EU's foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini reacts to Trump's speech on the Iran nuclear deal

EU's foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini reacts to Trump's speech on the Iran nuclear deal

32 thoughts on “EU's foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini reacts to Trump's speech on the Iran nuclear deal

  1. US needs to stay back.his fight with iran proves nothing just more than destruction & declination of economically and bilateral relation as well as raising chaotic situation in South asia relating to promote death shaping terrorism & terrorists

  2. Who is this idiot to lecture anyone? Was Israel and the Saudis at the table

    She needs to listen to people who know the situation

  3. Mogherini supporting a terrorist regime in Iran. This regime in Iran which put his people in jail and hanging his population and let no any freedom of speech and this woman supporting this regime just because of the benefit which this regime bring for Mogherini. She talk about of benefit of Iranian people!!! SHAME ON HER, COME TO IRAN AND SEE WHO ARE SUPPORTING THIS TERRORIST REGIME!!! How much is this regime paying to you? This regime in Iran has responsibility to all problems in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and the list goes on, and this regime has direct influence and leading Hezbollah and some other terrorist group around the world, and even this regime kills his opponents around the world like Farrokhzad in Germany or Bakhtijar in France and so on. Then this lady talk about protecting Iranian. This is a BIG LIE and be sure the future you will lose your face as a human and revile you true identity, which is a DEVIL in the face of sheep. SHAME ON YOU ITALIAN DEVIL!

  4. Iran a nuclear state
    Making tons of nuke bombs illegal to counter US and Israel and destabilise middle east

  5. EU's foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini shows herself to be naïve, ignorant and stupid.

    Iran and North Korea are Putin proxies scheming with him to annihilate the populations of the USA and China by successive thermonuclear EMP and neutron bomb attacks.

    Iran and North Korea would suffer any residuary retaliation from sea, air, space and American allies. This would be a small part of American retaliatory power, but still enough to destroy these two small countries many times over. Russia would be the sole remaining superpower, precisely the point of Putin’s genocidal machinations.

    The Iran nuclear deal was void ab initio for fraud in the inception by Iran's despotic Arabic rulers and the queer communist Quisling pretender Barack Hussein Obama II d.o.b. 4 August 1961. The continued nuclear arms development by the Iranian leadership is an existential threat to the United States of American. Those who breach sanctions against it are mortal enemies of the USA – and Iran and North Korea.

    When the Persian people fully realize that their Arabic rulers are dragging them into a war that will destroy them, they might rise up against their rulers and change them. They might even use this analysis to garner support from the current establishment for this movement, especially when nudged by effective sanctions. Amicable relations with America and the rest of the world might then be re-established.

    Meanwhile, the assets of Rouhani and Khamenei should be blocked under 1President Trump's 21 December 2017 Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption.

  6. NATO will be placed in Israel to protect Jerusalem, China will give NATO a deadly blow causing NATO to break up. The EU will also break up shortly after the break up of NATO.

  7. I believe Italian are proud to have Ms moghirini and courage Italian elect her as a next president for their beautiful country

  8. Mogherini is in love with Iran so much that she lead us blindly to an era of fundamentalist Muslims armed with nuclear weapons!
    She is far leftist !!!

  9. And how about our American friends? I am sure Trump agrees on the Iranian people, those are nice people. Look up Iran before '79 Trump knows all that, give the guy some trust!

  10. Hun, you need to read the US Constitution, it is OUR LAW. It does not mention the UN, EU, or euro-trash. You're as worthless as a popcorn fart

  11. US governments always been acting like a gangster. Most of the Nations are sick and tired of it. There for respect to US is far fetch. Even fools knows that American government is complete joke.

  12. petro-euro is tied with trump threats of sanctions very soon they to going to ask vizas for us to enter EU

  13. She's a true lady, she should be leading the world. I have lot of respect for her. God bless her.

  14. Hun, you made a deal with Barak Obama.. personally.. He did not have the approval of the CONGRESS – THE PEOPLE.. go bark up Obama's tree… I don't want to hear your whining… As for Trade, either trade with Iran, or trade with the US, its your choice… STUPID

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