 min alone with him. Please god? I just want to knock a couple teeth out and let him know what an absolute disgrace he is. He never deserved to wear the flag. Respect those who sacrificed for 2 fucking min and find a different way to bitch about why blacks are always , every year at the bottom of society as a group. Also how nobody makes them murder or steal or not go to school or work hard. (as a group, but many individual blacks do very well as we all know so the opportunity is there!) if I see that piece of shit and he’s wearing anything with a flag on it, I’ll rip it right off him and spit in his fucking face!

  3. All I have to say is every single person who is bitching and crying about NFL players not standing during the anthem is sitting on their ass at home while the anthem plays on television. So they can shut the fuck up.

  4. Hey, here's an idea.. instead of complaining about the protest, open dialogue and start trying to FIX THE ISSUE instead of just telling them to shut up and stand for the flag.

  5. It's not considered Free Speech in a business, and people do not want to watch a football game right after people make sure they disrespect the flag. The NFL has already lost 60,000,000 last year. I can promise you they will lose a lot more. It's their loss.

  6. Discouraged from peaceful protests… what country is this?!?!! Taking a knee during the anthem is not unAmerican. Coercion to make the protesters stop is completely against the freedoms America has been built on. As for the poll, me and my military family were not polled, but if we had been, it would have been in favor of the player's rights. 100%.

  7. This is just a game to bring politics into the game is to destroy it that is why I no longer watch a game or go to a game they let politics in the door and has destroyed it the NFL owners should all get together and tell 45 keep your politics to yourself let us play a game

  8. WHAM! the winning of hearts and minds! I pray that everyone can work out their differences. AMERICA is based on compromise. And the biggest thing to REMEMBER…the LAND the United States claims as its own…..was taken by force and…. was stolen from the ORIGINAL INHABITANTS….Cherokee..Seminoles..Pawnee…Apaches…Pontiac…these folks suffered the ULTIMATE. BRUTALITY…MURDERED. raped….homes and land stolen…IF I Were to take a knee..during the NATIONAL ANTHEM…it would be to protest the ULTIMATE. RACISM!

  9. Weird. Every low boy that came back to the Kabal / Compound in Iraq that had a tarp covered hummer on it and the crew was killed got saluted at the gate. When the M4s/ boots / helmet were placed in line by the HQ tent, soldiers knelt before them in prayer remembering their buddies. So miss me with this kneeling is disrespecting those who fight for this country BS. If those who fight are also kneeling as a show respect, HTF is it not a show of respect when a civilian does it. You can't cherry pick our rights. You either support them all, or none at all. Could there be a more appropriate venue to protest? of course. But how about discussing the reason behind the protest instead of ignoring the message and picking apart the delivery.

  10. He is protesting against brutality trump has made this political. I thought the nfl, was a football league its because now a political party that jumps for trump REDICTULOUS only in America can a political party they died for America not for a flag not an anthem they died to make Americans free.

  11. I'm fine with black football players protesting for thier fellow blacks being mistreated by some policemen. Not all policemen, just some! Plenty of very professional policemen out there!

  12. What did King have to say about Charlottesville and the ”fine” people that marched on campus? The real Nazi’s, the ones that probably support him and Trump because of dog whistles like his comments.

  13. What is the difficulty white people?..still, three white men talking about everything except the obvious systemic killing of African Americans by police officers.

  14. First of all football has nothing to do with patriotism or the national anthem and players shouldn’t be obligated to stand for the flag. How would you like it if you were forced to show patriotism when you show up to work everyday? And I like how a lot of non-veterans are speaking for combat veterans about what they fought for when in reality they have no fucking clue what most combat veterans really think of the issue. Let the veterans speak for themselves about what they think. Most veterans can careless about wether a player stands or kneels. What matters to most veterans is their mental well being and getting over their combat experience.

  15. Stop using Veterans to promote hatred & punish those who peacefully protest murder of a certain culture of people & in certain communities. We the community must move the haters & racissit out of our police & fire department & government . We can't quietly play ball while our people die in the streets by cops. The right to peacefully protest in America is our right. This disgusting low life woman is evil and stupid and ugly inside *& out & she dost in any way speak for us Veterans. She not her family neither her ideals are not our priority & not more important than our people or communities. How dare you think that you are. You are not in demand by fans the players are . You live off the players like the evil plantation owners in this country during slavery. You don't like our expensive and fabulous we are & socially effective we are, move your mooching phony scum bag low life self on. Old, ugly and stupid as you are attacking us, our beautiful powerful people move on. Hells waiting for you & all racist lady. Try reading the bible and receiving Jesus Christ, you evil dinner. You need God.


  17. I think this is just a protest against those who like to kill just for fun, and this kind of protest it's gaining strong attention, positive and negative. Trump it's the most offended person, but we never play the Russian anthem when NFL is playing. The best way to reach an agreement with someone else is by taking like an adult and mature person.

  18. I want to say. I AGREE…..Police shooting and murdering unarmed people is not GOOD..!..Why Can't… the PLAYERS spend money and buy COMMERCIALS???? These brave young men ….these men must be HELPED.!..I would be happy to produce their human rights COMMERCIALS. Then the message could be on the airwaves 24/7 !

  19. Take two knees who cares but not on the dime of the paying fans.Cause your all to dawn Cheap to pay out of your own pockets it's part of your character.Disguisting

  20. No one seems to be recall that Trump tried years ago to launch an alternative Football League that failed when he tried to compete with the NFL in the same time slot. It is easy to imagine that he took this failure personally and has probably been carrying a grudge against the NFL thus using the Kapernick incident to further his agenda vs the NFL. I am not certain but does it say in the laws of the land that a person MUST stand, hand over heart for the anthem/ flag? Also when someone kneels before another person or object/ symbol it seems to me that the person is showing deference,/ respect/ humility…

  21. I'm ex-military and in the past (long before this happened) when I felt necessary have protested the flag. It's your right to protest and protest is protest no matter the means

  22. I was always told that we don't disrespect the flag , put your hand over your hat ,don't be sitting down when hear national anthem and if you are wearing a hat. Take off during. Why cause disrespect. Kneeling is disrespectful to the flag and to America. Find an
    Other way to protest.

  23. NFL players have greatly offended football fans. The thrill is gone. They turned a supercharged fan base, who watched football because it gave them something bigger than life that they could invest their selves in and not have to think about the dullness of life. Politicizing football has turned it into a bitter scene, like watching the evening news. It is now something it never should have become. The NFL is dead, RIP. The current players politicized it and killed it. Football was a special thing you could count on to be there. No more, they turned it into a political cause. The thrill is gone, RIP. I no longer watch NFL games, I had been a big fan for decades. Every time I see a player, it makes me mad, politics over football, I want to vomit.

  24. Its unbelievable…..food rots in warehouses…mean while 3 outa 7 child go to bed hungry…we waste 50 billion a on so called "Nuclear upgrades" meanwhile 10 million a year…in the U.S. will die of cancer…and heart disease. I WISH THE ENTIRE COUNTRY would take. a knee in protest!!! Our lives and moneys being stolen and wasted!!!

  25. We all have free speech….timing! NFL stands for NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE. STAND for the national flag. Hold a press conference, take that time to speak out. Players you working…..playing. Making millions. Choose another time. If you worked for me , you would be FIRED.

  26. This whole thing is getting old, it's time to grow up and act like adults. Move on and lets play some football and have fun, it's like watching reruns of Everybody love Raymond.

  27. So Nate Boyer spent the time to get to know what Kaepernick was saying, Colin Kaepernick listened to how Nate Boyer felt about the protest, and they both left with a mutual respect.  Nate Boyer should run for congress…..never mind, don't get in that swamp…..  Is the rest of the United States Idiots or something worse?

  28. They support a draft Dodger who dosen't know the words to the National Anthem, colored in the wrong colors of the American flag incorrectly and said POWs aren't heroes, because "heroes don't get caught." Verbally attacked a gold star family and widow of a fallen soldier. But taking a knee is disrespectful. What a joke.

  29. "Evidence we've developed" Who is working on THIS dossier. You don't DEVELOP EVIDENCE unless by this lawyers' own admission, you fabricate lies, much like the democrats did in their collusion allegations against Trump. Omigod, laughable.

  30. Nate embodies what patriotism is ..he can see both sides and noy agree but respect each other. If you feel geniunly disrespected its your right and like nate says id wish he stand but respects his decision. But if you are not geniunely affected and dont actually feel honest disrespect stop saying you do and then be a shitty american. Same goes for other side who dont participate in the activism they acclaim so dear to their heart.

  31. Making millions and if you want to say "police brutality" then get out of your million dollar homes and hit the STREETS protesting. Don't take your Rolls or Hummer though, take public transit and stand beside the PEOPLE who are affected. Why are you NFL players not being in the public eye on THE STREET with the people who don't have millions!? Just asking? Collusion is ridiculous and this is getting lamer and lamer JUST SAYIN!

  32. Rep Peter King is wrong this time round. It's a peaceful protest. He should be more concerned with Antifa trashing whole blocks. You can't compare taking a knee to Nazi symbolism. Nazis want to take what's not theirs, but the football players are, despite what we want to think, advocating for peace and equality.

  33. How about he takes a knee on his own fucking time and not using my paid for time to grandstand his politics … what about my right to watch a political free sport that i paid to watch … BOYCOTT NFL POLITICAL BS …

  34. You are hearing from them because I believe in the right of free speech for everyone. I don't give a damn if you were a green beret, I don't care if you were a football player – today is today. You have a good life, you have money, you have a nice home, you have a nice car and I assume you have a happy rich family. But out in the real world there are thousands of black young men and black men who don't have what you have and at the slightest misstep a cop will shoot them in the back and claim he was only defending himself. The cop could be black or white – it makes no difference – the police mind is the same everywhere in this country – kill or be killed and the cop usually kills first and then finds out the person he just killed didn't have a weapon so he plants a dropdown and gets away with killing a human being.

  35. The true purpose of this stand/kneel controversy, much like the new Nike ad, is to fan the flames of racial divide. Conflict increases profits for "journalism". And intense, hot button issues (like racism) make for Really profitable journalism, not to mention lots & lots of Free Publicity.

    Pls don't allow them to play you…like a proverbial saxophone.

    Do Not Be Deceived!

  36. Correction : We don't fight for people's right to abuse the Constitution.
    The crazed liberals think they can use and abuse any amendment to the Constitution, which is a violation .
    If you have no respect for this country, you have acted in support of declaring war against the American people .

  37. NFL is a private business organization, it can make its own rules on its employees. It is positive for any business organization to respect the national anthem. Any player can use his time and resources to be an activist against police cruelty in his community but not on the clock while he is working.

    Wisdom is in dealing with situation in life is very important. Just because you have fame and fortune, does not mean you know how to apply what you have. Dr. Martin Luther King was a great example. We protest against injustice but do it within the perimeter of the law peacefully. He has left a legacy for all to follow.

  38. People are calling it "free speech" the speech isn't free. That speech has been paid for by the blood of those that have stood on the line and said this country is my home and the "freedoms" that we fight for are worth the blood that we spill. We are free because the men and women stand on that line and protect our freedom from invasion and from our own government if need be. The speech isn't free, they just weren't the ones who paid the price for the freedom in the first place. Those that scream free speech would never stand on that line, the silent ones are the one's that have and will continue to stand on that line to protect that speech whether we agree with what is said or not. We pay the price while they enjoy the "freedom" that we give. It is those same "free speech" people that when they see someone in uniform will spit upon them and call them cowards knowing that they don't have the bravery to put on a uniform and stand on that line themselves yet they call those that wear the uniforms of our military cowards. Those that claim that they deserve these rights would never do anything to earn these rights, yet they would deny these rights to those that do wear these uniforms and who have earned these same rights.

  39. First of all, he has a right to protest. If he didn't, he would have been arrested and he wasn't, was he?
    Those who are offended by him have just as much right to protest HIS protest, right?
    His method of protest is to kneel. His detractors' method to protest him is to boo. They can't after all kneel to protest CK!
    So why is no one saying that they support the rights of those who boo?
    And so those who are saying all these nice things about his rights should also say some nice things about the rights of those who protest CK.
    Since we support rights, why support the right of only one position?

    Furthermore, CK has the right and that is protected but THERE IS NO PROTECTION from the consequences of the exercise of that right. Because other people's right to respond in a lawful way is just as "sacred' as his.
    For instance, if I'm a business owner and I call your mom a whore, I have a right to do that but I cannot expect to be free from the consequences of exercising that right.
    You will be upset and you will have the right to say nasty things to me as well AND you will have the right not to ever do business with me again.
    I cannot expect my relationship with you to be business as usual. Only fools would be surprised by that.

    I see a lot of people confusing his right to protest with the "rightness" OF his protest. Not the same.

    So don't be led by the nose by the prevailing narrative. Think for yourself.

  40. You have the right to take a knee but others have the right to not agree with using this forum to express your opinions. He was a backup quarterback with some fame. He could have had a press conference or talked to a magazine etc. Now he is involved in an ad campaign with Nike.
    Nike uses slave labor and treats their workers badly. So Kaepernick is now using a company that treats people badly to protest about black people being treated badly. It's really ridiculous.

  41. You kneel in church for God and that seems to be okay why not during the anthem. You are praying for your country. Which really need it

  42. Well, if ya don't like the USA, why DON'T you consider moving to country sympathetic to your viewpoint colin? Maybe you'd prefer India, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Syria, Saudi Arabia, China, North Korea?? No? after reviewing the alternatives, USA suddenly looks pretty damn good huh?? @ least this guy had the balls to SERVE as opposed to colin who would rather sponge off of his country than serve it… what a POS

  43. sen. Keter Ping is more fucked-up than something that crawled from a "dead-cows-ass" and then it died and that disgusting- micro ism had something to crawl from it rotten-dead-ass, well that would be Sen. Keter Ping.


  45. What about the HUGE flag displayed horizontally during opening ceremony, held up by snowflakes. Disrespectful says the flag code. Whats up with that.9.18

  46. All NFL football leaders afraid of the Trumpster. No one will stand up to the wannabe communist dictating bully. This is a big colluding kid that needs to come down. This man tried to overthrow the American system, and then people complaining about Colin Kaepernick on taking a knee to the national anthem. He is a trader, lock him up, lock him up.

  47. If you want to "protest" PAY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS OUT OF YOUR OWN POCKET, FOR YOUR OWN AIR TIME to spew your message. The "average joe" people who paid for tickets & memorabilia, etc., which ACTUALLY PAY YOUR SALARY are NOT PAYING TO WITNESS YOUR POLITICS! Do YOU THINK YOU ARE BETTER THAN EVERY OTHER AMERICAN? A nurse cant go on the hospital floor and protest. A mechanic cant go on the shop floor and protest. You don't think you should be held to at least the minimum standard that the rest of us have to abide by? No, you and the handful like you think you are better than the rest of us who pay your salary! Shame on you!
    You want to take up a cause then do it on your own time, on your own dime. In the meantime show some respect for the people who pay to keep you in the lavish lifestyle you get to enjoy.

  48. as a player you speak your mind. tell what you think. when you go on field to play a sport than you stand for the flag . we all know there race issue here in the U.S.A. there are beater ways of doing than taking a nee when the anthem is being played

  49. The flag only represents what America used to be. That's the statement they are making. Our government is attacking our own Constitution and it is afraid of such message to millions of people.

  50. Well, don't you saints get on your knees and pray about things that you want to see change in the name of Jesus? And, sometimes you stand. Either way is acceptable, and both are protests against Satan. Kaepernick is a noble man, and he sincerely respects the U.S. flag. He's saying that under this flag I submit myself in protesting what I feel is an unjust and evil issue in America. 25 years from now, history will hold him in high esteem for exercising what the flag represents. Let's get behind him, Donald Trump (not Russia)!!!

  51. Francis Scott Key the author of our current American anthem was a white supremacist. Why stand for words written by a white supremacist which was meant for all Americans in its historical context ?

  52. Call me when Kaputnick and friends actually put forth any plan to change the behavior which puts the minority community on the wrong end of a peace officers gun.

  53. Um, "Premised LIES" !? No no no, motherfucker, i can assure you, police brutality is a VERY real thing. Stop listening to Fox News and maybe youll see that.

  54. Nate Boyer thank you for explaining for the millionth time,what the protest is really about. And that Colin and other players not having ill will toward their country. I'm a veteran and many of us support the protest!

  55. The fail is CNN… the fail is some guy who says he's a green beret actively supporting this garbage because he's neither right… or representative of the MAJORITY of service members. The reason you were wearing that uniform MR. is EXACTLY what they are KNEELING AGAINST. This is CNN at it's finest. COMMIE NEWS NETWORK. Be ashamed of your flag. Be ashamed of a GREAT President. Be ashamed to be an AMERICAN. It's CALLED RESPECT you SOBs.

  56. How soon we forget, whites burning the American flag, many times, as a sign of protest. Funny how news station that have said footage don't show it. The national anthem actually is racist. They couldn't care if a person of color doesn't stand for it, they should understand. But they encourage assimilation for white ideals and disrespects African people and countries calling them shitholes by an American president that endorse clear disrespect to the greatest organism to ever walk this planet, woman. When you lack respect for women, you obviously have character issues. Extremely poor character. When the majority of people vote for a president who's on tape stating with arrogance how he grabs a woman by her pussy as his way of gaining control is horrible. And it was after that they voted for him. I just knew it was over for him as president but it showed me the level of character of white America. I wondered if many white women were turned on by the idea of being grab by their most private parts, or were horny, simple discussing or what is wrong with them? I'd never heard of such a thing even on a sexual nature with your closest partner. To just grab a women in that privates place like a piece of bad meat. "Grab them by the pussy." It's just unbelievable that it's said, let alone done, by the now president of the United States and America.

  57. To Peter King — If the players gave a Nazi salute, they would not receive any fines, and Trump would give them a medal, and call them "Brave Americans". You know, because he's a sympathizer.

  58. when you take a knee against this country,LEAVE.im not watching the rest of this video with the attorney for a traitor asshole!


  60. I did not serve. My father & brother served. I have 5 uncles who served. I support his reason to kneel BUT i think it is wrong in this venue. protest on your on time. i singed on to watch a game not your political cause. Do that on your on time

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  62. I never liked Kaepernick as a QB, simply because though his running was good and he had a cannon arm, his accuracy was mediocre and decision-making ability was average. That being said, I have a lot of respect for him as a man for standing up for what he believes and accepting the consequences of his actions. Americans are hypocritical to give him such flak when Klan rallies and police shootings happen without much being said…

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