Even in Canada… How the Populist Right is on the Rise, and Can Keep Winning

Even in Canada… How the Populist Right is on the Rise, and Can Keep Winning

38 thoughts on “Even in Canada… How the Populist Right is on the Rise, and Can Keep Winning

  1. Really well said. Chinese Canadians need to save us. Please save us. You guys can speak without someone yelling at you that you're racist. Please save our schools which have become a joke. The ridiculous religion of radical feminism is consuming our children's future. The kids are so dumb. They have no social skills. They never play with one another. Their mothers' coddling is ruining them. They can't argue, compose sentences, or even explain why they believe the communist bullshit they're being taught. The kids with issues hold the whole class hostage because teachers aren't allowed to say anything, criticize, or discipline. In high schools the gangs are taking over. Economically, a whole 35% of people don't work at all – obviously living off foreign incomes. Canada is inclusive of everyone – every race, creed and colour, but criminals are not welcome – and it's the criminals from Triads that are fucking with the housing market, not regular people. I would take poor Chinese people any day – they will work and be grateful. Chinese people are our only hope. After the Vancouver city elections, the communists were out in full force raving about how racist Vancouver is because even though white people are only 35% of the population, 9/10 councilors were white women. And there you have it. It will be a blood bath of intersectionality morons. The white women were meanwhile apologizing for being white women and blaming the white men for the racism. Fuck off. The reason why the Chinese didn't get elected is because they ran for the other team, you know, the not-communist team, led by a guy Ken Sim who understands elementary economics, unlike the lot of freaks at the Georgia Straight. And Chinese voters, unlike these pathetic white communists, vote for the best person, not by colour. You are right to be concerned. The freaks will antagonize the white men so much that we will for the first time ever have Nazis in Canada. They will create the boogie-man they currently have to imagine.

  2. The leftists forego reason and discipline in favor of issues catering to emotions to the point of making issues of non issues. Really, legislating speech through the use of ridiculous pronouns that doesnt even fit with proper grammatical structures taking over precedence on issues about building a pipeline (which enables canada to transfer oil) or the fact that canada lost a lot of trade deals from other nations (middle east, china, philippines etc) is beyond me.

    More importantly, the left hired tons of liberal college professors which turned our kids to idealogues and snowflakes. Hopefully reality shakes them up and makes them realize what real problems look like.

  3. When someone is center right for a Leftist they are always extreme right for them. It is a joke because most are center right. You will still be classified a racist because you want to balance immigration with migrants with skill sets to contribute to the economy..
    If the economy slows down lower the immigration influx.
    You can't continue to borrow billions to balance budgets.
    You did not mention the leftist Liberals and the SNC LAVALIN scandal and lie after lie told on camera live in Parlemrnt.
    The scandal with the ex Admiral Norman and the charges dropped to cover that up with gouverment interference like Lavalin.

  4. Canadians often complain about gas prices but then I see people idling their cars for LITERALLY an hour, sometimes more, and this is every single day in the winter. On the worst of days in the winter I might idle my car for half an hour (usually less, like 5 min.) and that is while I scrape the windshield and shovel the entrance of the driveway. And I don't have a garage, if I did I would never have to idle.
    Just the other day, I noticed a car idling for at least 15 min. (don't know how long it was running before I noticed it). It's May, not cold, it does not need to idle.
    Just a pet peeve of mine.
    Not to mention all the snowmobiles, quads and dirt bikes around here. Gas prices do not seem to bother rednecks, even if they do complain about it.

  5. Populism is fighting for White Genocide through Demographic Replacement in 5 generations instead of 2 generations… total degenerate cancer.

  6. When last was there a presidential president of the USA "a statesman"? Trump is easily the least prickish of recent presidents.

  7. Carbon tax is just a "feel good" tax that Liberals like to push to make themselves feel good that they're doing something about the environment even though Canada is NOT a net polluter. We have now become part of the virtue signaling movement that the idiotic Trudeau government advocates.

  8. Trump's actions on the international stage are a joke. He tweets a bit but hasn't gotten a single win or scored a single point for his team. Can't even withdraw a few hundred troops from Syria.

  9. I'm in Atlantic Canada, it's going to go Blue as well. No one around here is happy with the Liberals.

  10. Trudeau is an embarrassment to Canada. Liberals won because the last Conservative Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, was also incompetent. Now we have Trudeau who spews nothing but ideals, false promises and blatant lies. Worse yet is the corruption scandal with SNC-Lavalin. He's broken many of his campaign promises, and he's gone way over budget. He ignores actual economic issues Canadian face and focuses on populist issues to either pander to SJWs or pander to Quebec.


  12. I'm as center as you can get on the political spectrum and was surprised to find the liberals so far left during the last election. There is no party moderate enough for me. Harper had to go so i voted liberal last time, but it's time to vote conservative again.

  13. Aha Khan trip

    Omar kahder / isis issues

    Morneau bussiness reform for self-profiteering

    SNC Lavalin interference debacle

    Carbon Taxes

    Comsat satellite under-table sale to China (information fire sale???)

    Insulting / ignoring Canadian Military Veterans

    Demonization of Lawful Gun Owners

    Media outlets favouring constant running liberal propaganda and mud slinging against any opposition

    Omission of news involving an investigation of treason against key liberal party members ( including PM Trudeau )…

    ….these are more worrisome facts and issues that I have that involve the Canadian liberal party. I AM FRIGHTENED BY THIS.

  14. For me I haven't become more Conservative… but I am starting to see how absolutely crazy the Liberals are becoming… and I am starting to go from being idealistically charitable to being responsibly pragmatic. Once you sort of realize that these programs have to come from somewhere, that you are forcing people to pay for them, and often they don't work, the Liberal party (and especially the NDP) start to look fiscally irresponsible… and fiscal responsibility should be a bipartisan position.

  15. If you listen to Turely the world is actually turning right for a variety of reasons. He listed like 5 reasons but one of them is that national populist christians are having more babies than everyone.

  16. It started with me the day he got elected and announced he would choose his cabinet based on gender, and race and not on qualifications. Which is breaking the law here.

  17. The problem in the UK where both parties are EFFECTIVELY the same… So they are doing the extremely long process of needing a 3rd party to enact changes. This is difficult… but not impossible. There have been rare instances where a third party, where a 2-party system has lead to both parties being the same, has succeeded.

  18. Trudeu is a one trick pony, canadians knew he is a kind of adorable silly with his socks all the way, and this was the point back in the "because it is 2015". World changed a lot and adorable silly turn out fucking retarded doing exactly the same things.

  19. Have you looked into the Hijab hoax, the Omar Khadr incident, or the Marrisa Shen murder?? There are many people upset with Trudeau over a lot more than the economy.

  20. $1.74 hahahaha bruh
    I think it's 1.90+ now

    Of which $0.55 goes to the NDP, yeap the orange ……….

  21. People are getting sick of these sobbing, 'im such a victim and therefore owed' lefty idiots. People who work hard and see 50+ percent of their income go to the government to be 'redistributed' to a bunch of lazy idiots who do nothing but drink too much, get fat, and breed like rats. It used to be that you have as much right to succeed in life as you do to fail. Socialism tries to get rid of the fail part. Personally I have zero issue with people failing. Everyone should have the same opportunities – I agree with that. But if you fuck it up and get a record or flunk out of school or have a bunch of kids you cannot afford.. then thats on you. It shouldn't be the government's job to take away money from people who made the right choices and worked their buts off to earn a good life for themselves and 'redistribute' it to people who didnt.

  22. Canadian here. Trudeau and the Liberals can DROP DEAD. They blew it with me on immigration and importing thousands of phony refugees who hate our guts. I am not life time anti Liberal. ALT RIGHT and damn proud of it here. Shove diversity and feminism up your asses Libs.

  23. Trump's "grab them by the pussy" comment was made in the context of how crazy it is that a wealthy man has women throwing themselves him and that he could even "grab them by the pussy" and they wouldn't care. He was really saying how appalled he was that women would be so loose with their sexuality for wealthy men. Let's try to set the record straight on that one.

  24. Wooooo Saskatchewan! Keeping the resistance alive! Lol. Come on over from BC you guys. You will just have to get used to how flat it is.

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