14 thoughts on “Evaluating U.S. Foreign Policy since the End of the Cold War

  1. The people of the U.S have got no idea what they've done to the rest of the world because of people like this stupid women echoing the lies of American "goodness" etc that they brainwash themselves in. What the U.S has done in the Middle East is nothing but slaughter and destruction of millions of lives and they can't own up to their horror. All of it done for israel.
    Stop invading, slaughtering and destroying everywhere America.
    Peace ✌️

  2. Kathleen Hicks , stupid woman. Like Hawaii does not have a mote. With the US Navy Hawaii is as hard to get too as the US, and pretty much as well protected. And Alaska. There is still a mote, just not a big mote, and if you want to invade you would have to still transit some horrible terrain.

  3. ajohn mearsheimer is an evil American, but he is honest about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhNjfRCEPr8

  4. Russia has no interests in Ukraine, but they will not leave it for the USA to take it over either, US would then put their missiles on the russians border, and russia will never let that happen, they will react to such a move.

  5. Amazing how Kathleen Hicks is a pure apologist for state violence and massive crimes. The language is so soaked with ideological concepts, it's blatant Orwellian double speak. If she were in the fascist German state at that time, she probably would have called the invasion of Russia a "mistake" and not a crime, that it was (Mearsheimer does the same, but has some kind of honesty left in him in contrast to Hicks). Watching this reminds me of Noam Chomsky's essay "The Responsibility of Intellectuals".

  6. Dr. Hicks either has no idea of what she's talking about or she's purposefully being tactful due to her political ties. She's overtly trying hard not to offend anyone by being remarkably vague and ambiguous, it's saddening..

    I love Dr. Mearsheimer – the man's clarity, concision and unapologetic/honest analysis of U.S. Foreign Policy is tremendously helpful!

    Nevertheless, the absence of an awake audience and a non-biased more engaging "moderator" would make this segment a helluva lot better.

  7. We US taxpayers have spent well over $800 billion in Afghanistan shouldn't the Europeans carry the ball 4 awhile ?

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