‘Europe’s problem is its failed economic system, not migration’ – Yanis Varoufakis | DiEM25

‘Europe’s problem is its failed economic system, not migration’ – Yanis Varoufakis | DiEM25

My next guest is launching his own global
counter movement, while also running to become a member of the European
Parliament, Yanis Varoufakis is the former Greek Finance Minister, who resigned
in 2015 amid contentious debt negotiations at the time, with the EU, and he’s joining
me now from Athens. Yanis Varoufakis, welcome to the programme. Thank you Christiane, happy to be on it. So yo know, I brought up 2015 and it seemed
that you couldn’t go a day without hearing about Grexit and a potential Greek default
and chaos in your land and across Europe and reverberating all over the world, and
here we are nearly 4 years later, Brexit is in chaos but it’s happening,
these populist and extreme waves of nationalism that you were talking about
back then seem to be the order of the day way beyond Greece. I mean you were pretty
prescient back then… Well, Christiane, in 2008 we, our generation,
experienced our version of 1929, it began in Wall Street, just like in 1929, and very
soon the world ceased to make sense in terms of what was conventional wisdom
up until very recently. We, well our regimes our liberal establishment, to put it this
way, just like the Weimar republic in the 1920s, pretended that business could
continue as usual, of course the major fault lines in finance made it essential,
in order to pretend that business could continue as usual, to shift pain, loss,
debt, onto the shoulders of the weakest of citizens, especially in the EU, but also
in the US, and very soon you had discontent and that discontent begot political monsters
both in Europe and in the US. So, political monsters, some, you know,
people would potentially describe the extreme right and extreme left as being
the sort of political monsters if you like at least they are gobbling up any sense
of a centrist future, any sense that you can even find a majority for anything and
a consensus to make policy. So you have described the threat from this nationalism
and this populism, and you are launching DiEM25 which you hope to be a progressive
International, a progressive wave, to counter this mostly extreme-right
nationalism. Can you explain how you plan to do that and what is DiEM25? Well DiEM25 is an acronym for the
Democracy in Europe Movement, but we are also using the exaltation
‘Carpe Diem’, seize the day, because we need to seize the day, as you can see in Europe, we have a Domino effect,
takeovers of our politics by extremists of the right, xenophobes, who are exploiting
the discontent and the anger, in order to turn against, one proud nation against
another, turn Italians against the Roma, against migrants and so on… so we need
to seize the day. But allow me just to put it very simply: what we are trying
to do is to take one brilliant idea, from Franklin Roosevelt’s administration 1933,
from the New Deal – that simple idea is to utilise, to find smart ways of utilising
existing idle cash, idle money, savings that are not being invested into productive
useful things, for humanity, into the good quality jobs that can uniquely quell the
discontent caused by the fact that most people can see that their children are not
going to have as good a life as they did and press this idle cash into service, in
order for green transition, green technologies, green energy, green
transport systems. That basic idea which in a sense, allowed the US in 1933
onwards to avoid the decline of Europe, the degeneration of Europe, at the same
time, into a kind of fascist equilibrium… That is an idea that we want to salvage
from that period, to bring it to Europe and indeed to internationalise it if we can,
so as to counter at an internationalist level both the failures of the globalisation,
Davos, if you want, establishment, that caused the crisis in 2008, and the
political representation of the extremists who are now taking over one country after
the other. OK, so let’s take one country after the
other, let’s start with France where we’ve seen the most violent manifestation of this
discontent and you have what many in the liberal democratic, sort of moderate, kind
of centre, saw as a beacon of hope: the election of president Macron, who defeated
precisely the voice of nationalism and extremism, Marine Le Pen on the right and
Mélenchon on the left, and now we’ve had these massive and violent protests and we
simply don’t know, even whether the president’s backsliding is going to
placate them… What is it… First of all do you agree with this demonstration of
discontent, and what will it take, because they want something that sounds very
counter positional: they want more social services, more help from the state and
less taxes; how does this progressive wave that you envision work, in the face of
these demands? Well I think it is important to answer
that question using what president Macron has himself said, not very recently, but
before he was… before he moved to the Élysée, when he was still a candidate, I
remember Emmanuel Macron very vividly saying that there have to be reforms in
France, but at the very same time, unless we have a federalist reform of the Eurozone,
of the way the EU is conducting its business, unless there is a common budget,
a federal treasury of sorts in Europe, unless we have a proper banking union, so
that we end this pretence that we can have national banking systems without treasuries
that can actually do that which the US Treasury is doing and salvaging them, he
himself, President Macron, predicted that without these moves towards federalism,
toward some kind of serious Eurozone reform the centre cannot hold and the EU would be
dismantled, that was Emmanuel Macron. He gets elected and he puts forward an
agenda for Eurozone reforms, which was very moderate and quite sensible, but the
way in which he tried to carry out was a 2-phase negotiation with Berlin: phase 1
he would germanise France, especially the labour market and the national budget, and
then go to Mrs. Merkel and say ‘ok, now I’ve germanised France, let’s have a
federal Eurozone’. That failed, it was a colossal miscalculation on his part,
because he germanised France, he introduced austerity to the national
budget, he made it easier for employers to fire workers, he increased taxes for
the poor and reduced them for the rich and then, when he put forward the proposals
for reforming the Eurozone, which for him were absolutely essential, necessary
prerequisites, Mrs. Merkel said Nein and very soon after that she lost power. So
the explanation lies in the narrative of Mr. Macron himself: the centre is not
holding, because we are not consolidating the EU economy the way that even
Mr. Macron, who is much more moderate than I am in his politics, had specified
as absolutely necessary for his country. OK, so let me put the little devil’s
advocate then to you, because some economists do believe that some of the
reforms he did put forward have actually produced results, the labour reforms and
others, and the question here is that some also saw not a galloping French economy,
but a move towards the French economy doing a little bit better and predictions
that it would continue to do better if the reforms continue. The same in Germany, a
still galloping economy, in Britain the economy doing really really well, in the
US the economy is doing actually really well and yet this malaise, and yet this
rebellion against the governments whose economies are doing well for them; so if
this is the result when the economies are going well, what happens when they go
really badly, if that seems to be… if you predict that to be potentially the case
down the line? Well I think the key to understanding what’s
going on and answering your question, is to look at these economies and manage to
discern the fact that they are not uniform. You talked about Germany: Germany is
indeed swimming in cash, it is swimming in surpluses, everybody seems to be having
surpluses; the federal government is in surplus, there is a majestic, gigantic
trade surplus that Donald Trump is targeting, there are corporations that are saving money
and there are households that have savings and yet, Christiane, and yet, and this is
the great paradox, which I think answers your question, half of the
German population are far worse off today than they were 15 years ago. Similarly,
you spoke about France and the reforms: yes it is true that Macron made business
easier to conduct in France, but at the same time he introduced austerity, which
was effectively exported from countries like Greece, into France, and that created
whole regions in France that resemble Greece, in other words areas of
a great depression, and it is in those areas that the movement of the gilets jaunes,
the yellow vests emerged, before descending onto the streets of Paris. You mentioned
the UK: well why did Brexit succeed? It did not succeed because of some deep
antipathy toward the EU, it succeeded because a very large percentage of the
population were being treated, or felt like they were being treated, like cattle
that had lost their market value, they felt discarded, they felt completely
disenfranchised from a London based economy which was, as you said, expanding very
rapidly, while large sections of the population and of the country were being
left or held behind. This is the issue here. Divisions within our countries and between
our countries growing, while statistics at the macro level seeming to be prospering,
so you have effectively national statistics that are prospering, and large proportions
of the population that are being discarded. OK, so now let me put this notion of
division and nationalism and populism to you in this context: Steve Bannon,
president Trump’s election campaign genius, whizz, who helped him win the election,
has, as you know, been in Europe, trying to round up all these extreme right
nationalist parties and elements into what he called ‘the movement’, to contest
most particularly the upcoming European elections in May of next year. Ehm, this is
what he says about his movement: Eh, that is pretty frank and rather chilling
talk actually, from a guy who has a proven track record of getting a president elected
with some of those views. Are you concerned or do you see your movement as going up
directly against his movement? Listening to Steve Bannon sends a shiver
down my spine, because, while nobody can accuse me of being uncritical towards
Brussels and the EU, this disintegrationalist, nationalist
narrative, is what is going to lead to a great deal of pain being inflicted upon
a majority of people in a majority of countries in Europe. This coalescence of
nationalists is working toward disintegrating the EU in a way that will
only bring into power strongmen like Mr. Salvini in Italy, like Mr. Kurz in
Austria, like Mrs. Le Pen in France, the result being a dystopia, the result being
a genuine post-modern version of the 1930s and yes, DiEM25, our Democracy in Europe
Movement, while being very critical of the European establishment, we are going to
fight Mr. Steve Bannon in every realm, with a pan-European humanist narrative, one
which seeks to bring together the peoples of Europe, not to divide them and to
disintegrate them. So I wonder whether you think that you
will succeed, whether you are optimistic about the challenge you have at hand, and
particularly I want to ask you about one of the biggest rallying calls and cries to
these nationalists is the issue of immigration, and you know… the Hungarian
foreign minister talked to me about this, they just do not want practically anybody
except for white Christians to come in, and you know the UN migration charter
pretty much failed in Marrakesh, with all the relevant countries sort of pulling
out and refusing to sign on, and the US not even sitting at the table. Listen to
what the Hungarian foreign minister said about this central issue to me, when we
spoke in September. My question is: what is the legal or moral
ground for anyone to cross, to violate the border between two peaceful countries?
These people came through Serbia, Croatia Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, all
peaceful and safe countries, so it’s not a fundamental human right that you wake up
in the morning, you pick a country where you would like to live in, like Germany, or
Sweden, and in order to get there you violate series of borders. This is not
the way it should work out. So, I mean, there is a lot to question
there, but nonetheless you get his point. What does your movement seek to do to
address the fear and loathing around migration today? Well isn’t it interesting… you will recall
that Hungary was a communist country and lots of Hungarian democrats fled the
country and sought refuge by crossing borders, they sought refuge, in Europe,
and indeed when the regime collapsed, we opened up our borders to Hungarians, to
the Czechs, to the Slovaks and so on. That is the fundamental basis of a democratic
Europe, that we feel stronger when we bring border fences down, not when we
erect them. Europe does not have a problem with migration, Europe has a problem with
austerity, with a failed economy, with a failed economic system and let me remind
you, something else which I think is of interest, Hungary has no refugees, Hungary
has very few migrants! In my country, which is already suffering a … monumental
economic collapse, we have tens and hundreds of thousands of refugees and
migrants, you do not have an anti-immigration feeling in this country.
But you asked me whether I’m optimistic: Christiane, I do believe very strongly
that when it comes to politics, when it comes to fighting for democratic rights
and for humanism, we don’t have the right to issue predictions, we have the moral
right to do what is right, and then simply to expect that hope is going to be the
fuel that drives the success in the end. We will be watching!
Yanis Varoufakis, thank you so much for joining us from Athens.

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    One day, perhaps we will evolve enough to return to our natural state, of one people on one world. though looking at climate change it is more likely capitalism incentivising nations to compete against each other will wipe out most life on the surface of the earth, within the life of someone born today, no matter how many solar panels we throw at the problem.

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    The following are the main factors that destroy the economy, the nation, bankrupts all the people, are the cause of wars, injustice and all the misery suffered by mankind.  Since the bankers are the architects of the crime based economy they and their puppet government are the only beneficiaries of the crime based economy.

    All private banks with the exception of non-profit banks have issued loans which are not loans and charging interest.  And this is the root cause of all misery suffered by mankind in all nations of the world.


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    7) laws prohibiting cocaine, marijuana and other prohibited substances destroyed the economy and causes chaos which is the desired effect of the criminal bankers

    8)  fails to implement an efficient transit system and compels people to use Automobiles

    The charging of Interest on fake loans is the primary cause of price increase, debt default, shortage of money for the people, scientifically sustained economic crisis, high rate of poverty, high crime rate and bankruptcies.  Banks have never been in the lending business this is the most hidden fact of history.

    People organize, place ads to inform the people that your group desired to establish a Common Law Court of Justice made up of anyone who is interested. Initiate a referendum.  You need at least 25 to act as the Grand Jury. they should be chosen by random selection like a lottery, pick the names.

    Advertise the event. Present formal charges to the Grand Jury and they decide to either issue arrest warrants for all Members of the Legislation and President or issue an order for them to attend and hear the charges.  You need a web page and ask the citizens to vote online; ask: Are the Members of Parliament guilty of High Treason or not. I have an ocean of evidence to prove it should anyone need my help and testimony please contact me.

    Preferably is better to issue an order for all Members of Parliament and President to attend the Court and if they show up then read the charges against them and the Grand Jury decides to issue arrest warrants and jail them on the grounds of High Treason and Sedition. If they don’t show up then the Grand Jury must issue an arrest warrants for all Members of the Legislation and the President. Also, issue an order to confiscate all their private property.  If convicted the Grand Jury must order the police to arrest the government officials if the Police refuses then issue an arrest warrant to the police. Nobody is above the law. So don't just make lots of noise and demonstrate. Don't forget you the people are the government.


    Voici les principaux facteurs qui détruisent l'économie, la nation, faillis tout le peuple, sont la cause des guerres, de l'injustice et toute la misère subie par l'humanité. Étant donné que les banquiers sont les architectes de l'économie fondée sur la criminalité et ils leur gouvernement fantoche sont les seuls bénéficiaires du crime économie fondée. Toutes les banques privées, à l'exception des banques sans but lucratif ont émis des prêts qui ne sont pas prêts et les intérêts de charge. Et cela est la cause de toute la misère subie par les hommes dans toutes les nations du monde.

    1) Le gouvernement criminel permettre aux banques de commettre des crimes suivants des proportions épiques;

    2) les banques d'émettre des prêts frauduleux et les frais d'intérêt qui faillis tout le monde.

    3) la fiscalité confiscatoire, qui est versée aux banquiers que les intérêts pour ne pas prêter toute somme est le résultat des banquiers prêts d'émission.

    4) les banquiers criminels financent tous les partis politiques avec de l'argent qu'ils volent le peuple. lorsque les partis politiques sont élus, le gouvernement ne prend aucune mesure contre les banquiers.

    5) Les banquiers contrôlent la corruption du système d'éducation, les médias, pour protéger leurs crimes avec l'aide du système de justice corrompu, le gouvernement corrompu.

    6) la spéculation, le commerce sur le marché boursier en dérivés et autres instruments financiers criminels rend les banquiers et leurs amis super riches et détruit l'économie

    7) des lois interdisant la cocaïne, la marijuana et d'autres substances interdites ont détruit l'économie et provoque le chaos qui est l'effet recherché des banquiers criminels

    8) ne réussit pas à mettre en place un système de transport en commun efficace et oblige les gens à utiliser Voitures La charge d'intérêts sur les prêts faux est la principale cause d'augmentation des prix, défaut de la dette, le manque d'argent pour le peuple, scientifiquement crise économique soutenue, le taux élevé de pauvreté, taux de criminalité élevé et faillites. Les banques ont jamais été dans l'entreprise de prêt est le fait le plus caché de l'histoire.

    Les gens organisent, placer des annonces pour informer les gens que votre groupe souhaite établir une Cour de droit commun de justice composée de toute personne intéressée. Lancer un référendum. Vous avez besoin d'au moins 25 pour agir comme le Grand Jury. ils devraient être choisis par tirage au sort comme une loterie, choisir les noms. Annoncez l'événement.

    Présenter des accusations formelles au Grand Jury et ils décident de soit délivrer des mandats d'arrêt pour tous les membres de la législation et le président ou donner un ordre pour eux d'assister et d'entendre les accusations. Vous avez besoin d'une page Web et demander aux citoyens de voter en ligne; demander:

    Les députés coupables de haute trahison ou non. J'ai un océan de preuves pour le prouver si quelqu'un besoin de mon aide et témoignage me contacter s'il vous plaît. est de préférence mieux d'émettre un ordre pour tous les députés et le président d'assister à la Cour et si elles apparaissent alors lu les accusations portées contre eux et le Grand Jury décide d'émettre des mandats d'arrêt et les emprisonner pour des motifs de lèse-majesté et Sédition. Si elles ne montrent pas le grand jury doit émettre des mandats d'arrêt pour tous les membres de la législation et le Président.

    Également, donner un ordre de confisquer tous leurs biens privés. En cas de condamnation du Grand Jury doit ordonner à la police d'arrêter les fonctionnaires du gouvernement si la police refuse d'émettre alors un mandat d'arrêt à la police. Personne est au-dessus de la loi. Donc, ne pas seulement faire beaucoup de bruit et de démontrer. Ne vous oubliez les gens sont le gouvernement.

  40. LOL… the Italians are already backtracking like all the other US/NATO – oops, sorry – "populist" stooges in Europe – just look at the brexit fiasco, Spain and the so-called "left wing" LOL "communist" treasonous amerikanakia muppets in Greece!
    Fracking hell… and does anyone still take this lying hypocrite that constantly contradicts himself seriously?!?!?! just look at the results of Varoufucknukle's "policies" and "predictions" – and why do you think he was dropped kicked out of government by his "communist" comrades who initially sold him as a "rock star politician"?!!!!
    It is literally incredible that anyone still falls for his duplicitous bullshit and delusions of adequacy… he is little more than a slimy, treacherous little puppet and on/off US/IMF/Soros stooge and – to quote the moron himself – "a comedy of errors wrapped up in harmless waffle!" which sums up the pathetic, treacherous clown perfectly as he regurgitates his pathetic bull-kaka depending on who's listening and/or paying…

  41. So because some Hungarians went to Germany in 1956, Hungary has to let millions of brown people into their country? How does that make sense?

  42. Europe's economic system has been failing all right BUT:
    * this failure goes back to the oil shocks of the 1970s;
    * the causes of this failure are Europe's generous welfare and unemployment benefits, combined with growing immigration from Africa and the Middle East. A nation cannot be a generous social democracy, while having open borders.
    The way forward requires policy choices that are anathema to most Europeans, esp. Europe's educated elites.

  43. Varoufakis is the guy who used to tell everyone that the world markets will dance greek music if Greece were to leave the EU!!!

  44. PFFFFF such a bad argument https://youtu.be/JzjGl9ZhKlI?t=979, the czechs didn't stand up and left the czech rep after the comunist regime fell
    some did, maybe, maybe 1000 max.
    They did alow political figures to get asylum mostly as a political weapon, (which I would do to to win the cold war)
    so that these intellectuals, politicians, artist, singers would push for the west when they came back, or from the outside through radio or other means.
    My dad did find always funny how Vaclav Have (our firs president after the communist era) had a mercedes hidden in his chicken house,
    where did get a bad actor and a bad play writer, without a real job, living at his parents old house get the money for it?
    be my guess
    Oh by the way czechs coulden't work in the eu untill idk, how many years later or else milions would leave the country for a better live I guess,
    So yeah, now open the gates for the third world, great idea, even thought an eu member state coulden't let his people freely move until some years passed.

  45. https://youtu.be/JzjGl9ZhKlI?t=986 yeah open the flood gates and hope for the best, cos we don't have the right
    I guess I'm not Greek but a grumpy north european that can't just relay on hope,
    winter is still cold here not like sunny Greece

  46. I think Yanis' evaluations of the issues here are very astute. The UK sacrificed it's coastal fishing industry and the surrounding economy for the benefit of the city of London when it joined the EU 43 years ago. Thatcher sacrificed the heavy industry of the north of England a decade later. Since then, London and the south counties have looked only to Europe. They appear to be doing well for themselves and couldn't understand it when the UK (mostly the north of England) voted to leave the EU. It came as a shock to them. The wealth in the city and the south, has never filtered north. The result is brexit. Brexit isnt about the UK taking back control from the EU, it's about the north of England taking control from the south. If the city of London wont voluntarily redistribute the wealth it has created, then the north of England will sacrifice London and the south on the altar of brexit, in an effort to redistribute the wealth by political force.

  47. the Hungarian Foreign Minister was totally correct! 🙂 and i love it when a cnn presenter is upset on what he was saying 😀 awesome!!!!

  48. One single valuta for different economies simply doesn't work.
    The Euro must be dropped , also the dollar must be divided .

  49. The anti American leftist wants to turn the EU into a federal model of the United States. Hey Yanis, USA federalism works on a model of Capitalism not anti capitalism. Plus u can’t force states to be united. We had our own civil war but at least we all spoke English. You want to force a federal Europe who speak different languages ? Good luck taking the money away from the Germans.

  50. What Greece was doing before 2015 (a big deficit even before interest payments) was unsustainable. It is Greece that had to change, much more than the rest of the EU, as Varoufakis seems to suggest

  51. Sa tous…KOZAKOUS, tha sti vgume apta dasi, eki na dis…"teliotita" eggleziki k "fasi"…k tha sou SKISOUME TO KOLARAKI tha se,POUSTI HMS XANIOTI BAROUFAKI!!!

  52. Those statements only made by scum globalists !!!!!! Workingnpeoole need to pay for all those useless radical migrant !!!! What the fook are those lowlifes saying !!!!!!! Europe for Europeans !!!!! Out culture !!!! Throw those radicals out !!!!

  53. Yanis is a man that sees the problem from all sides without going off the deep end while maintaining common sense. He also has integrity and is not a coward. He, Richard Wolff and Jeremy Corbyn are at the top of the heap.

  54. I admire Varoufakis for almost all i heard him ever say, except this: 15:30
    The capacity of countries (like germany) to absorb those masses of mostly male and under-qualified economic migrants, bringing some cultures and ideas with them that don't mix well with an open european culture, is FINITE NOT INFINITE. The recognition of this fact and the necessity of a basic border security is almost all you need to win the center-"right-wing"-supporters.

  55. what kind of centrist capitalist bullshit is this interviewer? go back to your liberal la la land, WE ARE THE FAR-LEFT, and liberalism needs our help (or it would perish)

  56. The economy in the UK isn't going well, child poverty has exponentially increased and 70% of those additional children living in poverty come from working parents. Personal debt has significantly increased, mental health issues have significantly increased and we've a nation that's tearing itself apart. The list is endless

  57. The interviewer's institutionally biased for starters. How do we pay for it without taxing the people? Simple enough. Shut down the tax haven system & charge multinationals for access to domestic markets on a national level. That way they pay where make their sales, not some random low tax regime using transfer pricing to dodge reasonable taxation..

  58. I get that he needs to say he'll invest in green technology because that's the popular belief of what needs to happen but in reality that would be insane… The green technology industry is a massive money sink and he is talking about taking the 100 trillion in pension funds to do it. That is just insane

  59. What ist the point in a booming economy, when the real wages and purchuasing power stagnate since more then a decade and everything is getting more expensive? What is the piont in the fact that 13% of the german population have as much capital as the other 87% and the trend is going on. The number of poor people is growing dangerously, even thought we have a "strong economy" in one of the richest countries in the world . Those facts are dynamite for the social society. If it goes on like this, what do you think will happen when the next economic crisis hits us?

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