49 thoughts on “Everlas Vs Sulayman | Nationalism & Islam | Lineage | Somali Corner S3E3 | Speakers Corner

  1. shout out to my Somali brothers never be ashamed of who you are be proud dont let these people with this shaytan energy deter you and try to enslave you that was a beautiful poem by the way

  2. The Somali guy is nationalist, wish him good luck that is the only way his can save his country, love your people unify and defend your land if Islam comes guaranteed they will finish each other, no tolerance in Islam.

  3. This Somalian sounds like a donkey , he is comparing Allah SWT to lion , perished nazi guy and to his mother . that only means he doesn't believe that Allah SWT is the Creator of the Earth , the man , animals and everything .And if he doesn't believe that why didn't he just say he isn't a Muslim ? somebody tell me please what kind of kuffar is this Somalian??? , because it's the first time I have seen such a creature

  4. First of All, I believe Sulyaman to be an extremist, ignorant person. However, out of being fair and just, he was right with regards to the definitions of Islam, Fearing Allah (i.e punishment), Submission and etc. I have to admit this Somali brother does not know what he is talking about and in fact is dangerously speaking about the religion without any knowledge.

  5. Agree with Sulayman
    look" i make bara from my assabiyah which i am from a White polish Background, i will never stand for that. Salayman is My Ahki by his Testimony of Faith in Islam. This is important to me, as a muslim but A white polish "Kafir" is a loser to me.

  6. Sulayman just showed everyone how ignorant the Muslim world is. Religion cannot come before self. If he wasn’t Muslim he’d still be Somali, so he’s Somali first but all Muslims hear is “nationalism”. Which leads me to believe they don’t know what actual nationalism is. There’s nothing wrong with having pride in ones self and in one’s culture and heritage. These modern “Muslims” seems like they’ve all been brainwashed into rejecting their individualism, yet they expect to spread their religion to others…

  7. 15:36 The look on his face when he says im Somali first, tell you everything about this guy demeanour. He talks down to Sulayman as though he is dumb , disgusting behaviour for disingenuous of him to talk like that.

  8. Yemeni Arabs are now white? Egyptians are white? Smh. Khalid Everlast is a lying Somali supermacist. Mogadishu to Ras Kamboni is Arab Banadiri city states and lands under the Somali nomadic Hawiye and Darood occupation

  9. The speaker at 30:00 destroyed him with his question. Under what principle he called for uniting people? The Prophet gathered people under the banner of al tawheed.
    And the somali kid wants to gather them under a banner of jaahiliyya.

  10. Eh silly man aka silly man,,
    It’s the year of the 🐷
    Muhammmed blesses the pig 🐷 an all that follows it……
    That means ya mum is ok to venture down the shops

  11. Banging answers from the somali brother but i dont agree with everything but the mother respect love and fear was an excellent answer. 1love bro stay blessed and real.

  12. When the Greeks were recently set upon and tricked into starvation by the EU, they survived, because they started caring about each other and their nation.  Nationalism is the bankster's biggest fear and that's why they're trying so hard to mix everyone up.

  13. We Somalis love Islam and we submitted to Allah and Islam at will. We have existed before Islam and chose to be Muslim go research your facts akh

  14. Islam is colour blind we are all just humen beings , there is only one creator Allah swt either you believe him or you don't, as Allah says there is no compulsion in religion,. so we need to stop looking at people's colour, don't matter where you're born, laillaha ilallah muhummadur rasoolallah, none has the right to be worshipped except Allah and Muhammad saws is the last and final messenger of Allah …

  15. To love your nation and call for unity among somalis is not haram — fear God before making lies that you are not knowledgable about.
    Long Live the Somali Lands.

  16. +Everlas.Bless brother for your bravery to not conform to HIS Islam but to stand tall in your own faith

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