Everyone Should Stand for the National Anthem

Everyone Should Stand for the National Anthem

The national anthem stands for freedom — even
the freedom to do foolish things… like protesting the national anthem. But, like my mama always said, just because
you are free to do the wrong thing, it doesn’t mean that you should. Starting in 2016, some professional football
players have refused to stand when the national anthem is played before a game. Some of them kneel, some of them sit on the
bench, some of them raise their fist, and some don’t even come out of the locker room. This was all started by San Francisco 49er
quarterback Colin Kaepernick. His idea was to protest the alleged mistreatment
of black people by police… and by America in general. As he put it, “I am not going to stand up
to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” Kaepernick no longer plays in the league because,
apparently, NFL owners are racist against backup quarterbacks who don’t throw well. But his protest lives on and has spread to
college and high school athletes. Even elementary school kids have gotten into
the act. I like football and I sing the anthem publicly
at events. This doesn’t make me an expert, but I’ve
got a problem with some things here. First, the protest is based on something that
just isn’t true. And second, even if it were true, the protest
is misdirected and self-defeating. Let’s start with problem one. Despite what we’re told by Black Lives Matter
and their media allies, the police are not engaged in a coordinated campaign to destroy
the black race. As Harvard Professor Roland Fryer — who happens
to be black — and others have shown, there is no evidence of racial bias in police shootings. In any case, the thing that makes headlines
— police shootings of unarmed black men — is very rare. How rare? Statistics show that an unarmed black man
is more likely to be killed by lightning than by a policeman. So, if police are trying to persecute black
folks, they’re doing a really bad job. Am I saying racism doesn’t exist? Of course not. Am I saying racist cops don’t exist? Of course not. But I would say this. Blacks have a lot more to fear from black
criminals than from the police. The police keep us safe. And they risk their lives every day doing
it. That sounds like it’s a lot more deserving
of a “thank you” than a “screw you.” Now, problem two: The protest is misdirected and self-defeating. The American flag and the national anthem
are symbols that represent our country. Even if some police officers are racist jerks,
it doesn’t make sense to protest those particular jerks by demonstrating against the country
as a whole. Martin Luther King, Jr. protested discrimination
against blacks on city busses by boycotting city busses. He never denigrated the flag or the anthem. In fact, he did the opposite. He argued that the people who oppress blacks
are the ones denigrating the flag and what it stands for. And what does it stand for? Ironically, it’s the protestors themselves
who give us the answer: it stands for freedom. The fact that you can disrespect the anthem
and the flag proves that you’re free! Anyone who doesn’t stand for the anthem
would do themselves a favor if they studied some current events. They’d learn that oppressive countries don’t
allow anyone to publicly disrespect national symbols, much less earn millions of dollars
while doing it. You won’t see anyone sitting for their national
anthem in North Korea or Iran. Well, you might — but that will be the last
time you see them Which brings me to my final point: In America, where you are free to sit or stand
during the national anthem, sitting when you should be standing is more a statement about
you than about America. And you don’t come off too well. You come off, frankly, as ignorant and ungrateful:
ignorant about a country that works to correct its faults, and ungrateful for the opportunity
and freedom that it offers all its citizens. For that, I’m standing. How about you? I’m Joy Villa for Prager University.

100 thoughts on “Everyone Should Stand for the National Anthem

  1. I've always thought the anthems and pledges were more of a cult-ish practice.
    But this makes me want to stand.

  2. That's gotta most fascist bootlicking video I've ever watched.
    Lol PragerU advocating for small government while boot licking government authority and wanting the issue of police brutality to be silenced.
    Again why do black people get incarcerated more than white people for smoking weed? Both smoke weed at the same rate.

  3. People may choose not to stand up for the national anthem or for the flag simply because they think that these are cult-ish practises that make no sense. One's loyalty to one's country has nothing to do with not standing up to a tune that someone composed or a design that someone made. If it symbolises something to Tom, then it has some meaning only for Tom, not necessarily for Dick and Harry.

  4. I am not even American, I'm from Greece but if the American anthem was to be played at an event or whatever I would stand up, those were the guys who helped us in ww2, helped us against the communists too
    Well Americans were also the reason that turkey attacked Cyprus but from what I see the US is trying to fix it's mistakes, they are worthy of some respect, after all its insulting not to respect the only country in the world that has freedom of speech

    No joke there isn't a single other country that has it, say the wrong thing in European countries and you'll either pay a fine or lose you job or go to jail…

  5. The police are not part of a conspiracy to destroy the black race: Planned Parenthood is and Democrats love them what a world

  6. Prager U is so right on. Years and miles above the ABC NBC CNN CBS NYT LAT in providing the truth and proper perspective.

  7. I love my country and my flag, but I would never stand for the national anthem! Pick up a book and learn what it means who was it written by and who it was written for. Why would a black man or anybody stand up and recite a poem that says it's okay to own human being as nothing more than cattle! The freedom that you claimed that every man is entitled to was kept from millions of people! And I would even go to say that probably wasn't even written for poor white people. Racism isn't only about color it's also about class! But please don't take my word go to the library pick up a book learn about the man who wrote this poem and why was really written!

  8. You do realize that In 1943 the supreme court ruled that no one can be forced to participate in patriotic rituals such as the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem, so calling NFL players to be fired for "taking a knee" in protest amounts to calling for the law to be broken.

  9. I stand to show respect to the country and to myself, even if the country is not my own. How else can one strive to be an honorable person? Do you see soldiers not standing? Not because they are forced to, but because they understand precisely the values of honoring their countries.

  10. the national anthem of the u.s. is about violence (bombs bursting). i don't like that and i will not show any respect for the theme of this song. i have not stood or sung the national anthem for over 50 years. btw, it is still the country that belongs to native americans. most of you were not invited, including the slaves who were abducted from their homes in africa. you have no idea of what truth is. have you ever been a black boy or a black man who is suspected of being a criminal and is followed around in a store? lady, you need to get in touch with the reality of what the u.s. is. it is not a democracy. go to any black neighborhood and talk to the kids and the young adults. have them tell you their stories.

  11. I’ll stand even in a 7 feet pool, I must put my hands up, becuase i am really 5’6” to the head, but 7’ to the hands, so yeah, i stand, even in space, even if I’m drunk or on a bike, even if I am sick, I’ll stand, I’ll stand on my verytippy toe

  12. A lot of people also seem to forget that these football players are public figures when they are on the field. It is not like audience who will not be noticed if they stand or not. They are only a handful and very noticeable what they do.

    They’re also supposed to represent the team and the city. Ideally they should also be thankful for the freedoms in the nation which allows them to play football and become so wealthy.

  13. "back up quarterbacks who don't throw well"? He was the head QB of the 49ers and took them to the superbowl…he was securely in the upper middle of passing stats in the league, which means many more QBs had a worse record than him. At least get your facts right.

  14. When I stand for the National Anthem I stand for the 54th Massachusetts's Infantry, the Tuskegee Airmen and the Wereth Eleven. Those who take a knee are taking a knee for those American Military personnel.

  15. I disagree with what you believe the national anthem is about, who it’s for and what it stands for!
    The anthem is owned by those who can not cherish it. This is mostly people who fort for the ideals of the country which is represented by the tune.
    Those who gave there lives to insure the freedoms that you have whilst not ever feeling them themselves!
    It is their anthem it is played for those fallen soldiers who can not hear it. Can not sing it, can not stand for it. Gave the ultimate sacrifice in the hope others might have the freedoms it represents even though these solders never had or felt them when the died for it.
    It is their song, out of respect for the sacrifice they made they ask you recognit them by
    1 stand in attention as they can not!
    2 be silent as they no longer have a voice
    3. Think of them with out these freedoms so you can appreciate how better off you are with them!. They did not have the right to chose to uphold hold their obligation afforded to you
    They followed orders so you could have a choice not follow orders.
    They own this tune! And when it is played and whenever it iis it is played you rember then

  16. Once again you don't get it.
    In high school football, when a player in injured on the field the players "take a knee." They still love the game. But they recognize one of their players is hurt and in solidarity they pause and pray.
    Thay still love the game.
    You are promoting the misdirection of this narrative.

  17. For this video to have so much dislikes, there's something wrong! It doesn't matter whatever country, I don't like national anthems! We should all stand up for God instead cuz I believe he gives us life!

  18. I don't understand nothing. If USA is so full of freedom, why shouldn't they do anything but standing? I mean, they should do whatever they wanted to.

  19. He peacefully protested, didn't say anything disrespectful and KNEELED and this is a problem why?

    In many cultures & traditions (including in the west) kneeling is a sign of humility. We kneel to prayer and hope for betterment.

    To me it was saying until America truly stands for what it claims he will kneel. I felt his protest was great… what he did after however not so much but ahh well…

  20. If an orginization with acces to firearms and weapons training wants to kill a specific group , it would fkn happen . Example ? Holocaust , native american genocide , the anglo boere war ,where they killed women and children by the thousands , just a few ofnthe top of my head

  21. The "alledged" mistreatment of black people. 🤣 Yah, I'd say being shot and killed during a traffic stop would be considered mistreatment by most people.

  22. It's all for the cameras if they really cared they wouldn't take a knee they go out in their communities and do something about it. I just love with millionaires complain

  23. I feel like standing for the anthem is like behaving in a good way. Just like if you sit calm in a restaurant or don't yell in the cinema.

  24. I went to my first baseball game for a school trip a while back and during the national anthem, three kids that went with me stayed seated. I got family that fought in the military and were huge in the public service field, I wanted to grab them and pull them from their seats it was so disrespectful, mainly because they said to someone, that they didn’t want to stand because they didn’t feel like getting up.

  25. People of color is a racist slur…..figures that a black supremacist Racist would not like the National Anthem.

  26. The Red is for te wipmarks on are Back.
    The stars are the stars wen they beat us up.
    The blue is for the blues we sing
    as we got the blues.
    The white is for the officieus.
    There is no BLACK in that flag !

    Public Enemy.

  27. First, let's enslave whites and Jews for awhile, murder them and take their land, and continue to systemically oppress them until our great grandchildren have no connection to that process and can claim "I didn't enslave them/kill/oppress them!" Oh wait, horrible idea. Guess we'll just keep protesting the anthem.

  28. If anything, that protest is taking a bigger jab at the military then the police because they are stationed throughout the world to protect us

  29. The man who wrote the national anthem was a slave owner and 2nd of all the national anthem is only used to see who's a communist. That's why everyone stands for it it's not about freedom at all.

  30. If you protest the values of the nation you are a citizen of, you can not stand for anthems if you choose.
    If you make a great deal of money playing for the National Football League, you are getting paid to support the nation. If you have protest against the Nation, your only worthy protest would be to quit the NFL….but none of those nation-protesting players did. We protest those players hypocrisy by not attending those sporting events where those players are in effect protesting the audience.

  31. Actually its a pretty cowardly act. Like flag burning. These people know that there is no price to pay for their disrespect. They are no different than those 'keyboard warriors' who curse and threaten you over the internet knowing that the people they are disrespecting can do nothing about it. (unless you're a liberal on Facebook who claims they are offended by something you posted, then complains to liberal run facebook about how their community standards have been violated. Then you get banned. )
    I'd be more impressed if you burned a Pride flag at a gay parade or a Koran in front of a Mosque. You know you're going to get your ass kicked. But you were willing to pay a price.
    But not standing in for the flag… You're no radical standing up to hate in some heroic battle. You're the moocher at dinner that doesn't pay anything but still gets all the benefits of a good meal.

  32. Well I'm someone of color, and I've never felt oppressed in the US. In fact, I felt more oppressed when I lived in West Africa for a few years. Perhaps all these ungrateful athletes should be sent there.

  33. We may have had the whole thing back then, but we can not take it back. We have changed our ways since then, it is better than it was, think of what it could have been. What if the whites were slaved by blacks. It is sad but true

  34. Well said, sister. I stand for the national anthem and the flag, they represent the best country ever so far. No other country has got even close.

  35. USA Stand tall! Stand for God/Jesus Christ and your country! God Bless America!!! Bless the nation whose lord is God!

  36. Corruption that goes on is not so much about race, it's more about moral. Minorities are more likely to be harmed by their own or by those in their community or family, than another race. Women are usually harassed/bullied more by other women, Black people or Black conservatives more likely to be harmed by other Black people and minorities. Never been assaulted by anyone or robbed by anyone but my own black people and minorities. That's the truth or "Facts". I'm American and a part of the Human race of God's people, and when we stop allowing the wicked to flourish then God's true children of all nations can live and function with Liberty and justice for all.

  37. Of course they found somebody with kinky hair to try to sell that lame ass BS!! All I can say is men in my neighborhood don’t stand next to tall trees..

  38. There is no cure for stupidity. These people will weed themselves out😂 To my fellow conservatives, I appreciate you♥️

  39. That's what lm talking about !Never mind the disrespect some blacks are showing for the noble sacrifice of black patriots(some of which were heros) who fought in the civil revolutionary and other wars for this country. That flag represents noble deeds done and worthy causes won.

  40. Uh, no. The national anthem has become such a jingoistic symbol in our country to the point to where so many people have become so susceptible to becoming more violent against those who are trying to help change the country. It also doesn't help that people cant reflect the lenses on ourselves when it comes to nationalism. Like we always make fun of North Korea when they do it, but keep silence when we do it. It's hypocritical and stupid that people can't re add like that it just boldens more hate than pride. You can still like it, but considering the facts, it has made people become more unhinged

  41. He is not protesting the national anthem. He is protesting the All too frequent unjust treatment of black people by police officers.

  42. But what if you’re psychically disabled or bound to an assistant chair or something like that & can’t stand during the national during the national anthem?

  43. Kaepernick and Rapinoe should be ashamed. How do people of our nation not respect our proud flag while usain bolt interrupted his interview just to show respect to our nation and our flag?

  44. If there's no law that I have to stand for the flag, than I dont have to stand, cause i have the freedom not to stand. Even if I was called ignorant and ungrateful, they cant do a thing about it

  45. That hair throws me back to 80s when people weren’t disrespecting the flag and becoming celebrities for doing so

  46. if you sit you lose your job where free as long as we do what where told freedom doesn't mean bending to your employer

  47. Is it not self defeating to be expected to stand and sing a song on command in a free country? I'm not a Democrat btw, more like libertarian. I just don't see the point in pledging allegiance to the government, or did you think the pledge was about the people?

  48. Yes I agree that we should stand for the anthem……I want you to listen to the house I live in….sung by the great Paul Robeson…..peace and love to all

  49. Protesting against America and your own freedom is also disrespectful toward those who put their life on the line in foreign countries to protect the ones like them, too afraid to do so.

  50. I don't understand why your complaining Joy. If you understand that we have the FREEDOM to protest the flag or the anthem(which origins have been found to be racist) then that's it. People can do what we want because we're free. The 1st amendment protects that right, just like it does for kkk rallies to happen in public. Shaming ppl for upholding the 1st amendment sounds like a progressives shaming ppl for holding up the 2nd amendment. You may feel the athletes are foolish, but it's still their right. I used to sit before it was popular. But now I stand, but that's my decision. Furthermore, if you also understand that their are a few racist cops, then again, why the complaint? Maybe Kapernick went about it the"wrong way", but racist cops are a problems in some cities and make other cops look bad. I've had both Good and bad experiences with cops as a law abiding citizen. I can discern the two, but apparently people on the left and right can't. I know many ppl that were harassed by cops that WASN'T reported and therefore not able to influence the statistics. Prager U, you have some great content, but please stop using black ppl to scold other black ppl about issues that some of them may face in some inner cities.

  51. One protests for change. Stand if you like, kneel if you like. This is America, one should be able to voice opinion without being shunned.

  52. I’m from uk, I thought the protest, was quiet and dignified. I understand people’s objections.
    And they raise valid points.
    However legally those NFL players are not obligated to stand.

    In addition farmers and other homeowners get their property stolen by local authorities all the time. In Chicago doesn’t allow citizens guns to tote them themselves from criminals.

    America struggles to sell me land of the brave, and land of the free. When cops turn up with guns to an 10 year little girl lemonade stand.

    Or giving food vender penalties and fines to a 12 year old selling cakes. with council and cops with guns, telling parents to step back while they interrogate there 12 year old.

    I would not protest race, I would protest corruption and the lack of will to tackle it.

    Civil forfeitures
    Police planting evidence
    Raiding wrong houses and charging an owner for resisting arrest??🤔

    I agree with Prague U 70% of the time. I respect there position on this occasion but I don’t stand by it.

    Still enjoyed the video, even though I haven’t fully bought into this particular narrative.

  53. Look you have ANTFIA smashing up cities, you have flag burning. And statues and monuments being pulled down. I agree we should talk about this.
    But the world didn’t end. And most people don’t really care what these players did.
    Some people agreed with them
    Others disagreed

    There’s bigger issues to face than this.

  54. You only have the freedom to protest like this if you try it. And then the NFL threatened teams and players for this incident to ensure future demonstrations would not occur. So it’s not that free an expression.
    Not if your job or career is on line.

    That doesn’t look that free. 😑

  55. North Korea and Iran are dictatorships. But there honest about being tyrants, you know if you mess up there your done for.
    But America is more grey, you have freedom to protest, freedom to express yourself.
    But then we will take your job away and flush career down toilet. Maybe, perhaps?
    Depends who you are and who much the mob is shouting for social justice.

  56. All it’s citizens like when FBI tried to do land grabs, and ranchers had to turn up on horse back like old fashioned cavalry.
    They circled off water so the cattle were dying of thirst. Until the people rise up and used the 2A to push them out.

    You have people’s houses been raided in drugs production because they bought gardening supplies on their credit card.
    No surveillance no other evidence.
    Arresting people for resisting arrest.

    College £100.000 debt there never goes away. And there being taught nonsenses.

    What opportunities do people have in Baltimore?

  57. Ironic. If people protest against the national anthem, which is a symbol of freedom, they're taking away their own rights to protest the national anthem.

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