Are you tired of hearing about Logan Paul? (yep) That’s great. Me too!
(see what you did, logan? you made the man scream) But before we move on to the next drama that will inevitably happen and forget about everything that went down There is a few more things that We need to consider BUT Pewds YoU SaiD BaD WORd, so YOU aRE NOT alLOwed tO CRiTICize hIM Shit. I forgot, damn it. Damn it. God damn it- keep forgetting. I said the badword. Oh well *slight chuckle* You gotta give the Paul brothers some props, you know. They… They got a good ball game going on, you know. One person does something and all of a sudden you-you’ve completely forgotten what-how bad the other one was And then just back and forth. Uhhh..As you can tell Logan Paul is in deep pain after this incident. He’s..- He’s suffering immensely. Clearly his audience put-..uh..-put their feet down and said: “No, Logan. You..- You stepped over the line.”
A lot of people are pointing out, with the suicide forest video that “It was just a mistake, okay? Everyone makes mistake-you make mistake too, Felix.” That is true. I have. I’m guilty. Ahh, but people also started watching Logan’s older videos and noticed a continuous pattern. [Logan]: “So as you guys know I am a little sick, my voice is kinda gone” “but God blessed tomato!” [Sound of douche throwing tomato at a wall] [F]: Did he just throw a tomato… on a wall? That’s hilarious [Logan]: “…Deliver you guys the most entertaining” “Exhilarating incredible content EVER!” [F]: Please throw another tomato on the wall, cause that was hilarious. *extreme coughing sounds* [Logan] “I think in honor of being sick, we’re now gonna be selling [Logan and friend laugh] official Logan Paul masks at {website}” get your own sick mask, and prevent the Bubonic Plague from spreading in your town.” [Waiter]: “This one is uh, just for display.”
*pointing at centerpiece* [Logan]: “Oh so I can’t eat them? Ok, that’s my bad.” [F]: “…god.” How old is he? So while in Japan, Logan Paul clearly knew about the Japanese culture. They really value respect above anything. [Logan]: “I just got to be careful to not like disrespect their culture cause Logang, Japan is all about the respect.” [Logan’s Friend]: ‘Actually it’s true.’ [Logan]: I know it’s true, so… I gotta take my {chotch?} levels and bring them down” *LP screams like an idiot* [F]: “I didn’t edit that, to make them look bad. HE he edited that.” *laughing* I didn’t even have to do anything. Oh man [Logan]: “This is where you throw coins into the well. You make a wish and they come true” [Logan’s Friend]: “What are you gonna wish for?” “I wish for….. …health… uhh… … happiness… and hella bitches” [F]: “You know when you’re in a church, or mosque, or Buddhist temple there’s generally the approach that you.. Keep it down a notch. You’re a bit more quiet, like I’m not religious or anything like that, but even then I-I’d still– You know you need to show a certain amount of respect and you’re at a Buddhist temple Just throwing in money in the thing like whatever It’s so dumb. [Logan]: “What’d he do?” Some of the authorities weren’t happy about them acting this way and Their guide is the one that apologizes. He’s the one that has to step up and be like, “I’m sorry for this person” *police and guide talk* [Logan]: “{Shusei?} saving the day with his flashlight. [Logan]: “What did you do?” [Friend]: “I was just cleaning myself with water!” and then he’s like ‘out, out'” [Guide]: I’m sorry. Filming’s. Filming’s” [Logan]: “Oh, it’s the film- oh, it’s the vlog” [Logan]: “Alright guys, we’re gonna see you back in a–” [F]: “because you’re at a Buddhist temple. It might be a tourist attraction and a lot of people there as someone who really loves Japan and loved visiting there I’m always really on guard whenever I’m there I don’t want to be that person, that Logan Paul, and his friends are I don’t want to be It’s not attractive It’s not someone you want to be [Logan, unironically]: “you know how it is in Japan there all about the respect.” “So we’re gonna be respectful for a little bit. I know it’s new but we got to do it sometimes” [F]: “Literally the next cut *extreme coughing sounds* “He’s not sick” [F]: “I get that he’s sick, and then that’s a problem, but then wear the fucking mask dude. In Japan, it’s a big deal to be spreading germs, like, they have the masks not-not to protect themselves from other people being sick They have them if you’re sick, to not admit it to other people. It’s another respectful thing, that if you are sick You don’t spread that disease around It’s considered really rude to be sneezing and coughing out in public as well, and it’s simple things that you could have looked up You’ve been to Japan twice you should know this and if you think I’m just nitpicking at this point. Don’t worry. It gets worse. *Logan bragging about his sub count*
*lol only 15 million* [F]: “Oh my god Logan, can you be more unfunny and annoying? God damn it this is just Uhahahah UhAhAhAh Uggggghhhh [Logan]: “he has no idea. Hello. [Driver]: “Oh” Hi. How you feel?” [F]: “Logan’s- slogan his whole identity with his brand is, “be a Maverick.” That’s his merch That’s what he sells, that- that’s what he acts like, but you’re just being annoying- you’re just being fucking annoying. This is sort of attitude that he’s emitting towards his fans like, “be like me be an asshole be an idiot” This is okay. You know you’ve gotta be edgy. You gotta do stuff that no one else does. But it’s like- I get that- I get that not everyone should be the same but goddamnit I hope no one else is like you. [Logan]: “If you want to see the fish at the fish market in Japan don’t party with ‘thots’ the night before” “I’m also not giving up hope.” “See now that’s what I’m talking about!”
*logan yells at fish* [F]: “So Logan Paul goes to the fish market Which is very famous and… it’s already sorta shutting down because they don’t want tourists in there because they’re being too… it’s being too much of them… it’s becoming too much of a tourist attraction. It’s really just people working there. It’s a fish market after all, and then you have Logan Paul of course furthering that even more by just buying fish To walk around in public with Like you have people literally scoffing at him, but can you imagine how many of those there that is edited out? And of course what a maverick What a legend I can’t believe he just did that that is ‘le epic’ Wow. I wish I was that brave to do that cuz men that’s pretty edgy [Logan]: “I just want to say one thing though Japanese people are so nice” Logan! Let me just explain this because I don’t think you get it They’re- they’re polite, but that doesn’t mean they like you okay, they may not tell you “Hey fuck off. You’re an asshole” But they definitely think it And if you think I’m nitpicking, don’t worry it gets worse. [Logan]: “This was my life” “the Game Boy Color” [F]: “so Logan goes to the market to buy a Game Boy *logan yells* “Why?” indeed why. why? what was the joke? [Logan]: “Excuse me Sir, “The game seems to be malfunctioning” “Mucho broken-o”
*felix repeats* ‘mucho broken-o’ mucho broken-o!! Can we- Neil deGrasse Tyson cringe meme? Oh God. [Logan]: “Here we go” .. “Heck yeah, bro” [F]: “Logan Paul clearly cares a lot about his fans when they ask for a signature
as a good good old meme. He signatures as as a good old meme, he signs as “chu” [Logan]: “Don’t mind me. Cause I’m American Pant’s comin’ down” “Toyota, I choose you!” You gotta respect the culture. You can tell how much he enjoyed this meme. Just look at his face Hilarious you got me. I am the Pikachu. That’s what he’s saying right there with this with this expression These are just the scoffs that we see okay Just I’m just like imagining the ones that get cuts out imagine that the ones that are like ‘oh, that Maybe that was a bit far’ ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh This is literally just his last three videos before what happened what happened Watching them it all kind of makes sense, why he reacted with such little empathy as he did. He doesn’t really look at these people as People he’s treating them like something else. I get it people are tired of Logan Paul by now I’m- I’ve clearly made mistakes, too. I’m not allowed to criticize it. I agree 100% with that sentiment I’ve always said like I’ve argued with friends about Logan Paul and people always bring up like “oh, no, Logan Paul He he’s like that older, more mature brother. Logan Is not that bad compared to Jake” From one sociopath to another okay. I’m a youtuber. I know how they think. I don’t watch Logan’s videos I’ve seen briefly of it, and it’s enough for me to know his character and who he is. He’s the kind of guy that plugs his merch when his friend’s dog died [Logan]: “I’m with you, the whole Logangs with you. We got your back. Yeah, it’s gonna feel weird It’s gonna feel weird for the next few days. Unfortunately, it is just a fact of life and another fact of life is literally right now you can get your merch on loganpaul.com/shop, link in the description” (hahahahah so funny) [F]: “he’s the kind of guy that, fakes his own murder… in front of in front of little kids as le “epic meme” (and nothing of value was lost) *children screaming* [F]: “He is the kind of dude that invites his fan to be in a song with him to boost his ego and of course plug the merch He’s the kind of guy that makes out with his brother’s ex-girlfriend GoOd mEmE The kind of guy that tells people to meet him outside of VidCon when clearly told not to do that That’s a danger for everyone someone could seriously get hurt don’t do that *does it anyway* There’s no joke I don’t like Logan Paul. I don’t like his type of person He’s the kind of person where I feel like- if I even tried to have a normal conversation with it just wouldn’t work. He would always just be like: *makes noises in Swedish*
“IM A MAVERICK, EHHH” It seemed like I got in a lot more shit for a lot less And like I said, I don’t think he should have any sort of repercussion or whatever from YouTube But at the same time #bringbackscarePewDiePie Season 2. That’s right! If nothing is gonna happen At least bring back scare PewDiePie season 2 we shot the whole damn thing, alright. It’s there. It’s waiting ʰᵃʰ hah HAH Remember when plugging your merch used to be something kind of frowned upon like Okay, alright, you can tell you can do it when you launch it Maybe you can tell like, but don’t shove it into people’s faces. Okay? I Don’t know. Squad Fam out “but god blessed tomato!” HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHH

100 thoughts on “EVERYONE NEEDS A HERO

  1. You know I didn’t really care about Logan Paul I just viewed it like he’s just dumb until I found out 9:32 then I was ready to murder this asshole pice of garbage waste of human life.

  2. Im still remember every videos that im started to subscribe pewds from dec 2017 till now.. im just watching pewds every day bcoz i Don't know what to do after school and just waiting for me result.. but 2018 have a lot of meme and everything is changing so much

  3. 10:47 and here we see a wild Jonah Marais. What is he thinking about? Coffee? Double coffee? Why we may never know.

  4. I dont understand how either Paul brothers first off got so many subs, second how Jake Paul got such a hot girlfriend

  5. The game-boy smashing thing where he broke it and didn’t even pay was the most outrageous aside from the actual suicide forest event.

  6. Ok but what he does is rude everywhere tbh not even in the Japanese culture as an AMERICAN running through a crowded street is fucking disrespectful even in America and as a CHRISTIAN if we are in a group paying tribute to our god (Church,praying,reading the bible etc) its so rude to cuss or be loud in the house of the lord smh and in America to start coughing and wheezing like that is so disgusting to me how he was acting was disgusting even in America (I can't stress this enough)

  7. He has consistently shown numerous acts of insensitivity, disrespect, and overall idiocy. He is suppose to be a role model! It’s not like he is this great guy and role model who made this one horrible, hideous, and disgusting mistake. He has continued to embarrass America and shown disrespect in other countries, and is an overall an over the top jerk who is a prostitute to fame, money, and views. You did get a lot more crap then he did Pewds………..

  8. bruh, he said well he just crossed the line this time rapping. rapping is a kind of thing where that happens. but then he dropped it for a fing video game

  9. Living in Japan for four years cause where my dad was stationed, i find it funny how I was a toddler about to be a kid and I acted more mature than Logan

  10. Felix snälla du som är en Youtuber vet att inte allt men mycket av beteendet är fasad och istället för att inte bry dig om hur du är mot din publik så ska du vara negativ och kritisera andra…bara för du gör en video där du uttrycker att du inte gilla logan paul så kommer inte folk sluta kolla på han så tekniskt sett så sprider du bara onödig negativitet och jag gillar verkligen dig felix men även du kan behöva sanningens ord…tack om du läste detta

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