Evergreen’s Toxic Allyship

Evergreen’s Toxic Allyship

(Students yelling, incessant noise, mostly inaudible) Red shirt, “You don’t block me, out of my way” Students yelling over each other, “white people.. white people speak… white allies, you need to talk to him” Female student, “white people in front, and in back…” Male student, “she said, white people [persuade?] students of color.” *knocking on door* “Carolyn!.. Carolyn..” continues knocking, calling for Carolyn. Student responds, “you don’t need to do that, you’re black. Let the white people do that.” So this is kind of like a scratch pad for the upcoming Evergreen documentary where I’m flushing out my thoughts about things. I want to separate the editorializing from the footage and stuff, but I still need to get a grip on why the students were acting that way and then why the faculty were acting that way, and try to figure out how the faculty’s attitudes fed into the students, and how the students attitudes fed into the faculty. So, you just saw some footage from the first day of protests: May 23rd 2017. The same day, the same morning one Evergreen student wrote, posted on her Facebook wall “Hey white people, just a reminder that we’re not in a position to have discussions or debates on what racism looks like. We are the oppressor and cannot speak for those we oppress. Bret Weinstein and his students here at Evergreen just made it abundantly clear the lack of understanding around that. Black student, clapping and yelling over Bret Weinstein *so constructive!* “We don’t care what [inaudible] you wanna speak on. This is not about you.” Bret, “I’m talking about -” Interrupted by screaming, “You’re not speaking on terms of white privilege! This is not a discussion, you have lost that one,” says the indignant white female. Bret, “I’m talking about terms that serve the truth. Those are the terms I’m -” Interrupted again by laughter. “We are in a position to listen, be accountable, and act on the needs of people of color. That’s it. If we need further education, we can use Google. Don’t expect POC to explain everything to us and don’t expect POC to hear what we think or emotionally console us.” How does somebody who’s college-age come upon those ideas? I mean, they have to come from somewhere, unless they are able to generate that kind of twisted mentality on their own. Well, I have plenty of precedent for this behavior. To quote Lisa Sweet in 2015, “This I believe: Evergreen is a place that is as deeply implicated in perpetuating white privilege and white supremacy as any other institution. When faculty aren’t trained to address dynamics of inequality in classrooms, we expose students of color to oppression. And white students can’t learn to examine their own racism and white fragility. We galvanize white privilege in the form of curi- curriculum exalting white canons of fine art, literature, theory, and scientific thinking. I believe we are capable of unlearning the habits of mind that perpetuate white privilege. What I am uncertain of is our collective will to examine those habits.” After Bret challenged the role reversal of day of absence; day of absence was a day for white students and everybody else to have discussions about racism and everybody else traditionally went off campus while white students stayed on campus and then in 2017, for whatever reason, the committee that planned this decided to center the students of Col- well, I’ll use their words… “We are having people of color stay on campus and we are encouraging white staff, faculty and students, to go off campus um, in order to make the space at Evergreen more ..umm.. centered around people of color.” And then Bret complained, and Emily Piper speaking on behalf of the planning committee wrote this email and distributed it through the entire faculty and staff and student worker email distribution list. To quote, “Why we organize day of absence off campus: A message from the day of absence off campus planning committee, Modelling Commitment: As staff we see the value in modeling for our students engaging in hard conversations about racial justice in person as a subcommittee of white folks who choose to engage, who work in all different areas of the college who have different viewpoints, backgrounds, and life experiences” ..but apparently not differing beliefs or ways of criticizing this. To continue, “We are excited and committed to this day and beyond.” This is one thing that keeps on popping up in these Evergreen emails, everybody’s like “from here and beyooond, this day and beyond!” It’s such a sweeping wonderful word. It’s kind of cheesy though… To continue, “Challenging our biases and standing in solidarity with people of color changes daily depending on context and timing, but this year for day of absence/day of presence, it looks like an invitation to gather together on April 12th to further understand our impact as white people on the movement for racial justice. Centering the voices of people of color” – This is the most telling line and the whole thing… “As a committee, we operate from the assumption that people who experience racism, people of color, are the experts of their own experience and are the only ones that can define what racism looks and feels like.” How is that not like a nest of essentialism? There’s the assumption that people who experience racism are strictly people of color, therefore only people of color get to define what racism is. There’s no, there’s no standard that all humans can understand about racism because not everybody has the same experience. To quote the documentary that Naima Lowe’s class was making… “So, inevitably every year Um At least one person will ask, “well why are we asking people who identify as Wyatt Toomy here and people who identify as color- people of color to meet here?” And the reason for that is actually pretty simple: it’s because people of color and white people experience racism differently, and they’re really different conversations and even within people of color communities and within white communities; those folks experience racism differently. And so we provide separate spaces to have those conversations because they’re separate conversations.” To continue with Emily Piper’s email.. “Challenging ourselves: Although it’s true that no people are a monolith, *hold for the irony* white people as a group can impede the progress of racial justice. In the world we live in today, we see examples of both intentional and unintentional disruptions of ‘progress.'” So, don’t get in our way, don’t question, if you’re white you need to get in the back of the bus. If you’re white you need to shut up, sit down. White people are targeted, specifically targeted. This is a culture throughout the entire institution. This is the way that the institution is framing things. They are teaching the students to behave this way; the way that the college has framed this discussion about race is manifested directly in the behavior, in the words, in the actions of the student protesters. To wrap up Emily’s email She asked these questions, “Finally we ask – how do you as a white staff or faculty at this college want to engage in racial justice work?” Remember this is a state school. This is a school that’s funded by Washington State and I’m pretty sure that Washington State has some things Kind of like, called rules or laws or a Bill of Rights that specifically state that a state institution cannot be discriminatory. These people are (1) they’re state employees. (2) They’re using state funds to set up this… to set up this event. (3) They’re using state resources to promulgate their racist behavior, their racist framework. To continue, “What values do you want to model for your students? How would you- do you respond when a student shares an experience of racism with you? As a white person engaging in racial justice learning and action, what are you willing to give up? What are you opening yourself up to gain?” Now, one of my questions is, is since there’s all these budget cuts at Evergreen, how many white faculty who subscribe to this progressive agenda are actively giving up their resources? Taking a cut in their pay so that other faculty can continue their work, whether it’s racial work or just like, you know helping the students get what they want? The arts education and performative arts education various, uh, various programs are being cut, but I’m sure not various salaries. Now in this particular email chain there’s a back-and-forth where people start accusing the science faculty specifically of being a hotbed of racism and one student employee asks, ‘can you provide evidence for that?’ and then people say, ‘how dare you demand evidence!’ and instead of giving evidence there’s this big rigmarole about white supremacy and objectivity in science and white science and bla bla bla bla bla and one faculty actually sends this paper by Robyn D’Angelo called, “Leaning in: A student’s guide to engaging constructively with social justice content” by Robyn D’Angelo, and Robyn D’Angelo opens up “If you’re reading this essay you are likely enrolled in a course that takes a critical stance. By critical stance, we mean those academic fields including social justice critical pedagogy multicultural education anti-racist post-colonial and feminist approaches that operate from the perspective that knowledge is socially constructed and that education is a political project embedded within a network of social institutions that reproduce inequality. This whole thing is founded upon what is now being called, “Grievance studies” Is it any wonder that the students behaved and acted like they did. I want to quote one more email from this exchange by Lisa Sweet sent on March 15th. Now this, this whole email chain; this back and forth is what the students use to prove to themselves that Bret Weinstein is racist, and furthermore that’s why he’s included in their, you know, week-long protest gig. Here’s Lisa Sweet, “Dear Rashidah…” Rashidah Love is the one who basically was at the forefront of the day of absence planning. She left halfway through 2007 apparently because she didn’t like the way that she was being treated and her salary for that year doubled. She went from 54 or 58,000 dollars a year to 118,000 dollars a year, and she only worked half of a year. And, there was no talk about severance, there was no talk about her resignation. So it seems like the college was able to pay her off and send her on her way without going through that whole Tort claim process that Brent Weinstein and Heather Heying and Naima Lowe went through. To continue.. “Dear Rashida Thank you to you and the members of the DOA/DOP planning committee. I appreciate the tireless work and challenge of bringing so many people together at different locations for a broad range of events and experiences. I know many folks invisibly and generously support this work. Many are students, staff and colleagues of color. Every year more folks attend and benefit from day of absence/day of presence. For that, I’m grateful. I’m especially excited about the change to the usual arrangements this year *!* In the past, students, staff, and colleagues of color left campus to gather for events designed to address the experiences, wisdom, and needs of people of color. It says something powerful that members of our learning community have felt the need to leave campus to do this work. This year’s plan for folks who identify as white to leave campus is innovative. I love imagining students, staff, and colleagues of color having the campus to themselves to do their work. As a tiny act of equity, I’m more than happy to attend events off-campus for one day to learn about anti-oppression strategies, institutional racism, and to confront the ways my whiteness provides me access to education and professions other folks never gain access to.” For me, those two lines underscore that equity is about a reversal of fortune. Equity in another way of looking at things is basically repackaged reparations, repackaged affirmative action. Basically to skirt around what the government of Washington has decided with regards to quotas. “There’s been a few people who have stepped up to offer to get them food so, yes, but also get [fed?]” Female white student, “Yeah, there’s also cheeseburgers over here, and fries. We’re just kind of like, in the way” Black student, “f**k yeah, we collectin’ reparations now” So to bring it all home, it seems to me that people are caught in a network, or web, and two of the points of the web are “privilege” and “fragility.” Especially white people are caught in this and black people too – to a certain extent everybody’s caught in this, “privilege” and “fragility” – And if you… you have to admit you’re privileged, and if you don’t, then you are fragile. No matter what, you are a white supremacist. Any given white person is eo ipso, inherently an oppressor, and any movement against that will only bind you more in that sticky-wicky web. And so the protesters are caught in that they try to catch Bret, in that the faculty try to catch Bret, in that the faculty furthermore are catching other faculty in that, and that’s why we don’t have that many faculty speaking up on behalf of Bret or even on behalf of objectivity because that web is so sticky that there’s no way out of it. And furthermore, when everything gets publicized, when the whole world gets to look into that, then Evergreen itself; the people who are promoting this, the protesters, the activist professors; they can’t recognize that perhaps the world is right and they are wrong. Furthermore they don’t have to; they’ve already been excused from any sort of reckoning because everything is inherently a social construct. There is no room for reality, for feedback from reality that does not line up in that sticky-wicky web of “fragility” and “privilege”. I don’t think it even excuses oppressive behavior from the protesters, from Naima Lowe, from any of those people. It actually promotes it in a sense. They don’t even have a choice in the matter. They are forced into speaking up, into acting out, and – furthermore acting out with any actual basis in explicit acts of racism. They don’t point to any explicit act of racism that I cannot already with evidence, with actual evidence, video evidence, lived experience point out is false. Is not an actual racist thing. It’s construed as a racist event. And so what arises in this network is this victim/bully, victim/bully, victim/bully back and forth where the protesters act like bullies, then claim to be victims, then act like bullies, claim to be victims, act like bullies, claim to be victims, and it starts on a small scale. It starts on a facebook argument and then it transfers into the protests and then it transfers even bigger when Patriot Prayer comes by. They- they act like bullies and they’re like “Oh, no Patriot Prayers coming, Patriot Prayers coming!” and then when the media gets a hold of it they feel victimized by the media for the media calling them out for being bullies. It’s an unending cycle, for whatever reason, and does that have to do with the postmodern framework of not needing any evidence? Of dismissing everything as a narrative and so you have to cling stronger and stronger and stronger to your narrative? In the face of glaring contradictions with the feedback that you’re receiving, you have to cling even tighter and scream even louder and punch even more furiously at your opponents, at the whole world. And where does that leave the students? The students are exhausted, the students are never going to get, uh, never gonna land on something that’s actually beneficial for them except for the few of them that can actually maximize their victimhood. And they need a certain network of oppression points to get there. Everybody else needs to prostrate themselves and probably feel pretty bad, all told. Either that, or righteously misunderstood, all told, while everybody who looks into it and provides criticism for that, and this happened to me earlier this week, I criticized Naima Lowe on a Facebook page and people who are defenders of Naima Lowe accused me of “white privilege,” of “white fragility,” of denying Naima Lowe’s humanity purely for criticizing her behavior. Like, the whole language game gets more and more inflated and violence starts to become more and more diffuse and seen everywhere, and the microaggressions become major oppressions and aggressions and there’s no escape for anybody that interacts with this stuff. It wants to talk sissify (sp?) everybody who touches that. And furthermore, it makes me reflexive when I go in and I talk about this and I call out how white people are being victimized, white people are being targeted. Yeah, I hear that I’m stirring up the pot of actual white Nationalists or people who are so insecure in their individuality that they need to cling to the white identity. Those people get all riled up and use this as fodder for their project when the whole thing, the whole thing is a zero-sum game. When you start to apply yourself and your energies more and more to this flaky surface level, uh, identity thing, then you are caught more and more in that wave of victim and oppressor, victim and oppressor, victim and oppressor. You get caught more and more in that wave form of victim/oppressor, victim/oppressor, victim/oppressor, victim/oppressor, and you can’t see clearly anymore because everything’s stormy, foamy, tsunamis and rip tides. I go into it wanting to critique it, but I also want to critique the reaction to it. I want to be able for us to look at this and to discount it without making the pot even more frothier. That’s- that’s absolutely essential. I don’t know if it’s possible, but I believe that that’s absolutely essential for us to do.

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  1. Hey Ben, what you describe in psychology is called “drama triangle” characterized by the accelerated switching of roles between “victim”, “perpetrator”, and “savior”. The victim calls the savior to save it from the perpetrator. The perpetrator becomes the victim and calls the former victim for help because of misunderstandings so the victim becomes the savior. The former savior has become the perpetrator who now needs to justify why he did what he was doing thereby becomes a victim. This “dance” speeds up until in the end every participant becomes a victim. If you’re interested this is transactional analysis 101.

  2. “Hay white people, get up front!”
    “Don’t do that, let white people do that!”
    “White people, protect students of colour”.
    Flippin’ heck, how twisted is that?

  3. A "college student" wrote that drivel? Fucking illiterate. Fuck all this "POC" this, and racism that, and all the other "newspeak". "White privilege?" Fuck "people of color". We are sick of this shit.

  4. I hate these commie pieces of shit. I wouldn't give ANY student from that "school" a fucking mop job. What a bunch of mentally ill creeps.

  5. Ben
    Racism is a product of the state. Racists gave no power outside of the state.
    That's the fraction of CRT that is truth to it.
    The modern racists live Lowe know that and they are using that. They know that the Left is afraid of AA. They are afraid of losing that voting bloc. So white Lefties will do anything including self racial flagellation to keep that voting bloc.

    That's how you get people like Bridges pushing thugs BS. That's how you get state funds to fund it, irregardless of the law that forbids it.

  6. theres not a way to say this thats not snarky sounding, but its an honest question, because that whole evergreen debacle was fascinating. how do you feel about your diploma?

  7. Equity as a zero sum game… Wow, that's not scary at all. That's not a recipe for strife and violence and hate and war or anything. And so grown up of them. So evolved!

  8. The SJW concept of privilege is a classic type of conspiracy theory. A theory becomes conspirational when it makes itself immune to counterevidence. Case in point: the less you 'know' your privilege, the more it is proof of its existence. See also how they argue that the less a white person thinks he is racist, the more it proves their (intrinsic) racism. You can never win when any counterevidence is reversed as an "a forteriori" proof.

  9. Mr. Boyce, I do not know how to process the madness of Evergreen State. Yes, of course, things are sometimes irrational. But what kind of "education" are these spoiled kids getting on their state supported campus? How do they repay the money on their student loans? In other words, what sorts of careers emerge to accept these children who act in this infamous manner. Are there a bunch of CEO's in some sort of grievance industry who will be happy to hire individuals who thing EVERYTHING is a "construct"? I understand that you are involved in this matter professionally with the production of a film. Will you address the "future" of this issue by exposing the "past"? Evergreen State didn't JUST decide to lose its mind, did it?

  10. This "college" is a joke. How in hell is this joint still in operation with wacko things like this utterly rampant? To be fair, Evergreen is just the best (or worst, depending on your view) example of this kind of behavior. I'm old enough to remember a 20/20 piece on this kind of thing in the early 90s, it's actually worse now.

    When all the nonsense originally happened the "president" of the college should've expelled ALL those who engaged in that screwball behavior, he also should have said in NO uncertain terms that those professors who encouraged or instigated that behavior should start looking for employment elsewhere. But as we know that college "president" had no gonads. It's already probably too late to get another college head.

  11. This will never de-escalate. You've got people who have been raised to be militant communist fifth columns within your country, as have all countries settled by Germanic peoples. We make up 1% of the global population, but these people are told that we OWE the entire world everything we've ever built. Ignoring the fact that the slave trade still goes on to this day in the Islamic world, and that non-whites made up almost 99.99% of slavers throughout all of recorded history, that 0.01% in four countries is enough to give a green light to the overt attacks against all the other countries with the same flawed arguments. This will lead to balkanization or war. Mark my words.

  12. so only arabs/muslims and people of colour get to decide whats islamophobic and racist but both wont let us jews define whats antisemitic, hence the inherently antisemitic stench of black lives matters and muslims antizionist movement, supporting palestine, painting zionism as something bad, demonizing israel, etc … ???

  13. I have never managed to find a cogent answer to this question: if POC are experts in their own experience, by virtue of the fact that only if you belong to a category can you really know what you feel, think, what drives you and so on, why is it that POC get to be also experts in what it's like to be white, the whole civility thing, the whole white fragility thing, the whole every white person is racist thing?
    I mean, if you can only talk about a particular group if you're within that group, then why can't white people legitimately have their own expression about how they feel? Like not racist, or angry or scared to be shouted at and insulted by a mob of people, or annoyed by people who feel they can shoult at you while you can't even point a finger, that sort of thing?

  14. I like where you're going at 14:50 with, “They've already been excused from any sort of reckoning because everything is inherently a social construct. There is no room for… feedback from reality.” How true. If everything is a social construct, you can model your beliefs to suit your preferences and dismiss all contrary factual truths as competing social constructs lacking the obvious moral authority you derive from membership in your elite social order. Thus, any person or process that produces evidence of a contrary truth can legitimately be demonized and persecuted.

    Also, nice use of eo ipso at 14:05.

  15. How do these postmodernists still not realize the irony of setting up these grand conspiracy-theory-esque metanarratives?

  16. SJWs believe white and non-white people should be mostly isolated from each other. This is regressive thinking! How is this going to reduce racism?

  17. This is not specific to this video, but the woman wandering around Evergreen now taking videos captured this: "Hard work and self-discipline are tools of the patriarchy". https://youtu.be/umG5I1CmdWI?t=2m42s

    One would hope this would be ironic or trolling, but we all know that they mean all good people should reject these horrible patriarchal traits. sigh

  18. If the white people can't possibly understand why the POCs hate them so much, then why do they have to even care what the POCs think?

  19. I think everyone who chooses to attend Evergreen should be given free tuition and a degree after attending school for a day. College should not have to be longer than a day! It’s racist to make us attend anything more than a day. Also, Evergreen should pay us students to go to school. #BlackLivesMatter #FuckWhitePeople #ImpeachTrump #FreeLaquantriousShamookieGivens

  20. I still say a well placed punch in the mush could have made a difference here. These parasitic nut bags have found a safe space at Evergreen where they can get away with blatant racism and violent behavior. If this academic cesspool had one alpha male, their teeth would be sloping around in their mouths. The product this university is offering IS WORTHLESS!

  21. there is NO racial "justice" the very terms used show that it is an INJUSTICE . In the finial analysis there is only One thing,and that is JUSTICE. the end ,do not pass go do Not collect 200 dollars. I use this term as a reflection of the inept attempt of the NPC culture to "prove" their points ( on which they fail badly i might add) No person alive in america has EVER bought a slave on the open market,No person has Ever shipped a negro to the slave pens,No person has EVER raped,beaten nor ,corrected a slave in their behavior. The left has gone INSANE .TRUTH, be damned, i FEEL this so This is My reality..What ?? Really ?? Sorry you Marxist wannabee's ,but reality is what IS not what you WANT or FEEL! fucking moronic babies ! studies show that the negro IQ ON average is less then the white or American Indian a group i know a large part about since i AM one),Latino's, and all other ethnic groups Other then the Asians,and Evergreen is Proof of that view!This variation ,applies to the male half of the species , females tend to fall into a very tight grouping between 90 and 100 on that scale,and YES you dumb ass hats there are only 2 COUNT, them 2 sex's in humans (sexual dimorphism is a fucking REAL thing look it up; however, considering the mental capacity of the Marxist mind, counting to that number Might be a challenge .) Here in short,is REALITY : NOTHING is Free, Free simply means shifting the cost of the Free item onto someone else,You are NOT oppressed ,You ,OR your parent, Nor your ,grand parents, have EVER been Slaves. Get OVER yourselves, put your GOD DAMN big boy pants ,on take off your diapers,and grow the fuck up !

  22. that Facebook post doesn't sound threatening at all. nope it's completely fine. as a matter of fact you definitely inspire a lot of change by forcing people to accept your point of view and not give them a reason to explain themselves. yeah that's totally ok.

  23. the point is to be excited about our differences but come together as Americans. we are completely being screwed over hard by evergreen

  24. I'm black, but I notice the young black college students are WEAK WITH VICTIM MENTALITY. The weakest black generation needs white savior allies. STOP affirmative action enroll on merit.

  25. The BEST part was the BLACK & WHITE cat in the box!….
    Ben, I feel for you, man!
    I'm just like shakin' my head and wondering WTF?….
    WHO is the BIG$$$ behind all this crap….????….

  26. The solution is simple: no campus group may discriminate based upon a person's race. No campus group may deny access to its activities or facilities based upon race. If you are unable or unwilling to abide by there requirements, then you are not permitted to operate on campus or make use of campus funds or facilities.

  27. What is the point of being a student at Evergreen. Putting a degree from this school on a resume will assure that you can't get a job as a Walmart door greeter. I cannot imagine that any employer would take the chance of hiring anyone who attended classes there.

  28. Evergreen State College let itself get possessed by the 21-century version of Maoist Red Guards and the Khmer Rouge. The only solution now is that Evergreen State College should be shut down, all faculty and administration terminated. The facility could later be renamed, rechartered or repurposed.

  29. I'm just curious on what you might know about Evergreen College's MK Ultra. There was a book titled "Experiment at Evergreen." Authored by Richard Matthews Jones, he was a naval
    psychologist and a professor at Evergreen. This might sound conspiracy theory type stuff but it would be interesting to research the subject. The reason I'm asking is that there is a Youtuber who
    attended and she posts videos regarding Evergreens Cultural Marxist leanings.

  30. Hi Benjamin, Found this while mooching round the net don't know if you've seen it, https://www.thestranger.com/slog/2018/02/14/25815286/evergreen-ranks-as-one-of-the-worst-colleges-in-the-us-for-free-speech,
    Much enjoyed the videos, hope the experiance of Evergreen does not infect UK universaties. Regards,

  31. If i were an employer, i would NOT hire anyone who graduates from this college. It's embarassing. What degrees do they actually offer now? Nevermind, nothing but trouble makers!

  32. This activity on Evergreen College is a predictable outcome of Democrat divide and conquer strategy. Its working. I would bet that the vast majority of those enrolled there and the faculty vote Democrat and that will not change no matter what. The Democrat Party indoctrination policies especially through the public education system will not change. Students come out at least 90% indoctrinated. It happened to my son and he was raised to think critically and to reason logically. It all went right down the drain after 4 years of college. This activity at Evergreen College is and will be expanding across the country. You can bank on it. I read a study on millennials and there views on the American system of government, socialism and communism. It was upwards of 65% that thought socialism and communism were superior systems. The Constitution will be viewed as waste paper once the millennials are finished with it.

  33. Who cares… Why is this sh*h** still open? Why hasn't the entire to admin and trustees been fired? Evergreen is a place to study or learn anything of value to society. End this madness.

  34. Why were these kids not arrested? The staff are supposed to be adults. I can't imagine my sons ever acting like this. I would be horrified. So now that no one with half a brain would send their kids there, is this better?

  35. Now that there is no one in school, where are all the students who went off their rocker for fun. Are they happy now that they caused so much trouble? And the faculty, are you happy now that you allowed this to happen? There was no reason for any of this. We never once heard any testimony as to the racism that supposedly happened. If anyone actually felt threatened, everyone would have heard about it. Just a bunch of spoiled brats. Good luck finding anyone that will hire you.

  36. White privilege is no bed of roses. I can’t even leave my 3rd mansion without scores of CEOs mobbing me, offering 6 figure jobs.

  37. I love it when non-white ppl think it's okay or valid to tell white ppl what white ppl think, how white ppl feel, or explain white culture to white ppl when they clearly don't understand white culture. What's worse is when indoctrinated and weak-minded white ppl who don't understand themselves let racist non-whites define them.

  38. That’s so fucked up Brett and Heather had to go through a whole trial and they just gave the Red Queen lunatic extreme racist a ton of money. I bet the college pleaded with her to leave and she demanded money.

  39. There's an awful lot of shouting for not a lot of information exchange.
    Statements at 2:50 are similar to the issues that AU institutions are trying to deal with, with regard to sexism. There are problems that are not obvious and seem to be non-issues, but can and should be improved with openess and joint discussion.
    Statements around 5:00 are stupid: the idea that you'd be able to chunk the experience of racism neatly into white and non-white is racist and daft: I bet that there's more than a few ethnicities who have experienced racism from other non-white ethnicities. For example; some towns in the south east of England – big friction between some Indian and Pakistani communities. And there were and are ethnic Caucasian groups who are discriminated against – Jews, Italians, and Irish well within living memory in the US for example.





    . Evergreen has so absolutely and thoroughly destroyed themselves to such a permanent extent they will have to bulldoze the place to the ground and start from scratch, of course with a different name and all new staff! !!

  41. Because Naima Lowe (probably a Black Panther) taught them that white people are evil and ALL white supremacist like she said. They are making sexist racist people !

  42. If racism cannot be understood by white people, how can it be institutionalized? How can a people manipulate things to their own advantage which they don't understand? This is too stupid. I am no longer letting students who have little life experience off the hook, this is so profoundly stupid.

  43. Parents, don't let your babies grow up tp be liberals. If U care for them at all, don't send them to these leftists colleges to be indoctrinated by socialist/comnunist professors. DON'T DO IT !!!

  44. I'm a POC and I believe that so-called white people who believe in White Privileged are the stupidest people on the face of the earth. And POC's that believe in White Privilege are self hating racists with an inferiority complex.

  45. And for that, the fine taxpayers of the state of Washington get to pay $350,000 annually for an empty suit of a president.

  46. Ben, I’d be fascinated to know how you picked Evergreen and how this school didn’t deliver the inevitable lack of intellectual rigor? And by that, I mean a honest question.

  47. The worst part of this ideology is that it is actually inflammatory and instead of making racism better and less prominent I believe it will embolden and solidify the existing racists and worse than that create racism on all sides from all parties.

  48. "Equity" is simply a nicer way of saying "Social Revenge".
    "Punish the X of today for the crimes against Y yesterday." It's the most commonly repeating tale of tragedy in human history.

  49. So now all knowledge is a 'social construct' and science is crap because it's mostly come through the lens of 'the white supremacist cis-normative patriarchy" . (I wish I still didn't know what those words mean ). Asking for evidence is …. oh man … I can't even repeat what I just heard .

  50. If they think that "education is a political project", then doesn't it follow that state funding for education is political spending and, therefore, should not be allowed?

    Oh wait, I forgot. Logical consistency is an oppressive tool of the Patriarchy, isn't it 😛

  51. It literally is the same nonsense of ever exaggerating arguments I'd have as a child with friends, cousins etc. I still recall the frustration of trying to argue a point in the face of them just making it up as required to prolong until i threw my arms up in dismay or we came to blows… Kids eh?

  52. Whatever happened to "support your claim" that we in the high schools are teaching our students. When they get to Evergreen they get to throw all of that out the window?

  53. Good analysis. This may be a nonsensical thought: I noticed in the video that some students where thin in physical appearance, others were medium and others were overweight. I noticed there was access to food, namely hamburgers. Eventually, the thin and the overweight will feel oppressed. Are the overweight the oppressed because of something in their childhood or are they the privileged oppressors because of there over indulgent diet. An experiment could be to imagine an apocalypse where they had to decide on who gets the calories from a limited amount of food. The point is how group dynamics behave.

  54. If they want for their education, they can use Google. Wow. Has it come to that? Why even go to college? I'm sure you can find a great job using your YouTube Wikipedia research

  55. So if Evergreen University is a bastion of Racism, what does that make Mississippi State, or the University of Alabama?

  56. white privlidge… just a word that enforces racism… cant stand that word cant stand poc either… can't we just see people as people?… these kids are so fucking racist its sick…

  57. joowish subverts did this in zimbabwe and south africa. it was a social weapons test and now they are implementing it globally- hense the push top tip the racial population ratio to maximize the carnage.

    NOTE it was jooish merchant ships that sold black slaves and it was British white man William Wilberforce who campaigned for its end and sparked a navel war to kill the trade. it was American white man Cassias Clay who freed his own slaves inherited from his farther and took beatings campaigning for emancipation- he eventually was able to make a deal with Abraham Lincoln in exchange for blacks contributing to the civil war effort.

  58. @14:35 when you begin the train of thought that leads to everything being a social construct – that's when you hit on the Truth of what happened. Brilliant work.

  59. I taught I saw a puddy cat a creeping up on me! Love your cat!
    The story of Evergreen makes me rage,
    The story of those in evergreen wanting to learn, get their certification and go into the world to grow, makes me sad.
    What a debacle, and they pay these faculty members to teach this shite?

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